I bet you say that to all the girls

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Oh Danny, you little cassanova you. You know what I always say: give me a boy who can write and I'll follow him anywhere.

I love that you put the year in quotations and the fact that it looks like you were dipped in self tanner just for the occasion. And I'd bet money your hair got that shiny from using "Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific."

Love, Mrs. Zielsk

p.s when were you planning to tell me about Sue?

Cathy ZielskeI bet you say that to all the girls

72 Comments on “I bet you say that to all the girls”

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    Funny thing is…HE still has it. Did he never give it to her, or did she give it back when they broke up? Too cute!

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    Missus Wookie

    See like Annie… The question that sprang to my mind was HOW did Dan get the photo back? Was it thrown in his face by a scornful Sue? Or was he just too bashful and never actually handed it over?

    Does he remember? Doing Ali E’s Yesterday & Today with my dh I’m tempted to label the entire album, “Dunno, I can’t remember….”

    But I love the “I hate this photo” corner comment too.

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    He said he never gave it to her. And he also is trying to convince me there was an “e” in his signature, that he never signed anything as “Zielsk”. Right.

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    Michelle in Texas

    Did you clone him for Cole?

    Even more fun is the birthday cards and letters my Hubby has from his high school girlfriend. Umm, awkward. They “got lost” earlier this year. Oops.

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    A few years ago, we found a grade school photo of my dad that he had turned into a “007” badge. We thought that was pretty darned funny. (I sure hope my mom saved that somewhere.)

    Cole does look like Dan’s “Mini-Me” version.

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    and this would be why I’m looking forward to my time at my in-laws house this Christmas. I always plunder enough to find a real gem like this. Last year it was a one-page “newspaper” that my husband had written for his 6th grade class. Classic.

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    Joy M.

    Cathy, you crack me up! This is one reason I come to your blog every day. I never know what I’ll find but it almost always brings a smile to my face.

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    Tobey Saniuk

    Seriously, does Cole ever look like his Dad. Funny how you can really see resemblances between family members at different ages.

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    holy smokes cathy..looks like Dan morphed into Cole in this pic..and I believe he stole coles personality as well..freakily(not sure if that’s a word)..amazing!

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    Cynthia Friese-Hassanein

    You must of been devastated to find out about the other girl:) LOL. I am throughly convinced that writing “I hate this picture” must be a universal right of passage in JR. High school pictures:) And did Dan use Prell or Breck to get that sheen in his hair?:) Awesome Cathy:) thanks for bringing a chuckle to my morning!

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    Rebecca Foxworth

    What, no perm? Did he not have a television? Could he not see, and therefore emulate, the Brady men?

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    Great way to start the morning–with a laugh!! I have a somewhat introverted 10yo boy. I wonder if he’ll ever write something so sweet to a girl!

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    Come on! Cole looks so much like his Dad, there must a Zielske mold somewhere. At least he knew how to woo a woman even back in the day!

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    You know, I thought it was just my husband’s old pictures that look like that … all spotted. Gives them character I guess. I wonder how he got the photo back?

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    How cute. And what a startling resemblance there is between your husband and son. I’ve noticed it before, but in this picture the resemblance really is striking.

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    Your husband’s message was priceless! Bet you both had a laugh over it. Did you ever find out who Sue was?

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    Yep, I was also convinced it was Cole – and, skimming down the first five lines of the writing, alternately disbelieving and aghast that you might have posted this love-note of his on the net for all of us to read! (Cathy wouldn’t … Cathy couldn’t! I thought!) Just as well Dan doesn’t mind then :).

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    amy j.

    OMG…he can Cole could be twins (I bet they will be in more ways than just looks…so you’ve got an interesting few years to come Cathy, lol!).

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    I’m loving it! I had to laugh when I saw the “I hate this picture” marked off in the upper right. I agree with you, there’s definitely not an “e” at the end.

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    WOW. My husband would DIE if I put that up! I’m going to have to dig out the 1 photo I have of him as a child. *EVIL LAUGHS*

    Thanks for Sharing !:)

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    love, Love, LOVE it!! Hey I remember “Gee your hair smells terrific…” You tell two friends, and they tell two friends, and so on and so on and… well, you get the idea πŸ™‚

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    Cathy I’m LMAO!!! This is classic! This is why I love reading your blog everyday. You never know what you’ll find but it’s guaranteed to make you laugh. That Dan is a keeper I tell ya!

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    So pleased I dropped by today, this made me smile. There is nothing so sweet as young love!

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    oh that is TERRIFIC!!! busted πŸ˜‰ so neat that you have this photo – yea, who is Sue??? LOVE these “blasts from the past”!

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    Ali W

    Cathy, that is so funny. You just made my day. I love those old notes we wrote as innocent kids, never realising they would come back to haunt us! Thank you

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    I thought this was an altered picture of Cole too! I found a picture like this of my mom’s first boyfriend. He wrote a similar message. priceless! a slice of the past uncovered. Thanks for sharing and for the laugh!

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    You should see if you can get him to sign a photo to you now….after all, Sue is SO “1977”. πŸ™‚ And throw me in with the crowd who looked at the picture and thought Cole instantly.

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    I love this photo and his writing. Incredible and fun. I have many of those photos, will have to go back and reread them. Those and the yearbook entries. It really does look alot like your son, Cole. Strong genes!
    thank you for sharing and making our day! Thanks Dan!

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    This is just too funny! It was before you met him right?! Somehow Sue Zielske just doesn’t sound like a real person.

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    Aw, how cute!

    OMG!! I just watched your promo video for the “Design your Life” class and it made me Laugh Out Loud!! Just because of that, I’m taking this class!!! You are hilarious!!! πŸ™‚

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    i haven’t read every comment, but i’ve seen enough saying this looks like Cole………BUT, can i just say that this is one time that i totally seen a resemblance of Aidan more than Cole!?

    Aidan definitely takes after you Cathy in appearance, but i see her in this picture of Dan.

    totally cute find!

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    no paternity test needed for your son – apple, meet tree!

    Sue – i just heard she may have had an affair with tiger woods. might explain the self tanner…..

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    Jill Faison

    I thought this was an old photo of YOUR SON at first! Amazing! Love your blog Cathy — you have such a wonderful sense of humor! Jill

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    kim smart

    Cathy, your blog always makes me giggle! and today didnt disappoint! that picture of dan is absolutely priceless!! what a find! and i must say he had really nice handwriting and punctuation….always a plus in my book πŸ™‚

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