Documenting “never”

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Last week, I posted a list of nevers—from things I've never done, to things I've never not done, and many things in between. It inspired a cool discussion and a number of you took the idea and blogged it too.

Not wanting to leave a good idea in cyberspace, I designed a simple template to save my list. Here are the results (click on layout to see it larger):


SUPPLIES Layered Template No. 24 (Cathy Zielske) • Baby Pink Patterns + Solids Paper (Ali Edwards) • Ethan Solids Paper Pack (Katie Pertiet) • Archer font.

I added a few of the shots from the original post at the bottom, but this is not a layout idea dependent on photos. One of my goals in 2010 is to try to do more writing on my pages. I'm realizing with each successive year, much detail is lost to memory and time.

Here's to writing that's not so challenging after all. Never say never, right?

The template is also available in 12 x 12.


Cathy ZielskeDocumenting “never”

17 Comments on “Documenting “never””

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    I like the idea, too, especially the part about committing to doing more writing in 2010. If not now, when? If not we, who? 🙂

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    Dana N

    I saw this template in the store – I love it. I’m so glad you are going to document with more words. Thanks to the help of all your templates, I can too! Have a happy holiday.

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    This is great Cathy. I love how you come up with an idea to go along with so many of your templates.
    See you in DYL!

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    Brilliant! I love the journalling and story-telling aspect of scrapbooking, so this is perfect. Thank-you!

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    Thanks Cathy,
    This may be the template that makes me take that leap out of my comfort zone and cross over to the dark side (love me my mixed metaphores) and try a digital page. Keep up the good work.

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    Sandi M

    You’ve made it so easy for me to do this now! The template is on my list for right after the holidays when there is more than $17 hanging out in my wallet.

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    I love the template and starting think of my own. But I must take issue with one I NEVER. The birth mom thing – it might be rewarding to say thanks for giving me life – and giving me to wonderful parents. Just a thought.

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