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SUPPLIES Layered Template No. 14, altered (Cathy Zielske) • I Believe Solid Pack (Mindy Terasawa) • Date Strips No. 1, altered (Katie Pertiet) • Archer Medium font

Just playing with some new photos and a bit of gratitude for my great girl. Looking forward to Thanksgiving. 

Cathy ZielskeLayout share: Thankful

26 Comments on “Layout share: Thankful”

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    I think we all win – helping others receive clean water is helping humanity. It’s so basic and so necessary and so important. Thank you, Cathy!

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    Cathy – I love how you make such simple layouts so sophisticated and elegant. I aspire to create layouts like yours.

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    Isn’t it amazing to capture the changes of our kids as they quickly grow out of being kids? I want to hit the “slow down” button on my 12 year old.

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    Nicole S.

    Thank you for using your influence to support a worthy cause. You’re a good example for looking outside the day-to-day humdrum to see what you can do to help.

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    Sarah MacKenzie

    What stunning photos of Aidan, the lighting is so perfect. I love the soft by the windows shadows. Even though we had Thankgiving over a month ago (Canada), you’ve inspired me to do a project of the things I am thankful for. And thank you for that!

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    Joy M.

    What a wonderful organization. We’ve now added Charity: Water to our list of charities to receive annual donations. We get lots and lots of appeals but I like this group as they do good work and don’t hound you for more, more, more.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Cathy!

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    Hey Cathy! I am popping back on just to add the Ben Folds graduated from our high school. Cool to think of you guys singing his songs…

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    Happy Thanksgiving! Your daughter is such a great subject for your photos & scrapbooking! (Well, your entire family is–not to leave anyone out)

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    Debbie McIntyre

    So excited about the giveaway, I don’t know how I’ll sleep tonight!
    Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for the super giveaway.

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    Debbie McIntyre

    The photos are stunning and of all the ones you’ve taken these two are the best ever! (Not kissing your butt hoping to win the generous giveaway, but really love these photos and think you have really captured her beautifully. I’m not opposed to kissing your butt if it helps me win, though.) Mac

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    Angela Vadnais

    I absolutly love your blog I digital scrapbook and I am always wondering how to do new things and how to properly do things with my pages i would love to learn more about how to make them look great your blog has helped me in many ways thankyou for having it.

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