A simple and efficient design + a quick video tutorial on using templates for hybrid pages

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SUPPLIES: Layered Template No. 21 (Cathy Zielske) • Blaine Paper Pack (Michelle Martin) • Classic Foundation Cardstock (Katie Pertiet) • Avenir font 

I designed this page a few weeks back, after first creating a template for simple one-photo design. It makes me happy for several reasons:

1.The title is pretty dang adorable.

2. It lets me scrapbook one photo that I love and one simple story.

3. It’s really easy to choose just two coordinated patterned papers and one sheet of neutral cardstock.

4. It demonstrates a good example of how if you’re going to have journaling that extends nearly the width of the page, you need to air it out with ample leading to improve the readability.

5. The final page turned out really cute, if I do say so. (I printed this on my aging but reliable HP Photosmart 8750 printer):


Because this page made me happy,  I decided to create another using the same design but employing a more hybrid approach. So I made this one comprised of both digital and traditional components:


SUPPLIES: Layered Template No. 21Hello Ness Typesets (Cathy Zielske) • patterned paper (Creative Imaginations, Pebbles Inc.) • Avenir font

I printed the photo first, using a different word art set for the title, and then I printed the journaling simply by turning some of the template layers on and off. Here’s a quick video tutorial showing how I did it.

A Digital Hybrid Scrapbooking Tutorial from Cathy Zielske on Vimeo.

I completed the page by adding a few sheets of patterned paper, and assembling it all on a cardstock base.

I’ve long been a fan of the digital/hybrid method, pretty much since Day 1 when I started scrapbooking back in 2001. I also like finding new ways to make templates more usable to scrapbookers who like to dabble in both. If you have any questions, be sure to post them in comments today.


Note: if you are using Photoshop, to create the clipping mask, on a PC it’s Alt + Ctrl + G, and on a Mac, it’s Option + Command + G.

Cathy ZielskeA simple and efficient design + a quick video tutorial on using templates for hybrid pages

62 Comments on “A simple and efficient design + a quick video tutorial on using templates for hybrid pages”

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    Scrappy Baby

    I am fascinated by your scrapbooking style, and I am really considering registering for your “Design your life” workshop …
    I am totally, absolutely new to hybrid/digital scrapbooking, so is the workshop suitable for me ?…and since I live in France, will the timezone be a problem ?
    i just fear that I will feel discouraged if the steps are not detailed enough…the only thing I know how to do with PSE is photo resizing and cropping ^^
    many thanks in advance for your reply !

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    Johanna Dietrich

    This must have been asked a zillion times before, but would you mind sharing what paper you use for printing full layout pages (like the first one shown in your pos)? Thanks!

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    Great tutorial! I am also going to ask about cardstock! When I print on glossy, the photo looks great, really rich, but then the text looks a little “magazine-esque”. I try and print on cardstock and the photo looks washed out – even with saturation ramped up (which doesn’t help nor look good!) I prefer the texture of card to glossy soooooo..I guess it is “how do you get your images and text so crisp on cardstock?” thank you!!

  4. #7

    Thank you! Thank you! thank you! Silly question–what did you use as your base for the hybrid page. Is it one of the papers we see, or is it another sheet?

    Thanks, Leora

  5. #8

    Hi Scrappy Baby,

    Design Your LIfe isn’t a digital scrapbooking class. It’s a class to learn about design theory. There will be digital templates for those who want to do the class assignments digitally, but the instruction for class is on design theory as it relates to page design. There are hybrid elements for traditional scrapbookers in PDF format.

    Also, time zone isn’t an issue. It’s a self paced class! : )

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    The digi layout is all printed on Ilford Gallerie Smooth Pearl.

    The hybrid layout… the photo is to, but the journaling is printed on Bazzill White OP (orange peel texture).

    I just make sure my settings remain on Best Quality for Photo Paper. : )

  7. #15

    Hmmm. I recently bought a cheapo Canon 4400 E. It’s okay… i scanned the hybrid page above with it. It was only 88 bucks. : )

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    Kim in Cambridge, UK

    Hey Cathy,
    Do you know how great you are at teaching? I have really enjoyed watching your tutorials and each one has made it so simple to follow the steps for PSE – I am quite new to using it. So thank you very much and please please PLEASE keep them coming!

    The force is definitely with you Obi-wan!

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    Cathy –

    Thank you Thank you for the tutorials. I am very new to this and have done Jessica’s classes and am taking a class at ReneePearson.com right now too. It is cool to see how different people have different ways to do the same steps. I am absolutely loving templates.
    And – you should know, your templates at DD pulled me in!! I SWORE I would never never digiscrap. . . ahh well. . .
    Anyway, I signed up for your class again (took the 2008 class) it’s worth it for the templates alone; but of course interaction with you is priceless 🙂
    I am thankful for your teaching spirit !! You do a wonderful job!


  10. #20

    Thanks Cathy, do you think Santa will be able to get his hands on some before the big day? Ilford Gallerie Smooth Pearl paper I mean! 😉 Cheers! xox

  11. #21

    Thanks for posting this tutorial! I tend to either scrap all traditional or all digital, but I love the look of hybrid!

  12. #22

    StacyJo, i should have posted today that there are always MANY different ways to work something in PSE and PS. : )

    I love learning different ways of doing stuff myself!

    See you in DYL 2010!

  13. #23

    I’m so loving these tutorials, maybe I’ll actually break back into scrapping one of these days!! My question is where did Aiden get that adorable hat? (yes, she’s adorable in it too!) Thanks!!

  14. #24

    I just wanted to say thanks for sharing so many great layouts and page ideas. I am a definate paper scrapper, but I love to see your designs and translate them to paper. You are very generous with your work and I want you to know that you are so appreciated for sharing. Have a good day–Carrie

  15. #25

    I’ve just started playing with digital scrapping and this tutorial was very interesting. I can do a lot of the basic elements now but it’s the tips and tricks that I find priceless. Thanks for doing the tutorials and I hope they continue. Am now thinking of signing up again for DYL2010 for the templates. As a matter of interest, do you find the printed digital layouts make you feel as happy as the paper layouts? My problem has been when I print the digital ones they just seem so flat. I’m going to have a go at a hybrid one and see if that makes me happier :o)

  16. #26

    Ok…um..love all of your tutorials and scrapbooking talents…but off the scrappin’ topic…Where or WHERE did you get that rockin’ adorable owl hat for Aidan? Pretty plz…do tell!

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    Many thanks for this tutorial. I’m a new scrapbooker, but experienced digital “designer,” in that I’m really comfortable using Photoshop. So, for now I’m 100% digital scrapbooker. But this is the first time I have seen a clear illustration of how the same look can be achieved both digitally and by doing some cutting and pasting in the real world.

    I know most people are intimidated by all the tools in Photoshop and the dozens of layers in the digital templates, but for me the scrapbooking aisle at Michael’s is the ultimate in overwhelm. I have no idea where to begin or what is unnecessary. Would there be ay chance you’d be willing to write a short guide post listing the 10 or 12 essentials for the hybrid scrapbooker (or point me to one, if it exists in your archives or know a good one on the web)?

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    Heather Johnson

    Would love to see this one in 12×12! I think you have finally found your niche–isn’t digi scrapbooking so freakin fun?! I love how quickly it comes together, how flexible, and quite frankly how much less inexpensive it is!

    Keep it coming–I own just about everything you have designed, and am using a lot of it for my December Daily this year!

  19. #34

    Heather, you know you can convert this to 12 x 12 simply by expanding the canvas and leaving the base content as is. In this way, it gives you lots of nice cushiony white space. Mmmmm. White space.

    : )

  20. #35

    When you cut out your hybrid page to layer it, did you use corner rounders, scissors, an exacto knife, or something I haven’t thought of? Did you match your template to corner rounders you already had?

    Your hybrid ideas seem so simple…ONCE YOU’VE EXPLAINED THEM THAT IS.


  21. #38

    Another December Delight! (TWO of them …). I officially can’t resist any longer, Cathy, so I am off to sign up, second time around, to DYL. Perhaps with the digital/hybrid approach and your wonderfully helpful teaching, I might actually finish all my LOs this time± You have so convinced me. ..

  22. #39

    Great tutorial..loving your hybrid pages. I’ve got to try making one. I have a question. Can you change part of the title to a different color like you changed the color in the journaling? TIA

  23. #42

    Carolyn, you could…. but it would require clipping apart the word into two layers, which can be done… but it’s not set up that way.

    the png files are one piece, if that makes sense.

    You’d have to clip it apart and paste onto a new layer, and it wouldn’t quite work right because you’d lose part of the letters in the process. : )

  24. #43

    Cathy, thanks for these tutorials! I have never done a fully digital page but I have just started to do some hybrid stuff and your 8.5 x 11 templates are so great. I learn so dang much from your blog!

    My question is…it seems that you do most of your photo printing yourself. Is it more expensive to print at home? I REALLY love the convenience and the cool stuff you can do with the digital titles and such. If I was going to buy a good photo printer, do you have any recommendations? Thanks Cathy.

  25. #45

    Sorry to totally butt in here! I had the same dilemma. I got a CANON Pixma MP630 and never looked back. Ink lasts for ages, print quality is fabbo. I’ve printed reams of pages off this year and love the fact it still has loads and loads of ink (set is about £35 -not sure in dollars). It is the 2nd Canon I’ve had and I’m thoroughly impressed with the quality and economical side of it too. OK back to Cathy! Sorry! xox

  26. #46

    I mostly print enlargements at home. Everything else, i just use Shutterfly.

    I love HP Photosmart printers. : ) but i know a lot of people who love their Epsons, too!

  27. #47

    Thanks for another great tutorial and today I learned you can copy and paste instead of dragging. Sweet!

  28. #49

    As always – thanks for your generosity in sharing your design skills and PS skillz. So digestible… going to be hard to not run home from work and scrapbook instead.

  29. #50

    Cathy – you are soooo great at video tutorials, as you break it down and make it understandable. Thank you!!! Your venturing into PSE realm is a boon to all of us.

  30. #51
    Judy Webb

    I’ve lost your video on “rounding corners, one, opposite, etc. Please send address or tell me where to look.

  31. #52

    Just made the switch from PC to an imac. It’s awesome but it’s been a bit bumpy. However I am loving your tutorials. Just ordered PSE8 for mac to begin making digital layouts and with your help it should be easy and fun! My question is, I’m thinking of making a collage type Christmas card and thinking I may be able to use your layered templates. Template #’s 13 & 16 look like they’d work really well. Will I be able to resize them to fit onto a 5×7 card? Your thoughts? Really appreciate your blog!

  32. #54

    Hey Barbara, well.. they may not size down exactly proportionately, but close!

    You just click on ALL layers together, then make sure “Show Bounding Box” is checked up top, then grab one of the corners and drag down. it should size EVERYTHING down. then you can change the size of your doc to 5 x 7. : )

  33. #57
    Amy L

    Cathy, I love your templates; I love your video; I love seeing all these people so excited to learn this stuff! You are just a wonderful person!

  34. #58
    Jane Simmons

    Another really helpful video. Answered my question about whether to print the full sized photo and trim it down or the masked photo. I made a hybrid page from the “so very thankful” template and found that even when I turned layers off, the template retained and printed out the outline including rounded corners of the journaling layer. Is there a way to avoid this other than just turning off the journaling backround layer and then trimming it down?

  35. #61
    Jamie K

    You are CRAZY talented Cathy!!! I am going to steal a line from As Good As It Gets, one of my favorite Jack Nicholson movies – “You make me want to be a better “scrapper.” Your work always inspires me. Thanks for sharing your ideas and so much of your life with all of us! Happy Holidays!

  36. #62

    great tutorial! i just bought the template and am working on my first hybrid. the trouble is, I don’t have a good enough photo printer. can i send this off to be printed by shutterfly?

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