Keep hope (and beloved Japanese adhesive) alive!

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When I recently learned that Kokuyo Dot'n Roller Adhesive was going to be discontinued in most U.S. stores, I figured my days of carefree, peace-filled, permanenet adhering living were going to fall into ever-widening gap known as the Way My Life Once Was. (This is also the place where I keep my stash of Bic lighters and size 10 jeans.)

Then a few weeks back, my iChat Buddy extraordinaire Ali Tweeted about a place that still carries the product, and I couldn't enter my credit card number fast enough. Hello, $50 worth of permanent adhesive! Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto, indeed!

And to think I thought 2010 was off to a shaky start.

Cathy ZielskeKeep hope (and beloved Japanese adhesive) alive!

72 Comments on “Keep hope (and beloved Japanese adhesive) alive!”

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    margie scherschligt

    I realized I had one left, and so I hid it from my family. phew….a source…thank you.

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    OMG!! Thank you Cathy and Thank you Ali!!!! I stocked up just before Christmas so at least I know where I can get them now!

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    Leora Henkin


    Thanks so much for the tip. Which one of these tapes do you buy? The link says refill, but the picture looks like it is the whole shebang. Do you have a favorite width?


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    Thank you, thank you! I bought out the leftovers at two different Archiver’s and was hoarding them! Now I can use them!

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    The order has been placed. Wahoo! My stock at home has been hidden from my kids as well. (I do not believe it will every be made available to them again…)

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    My five-year-old wants to use my adhesives, too. Let’s face it — they are way better. But we’d go bankrupt because of the rate kids use raw materials!!

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    I just can’t believe you mention Mr.Roboto! We was listening to Styx CD in the car as a nostalgic moment. My 3 yars old son love Mr.Roboto song so this one we listen like 10 times in a row. This morning!

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    Leora Henkin

    Thanks Cathy! Now I see…the refill fits into the base. Unfortunately, it looks like the bases are sold out. I am so happy that you found a source. Thanks for sharing!

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    rachel marquette

    i just ordered 9 of the mini rollers…i think I might have tossed my original base because i was so sad about the news…but I can’t check right now since I am at work – but at least i have the minis to keep me warm at night.

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    Thank you, Cathy! I’d been hoarding the few I had left, using other adhesives I don’t like as much. NOTHING compares with Kokuyo. The Herma was good until EK bought it out, and then the quality changed. Thank you, thank you. I just ordered.

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    Christine H

    I am so excited. I have sent the word to all my Kokuyou addict friends (we junkies stick together, you know…and bring others into our fold). Thanks for sharing. I stock piled about 20 refills, but will probably buy more…..just in case….I don’t have a problem….just like to be prepared for a rainy day….seriously…why are you looking at me like that….

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    I’ve heard so much about the Kokuyo adhesives that I went and purchased some!! Thank you for the website! Can’t wait to try it out!!

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    Okay, I may have just crawled out from under a rock…but, what makes this brand of adhesive so sought after?

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    Christine H

    Bad news….they are now showing up as Sold Out. Hopefully, this is only a temporary situation.

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    must check your blog faster and more frequently than just daily at 6:30 PST time… SOLD OUT is what i see!! dang, drat and phooie!!

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    I may have to try one eventually. I hear great things. But it’s little tapes right? little strips of tapes? Or is it like glue that goes down?

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    lynne moore

    Kokuyo all the way. I refuse to carry anything bigger than my crop-o-dile to crops and the glue arts one is pink (no way!)

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    Hooray! However, I already bought $150 worth from my LSS right after I heard the news. Nice to know that we can get more.

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    Christine H

    And I never open up my albums to find my embellisments or pictures down in the bottom of the page protector…when they say permanent, they mean permanent.

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    I’m having issues finding a white Sharpie in Australia, so I hear the product pain. I’m ready to buy a whole box if the local stationer can get me one.

    Has anyone else notice that LSS don’t stock basic scrapbooking products?

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    Hmm.. I use TOMBOW MONO adhesive where I can buy from Micheals or any art shops but is the Kokuyo one better than TOMBOW?

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    Deborah M

    THANK YOU!!!!!

    I am just giddy that you can still get this somewhere!!! Keeping my fingers crossed that they get in more soon – I’m down to my last couple of rolls then I planned on just buying the removable refills (hey, better than nothing!)

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    Is it only getting discontinued in the US or is the company going to stop making them all together? I actually live in Japan so if they are going to stop making them, I should stock up at my local stationary store!

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    Hmm…if these are so awesome maybe I need to know about them! Might have to send my DIL to Japantown in SF on a mission for me! Thanks for the tip!
    (and for getting ‘Mr. Roboto’ song stuck in my head! LOL!)

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    This is my fav and I’m bummed they’re sold out but I’ll check back. I have four refills hidden in my stash right now.

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    I use adhesive in such high quantity that I had to switch away from these little wonders from sheer frustration with their feed mechanism, not to mention the little plastic guys are a bit un-green.

    I LOVE my ATG tape guns and there is repositionable adhesive available.

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    Anna L.

    Hey lady, there is a store in Westfield Center in San Francisco called Mai Do Stationery. Lots of cool Japanese stationery (why, hello there Kitty!) and most importantly, when I visited there about 3 years ago, the Japanese version of the Kokuyko DotnRoller. They must still have it.

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    Thanks for the heads up. I love the Kokuyo adhesive and JetPens is the best. I found my favorite pens there a few months ago and their customer service is top notch.

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    Totally bummed, totally sold out, will hope they get back in stock soon. You have some retail POWER! They should send you a lifetime supply for free! (once it gets back in stock for the rest of us…)

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    Aaah, Jetpens. Where I found the elusive white Uni-ball Signo many moons ago. Why didn’t I think of that? Now the dot n roller is sold out. That was just like offering me a chocolate bar and then eating it in front of me. So… thanks. πŸ™‚

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    I am so excited, you can’t even imagine. I have been trying to figure out what I was going to use when my refills were gone. Now I don’t have to! Thank you, Cathy, for coming through for us and sharing your info!

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    It now says Sold Out! πŸ™ If so many people like this adhesive(which I LOVE), why are they doing away with these??? I have around ten in my drawer, but once they’re gone, I’ll be so sad!

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    Sara Lovell

    You caused a stampede, Cathy! I too looked in vain – ”Sold Out” – and I’m in the UK & was prepared to pay the costly shipping if they had them in stock! I love it too, and was so sad to hear of its demise. Not that you ever could get it in the UK. (Does any commenter on here know of a UK stockist? I’ve googled without success.) Just bought the Glue Glider Pro & am seeing how that works out – mixed reviews on that one – some people love it, others hate it, so we’ll see.) Jetpens looks like a really cool store – hope they stock up big time on the Kokuyo!

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    wooo, so glad to know this adhesive is still out there….be it far far away. i still have like 15 refills as i ordered before the on-line stores sold out.:)

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    Kelli P.

    Thanks for posting this, Cathy! I was down to my last one and was feeling so sad. I had looked all over online this fall but couldn’t find any! I just got mine in the mail and it was FAST! All is right with the world again!

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    Molly McCarthy

    They are sold out but I’m going to be patient for them to restock.

    Everyone raves about the ATG gun and I do own one. While the adhesive works great, the unit is much heavier than a Kokuyo. For some reading this I know they’ll so no it’s not that heavy but as someone with arthritis I can tell you the unit becomes very heavy after a few uses. Mine now sits in a drawer gathering dust. Cathy with your wrists I’d suggest caution with the ATG gun.

    Looking forward to purchasing the Kokuyo again since it’s gentle rolling feature is a relief for my hands!

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    I just sent Cathy a link to where another place than can be purchased from online and are still in stock it looks like. They do fit the original US version machines but the small has 52 ft of adhesive and then an 85 ft version is also hanging out there that goes in the red US machine as well. Did not think it was right to post the link on her site but i sent ot to Cathy directly.

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