Would you have gone to the Sadie Hawkins Tolo with this boy?

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Hi, I'm very tan and full of 9th grade testosterone, despite my lack of chest and facial hair.

I know. Adorable.

That Adam's Apple could take an eye out.

(In Everett, Wash., in 1984, the Sadie Hawkins Tolo was a dance where girls got to ask the boy of their choice to a go. I really have no idea why we called it a "Tolo." Of course, Dan and I were nowhere near one another in 1984, but still, I am fairly certain I would have at least put him on my candidate list.)

EDITED TO ADD: Well, who knew. Read this about the history of the word "tolo" as well as Sadie Hawkins.

Cathy ZielskeWould you have gone to the Sadie Hawkins Tolo with this boy?

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    Suzette Mahoney

    We had a Sadie Hawkins dance in Jacksonville, FL where I grew up. He totally would’ve been on my candidate list too! I had such a thing for adam’s apples….weird. You snagged yourself a cutie, Cathy!

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    I love that picture of Dan! I grew up a couple hours south of you and we had a Sadie Hawkins dance and a Tolo dance. Sadie Hawkins was casual attire and a Western theme. Tolo was semi-formal. I’m still harbor feelings of bitterness because I always invited a guy to the girl-ask-guy dances but only twice was I invited to guy-ask-girl dances.

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    Some of those other alternate names were hysterical – TWIRP and Morp! As we live in the PNW, we have TOLO here but no one ever seems to know why it’s called that and people who moved from the Midwest are very confused by the name.

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    We had Sadie Hawkins, but I have never heard of Tolo. We lived in Everett, WA for a couple of years after we got married in 1997. My husband was born there, but grew up in Spokane. We wound up in Everett because he was in the Navy and stationed on the USS Lincoln. We lived in a second floor apartment on Marine View Drive that overlooked the sound, and I could hear seals barking in he harbor. I have such fond memories of our time there.

    Okay, fine. You didn’t actually ask for my personal history. But sometimes I overshare. πŸ™‚

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    Okay, this comment/question is in no way related to the cuteness that is your husband. :o) I need a wee bit of help re: your holiday memories template. I would like to have my pages professionally printed (like you did at scrapbookpictures.com). Since they require layouts to be submitted in sRGB…how would I set up the color settings in the full version of Photoshop? Under Working Spaces do I click on sRGB IEC61966-2.1 or Adobe RGB (1998). And for Color Management Policies do I click convert to working RGB, preserve embedded profiles, or OFF? Please help a sister out. All I want to do is print these holiday layouts for Christmas. :o)

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    Yep, a he’s officially a dish! Looking forward to seeing Coleman at the same age; in a few years, you’ll be holding spot-the-one-I-married competitions!

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    Yesterday in the mail I received a postcard from the Saints B-ball team. The were promoting tickets. I turned it over and saw your son on it and felt excited like I know him! And I have to say I also use two butter dishes for the same reason. Have been doing it for lots of years. We broke both covers so I now keep them in the cupboard.

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    OMG, Dan is a saint for letting you post these photos! My hubby would never let me live it down. Or worse, he’d retaliate by posting pictures of MY not-so-graceful transition to adulthood!

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    Jane Simmons

    Ah, the “tolo” is a northwestern thing. ‘Cause we just called it a Sadie Hawkins Dance in the south.

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    I know, wasn’t that cool! : ) Dan was all, “Hey Cole, did they get you to sign a release and pay you for that?”


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    Hey Stacy,

    Good question. Hmmmm. I have mine set to sRGBIECetc… and i have preserve embedded profiles on all possible areas.

    But honestly, i just sent my stuff off without even checking that and they output from scrapbook pics looks really good!

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    ok it must be a nw thing cuz I went to lake washington in kirkland and it was always tolo πŸ™‚
    Ok, I was a bit before you in the late 70’s but as I recall he would have been called a “fox” πŸ™‚ so funny the terminology we used to to discribe good looking. It’s a funny thing cuz I always loved Peter Frampton in high school (my heartthrob :)) and my husband looked like Peter Frampton in his high school grad photo. How funny is that comsidering I met him almost around the time of my 10 year hs reunion πŸ™‚

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    Thank you SO much for taking the time to answer my question. Really, you’ve saved my Christmas gift. :o)

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