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I recently posted a handful of shots from an impromptu, back yard, teen-requested photo shoot with Aidan, a.k.a. One Three.

It reminded me of something I used to do with great frequency—and still do—and that is: use shots from one time frame or event on multiple layouts.

Is it just me? Do you do this as well? You know, when you get a series of shots you love, you just invent more ways to use them? And if you do, do you feel like you're just making stuff up to use the shots again?

Inquring minds want to know.

Cathy ZielskeWork that photo

25 Comments on “Work that photo”

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    I’ve used a few photo’s multiple times, like my two favorite shots of our wedding. And sometimes I use photo’s for scrapbooking AND art journalling. But actually most of my scrapped photo’s are used double; I keep ‘normal’ photo-albums and have my most favorite photo’s printed twice and scrap with them. I’m planning to quit my schizophrenic act when 2010 starts and incorporate my ‘normal’ photo-albums, scrapbookalbums and journals all into one (set of) album(s) (no way I will fit one year in one album).

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    Sandi M

    Oh why oh why does the violin lesson always seem to interfere with fun Saturday opportunities? I’m sorry to miss it. I would have loved to attend a chat with you.

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    Mary Jo

    I do so much more than I used to because sometimes the photo will mean different things to different people. So there is more than one story to it :0)

    I also find myself scrapping multiple layouts from a series of photos. Or making mini albums and then creating layouts with the photos I didn’t end up using in the album.

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    I’ve done this a lot too, the getting doubles and putting one set in an album.

    But over the past few years, i’ve started just scrapping some, and then the leftovers are slated for photo album land. Notice how i said “slated”…. (they’re in envelopes. just waiting. Ha)

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    I do this, and now I actually feel slightly cooler knowing that you do too – is that wrong?

    BTW, Dave Grohl was on BBC Radio 1 today, doing their Live Lounge set, thought you might like a listen..

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    Oh baby, do I ever! My poor dog is always having a camera lens shoved in his sweet face, so to cut down on the stress for him (and me!), I often re-use some of his best shots. Makes us both happier.

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    Christy B.

    That photo is FANTABULOUS!! Personally, I’ve used a couple of photos more than once…felt a wee bit guilty, since I have so many that still need homes. But they were great photos and I played a bit more. Love your layout…too bad I can’t get some of your blood in my veins!

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    Nicky Hurt

    I won’t be up at 4am Alaska time. 😉 Sorry. 🙂

    My issue with using photos over and over again is that I did the Jessica Sprague Beautiful Evidence class 2 months ago, and when I posted all of the pages to my blog I realized that I used the same photo of DH and me on three different pages. I seriously need more photos of the 2 of us. Also when I have a great shot of my kids, I use it more than once for those pages that are just “stuff about me” type pages, rather than event based pages.

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    lynne moore

    I think because of you…Cathy, LOL…I do use photos more than once. Usually in different sizes. More of those protrait ones than action ones.
    A pix is worth 1000+ words, right? Can’t put all 1000 on a single layout. Where would the fun be then?

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    Tammy Moore

    I do this quite often! I usually do this with separate albums in mind (daughter’s and my personal, or school and daughter’s, etc.), but sometimes I just throw them both in the album and DARE anybody to say something! 😉

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    I used to NOT reuse photos, then I realized “why not? If I like it, why not use it again” so I’ve a few I’ve reused. However, I try to make the journaling a tad different [maybe one reporting facts, the others recording what was or feelings]

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    Oh, thank GOD a real pro does this, too!!!
    I do it all the time!
    I have some really favorite photos – a few, let’s say, of hubby and me that I particularly like.
    Sure, I do an initial layout about the photo. (ex. We were walking across the lake, self-portrait, cold noses, lots of snow…)
    Then I used the same photo in a collage of photos of the two of us, about taking photos at arms length ’cause we almost always travel alone and we just never ask someone else to take a picture of us…
    Then I feel like doing a lovey-dovey layout, something about how we’re always together… And there it is AGAIN!

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    Hannah Means

    Oh my goodness! I thought that I was the only one who did this. Since my parents didn’t take many pictures of my brother and me when we were little (read almost none) and my DH from another life kept most of the pictures of my kids, I just felt pathetic using the pictures I have more than once. It’s good to know that people with lots of pictures still do this. You’ve just made my day!

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    I do this all the time!

    Especially big events – my first couple live, in person, NHL games that I went to in January. I’m working on a mini album with them, I’ve done a calendar for my desk at work, some photos were used in a Rolodex type format, and I’ve done a few full sized, 12 X 12 LOs, too.

    I think I need to go to some more hockey games, LOL. I need new pics!

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    Dawn Priestley

    YES! I do make up ideas to use those “great” shots again and again. I have so few of them, I wear them out – to death – when I get one! Ha!

    Thanks Cathy… glad to know I am not the only one.

    Thanks, as always, for all the great giveaways on your site. You are in my 3 blogs I read every day list (along with Dooce and Ali). HUGS

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