Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band…in Lego

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Another day, another Lego creation.

As I was looking a bit closer, I wondered, is the dude in the back row center supposed to be the Walrus? Or that creepy Davy Jones dude in Pirates of the Caribbean?


Because I don't think he made the final cover of the album. I'm just sayin'…

Never mind that. We'll always have Woodstock.


Gotta love Jimi Hendrix in Lego. Lefty guitar and all. My boy? He's nothing if not big on historical accuracy.

Just ask the Beatles at Shea Stadium.



We won't bring up the fact that Paul's Hofner bass is supposed to be a lefty, and George is supposed to be a righty.

I think the fact that he printed and trimmed out a Hofner is the Just Pass Go and Collect $200 here. Am I right?

Details. Like I said.

Love this kid.


Speaking of this kid, this past September, arsonists burned down parts of his school's playground. Cole attends an inner city public montessori school and the school had spent years raising funds to build the playground. This unconscionable crime was committed by 8 to 12 year olds.


The playground is now completely closed, and will remain so until a new one is built. Needless to say, the parents and students are very sad about this loss.

However, from 8 a.m. today through 8 a.m. tomorrow, Cole's school is hosting a Give to the Max day, where every donation goes 100 percent to rebuilding the playground, courtesy of and its sister site Every donation made during the next 24 hours will receive a portion of a $500,000 match and GiveMN partners are paying for the online transaction costs as well.

I have already hit you guys with donation requests for charity:water, and I thank you for hearing me out. No pressure from me. I simply couldn't as a concerned parent who truly loves my child's school not share this fundraiser with you.

If you are interested in learning more, every small bit helps, and 100 percent of your donation goes to rebuild the playground. Click here for details. Tell 'em Cole sent you and thanks for reading.


Cathy ZielskeSgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band…in Lego

92 Comments on “Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band…in Lego”

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    Awesome video Cole!

    Would love to donate and even tried, thinking “any” donation would help, but I guess they have a $10 mininum…..what a shame because even those $5 donations add up….budget is too tight for $10.

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    laura kate

    that cole is a pretty rad kid. you guys clearly have done a lot of somethings right.

    re: the playground. what about insurance?? of course it should be rebuilt and, as a teacher, i know exactly how ludicrously expensive those things are, but why isn’t insurance picking up the tab?? seems wrong. good luck with the fundraiser. (and how great that you have a montessori option that’s public. those are few and far between in this world).

  3. #11

    I was just thinking insurance as well, and what about the parents of those children running around unsupervised with incendiary devices, they are not responsible to pay retribution?

  4. #12

    Laura Kate, that’s a good question, and it had something to do with the fact that in order for the school to have insurance for the playground, it was a exorbitantly high deductible, and the school, being a charter school possibly, couldn’t justify the expense. : (

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    Theresa Smith

    Love the legos but love the video more. Tingles. Can’t believe Cole just rattled all that off like nothing. That was a lot to remember to say! He is awesome.

  6. #14
    Leigh Ann

    Awesome–the legos and the video! And, how cool that your teenage daughter helped her brother with his video. Great kids!

  7. #15

    What an a mazing kid..AMAZING! BTW – where did the guitars come from for the lego bands? Awesome! I see politics in Coles future! Kudos to your parenting of these fine young citizens!

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    Andi Sexton

    As a gal who loves her classic rock.. I love those Legos! My son has all those itty bitty lego things.. but the Raiders of the Lost Ark ones…

    Playgrounds: As a mom who has spent the majority of her kids elementary schools chairing and co-chairing fundraisers, and in particular for a new playground, the hoodlums who burned that playground should be part of the fundraising process.. meaning, get their mugs on ‘fake’ wanted posters… with ‘I’m truly sorry and please help me raise the money….’ and have them pass out the posters… and wear them… sandwich style.. on street corners… Thugs…

    OK.. vent over!

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    So sorry to hear about your son’s playground. Very frustrating as a parent. I had to also say LOVE the LEGO sets. My boys are fans and it never ceases to amaze me the things they come up with.

  10. #19

    Small world. My husband designed (and GiveMN as well I think). Please give us an update on how the fundraiser goes, wont you?

  11. #20
    Paul Annett

    My wife’s a scrapbooker and reader of your blog and books, and has just pointed me in the direction of your site with a ‘small world’ story, because I did the visual design for the Give MN homepage last month. I work for a small web design firm in Brighton UK (but we work with clients all over the world, hence this work) and today and for the next month we’re redesigning the rest of GiveMN and to smooth the donation process and make it easier for nonprofits to raise more money.

    Best of luck fundraising for the playground!

    Paul Annett

  12. #22

    That’s terrible about the playground—Glad to see that it is getting rebuilt.—-My son’s school doesn’t have a playground and I think it’s AWFUL (they play in the parking lot)

  13. #24

    Awesome kids you have – sooo impressive. I’m just starting out on this whole parenting gig – what’s the secret?!?

  14. #25

    I’m 43 years old and your son is more composed than I am!! What a great job he did, and kudos to his sister for helping out …..

  15. #29

    Wow, 60’s flashbacks. Thanks Cole. You rock!

    Playground: I’m old & grumpy. I’d file charges against the kids and sue their delinquent parents to heck and back. Making you all go through the fund-raising process all over again is completely wrong.

  16. #30
    Laura Pineau

    I really feel for Cole’s school. An inner city school I once taught at fund raised for years to build playgrounds that functioned not only as school playgrounds but also for the whole community. Then, within years, the structures no longer met safety requirements, and were torn down. It’s not as dispicable as what happened in your photos, but terrible, none the less. Such a loss for everyone.

  17. #31

    Your kids are awesome – so creative with the vision to bring their ideas to reality. The destruction of the the playground is so sad – I agree with the poster above who suggested that the vandals (and their parents) become a part of the process of restoration. Good luck with the fund raising.

  18. #32
    Lisa S.

    Tell Cole he’s a sweetie and that there are a LOT of good people in the world like him that are going to make a difference. I’m a CZ book reader, blog follower, and BPS student. Because you share so much goodness to us, I’ve contributed $10. Good Luck Crossroads school!

  19. #35

    I don’t believe they’ve caught the kids who did this yet. there was surveillance video but it was too grainy for identification.

    It makes me sad that kids are obviously either troubled enough to do this in the first place.

  20. #41

    Do you know feline leukemia is the number one killer of cats????

    Wah waaaah.

    I love you and Cole and Aidan and even that guy of yours. Tell them I said hey.

  21. #47
    Shana Dumblond

    Oh. My. Lawd. That Lego scene is wicked awesome! My son has started doing the same kinda thing! Legos are so great.
    That really stinks about your playground. I hope that the parties responsible are made to help in the rebuilding process. 8 to 12 year olds causing that kind of damage?! Scary…

  22. #48

    job so very well done!
    Don’t you just love Legos? My boys have fleets of spaceships and re-create Star Wars frequently. (all 6 movies)
    Love how Cole and Aiden take action…positive action to help to restore what was taken from them.
    too cool.

  23. #49
    Brenda in Sunny So Cal

    It breaks my heart someone could do that to a playground AND KIDS NO LESS!!!! My heart goes out to the comunity, I hope the kids are found and sent to juvenille detention, this is not simple vandalism, this is a crime and technically on State Property…

  24. #50

    Cathy- You have some great kids. I now understand all your Tweets from yesterday ; )

    My daughter attends a Montessori school, and I definitely support this cause. I donated on Razoo today. I hope they meet their goal!

  25. #51

    My children also attend Crossroads, so I really appreciate this video. I will be sure to show it to them and to donate.

    Also, Cole’s Lego creations are great – you might want to check out the following site – when I found it, I thought it was Fabulous!

  26. #56

    If I mailed you a plane ticket to San Diego, would you consider sending Cole over to play with my little guy so that some of that coolness could rub off on him? 🙂 And kudos to you, Mom, because at least half of that coolness comes by way of you!

  27. #61
    Heather Wunsch

    I just have to say that your son is one really cool kid. His imagination amazes me. What a cool mom you must be to have such amazing children.

  28. #62

    I am just blown away by the creativity here! My lego building days are over, but back in the day, I never built anything half as creative. Good luck to Cole & his school. I hope they have their playground back soon.

  29. #63

    some creep(s) just did the same thing to a playground in my area…what on earth is wrong with people??

  30. #64

    I can’t decide which is more awesome, the lego art or the spot for I’ve already contributed to a number of groups via GiveMN today, but I posted the spot on my fb page. Cole kicks booty. Good luck on the playground!!!

  31. #66

    Either that, or he’ll have those singularly-amazing-people-would-kill-for jobs like building giant Lego sculptures. Go Cole! 😀

  32. #68

    Cathy those are two uber-talented offspring you two have created. I was quite impressed by the delivery, prob without a telepromter?

    It is so sad about the playground which I’d seen before but the shorter Zielskes know how to put thoughts into action for sure.

  33. #70

    That is so messed up that those kids would burn down the playground. Hope you get it rebuilt soon!

  34. #77

    Cole is an amazing kid. You must be doing something right!!! Thanks for sharing. And good luck with the playground.

  35. #78
    Wendy M

    That kid is the coolest! I love to read your posts about him. The legos were very impressive, as was the video.

  36. #80

    Best of luck in your fundraising… I hope they caught those people who created the problem and they were appropriately punished.

  37. #81

    I am speechless! What a great job they did. And boy — articulate? Yea! 🙂 Even more impressive is the heart your kids have for helping the community and other children in it. Bravo!

  38. #83
    Melanie Massey Groves

    My kids are cool. But dude. Your kids are rockin’ it out! I hope my girlies grow up to be as creative and might I add civic minded as your little Cole! I can do without the goth… just sayin’!!

    I met you in North Carolina last year. Surely you remember. I mean, we took a picture and everything. I will be there again this year to refresh your memory!!

  39. #84
    Melanie Massey Groves

    I didn’t mean I could do without AIDEN! I hope it wasn’t taken that way! She is cool too! Just not “goth”. I reread my comment and felt it may come across wrong. Aiden is way cool too! Melanie

  40. #85

    Those are some seriously cool kids you got there. 🙂 I can imagine how proud you must be! I am happy to donate and help out. 🙂

    P.S. Those legos ROCK! Cole is so creative! Does he come up with those ideas on his own?

  41. #86

    I’m just wondering where he found all the lego people that looked like they belonged in Sgt Pepper. Is there a Beattles set? I must tell my son.

  42. #90

    You rock, Cole! I have a lump in my throat. He’s going places, and it speaks volumes about the family that has raised him! Kudos to you and Dan.

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