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Does anyone remember this layout?


It's from Clean & Simple Scrapbooking, from the "Talk to Me" chapter, the one that focuses on simple ways to get a story onto a page, and how to have some fun in the process.

The concept is simple. Find a picture of you from a much younger day, then using the benefit of hindsight, offer her (of him) the advice of a lifetime. Your lifetime.

One of the students in my Design Your Life workshop asked me to consider designing a new template for this very project, and so I did. Then I thought, "Just because I did this once, doesn't mean I can't do another one, from a slightly different vantage point." I mean, I'm 7 years older than I was when I first did this page. Think of all the things I've learned since then!

So I found an older pic (not high school old) but rather, a picture from when Dan and I were first together, barely engaged, and just beginning our journey as a couple. Also known as the Age of Lipstick. 

Then I simply sat down and wrote what came to mind, from where I am today. Here's how it turned out:


SUPPLIES: Cathy Zielske's Layered Template No. 39For the Love of Polka: Fall Papers, Happiness Hand-Drawn Brushes (Ali Edwards) • Have a Heart Felts No. 4 (Patti Knox) • Stitched by Anna No. 1 (Anna Aspnes) • Krafty Ledger Paper Pack, Foundation Cardstock (Katie Pertiet) • Just Linens No. 1 (Michelle Martin) • Avenir font

I chose a very neutral color palette, just as I did in the original. I found a few things stayed the same, and some new ones popped up. I love the chance to look back and reflect on the things that I feel I've learned, but also to be reminded that I'm still learning as I go.

I can say with confidence that if I do this again in 10 years, while some things may also remain the same, there'll be a new batch of fresh knowledge to share and dispense, to a much younger and ever evolving me.

What's one thing you would tell YOU if you could, knowing what you know now?


Cathy ZielskeSomething old, something new

47 Comments on “Something old, something new”

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    I do remember the original layout and I love the updated version. I need to add this type of lo to my scrapbook. Thanks for the inspiration!

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    It’s so difficult! I loved this page last time I saw it, but I love my life now and it could be so different if I changed stuff. Not that it’s real or anything. Um, perhaps I should tell myself now not to take things so seriously?

    (P.S. excessive piles? Really? I hope to goodness you mean piles of stuff 🙂 )

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    Kim K

    OK Cathy. I’ve barely scratched the surface of my “Up & Running” class with Jessica Sprague. One thing I’m wondering about templates like yours is this: if I want to, can I change the title to make it work for something else? I’m still not sure what’s changeable in a template and what’s not. Thanks!

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    Susan Raihala

    I’d tell myself, “Quit trying to be perfect.”

    I remember that layout. My sis and I sat down together and wrote down lists that have YET to become a layout.

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    Hey Kim, on this template, no. The type has been simplifed (also called rasterized) so that you can use it exactly as it was type set.

    Some templates will come with the type set already, but if you don’t have the font, it will convert to something standard, like arial or Times, or whatever your computer has on it.

    This headline treatment used Univers. Most people don’t have this font on their machine. So, i set it the way i liked it, then simplfied the type into basically an art object.

    However, you can delete the all the type layers for the title, and add in your own from scratch!

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    Adrienne, i hear you. I really really do.

    I can only tell you this: i loved smoking more than any other thing i did in my life. Seriously. Loved.

    It was hard, but for me, when i finally quit, it was time. You’ll be able to do it when the time is right for you.

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    Kim K

    Thank you! There’s so much to learn! I’ve done so many digital layouts in my mind…but zero in my actual computer! ;D

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    Andi Sexton

    ROTFL about Theresa’s comment!
    I love this new updated version.. My GOSH you and your daughter look so much alike! The picture you posted of her the other day… they need to be side by side…

    I would tell myself… Girl, your Dad was right!

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    I’d tell myself to just put on my big girl panties and DEAL WITH IT. So much time was spent on worrying about every possible outcome of a situation and fretting over how to handle it. I’ve learned lately that it’s RARELY as painful as I imagine to just face things head on and deal with them right away!!

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    I had a little chuckle about Dan’s piles as well! I hope he knows you have just announced that to the blogosphere!! (OK, I knew what you meant…!) Great layout, I love how it is pretty but you kept it simple as well. I always worry that my simple layouts aren’t pretty enough, but I love how a small amount of embellishment has added so much to this page.

    What would I tell myself? Probably that “your Nan and Grandad are going to die when you are 9 and 25 respectively. Make the most of them, I know you did with Grandad but you were too young to understand what it was to loose someone when you were 9 so it was a massive shock and you need to find out the stories that made Nan, Nan before she dies”. I got them with Grandad, they are waiting to be scrapped 🙂 Amazing WW2 tales, I just wish I had some from Nan.

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    Cynthia Friese-Hassanein

    I love this lay-out!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the first one I saw in your book that fateful day I walked into my local scrapbook store for the first time. Now I get to do one myself:) thank you.

    oh the one thing I would tell myself. never start smoking. I am trying to quit again and it so so hard.

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    I love this idea. It is so timely for me – A year ago we adopted our youngest son internationally…

    I can see a post/page now: 20 things I would tell myself about the first year home/bonding period abroad if I could… Ok, maybe the title needs some work.

    Thanks, Cathy!

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    This is terrific. I would tell the younger me not to be afraid to follow your heart, you will take some misteps, but it will all be ok. Oh, and the first boyfriend in college? he is a “tester” and while that first breakup is painful, that relationship will lay the foundation for a really terrific guy you will meet in an unexpected place who will turn out to be your best friend, husband and soulmate…and just be you.

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    I’d tell myself, “Other people’s problems are not your problems. Let go of their garbage and open your hands to your own life.”

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    Rebecca J.

    Oh, I love your style of scrapping! I usually just read your blog from my reader, but came over to comment today. I find your work very inspiring!

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    Cynthia, it IS hard. It’s hard. Really hard. I quit 5 times in my life before the most recent time. That was almost 4 years ago. I never say it’s forever, because then i feel i would be jinxing myself.

    Smoking is an addiction of two kinds: physical, and mental. Our brains crave the nicotine, and our brains also crave the ritual, the comfort, the love.

    I’m here for you woman! rooting you on.

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    As soon as I saw the original in Clean & Simple, I knew “Do not, under any circumstances, date anyone named David” were words to live by. Also, nothing good comes from drinking shots.

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    Katrina Grabowski

    All I can Say is Thank you for sharing! This layout is so inspirational to me… I have three boys same hubby 21, 18 and 5 (menopause baby) and I would love to share with them these kind of thoughts. You amaze me. Just had a class with Donna this weekend and my sister and I shared our love for you. We sure wish you Ali and her would get together and teach. She told us you would just stay in her room and eat her cheese tray…..LOL. You are my kind of peeps. Thank you again for this beautiful layout it really made my day.

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    Wendy A


    Thank you so much for creating your tutorials for digi scrapping! I am just now catching up on your December tutorials & I must say they are AWESOME! I am learning so much & am now ready to create & scrap!! Thanks again for taking the time to share your mad skills! You truly rock!
    Wendy A

  20. #35

    I’d probably tell my younger self to trust my instincts more – I did follow my instincts, but often questioned them…

  21. #37
    Carol W

    I’d have told myself 2 things: take more pictures of my parents and me together. And, keep pursuing your education.

  22. #39

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this template. It’s exactly what I have been searching for! I have 20 photos from a day in your life challenge and this will be perfect to make a 2 page spread.

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    Sarah MacKenzie

    I wish I could have told myself to join Weight Watchers and start exercising about 5 years earlier than I did because it would change my life. (And I would truly get to a point where I would love exercise). And I wish I could have told myself to get a grip and take control back before I gained the weight back again and have to start over.

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    Simply put? Passion is good. Intensity is good. But both can be overdone. They can even frighten others around you. Not everything is a four-alarm blaze. Turn down the volume sometimes. Everything is going to be alright. And I don’t just have to say it to the younger me. Sometimes I might still have to stand before the mirror and repeat it like a mantra.

  25. #42

    I would definitely tell my sell to “LIVE IN THE MOMENT”. I have a horrible habit of worrying about what will be coming next that I forget to SEE what is right in front of me.

  26. #44

    Cathy, Look at yourself in this layout’s picture. Who do you see? I see a dark-haired Kate Winslet!

  27. #45

    Oh yeah! I remember that layout. I loved your book. It was … not to sound corny . . . but exhilarating. (sp?) Great job.

  28. #46

    If you start a blog post with, “Do any of you remember this layout I did?” I will always say yes! Your layouts are like gold to me. I always loved that original one and I love this new one too!! I could have written that part about calming down. I am a much calmer version of me now than when I was first married. It’s good to be calmer. Makes me happier with myself. I used to be the life of the party. Now I’m happy to just be AT the party. heehee

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