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    Aww she is so preety! Love the pic of you, although with all those shiny togs, I am in amazement that you didn’t go up in flames!

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    Carmen O

    Your DD is sooo pretty! Love the teen fashions. I bet I could find some of mine. I know I had a Toni Tenille pageboy hairstyle, paired with my flannel buffalo check dress in red and black. OMG I really should scrap that!

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    Great photos of Aiden and doesn’t she look like you at the same age! I have a question on your christmas card post – you showed moving the lines onto the document when you were sizing the sentiment. The lines don’t show up on mine – do I need to enable something for them to move onto the page? I can see them moving at the top but they just don’t show up for resizing.

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    Anthea Goodman

    Wow, she looks sooo much like you!! Keep these photos and document as much as you can! My parents never really bothered and the few photos they took got lost in various house moves. So now I the photos I have of me as a child can be counted on one hand. Needless to say, I have loooooadds of my girls!!

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    And the Ugly Doll shirt came from WHERE??? Please share! My daughter would flip out if she found one of those under the Christmas tree!!

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    Love the pictures… both of Adian and of you. πŸ™‚
    But what I really came here for is info. WHERE did you get the Ugly Doll shirt? My boys would be sooooo happy to find those under the tree on Christmas morning.

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    Love the pants – skinny jeans in plaid…way cool. Wonder what she will think and the words she will use to describe her look when she is in her 30’s?

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    Cathy, thanks so much for this idea. My teen dd is a fashion diva and I never thought to document those outfits that come together from out of her closet. It always amazes me what she will wear out in public.

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    Are those A-smile overall’s you are wearing, the triangle on your chest seems familiar to me. Don’t we love the 80’s.

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    Sara Lovell

    Fabulous t-shirt – my daughter would love it too! I see lots of people are asking where it’s from – as we live in the UK, wherever its from would be a bit of a trek! Very cool, though!

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    Did you live in my house with me growing up??? Because that fireplace looks just like the one we had. I didn’t have cool clothes like you though.

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    Sandy C

    lol. Love the groovy picture. I think I had a matching outfit. Did you notice though that it looks like a knife is sticking out the back of your head?

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    Love the contrast between fashions of the 80’s & now! I’m so tempted to go and dig out photographs of my own 8th grade days, although I don’t think I have many.

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    Heather Jordan

    Beautiful pictures of your equally beautiful daughter!
    Is that an ugly doll t-shirt?? My 16 yo daughter collects ugly dolls and she would love this shirt? May I ask where you found it? Thanks, Cathy!

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    I’ve had a look under View>Guides and although it has a Guide Preset option, it’s not one I can click on. I’m currently using Elements 7, do you think this option is new to Elements 8? Thanks for your help with this

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    Cathy, I’ve checked under View>Guides and although there is a Guide Preset it’s not something I can click on. Is it possible the guides are new to PSE8? I’m using PSE7. Thanks for your help with this.

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    Are those A. Smile overalls and Candie’s shoes? I just was transported back to 1979. I can hear the “If you like pina coladas…and getting caught in the rain” song and smell the school lunch!

    *still laughing*

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    Pilbara Pink

    How come our kids are sooo much cooler than we were …. must be having such cool parents I guess πŸ™‚

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    With the wooden dagger above the fireplace by your head, it looks like they are trying to cook you over the fire. Toasted buns anyone??!!

    Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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    Ever since she started showing up in your scrapbook pages I thought she was going to be a model. So beautiful!

    Plus, more templates please!!!!! You’re the only one on DD that does 8.5 x 11!

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    I thought it might be Cathy because I couldn’t get it to work no matter what I tried. Thanks for confirming it! I can rest easy it’s not just me being thick ;O)

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