Ne dis jamais jamais

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(Me, circa 1986, Grapevine, Texas)

The other morning, while unloading the dishwasher, I had a very strange and deliberate realization: I've never been a bridesmaid.

At this stage of my life, most of my friends are married, and the few that are not probably won't be asking me to browse the latest Gunne Sax catalog if they ever do choose to tie the knot. I'm not sure if my life will somehow be lacking without this particular semi-rite of passage experience. So far, I think I'm okay with it, but it got me thinking of other things I've never done.

Never might seem like a negative sort of word, and in a sense I suppose that it is. Nevertheless…ahem, I decided to come up with a list of nevers to serve as an exercise—not simply as a garden variety bucket list—but as an foray into both writing, memory and wishful thinking. Here is my by no means comprehensive list: 


I've never sung karaoke.

I've never been able to hold a grudge.

I've never jumped out of a plane.

I've never gone skiing, despite growing up in the shadow of the Cascade Mountains.

I've never swam with dolphins.

I've never knowingly broke someone's heart.

I've never met my birth mother.

I've never felt the need to.


(My brother, me and my mom, circa 1967)

I've never walked the streets of London.

I've never been so drunk that I didn't know who or where I was.

I never thought I'd have children.

I've never had much trouble sleeping…until now.

I've never had a catastrophic illness.

I've never doubted my abilities with lip liner.

I've never not known where my next meal is coming from.

I've never really learned how to play the guitar.


(Cole, me and my guitar, circa 2006.)

I've never mastered the art of stress-free flying.

I've never thought I looked good with long hair.

I've never done laundry with zeal.

I've never been very good at exercise.

I've never cheated on anyone.

I've never liked shopping for more than a few meals at a time.

I've never forgotten the first day I laid eyes on Dan Zielske in Joan Teel's living room down in Bedford, Texas, with his gorgeous green eyes, and prominent incisors.


(Dan and Christopher, circa 1989)

I've also never forgotten the smell of the woods behind my Washington childhood home, or the giddiness I felt moving into my first and only Seattle apartment, or the way I felt driving on the Kansas Turnpike toward my new life in Minnesota.

I never count my chickens before they're hatched but I sure think about them an awful lot.

I never like to arrive anywhere late.

I'm never going to be as thin as I'd like to be.

I never profess to have it all figured out, but I'm making noticeable dents.

I would never change any of the decisions I've made up until this point, and yes, that even includes dating that awful David Smith back in '88, smoking cigarettes or wearing my hair like this:


(Me in Long Beach, California, circa 1986)

I've never been good at delaying self-gratification.

I've never understood why bad things happen to the very best of people.

I've never not loved words.

I never imagined this life that I am so lucky to be living.


Did someone say "scrapbook page content"?

What about you? What are some of your nevers? And what do your nevers say about you, for better or for worse? Leave a comment, or blog it yourself. It's a great journaling jump start.

Cathy ZielskeNe dis jamais jamais

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    I’ve never been able to not say something for a fairly long strech of time.

    I’ve never been good at keeping quiet about presents until, say, Christmas, either.

    I guess this says everything 🙂

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    Oh a brilliant post! I’m in my 20’s and my very good friend who is 40 has never been a bridesmaid and never thought she would be. She is like a sister to me, so I made all her dreams come true (minus winning the lottery part..) and asked her to be a bridesmaid for me next year. Never say never!!

    I’m totally going to blog-lift this idea! Nice one CZ!

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    Love your list, Cathy. And I’m thinking it’s a GREAT idea for a scrapbook page. 🙂
    (oh, and I love that 80s hair of yours!)

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    Toni Brockliss

    The best post. I love it.
    You look just like Phoebe Cates. I think I have said this before…but I will say it again. Cathy you look just like Phoebe Cates.
    I will have to go and write mine. Thank you for inspiration.

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    Judy in Huntsville[al]

    oh goodie! Something for me to ‘think-on’ as I sit through two days of meetings on a new computer program for training staff in our organization! Thank you! [And I can’t say I ‘never’ let me mind wander while they’re talking techy stuff…]

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    Good morning Cathy! I love your nevers. I am working on mine. I should start with…I never manage to get my holiday prep done early enough. EGADS!

    Thanks for sharing,

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    Carmen O

    Great list Cathy! I never thought I’d drink coffee, but with all the wonderful flavored creamers and my sons’ who drink it, I drink a cup or two a day.

    Thanks for the inspiration…have to think more on my list!

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    Kathy in MN

    Bravo post girl! “I would never change any of the decisions I’ve made up until this point, and yes, that even includes dating that awful David Smith back in ’88” … oh, I’m so using the word awful in front of my dating mistakes. Brilliant words Cathy!

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    My page is now titled “Well, I never…..” (with rather exasperated tone fron Aunt Bea) and will begin with:
    I NEVER thought I would be using my computer for more than typing.
    I NEVER thought I would live anywhere but Oregon.
    I NEVER thought I would meet my husband IN A BAR!

    and so it begins..thanks again for yet another great dose of inspiration and some great peeks into your life – wanna pepsi?

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    Totally loved reading through your list. There was the occasional “yeah, me too” and the occasional “erm… not me”. I was touched by your comment on adoption. I’m not adopted (and am a visual clone of my Mum) but this year, in Feb 2009 my husband (who’d grown up to the age of 39 as an only child) was contacted by his older half-sister who had been given up for adoption by husb’s Mum before he was born. It was totally out of the blue and his Mum had never told anyone her whole life (she’s in her 60s now). Over 2009 we have had the joy of becoming an Auntie & Uncle to two little nieces and a nephew & our 4 chids got three cousins (never had cousins before). So… don’t know why I’m telling you all this. We’ve never met but I like your blog and although this is a story I’ve not really shared outside family & close friends… there it is.
    Mandy (UK)

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    As an “adoptive mom” (for the record, I hate that term, but just using it to point out that my son is not my biological son) it warms my heart to learn that some of the people I most admire (whether it be in real life or in blogland) are adopted — people who seem well adjusted, happy, at peace with their lives. Now I can add you to the mix. Thank you for sharing that.

  12. #13

    I like your list & the hair picture. I have never been ice skating. I have never had any alcohol. I have never regretted meeting my husband.

  13. #15

    GREAT LIST! I never thought I would be the mother of boys and yet I have 2 and no girls. Now I don’t know what I would do with girls. 🙂

  14. #19

    Wow. That is a story. I guess if someone contacted me out of the blue, i’d think it was pretty neat, but my Mom and Dad raised me with a lot of confidence, and love. Again, never day never, but i just don’t have the burning drive, you know?

  15. #20

    Barb, i think my parents just raised me with truth and love, and i always felt very special. I mean, the only thing i’m curious about is if i have half siblings, but my Mom is my mom. Although, i would definitely thank my birth mother for making the choice to give me away into this amazing life.

  16. #23
    Sonja Chandler

    Wow. Great post. Got me thinking.

    I have been concentrating on the things I have “loved” lately prompted by and old list I found of my mothers of several things she jotted down that she had loved over her lifetime. But I am loving the I have never. Or how bout I always ….. Man, the wheels are turning.

    By the way, you are so very, very funny. And I like the hair in Long Beach. It was a good look for you. Really.

  17. #24

    I really want to scrap this story but don’t know where to start and don’t want to step on my mother-in-laws toes or hurt her. The outcome has been so positive for all of us… gaining family we never knew we had. But the roller-coaster of emotions cliche realy does apply.
    Thanks for caring.

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    Monika Wright

    My Mom’s name is Johanna (a German native, but now American citizen!), so you must be a very special person. I’ve seen your name pop up here a few times and have always meant to say something to you. So…blessings and joy and happiness and good wishes to you and your family.

  19. #26

    So funny you should mention Gunne Sax. After being a bridesmaid, read “having to wear awful dresses,” a few times, I was ready to get real for my own wedding, so I got married in a Gunne Sax dress! (Of course, that was–shhh–28 years ago.)

    Off to work on my own “never list”–thanks for the inspiration!!!

  20. #27

    This is a great post and a fun idea! Thank you for sharing! And, bravo to you for having the “guts” to post the pictures! I don’t think I could show some of my ’80s hair photos! LOL!

  21. #28

    Wow. Lovely post.
    Here’s a never: I never imagined the future after my kids were little. Since I was a girl, I fantasized the husband, the kids, the job. But the kids in my imagination were always cute and little. My boys are now 8 and 11, the younger losing some of that baby look, the older one is all pre-adolescent. Friends talk about toilet training, strollers, and sleep deprivation. And I am amazed that that is not my life anymore. I love this stage of life (and their lives), I just never thought about it before it actually happened.

    I also never thought I would post on a blog.

  22. #30
    Johanna Dietrich

    Why, thank you Monika! Funny, my history is yours turned upside down: my mom’s from the US, but now a German citizen. And to keep this comment at least somewhat in line with the original post:

    I’ve never been to the US.

  23. #31

    I never thought I would enjoy a “nevers” list as much as I did from you and the folks who have posted. Wow! Pretty darn cool. I never in my wild imaginations thought that I would be the owner of an iphone. Hubby surprised me for my 50th birthday…one I will never forget! Thank you, Phoebe, I mean Cathy, lovely lovely post!

  24. #32

    Sarah, we are twins. I’m from Oregon, I grew up four miles from where my parents grew up, which is the same town their parents grew up! And I, too, met my husband IN A BAR. 🙂 A cheesy tacky bar, even!

  25. #34

    CZ, I totally love this list. I am definitely going to scraplift it … well, not the list itself but the idea (of course!). Thanks again for sharing. You are always an inspiration.

  26. #36
    Karen M.

    I HAVE NEVER…. hmmm….been unable to find a silver lining in any situation. Drives my family crazy, but it’s how I roll – how I cope and get through the day 🙂 Pretty sure this will be the theme of today now – listing my “I have nevers…” You do make us think Cathy Zielske!!!

  27. #38

    Wow… this is a great post. The one thing that comes to mind is that I have never driven a car with automatic transmission. Is that strange? Well…. maybe not as strange (ha ha) as your 80’s hair! Made me LOL. Thanks CZ.

  28. #39

    Great list Cathy! My daughter is adopted and I am always curious to hear thoughts from other adopted children. I hope my daughter is as well adjusted. Thanks for sharing. Oh, and the hair fabulous. Don’t you secretly want the 80’s hair back? 🙂

  29. #41

    Barb for the record I hate that terms too, adoptive, half brother, half sister… You are a mom, I am a daugther and a sister and a mom, the details of how we are all related are not the ones that define us.
    Like Cathy I don’t know my biological parents, but I definitely thank my mom and so many other moms that were brave and lovingly enough to gave us the oportunity of having a family that really desired us and gave us a great life.
    Cathy what a Great post 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  30. #42

    I don’t have anything to add, other than your post made me thing of “Never is Enough,” one of my favorite Barenaked Ladies songs.

    “Eating in the food court
    with the old and the bored.”

  31. #43
    Lynn Brown

    Great post, Cathy! I have way too many NEVERs…mostly involving food (many fruits and vegetables). It’s a shame, but I remain stubborn about it. I am SO going to do a scrapbook page about it, though.

  32. #45

    Aliza, isn’t it strange how your kids start to grow and the things you no longer do? I love the stage my own kids are in now. I don’t want it to end!

  33. #49
    Kim Holmes

    Fantastic idea! I need to scrap a picture of myself today and I had no idea where to go with it – but now I have me answer! I am also adopted and most people find in unusual that I have no desire to track down my birth parents or any of the other info that might come with that. I just feel that this is who I am – blessed to have such a wonderful family. Thanks for the reminder! Oh, yeah, I too am from Seattle, graduated from Blanchet in 82. hmmmm….maybe I’m your older sister!

  34. #50

    I’ve never mowed a lawn.
    I’ve never used the BBQ.
    I’ve never drank coffee.
    I’ve never done drugs or smoked.
    These are just a few things off the top of my head. I’ll keep thinking and keep adding to this list.

  35. #54

    Extraordinary. You are simply extraordinary.
    I never thought I’d be a stay-at-home mom.
    I never thought I’d have 4 children.
    I never thought I’d homeschool them all.
    I never thought I’d have a son with Autism.

    I never thought I’d miss the 80’s. or “Flock of Seagulls” haircuts. or The Vogue. or Howard Jones. or sweatshirts that hang to your knees. or 43 bracelets on 1 wrist.

    I never thought I’d have a 14 year old daughter that purposely searches out 80’s music to download to her iPod. “Mom, have you ever heard of The Ramoanes? or Modern English? Did you know Madonna was around in the 80’s too?”

    Thank you, Cathy.

  36. #55
    karen Lee

    Great thoughts Cathy… and don’t worry,
    I’ve never been a bridesmaid either,
    Just think of all that money you saved! 🙂

  37. #57
    Karen P

    I can’t say I’ve never worn a Gunnie Sax dress. I still have the pictures to prove it; I’m there somewhere under all those ruffles and fluff!
    I will never tire of seeing, smelling and touching the ocean.
    I have never regretted having three children very close together (which meant having three teenagers in the house at one time).
    I will never be wealthy in the world’s eyes, but I am blessed beyond measure with wonderful family and friends.
    I will never go on a date with Hugh Jackman, and my life is fulfilling anyway.
    I never want to come home to a house without a dog.
    I’ve never been mean to someone intentionally (mean people suck).
    I’ve never understood why eating a one-pound box of chocolates can add five pounds of body weight??
    I never thought I would continue to listen to 70’s music for this long! But, hey–when it’s that good, why not?

    Love your blog, Cathy; thanks for sharing your life and creative talents!

  38. #58
    Kathy Floen

    WOW, Cathy! 🙂 This post really BLEW me away. 🙂 I do plan on scrapping my NEVERS. 🙂 BTW, I think you are a beautiful person! 🙂 I love looking at your pics! 🙂

  39. #59
    amy tangerine

    this is sooo inspiring.
    i’ve never been swimming with dolphins either.
    i’ve never broken a bone (knock on wood).
    i’ve never worked on a list starting with “i’ve never” before this.

    thank you!

  40. #60

    One of Aidan’s best friend’s is named Johanna. I love this name. She is half Peruvian, however, and I believe half German.

  41. #64

    Cathy, wow this is deep and very touching! Thanks for sharing very personal information. It’s nice to know “bits & pieces” about the people we admire in a faraway land. : )

  42. #67
    Sandi M

    This has got to be the most creative post I have seen in ages. I totally enjoyed reading it. Very slowly and periodically I have been making my oldest, dearest HS friends answer little questionnaires and taking photos the rare times we meet up for lunch each year. The idea totally came from DYL although none of them scrap and haven’t a clue. I’ve made them answer gimme 5 and alike/different. My plan is to make each of us a matching little photo book somewhere down the big road of life. I hope it will be a wonderful little keepsake documenting our long wondrous journey together. Can you guess what they and I will be answering next time? Thanks for always inspiring me 🙂

  43. #70
    Deonne Beron

    LOVE the idea…will have to think about it. The hair totally threw me- hardly looks like you. Whereas the gunne sax dress and the boots make you look just like your daughter… 🙂

  44. #71
    Marg NZ

    Okay, so adding to the adopted mix. My NZ birth mother never told anyone so isn’t keen on knowing me and that’s fine. I respect that. Like you, my mum and dad are my mum and dad. My excitement is that I’ve now met my fab brother and sister (on my Canadian birth father’s side) who I am TOTALLY like and we very much ‘click’ (altho’ they’re in Canada and I’m in the UK). I also met my grandmother (altho’ she just thinks I’m a lovely girl who was lost and needed directions once). I knocked on her door then went back with flowers and have been visiting everytime we holiday near there ever since. Biased I know but I think I’m lucky with my lot but also know that it’s got to be what’s right for every individual in their individual situation.
    Thanks for the blog – hope you’ll create a lovley layout and a lovely digital template – I’m hooked on this since your Sweet Little Story instruction but am very much in a copy cat stage at present.

  45. #78
    Becky H

    Cathy great post.

    I never thought I would turn out to be my mother.
    But I am a lot like her, and today it makes me smile because she is the person who tought me to be loyal, giving and strict. But she tought me this with a loving hand. So now as my children are 20, 15 and 9. I can see them in me and I NEVER tought I would see that, because that’s darn right scary. Thank you for an idea that will keep me thinking for some time.

  46. #79

    I never felt unloved.
    I never thought being a grown-up would be like this.
    I never not wanted to be a mom.
    I never have enough time in my day.
    I never underthink a situation.
    I never find the right words, unless I’m writing.

    Cathy, this is extremely cathartic. Btw, you are extremely lucky to have never been a bridesmaid!

  47. #80

    A while ago it occured to me that bad things don’t happen to good people. Bad things happen to everyone. We just care when we think the people are good. Merry Christmas Cathy!

  48. #81
    Kathy C.

    Love, love, LOVE this post…

    I never thought I’d be a mom.
    I never thought I’d be working for the same company for over 21 years (more than 1/2 my adult life and I still love my job)…
    I never thought I’d look back and be glad I grew-up during the 80’s.
    I never thought I’d find (my now hubby) thru

    Merry Christmas Cathy & family!!!

  49. #83
    Jennifer Larson

    You have inspired me to try to convert my fellow English teacher friends to scrapbooking. Can you imagine a small bunch of women, a bottle of wine, some pretty paper, and pens, making “I never” minialbums? They will be converted. I promise you.

  50. #84
    Tonya F

    I never expected the extreme heartaches and joys I’ve experienced as an adult.

    I’ve never traveled very far from home, but I’d love to.

    I’ve never been held back from doing something I really truly wanted to do.

    I never knew my husband would chase after me like he does even after all these years. 😉

    Thanks for sharing.

  51. #85
    Tonya F

    And I never knew my kids would be so technologically advanced at such a young age. I never knew I would be living in a world that is technologically advanced.

  52. #87
    Susan W

    Awesome post! Really gets me thinking. Looks like a scrapbooking page needs to be done and soon!

    I have never forgotten when my son first smiled at me
    I have never forgotten the smell of the dining hall at camp (not a bad smell just one of being ‘home’)

  53. #90

    I never thought about doing a scrap-page about nevers … though I started one entitled “If you’d told me I’d go to a baseball game by myself one day …”; so I think I’ll change it to “I never thought I’d go to a baseball game by myself” instead. 🙂

  54. #91

    Great post CZ.
    I never thought I would love coffee this much
    I never thought that I would drink alcohol every daily then stop drinking it forever in October 2004
    I never thought I would met my husband in a food hall mess – never ever in any of my wildest dreams

    Many more to add and you have my thinking lady.

  55. #92
    Deb J

    Great post.Here are a few of my nevers.
    1. Never thought I would wnat to scrapbook a page about nevers.
    2. Never been a bridesmaid either–or a bride.
    3. Never had kids–once it was a big issue, now God has given me a love for lots of kids that aren’t my own.
    4. Never jumped from a plane, skied (snow or water), climbed a mountain, hang glided, or piloted a plane.
    5. Never thought I would live in 10 states over the years.
    6. never thought life would be like it is but it is better than my dreams.
    I’ll stop and do some more over the next few days.

  56. #94
    Lorrraine Reynolds

    I have no idea who Phoebe Cates is, but I can’t get over the strong resemblance between you and Aidan from that ‘California Hair Shot’. It’s funny how I can NEVER usually pick up on things like that. People keep telling me my daughter is a little mini-me – and I’m always thinking (Yeah Right) on the inside. Greetings from Australia, and I can’t wait for DYL to start, I’ll be doing it for the first time, and its the best Christmas present I have ever given myself.

  57. #95

    I’m looking at your list and I have to say – I have been a bridesmaid — 14 times! (it’s highly overrated but I’ve had some good rehearsal dinners!)
    I do have some nevers but I’m not sure I’m ready to face them right now so this is really a great post about something to thing about!

    And if there’s enough beer involved, I’ll sing karaoke all night long…

  58. #97

    Where do you come up with all this great stuff?! Love the “never list”. I’m thinking it may make a great page in my DYL book. So excited for class to start!

    I never set the alarm clock for a time ending in an even number.

  59. #104

    Wow Cathy, I’m torn between the “touching and emotional” nevers and the “comic” nevers:

    – Never thought, like EVER, that I would live in bald prairie flat Saskatchewan (I’m an urban girl/downhill skier from Montréal)
    – Never thought I would end up living and surviving two years at a weather station in the Far North wilderness with my groceries and mail dropped off by bushplane down on the lake every three weeks (again, urban child!)
    – Never thought I would be teaching young aboriginal children survival skills like snaring rabbits and safety in bear country. (didn’t learn THAT at the mall!)
    – Never thought I would marry this stable, supportive and loving man after the years of fiery, passionate but ultimately destructive relationships I mistook for love.
    – Never thought I would be the mother of an only child – I had planned on five (My best friend – an only child herself – now has six. Go figure!)
    – Never stopped hoping baby #2 will someday come along, although by now (Baby #1 is 18 and we are heading to 50 with a bullet!) it would be like raising another only child
    – Never thought I would get my cat-person husband to cross over to the dog world. Our furry little girl is now 2 1/2 and the center of daddy’s universe.
    -Never thought I’d lose my puppy to the golf course on a daily basis with her daddy! He walks while she mooches rides on other golfers’ cart.

    Okay, time to copy and paste onto my layout. Thanks Cathy for another inspiring jump start and merci encore d’avoir utilisé le français. C’est certain, ne dis jamais, jamais!

  60. #106

    sorry i am not answering your question, i was hopeing you will provide us with templates for school album. i am trying to complete my sons album with no sucess. please help

  61. #109

    Like Deb J –
    – I never got married (and am very much ok with that)
    – Never had kids (some regrets, but not overly much – my nephew and niece are fantastic ‘consolation prizes’!)

    – Never thought I’d be living in California, although I did set it as my goal when I was 25
    – Never thought I’d leave Texas (see above)
    – Never worried about my health

  62. #110
    Debbie in AZ

    Loved your post, Cathy.

    I’ve never been to Spain but I’ve been to Oklahoma… (name that 70’s group!) Actually, I’ve been to Spain but I’ve never been to Oklahoma.

    I’ve never eaten rattlesnake, carp or crickets

    I’ve never regretted being a single mother

    I’ve never started my day without a cup of iced tea or hot tea

    I’ve never hang glided or water skied or bungee jumped

    I’ve never cheated on a test or a man

    I’ve never been to Greece but I really wanna go there … okay, okay, enough with the Three Dog Night lyrics references

    This calls for a scrapbook page – must do right after I finish my Christmas decorating, shopping, baking, cleaning, wrapping… well, hopefully in January.

    Thanks again, Cathy!

  63. #113

    I’ve never heard of Phoebe Cates or Gunne Sax
    I’ve never smoked or used drugs
    I never want to bungee jump, sky dive, ski or shoot the rapids – EVER
    I have never been clucky but I have had 9 children – go figure!
    I never thought being 47 would be so much fun being me.
    There’s a start.
    I love your blog Cathy. Thanks for sharing.

  64. #114

    Lori, you geek. I will NOT accept a dime. The idea of lifting templates? Nothing new. I love your page! : )

    There should be NO guilt in scrapbooking. Ya hear me?

    : )

  65. #115
    Susan Raihala

    I’ve only been a bridesmaid once, and honestly, the bride picked me because she wanted the big, showy wedding. After the wedding, she dropped me and one of the other “filler” maids like hot potatoes. Ouch.

    Great list of nevers and great idea for a page!

  66. #117
    Patty Schmidt

    I get up every morning and drink my coffee as I sit and catch up on all my daily blogs and I have NEVER been disappointed by yours!! I love reading it as it brings a smile to my face every time!!

  67. #119

    I would just like to know if ANYONE has ever done laundry with zeal?! That one really cracked me up.

    I love the mix of serious, tender, and funny all in one list.

  68. #120
    Heather Wunsch

    I never thought I could feel so content with life.
    I never imagined my children could consume me, motivate me, frustrate me, invigorate me, fullfill me the way they do.

  69. #121

    Love your post Cathy.

    I’ve never swam with the dolphins either (but I will)
    I’ve never been up in a hot air balloon (but I might)
    I’ve never been to Europe (I think I want to)
    I’ve never seen the glass half empty (and I hope I never will)

  70. #122

    We play a game called “I Never” and I used to win every time. It really made me think, and then act. Now I don’t win nearly as often. 🙂

  71. #123

    I’ve never not been inspired when visiting your blog, especially when I’ve need inspiration the most 🙂 Thanks Cathy. I love this idea. I’m off to write my list of nevers…

  72. #125
    Barbie Schwartz

    Hey, isn’t “I never…” a drinking game? I seem to remember a scene in LOST where Kate and Sawyer are playing it, lol.

    Anyway, Cathy, I’m a year younger than you, and I’ve never been a bridesmaid, either.

    Enjoyed reading this post, and will probably use the premise myself for either a blog post or a scrapbook page–or both! Thanks!

  73. #126

    I should be sleeping…but your blog is super fun. Okay I’ve never lived anywhere but the Seattle area, I’ve never finished college, I’ve never seen a ghost (but desperately want to) and I’ve never been to europe. yup.

  74. #128
    just me

    Dear Cathy,
    I wish I could say “I never miss your blog” – but it wouldn’t be the truth, as I often go months without reading yours or many others that I have bookmarked. But here it is the rainy morning after Christmas – very quiet after all the madness of the previous days (had a wonderful Christmas surrounded by husband, children, and 8 grand-children) . And I think it was meant for me read this post of nevers on this day for purposes of reflection. Thanks to you and all the others who have commented on their nevers.
    These are a few of my nevers:
    I never thought I would live so long (my mother died at age 39, when I was almost 12 yrs; I will be 70 next year).
    I never thought I would marry (but did in 1967) and have 5 children, and now 8 grand-children.
    I never ever thought one of my children would pre-decease me ( a daughter who died last year at age 38, leaving a good husband and two beautiful daughters; I wish they lived closer).
    I never thought I would have so many BLESSINGS in my life.

    Thanks for the inspiration – I hope to remember to read your blog with greater frequency in the new year; I will go back and catch up on all your past entries.
    Peace and blessings to you and your family.


  75. #129
    Sweet Thang

    I have so many that I agree with on yours .. but I have never been able to stay home with my kids unless it is a holiday. But that will change SOON. Once I retire.

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