More holiday blasts from the past

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SUPPLIES Layered Template No. 22I Believe Solids (Mindy Terasawa) • Winter Reverie Paper Pack (Jessie Edwards) • Archer font

In a maddening search for all of our Santa Claus-related photos last week, all I could dig up the one you see above. Our Santa shots have apparently gone missing because I searched high and low in this house, and came up nearly empty handed. I was planning to do a whole series of digital pages to add to my Christmas album, using this new template, but alas, no other Santa photos were found.

Then I dug a bit harder and found this:


SUPPLIES Layered Template No. 22I Believe Solids (Mindy Terasawa) • Winter Reverie Paper Pack (Jessie Edwards) • Archer font

Yep. The year was 1968. That's me, so busy making sure Santa got my entire list I didn't even bother to look at the camera, which clearly had my older brother Mike mesmerized.

Although the number of photos from my own childhood pale in comparison to the sheer numbers of shots from that of my kids, I'm thinking sometimes it's not about quantity or even quality: it's just that there is one here or there or really, anywhere.

Thanks, Mom, for the scan, and more importantly, the memory.


Cathy ZielskeMore holiday blasts from the past

23 Comments on “More holiday blasts from the past”

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    Susan W.

    Those are great layouts! I’ve been thinking about {gasp} going hybrid. I love that title, “A Christmas to Remember”. Can you tell me where I could find it? Is it just a font or part of a digital package?

    Thanks so much for your never ending inspiration! xo

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    oh my gosh, Cathy, that is your face!

    your two little ones have great eyebrows. Look at how much they look alike in that photo.

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    Hey Susan, the font for that title is called Bleeding Cowboy, and it’s free!

    In the template, it has been rasterized so that anyone can use it, without having to have the font on their computer.

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    Valerie, well… both of the shots i used were vertical. I just scanned them at 600 DPI then converted them to 300 dpi to get them larger.

    : )

    You just have to be willing to crop some things out!

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    Really? You know what’s funny? That is the Nordstrom Santa (or was) and his beard was real, and he was a very popular Santa. We went to see him for three years in a row, then i just got tired of going to the Mall of America at Christmas. Now if only i could find those other Santa shots. Arghhhhh.

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    Cynthia Friese-Hassanein

    Oh! what a awesome surprise:) I just posted on my Blog this morn two of your Holiday templates I used!!!! on Sunday. This was the first time I used a digi template. And loved how I could focus on telling the stories instead of the design. Thank you Cathy:)
    The one of you and your brother is priceless. I love his Christmas-y trance stare:)

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    Yes, thank-you to your Mum for snapping so happily and keeping it. It reminds me that we don’t have to agonise over how to take the ‘best’ picture (I don’t mean any disrespect to your Mum here – she did great!). We just need to record the event … With family about to descend, that’s a useful reminder! Thank-you

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    Don’t feel bad about not having enough Santa Photos. By the look of that Santa chances are the kids went running from years to come. He is pretty scary looking. Happy Holidays to you. I can’t wait until your class starts I think I am more excited about the class then Christmas. Go figure, I just love your design style.

    Thanks for all you do.

    in Florida 80 degrees right now (oh how we suffer 😉

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    Rachel Smith

    Cathy, that is one creepy looking Santa, and your brother looks like Ralphie from A Christmas Story, only without glasses! He looks like Santa just told he would shoot his eye out with a Red Rider beebee gun!

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    Deb J

    I think it is so much fun to do comparison layouts like this. I also think it is fun to just make layouts and not worry about staying in “order.” Fun stuff.

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