Tales from the Scale: Reloaded

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Gentle blog readers, it's time.

A little over a year ago I made a funny little fake cover spoof of Oprah's O Magazine, and announced to the blogosphere my intention to eat less and move more.

I called my weight-related posts "Tales from the Scale" and reported a handful of times on my various successes and failures. I kept up the whining for a few posts, then let it sort of fall to the wayside, much like how the sides of my hips began to fall over the ever-expanding waistband of my Old Navy yoga pants.

For much of 2009, I simply ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted and did little if any form of exercise.

End of story.


(But of course, that isn't the end of my story, otherwise where would the fun be in a blog post announcing the intention to climb back up on that treadmill and ride?)

At the end of 2009, I was finding increasingly more inventive ways to try and cover the mounting evidence of my sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle. In other words, I was living in a world of big shirts and stretchy pants, all in varying shades of black.

Even with my noble attempts at chub camouflage, I just wasn't very happy with the me I saw in the mirror.

I've hit the feeling of being thoroughly miserable and ready to start over SEVERAL times during the past year. But for some reason, self-loathing alone is never enough to effect any sort of real change in my life.


This year, I don't want to be yet another out-of-shape 40-something woman who whines about what she's unwilling to really change. I want to be a person who takes action and does.

Why now? And why should I believe myself this time?

Good question. I rececently read about my friend Jenn Bertsch's physical transformation. I've known Jenn for a number of years. I used to seek her out at scrapbooking tradeshows and conventions because she was always game to sneak out near the dumpsters and share a smoke with me. Reading her story was really inspiring. She went from an out-of-shape, smoker to a veritable athlete, and she did it the old-fashioned way: through regular exercise and consciously healthy eating. For Jenn, it's not just a means to and end: it's a new way of living.

While I will never look like Jenn as an 'after'—I'm just not a small-boned girl—I find incredible inspiration in the story of someone who has taken charge of her life the way she has.


It is important for me to feel good about me. This is why I am trying again to change the way I live my life.

I recently had a complete physical. All of my numbers look good except one: my weight. At my height of 5'6, another 11 pounds from where I started from (175) would put me into the clinically obese category.

That's a sobering thought. And if that number goes up, my other numbers ain't gonna look so good anymore.

So last week, I grabbed the camera, donned the only workout clothes I could find, and smiled for the camera:


My goal? Change my life from one who doesn't to one who does all the things needed for a healthy lifestyle.

And how am I planning to do this? By employing a mix of the following:

Joining Weight Watchers online—This is the only program I've ever tried, and for now this is the right one for me. I will try to max out my choices (lots of veggies and whole foods) and not starve in the process. It will help me make better choices. For the beginning stages, I need to follow the points religiously without much wiggle room for at least the first few months.

Getting some form of excercise every single day—From jogging on my treadmill, to lifting weights, to yoga DVDs, to a walk out in the fresh air, I need to move every day, if possible. This is going to be my biggest challenge.

• Wearing a pedometer and shooting for 10,000 steps a day—Even if this means I end up taking laps around my dining room, living room and kitchen, it's worth doing more than simply sitting in front of my computer non-stop.

Being accountable—I'm going to document the process via the only way I know how: blogging and scrapooking. I'm a sucker for a before and after shot. I really want to be a person who can prove there is an 'after'.

Enlisting fitness buddies—I've announced my intentions to my girlfriends, and we have all agreed to encourage, support and even push one another on our paths to better health. I realize in the end, your buddy isn't moving your legs on that treadmill, but support does matter and I plan to share with these women, as well as piss and moan with them when the spirit moves me.

• Buying new shoes and new workout clothes—I've never shopped at Lucy in my life, but I bought these, this and this, then I went to our local runner's store and bought these. The financial investment alone should hold me accountable at least for a little while. I detest spending money on something and not making use of it. But, I also enjoy not having my legs chafe when I jog, and feeling like I am getting dressed to really DO something.

So there's the plan, and we'll see what happens next.

I plan to check in once a month with the reloaded version of Tales from the Scale, and I also plan to share my documentation, which isn't flashy, but it looks like this:


(click on layout too read the journaling in a larger window)

I can't guarantee that the journaling will be G-rated, but it will be honest, and it will include a picture of me, each month, taken in my lovely bathroom mirror.

I also can't guarantee success or failure. Only that I'm trying really hard to effect real and lasting change in my own life.

So that's where it begins as of last week. Stay tuned…


Want to join in? Or document your journey? Or whine along?Or celebrate successes? Both the template above and this one are available at Designer Digitals for those who want to track their progress along with me.


Here's to grabbing the weight loss bull by the horns.



Cathy ZielskeTales from the Scale: Reloaded

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    angela p

    You make me laugh Cathy! I also blogged about my weight loss efforts recently, but your ‘before’ picture is WAY more artsy than mine (I see the token toilet too!!)…stay strong!

  2. #2
    Jane Toft

    Funny, brave and inspiring. I think you will get a record number of comments for this post as I’m sure we all identify with you on this one!

  3. #3

    Cathy, I’ll be right here, at my computer, cheering you on! And then, I’ll get up and do something active too. 🙂

  4. #4
    Kim in Cambridge, UK

    Go Cathy! Remember, it’s in the mind too and you can keep that baby in control! Imagine being your own cheerleader and notice all the progress you make (not what you don’t achieve).
    Sound scientfic psychology to back this up as more effective!

    I admire your determination and can’t wait to see your progress. Good luck and what a great start to 2010.

  5. #5

    Cathy! YOU CAN DO IT!!! Your friend did it! and I did it too! and there is nothing special about me, I just had a lot of determination and kept at it! At age 38 I was 5’4″ and almost 160lbs. I changed my way of eating and started exercising EVERY DAY!! no excuses! Within 6 months I had lost 30lbs and lost the rest after I started running a few months later. I am now 48, and 125lbs and training for my 14th half-marathon, I also cycle long distance, I have a bike resistance trainer and a treadmill and weight machine in my basement.

    Best part was my hubby followed my lead 2 years later, started running lost 45 lbs and in a few month will be running the BOSTON MARATHON, at age 45 he qualified with a marathon time of 3 hrs 29 minutes!

    And I know that the quality of my life in the last 10 years is SO MUCH better than it would have been had I kept going down the road to an unhealthly overweight life.

    My motto is simple. JUST DO IT AND KEEP DOING IT!

  6. #6
    Madeline St Onge

    Good luck on your journey Cathy, you can do it. WW is the ONLY way to go, I have so far lost just over 25lbs at WW, I love the support I get at my meetings.
    I will be here rooting you on

  7. #7

    I know how you feel…unfortunately! I wish you luck, success and that perverse enjoyment that people say will happen when exercising regularly! Go for it! You can do it!

  8. #8
    Leslie M

    Go, Cathy! Go, Cathy! Thanks for your honesty in today’s post. I have about 8 pounds to lose, and know that it’d easily come off if I ate less brownies and ice cream and spent less time reading great blogs like these and posting on Facebook and more time at Jazzercise instead. I’ll be joining in with you on the more exercise thing. 🙂 You really are an inspiration to so many people.

  9. #9
    Nancy M

    Excellent, honest post. I relate to your issues entirely, as I bet many of us do. I wish you the best… you CAN do this!!! And maybe even I will try, too 🙂

  10. #10

    I can so relate. After two babies in three years my stats look similar to yours with but a couple inches in height 😉 My biggest issue is and always will be food. Baked goods food. Urg it’s going to be a journey but I’m aiming for 1 1/2 pounds every two weeks.

    Good luck and I’m cheering you on!

  11. #12

    Mad props to you, babe. I too reached a turning point when I finally climbed out of my stretchy pants and my jeans were too tight to button. Whoops. Working from home is tough on the waistline. Not just because of the proximity to food, but that 3.5 second commute from my bedroom to my office…KILLER.

  12. #14

    You go girl! I can identify with almost every aspect of your story–it mirrors my own. This last year I finally turned it around and got back to the “real” me–losing 30 pounds and transforming myself through lots of exercise and better (less!) eating. The rewards are tremendous. Not only do I look better, but I feel incredible. Good luck to you and know that we are all routing for you!

  13. #15

    You go girl! As a LT WW member I know finding motivation isn’t always easy until you do it for a lifestyle change & for yourself first. The side effect will be that as a mom those healthy habits will rub off onto your family. Change isn’t easy but it will be worth it because you are!

  14. #16

    I am so, so, SO rooting for you …. but have to ask — what on EARTH is that green stuff in the blender??? It looks frightening to me, ha! 🙂 Can’t wait to follow along on your journey.

  15. #17

    I’m right hear with you Cathy! And we can do it!

    I went to try out a local gym for women and to my horror, the trainer said I was morbidly obese! At 5″7 and 190, I didn’t think I was that bad! But I have to lose 45 pounds, I know that.

    I just returned to WW and just read Leo B’s Book (from Zen Habits) called Less is More and I highly recommend it! He says to exercise just 10 minutes the first week, to make it a habit FIRST and then gradually add on the minutes.

    He had some great advice for so many areas. I highly recommend reading it! It only takes about 3 hours to read the whole thing. You’ll be pumped!

    We can do this!

  16. #19

    I hear you! My pregnancy pounds have never left me (ahh bless, I recall my skinny teenage self trying to GAIN weight). Anyway… I have formed a Biggest Loser club with friends (based slightly around the telly show). We all have set objectives and chart our progress on a spreadsheet/graph. It’s not really a competition, but more a chance to support each other and I don’t want to be the one who loses nothing so it spurs me on.
    Good luck to you – may the weight loss force be with you!

  17. #20
    Kathleen Loughran

    I appreciate your brutal honesty, especially in the form of a photograph. I am not so brave.

    Yesterday I hopped on the scale and was quite displeased. My weight was better one week (7.5 months ago) after I gave birth than it is now. A few hibernating pounds is normal for me. However this exceeds that. I have to be honest that I am not so young and have a different metabolism post pregnancy. I need to change how I am doing things. I have to make healthier choices. I have to do so before this becomes a permanent weight gain and my hubby accuses me of a bait and switch. So I will be joining you. Not as a New Years resolution or goal. But as a lifestyle change.

    Thanks for sharing yourself so honestly. It is motivational.

  18. #21
    Sarah L

    I feel the same way and have recently joined WW online…I love it. I already lost 6 pounds and I am hoping the numbers keep growing. Good Luck!!

  19. #22

    I’m right there with ya, Cathy!!! Started weight watchers online AGAIN today. I lost 25 pounds last spring, sprained my ankle and couldn’t run anymore and have gained almost all of it back again. UGH. I will be joining you in a new life. And huge kudos to you for being so damn brave and public about it. You rock!!!!

  20. #23
    Lisa S.

    Thanks for being so real and sharing your journey. The inspiration and encouragement is real on this end too.

  21. #25

    Go for it Cathy! Use us and abuse us for inspiration and encouragement…we like it that way.


  22. #26
    Beth Holmes

    Very inspiring Cathy. I have had so many false starts that I am afraid to say I am trying again. Now that you are going to be “out” there — maybe I am brave enough to join you. I’ve been writing down my food and moods and why I ate what I ate for a couple of days, but I am thinking a monthly scrapbook page might keep me honest and be a great visual reminder. I can keep them in my “private me” scrapbook for now.

  23. #27

    I’m going to follow your story as motivation for me to get my rump up off the couch and move it!
    Eating healthier is my new year’s resolution But I have not done a good job with it thus far—–
    Changing that around TODAY!

  24. #30
    Sara S

    I am on a similar journey. I am also a bit of a techno-geek and totally live my iPod Touch. I have recently started using the app Lose It. I love how easy it is to use. You can also add friends and see their progress too. And if you are motivated by posting your progress to the world, you choose motivators that post on Titter or FB. Doing this automatically posts your exercise and weight gain/loss as your status.

    This is my second go-round with Lose It. When I do it and am committed, it works! My first week, I lost 7 pounds. My second week I lost 4. I have the same plan as you, but I also have one simple rule…. No matter what I eat, I have to write it down. This holds me accountable and let’s me see the week in perspective. I would love to be your Lose It friend!

  25. #31
    Amy L

    Cathy, I am so proud of you! You are inspiring lots of people to take charge as well. It’s one step at a time. Cheering you on!

  26. #32
    Jenny McGee

    Congrats on committing to a healthier lifestyle. I too have joined this cause. I follow SparkPeople.com. It is a very motivational website designed for diet, fitness and motivation. Lot’s of interesting people for support, articles, etc. You should check it out. I have lost about 15 lbs. since Christmas. Good Luck on your journey.

  27. #33

    I’m joining your weightloss bandwagon Cathy! Your site is the 1st one I check every morning (if only I could journal like you do) and suffer from “what happen to my body” syndrome!! Tks for the incentive–I going to have one of kiddies snap the “before” shot this morning!!

  28. #35

    Being unemployed and sitting in front of the computer is really bad for the waist line! I completely understand! I finally convinced my husband how unhappy I am with my weight and body, and he is working out with me. We have finally been at it long enough that is a habit now. Now we just have to lengthen out the workouts! Easier said then done. We also need to make changes in our eating. We have started and we’re doing pretty good. But, it’s still hard when bad for you foods are all around! I just keep plugging away at it and it’s really nice to have hubby pushing and supporting me. I am excited to read about your desire to lose weight and I will following along with you. Your readers will support you and you are supporting us by posting about your journey. Good luck to you and all of us on this same trip!!

  29. #36
    Sara M

    Cathy, I know I have said this here before but building muscle mass is so important. Good for you for lifting weights. Muscle burns more calories than fat. So keep building those muscles. And, don’t try to think too much about it all. The more you worry/stress about it the harder it will be.
    Enjoy the journey.

  30. #37

    do you have a wii? b/c there are some GREAT fitness games for the wii!!

    and sparkpeople is just as good as WW online, i have done both but it is FREE!!!

    Good luck!

  31. #38

    good for you!!! I have been on WW since 2005, lost 80 pounds, put back 20 and in the process of losing that 20 plus another 10 to get to goal. My WW buddy and I have said THIS IS THE YEAR WE MAKE IT TO GOAL! THanks for the encouragement. CindyML

  32. #39
    Shanon Gibson

    Cathy – Thanks for sharing so much of this struggle with us! It makes me feel a little better knowing that I am not the only person who needs to lose some weight but has a hard time getting the wheels moving. I think I will follow your lead and begin documenting my weight loss every month. I hope this will keep me motivated to continue on. My first goal is to lose 20 pounds by my 30th birthday April 30th. Then I will set another mini goal until I reach my end goal of losing 60 pounds!

  33. #40

    Congratulations! It takes a lot of courage to start and you took the first step. Last year, I was on the obese side of the scale and joined a gym that does one-on-one training with goals. So far I’ve lost 20 pounds, moved out of the obese segment of the graph. One day at a time, you’ll do it!

  34. #41
    Damon Crawley

    One thing to consider getting for your Wii is the EA Sports Active. That will change things up for you (the treadmill can get boring, as you well know). The first night I did it, I was under a ceiling fan that was running full speed and I was still pouring sweat.

  35. #42

    Cathy, you are so funny! i have thought of taking a picture of me “before” and scrapbook but did not feel pretty to do that… now reading yours, that makes me go ahead do it because I need to lose 25 to 30 pounds and rejoin Weight Watcher program. Thanks for the encouragement!

    You can do it! :o)

    Cynthia Michener

  36. #44

    You are so brave to post all the stats and picture. I look the same way and I hate it. I have lost 5 pounds so far doing WW on my own. Exercise is limited to walking because I’m an old fart with cranky knees. But I’ll keep going. Gotta do it this time!

  37. #45

    Cathy, My husband and I are in our 40’s, not overweight, but more out-of-shape. We decided to commit to exercising and eating healthfully not only for us, but for our 4 kids, as well. We ordered the exercise program P90X and I’ll let you know how it works (if I can crawl to the computer to write, that is! I’ve heard it’s a killer, but we’re going to give it a go)

    Just remember: every little thing you do,every little change you make, counts. Whatever you do now, is more than you used to do. Slow and steady wins the race. You’re not only doing it for you, but for your husband and kids, as well.

    Hang in there, and you go, girl!!!

  38. #48

    research shows that your friends are the biggest influence on your weight so if your friends are fit and active, you are more likely to be fit and active. You could be just the right boost to your friends if you get yourself into shape and they for you. I wish you the best of luck on your weight loss journey. I’m continually on the same journey.

  39. #49

    Ronnie, that’s a great idea with having a money pool! Money IS an incentive. For me, that’s part of the weight watchers motivation. If i’m paying someone to let me write down what i eat, i’d best make it count!

  40. #50

    Home office peeps have a challenge in this respect! I am also not going to sit and work for more than 30 minutes at a time. Gotta get up and do something else!

  41. #52

    Good for you for choosing healthy! I am still on the fence, I’ve been there before, I remember how good it felt, but I still have things to eat.

  42. #56
    Jennifer M.

    I lost 30 pounds last year so I know what you are going through. I have to agree with you…you have to be accountable on so many levels. Why you gained the weight, what you eat, etc. Once you are honest with yourself, it’s easier to lose the weight and get healthy.

  43. #58

    False starts are okay. I really have to believe that, because you just try again. I’m going to focus on each day as its own thing. Tomorrow’s something different. What can i do for one day? You know?

  44. #59

    I heard about Lose it. In fact, i may have downloaded it and never used it!

    I have WW Online now on my iTouch too.

    I believe tech geeks and fitness CAN go hand in hand.

  45. #60

    I love SparkPeople, and the Daily Plate too!

    I think the online tools available are such a bonus! Congrats on your weight loss.

  46. #62

    The losing the job part for me… i thought OH, now i’ll exercise all the time. Famous last words.

    Thanks for your words of support!

  47. #63

    Yes, i think having watched enough biggest loser episodes, and reading enough here and there, i know that i need to build the muscle. I’m lifting every few days!

  48. #64
    Christine H

    Go Cathy! I am 44 and have been overweight all my life, seriously overweight the last ten (and I am a nurse!!). After several years of thinking about doing something about it, having a few minor (read pre-major) medical issues and seeing a couple of family members go through some ugly stuff, I decided to eat healthy. I knew I could only do one thing first so I choose to eat better. That was last June. So far, I have lost 65 pounds. I have another 60 or so to go. I feel like I have a handle on the food thing now and so I plan to add exercise in 2010. I feel good. My friends still look at me funny when I order salmon, no rice, double veggies when we go out to eat….but they love me and say I look great. Remember, you didn’t gain the weight in one day, you won’t lose it in one day…and some days you won’t do so good, but that one day is just one day. You can do it!

  49. #66
    Cynthia Friese-Hassanein

    Oh thank you:) last night I had a baby meltdown about this very thing. The other day at target I stopped in the clinic and weighed myself. I have gained another sixty pounds in 3 years. It’s creeping up on me pretty fast. Thank you for the inspiration today. I love the digital templates to document this process. I truly know you can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. #67

    Damon, i’ve heard this is good, and i think i will do this. Like, maybe today! Mine is right under a fan too!

    And i KNOW i need to mix it up or i’m going to get frustrated and bored!

  51. #72
    Jennifer Larson

    Oh, that last picture is terrific!
    Cathy, I still have weight to lose, but a key for me is to exercise at the time I normally snack, and to reward myself when I reach goals. I’m working towards an Itso right now.

  52. #73

    Trying to do the same thing. I’m an on or off person. When I’m on, I’m on. And when I’m off, well you can figure it out. I had a period in my life when I exercised and ate right and lost 15 or 20 pounds, so I know that I can do it. I just don’t feel like it. Pretty lazy. But I’m trying to get back up and get there again! I downloaded one of your fitness templates and will be doing a shot just like yours. I think I will post it on a few different places, like the fridge and the pantry! Just turned 30 and I’m ready to lose about 15 or 20 pounds! (plus, hardly any of my clothes fit anymore, and that SUCKS!)

  53. #74

    There’s something about cute workout clothes that make it easier – honest. And recording your starting stats is great b/c it makes the sweat and sore muscles so worth it when you can see your waistline go down inch by inch. It certainly helped to keep me motivated. Good luck!

  54. #75
    Sue in Grapevine

    What does the print on your bathroom wall say?

    I have slowly lost 39lbs on WW (have more to go, but have yet to incorporate exercise); with steady progress downward, but I allow myself one blowout meal a week. It keeps me sane to know that Mexican or burgers or pizza is at most, a week away if that’s what I really want.
    I highly recommend finding a WW meeting to attend. You may have to shop a bit to find the leader who inspires you, but it’s worth it. The camraderie, the recipes, the food finds, the inspiration, the commiseration & the encouragement are so worth the time.

  55. #78

    Thanks for sharing Cathy, I’m right there with you – I need to lose about 10 pounds, and just generally shape up! I started out pretty well, and was developing a great relationship with my Wii Fit Plus trainer, when disaster struck and I found myself in hospital last week with a kidney infection. Hopefully back to properly working out next week, but, on the plus side I did lose 3 pounds without even trying while laid up! All the best x

  56. #79

    Love this post Cathy and look forward to following and joining along in your journey this year!

    PS: the Wii Active game is killer, for anyone that doesnt believe you can get a good workout in with a video game has yet to try this.

  57. #80

    Cathy, I could have written that journaling myself! Last year I managed to lose twenty pounds and would like to lose twenty more this year. It’s a day by day thing. Some days I do great, others less so. I have changed my habits a lot, but I still backslide on occasion. Two things that have kept me on track better than before, was writing down what I eat (though I totally resisted this for a long time!) and weighing once a week on Sunday mornings. I still deal every day with emotional eating – when something upsets me or I’m stressed. Please know that you’re not alone!

  58. #81

    Thank you for being honest, I wanted to share a quote that reads, “Everything in life is accomplished in small steps. One step at a time. One workout at a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself with anything more than taking care of today.” You will do it!

  59. #82
    Amanda N.

    Cheering you on from Florida! I dropped about 60 pounds over the past year and a half. Right now I am trying to tone everything, and it is tricky! Good luck, and I can’t wait for a positive update next month! 🙂

  60. #83

    As of 3 weeks ago, I’ve made the decision (again!) to get my ____ together. I’m not happy anymore and I avoid social situations because of my weight. Enough is enough. I downloaded template #36 and am going to play along. (Although my road is much longer than yours). Have you ever thought about creating another blog? On just on your weight loss? You are certainly an inspiration!

  61. #84
    amy t schubert

    did I already tell you about this one?
    When I was trying to lose weight, my FAVORITE lunch (easy, nutritious and filling) was a whole bell pepper, sliced up, dipped in hummus.
    good luck!

  62. #85


    Thanks for sharing. I just wanted to let you know that I am pulling for you. I am confident that you can do it. Please know that I will be sending vibes….


  63. #86
    Kimberly L.C.

    I’m inspired and on a journey alongside you (across the country). I have 150 lbs. to lose, so I know you’ll be finished long before me, but to be on the journey with yet another person will be helpful for us both, hopefully!

    (Love the “Dodge Ball” reference, BTW)

  64. #88
    Julia Spencer

    I was thinking when I read this, this morning, I’m not sure if I could document in a scrapbook my weight issues. And I was like… Go Cathy for doing it. But for me, that is not something I want to share with the world yet.

    But then as the morning has worn on… And I really thought about it… I am thinking, what a great way for me to share my thoughts, prayers and un-hide this area of my life. It actually may help me break out the cycle… Who knows… But I need to do something different. This area of my life needs work. So… Off to share now.

  65. #89

    Cathy: Good Luck! I got my weight wake up about 5 years ago from a scrapbook article. The author was shocked about heart disease being the umber one killer of women & her daughter’s concern for her health kicked into action. My concern was keeping up with my baby boy as he grew. I still have the article & reread for inspiration as needed. I started at 5’6″ & 175 lbs. I documented my journey & did a nice page of hitting my goal weight of 150. Last year I kicked it up a notch & got down to 141 but a hip injury sidelined me & I’m back up to 150. So don’t give up just because of a slip or two, remember tomorrow is another day to make a healthy choice! Best of luck to you & us all on this journey to better health!

  66. #90
    Stacy B

    You can definitely do this.

    I’m in the same stream, next boat over. 😉 4 years from turning 40, 5’7″, and was 175 2 years ago. I’m now a steady 140 for over a year – with muscle. And since February 2009, I haven’t missed a single workout. And I HATE exercise, but I’ve found at my age, it’s crucial to keeping my metabolism up. I can pretty much eat what I want now, within reason. I started with calorie counting, which is what WW does. So it does work.

    One thing that’s worked for me – because eating healthy is pretty simple, but exercising is so much harder – first, find a time of day that works for you. Screw convention – it doesn’t have to be AM or PM. I work out right after I drop off my son at school, right before my youngest naps. Mainly because toddler naps are prime shower time, ahh. Next, I brainstormed a list of ways I can work out, depending on the weather, any injuries I have, my schedule, and whether or not my kids are with me. I have literally ZERO excuses now. Oh, it’s cold and raining – grab my weights and video then. Oh, I only have 30 mins between getting groceries and when school gets out – on the elliptical then, and have a protein shake on the road for lunch. If I have 30 mins in my day somewhere, then that’s my time for exercise – no excuses. Another thing I’ve found that works – I am NOT allowed to take a shower until I work out. And honestly, my hair looks like something lives in it until I wash it. So if I’m going to be seen publicly, I need to work out so I can shower. That will get me moving. Nothing like the threat of public humiliation, huh?

    I wish you the bet of luck. Like so many have said, your friend is proof that it can be done. And it’s really just a change of habit as well – after changing my eating and working out for a few months, it feels weird NOT to do it!

    Keep us posted, and you have a whole boatload of supporters out there cheering you on!

  67. #91

    Okay Cathy,
    I’m taller, I’m heavier, and I’m Canadian (You know, beer, back bacon and maple syrup!) I decided a few months ago that I wasn’t going to do the dramatic turn-a-new-leaf thing anymore. I have four daily health goals to meet. On a great day, I meet all four. Sometimes I hit two and that’s not such a good day: a two-star day, but I’m always a star in one area! Along with the self-destructiveness about weight comes the inevitable self-loathing about never quite getting the entire leaf turned over. My mini goals act as a checklist each day:
    1) Did I take my meds (I am a third-generation diabetic and I’m going to quit beating myself up because a can of Coke in the 7th Grade did not make me this way!)

    2) Did I get 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep? HUGE for those of us who are creative in the middle of the night but must still respect the mainstream calendar.

    3) Did I eat within one hour of getting up? Probably the toughest of them all for me. I can go without food for hours on end. But eating first thing in the morning sets the pace for the rest of the day. If I eat a healthy breakfast, I simply won’t be able to binge later on.

    4) Did I MOVE? Exercise is key for me. I don’t love it, I just love what it does for ME. Mentally and physically. I drag myself out there and drag my feet until they catch the rhythm and then all of a sudden! I am ROCKING the exercise.

    So I’m in on holding you accountable if you return the favour. I’m off to have a four-star day now. The pounds won’t melt off, but they will come off and I will be a much healthier being.

  68. #92

    Shannon, i am the queen of on or off too.

    I hit the switch last week and i’m taking it one day at a time to stay on.

    I say, ‘What is one day? Can’t I give it just one day?’

    So far, i’m in my 2nd week! You can do it.

  69. #100

    One thing i like to thing is that weight is a number. I realize my number is going to be lower than other people’s but if i choose to own it, then i can DO something about it.
    : )

    Good luck, Julia!

  70. #103

    Love this! I’m also trying to make the best of each day. Some days, i won’t move much. Some days, i won’t eat the best. But i’m not going to stop trying! : )

  71. #104
    Deb J

    Cathy, you are an inspiration to me and this has really set me to thinking. I am diabetic and I have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and irritable bowel syndrome. I am obese. Everything has sort of conspired to make things get worse in the weight area. I decided at the beginning of the year to totally start over. I’m changing doctors and am living on special shakes right now. As time goes by I will add one food at a time to see what my IBS will allow me. I’ve started losing weight and things are coming under control again. I took myself off of some of the meds and nutritional supplements because several cause weight gain or can interfere with other things. I’m starting from scratch. it’s working. the one day at a time idea is working. If I have a day where a particular food suddenly seems interesting I don’t get mad at myself because I may eat it. I am finding that I actually don’t mind eating again. For quite a while I couldn’t stand the smell or look of food and only ate because I had to for my blood sugar and to live. So things are looking up. YOu have given me a way to record what is going on. Thanks. Good luck. I know you can do it.

  72. #105
    Sarah B.

    I’m right there with you. I joined WW a year ago this month, and lost a total of 5 pounds. Yep, 5. But I’ve also made a recommitment to my health and weight loss this month, and so far I’m doing much much better. I’m 44 and have two very young children to live for. So I’ll be following your journey right there with you. We can do it!

  73. #106
    Cindy C.

    WOW – I thought you were talking about me as I read your post this morning. All of those same feelings were happening to me last year and by the end of the year I felt so uncomfortable in my jeans, that I didn’t want to go anywhere. I joined WW online Jan. 3rd and have lost 7 lbs so far. Now I just need to add the excercise to my day to boost it up. Good luck with your journey! I will enjoy following along – your blog always makes me laugh!

  74. #107
    Karen M.

    I relate to your struggle and you inspire me!!!! HEre’s to health, happiness and kicking some butt!!!

  75. #109
    Debbie Brenner

    I read your original Tales from the Scale entry a year ago and laughed my head off. Then I realized I was laughing to avoid admitting to myself that I was in the same predicament. I found The Daily Plate at Livestrong.com and decided to try losing 10 pounds (feeling very skeptical about whether it would work). Low and behold, I figured out if I ate less and moved more, I would lose weight. I started walking with a group of friends and really found the group pressure helped me get out and exercise everyday. When I needed to push myself further, I found the “Couch 2 5K” app for my iPhone and started working my way towards running a 5K (something I thought my un-athletic body simply would not do). Over a six month period, I went from 5′ 6″ 165 pounds down to 132 pounds and can now run up to 8 miles. I feel so much better. My doctor is even going to reduce my Cholesterol medication because of my improved health. My husband joined in the challenge and has lost 45 pounds in the process. And all because I read your blog and was inspired to give it a try. Thanks. I know you can do this for yourself.

  76. #110

    Good for you Cathy! It is HARD to stay motivated for everyone, I think. I used to play soccer regularly, and then got injured just over two years ago. Not being able to run has been a killer for me – just sucked all inspiration out of me to be active.

    What worked for me – for getting me back to the gym and working out regularly – was setting a goal: last year, the goal was climbing Half Dome in Yosemite. Check. This year, my husband and I plan to climb Mt. Rainier. You could do the same thing with a 5K or fun run – to start! The point is, you CAN do it. I always think of Marty McFly in Back to the Future: “If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.” 🙂 Go get ’em!

  77. #111

    I think you are very brave, and I did miss tales from the scale and am looking forward to the monthly installments. Having said that I think you have to be ready. I danced around the whole issue for two years and finally in July my fat pants did not fit anymore. I was ready. I did the Zone and I think you can take bits and pieces from all sorts of gurus and still make it work for you in a WW sort of way. I think getting rid of processed foods and giving up my nightly glass of wine was HUGE in my ability to lose weight. I actually enjoy exercise (serotonin for the brain) but have to make time fr it. You are supported and you can do it. Cheers!

  78. #112

    Cathy – I love your honesty and owning being you. I try to remember that each day. Some can be good and some can be not so good. I have come to realize that as each day ends a new one begins and I can start again. Being a marketing professional I can rationalize nearly everything. Not so good with weight as its there in your face. I recently lost 5 pounds just by eating better. I was not trying to lose, but it has inspired me to move. Just that small amount changed my dress size and made me feel better. I join you in this battle to make healthy and “fit” (my word of the year) a good habits. As a dog trainer I tell my clients that good habits are just as hard to break as bad…so here is to all of us – Cheers to Good Habits and feeling great!

  79. #113

    Ah, Ms. Zielske. There is just no denying it. Resistance to your layouts is futile. There is just something about them that sings to me, luring me to click on the DD link to buy. I guess, I need to figure in a 2.99 weekly budget for my CZ LO Template Jones.

    with sweet surrender,
    Donna V.
    ~ a fellow out of shape 40 something woman in search for that motivation to get into shape. preferably one that sticks.

  80. #114
    Jill W

    You go girl! That pink workout top is awesome. Makes me want to work out just to wear it!! Actually I am trying to get in shape too. I’ll be checking in here with you for inspiration. I just need to be more consistent with avoiding sweets. More fruit, less sweets! Oh, but that dark chocolate is healthy, right? And I only ate half of that donut this morning. I quickly gave half to my teenager (before I scarfed it up!)

  81. #115

    I am sooo right there with you, girlfriend. We may be different in age, but I’m the same height and pretty much the same body type and had the same kind of 2009! Thanks for sharing this, I’ve been tiptoe-ing around the issue and I need to stop whining and really get my butt moving!

  82. #116

    I’m really glad and proud of you that you are taking your HEALTH seriously. It is not about being a size zero starlet. I am 5′ 10 ” and weigh 165 lbs and I can kick some serious b*** in kickboxing, cycling and weights( at 57!). Being fit and having energy means that you have more energy to give to your family and your fabulous talent( not to mention all of us readers).
    In the words of my favourite philospher Yoda. “Try not. Do or not do, there is not try. So just do- even if it is one 15 minute workout at a time. You’ll feel way better after .

  83. #117

    you started being accountable when you put it out there to ‘blog world’ …i’ve been on the ol’ WW during the same times with you over the years…what is it about losing 20lbs that makes me feel okay to eat whatever until i gain the 20lbs back?! you are so damn REAL and inspiring …thank you, it’s just what i needed to get back on again..

  84. #118
    Melanie G

    My goal for 2010 was to get a pedometer and work up to 10000 steps a day as well. I work at an office job with very little activity. It was daunting that first day to see that I only do apx 4000 steps at work. That is a lot to make up for after hours (especially during our busy seasona nd having to stay late most evenings). BUT I am committed to making this work too! I wish you all the best on your journey 🙂

  85. #120
    margie scherschligt

    Hey, buddy, this entry has me logging off and looking for my shoes. I am heading outside. Thank you. 🙂

  86. #121

    Go Cathy Go!! You rock!! Yah!! (imagine me cheering you on and jumping up and down!!)

    You are so great for keeping it real and being honest. Weight is hard thing to deal with and is very frustrating. I am not a small boned girl either. I decided to tackle my weight last summer for lots of reasons: to give my kids a good role model, to be healthy to live a long life with my family, and frankly, because my husband said I needed to lose weight. But I exercised 6x/week, and changed my diet and I am at the 20 pound mark now. I would like to lose another 10 pounds to put me at an ideal very healthy weight of 138 pounds (I’m 5’8″ and this is what my trainer said is good for my height/age/bone structure), but realistically, I dropped 2 pants sizes so I am very happy. I would love to lose 8 more or so though so I keep trying.

    I just joined a bootcamp class at my gym and am changing up the way I lift weights and do cardio since I hit the dreaded plateau around Thanksgiving. I am telling you all this because I know you will look and feel great when you put the effort into it! GO CATHY GO!!!! Keep us posted.


    PS – In other news, I am in your DYL class and you are rockin’ it–it’s great!!

  87. #122

    Lots of women at my gym are wearing bodybuggs. I have yet to take the plunge. Apparently, it clocks your steps, your calorie intake, AND your calorie outtake, making you aware of the deficit that does or does not exist in your day. I am hemming and hawing, as they are not cheap, and WW online is! My wake up call was a cholesterol reading of 301. Basically, my veins are clogging up. So, in November, a time others told me was stupid, I began the journey again. I use Weight Watchers, but I am not a purist. I have done the program 4 times. I wholeheartedly believe tracking food intake and activity outtake is key no matter who you are.

    I also have a bestie who dropped some serious post-baby weight and is now a fitness instructor at my gym. She’s so much fun and she got me hooked on Zumba. Let’s be real, I HATE cardio, but I love Zumba, which is ALL cardio. We just have a blast. I also recently signed up for Pilates Reformer classes (with the machine from hell and a trainer), and I think that will work as my strength training.

    OK, you really didn’t ask for this much info, did you? I just wanted to say, I’m so with you. Every step.

  88. #124

    Wow cathy I give you tons of credit for putting this out there! This sure beats my weight accountablity to my weight weigh in lady once a week, you are accountable to “what” a million people who are looking forward to seeing you each month. Wow what a grand plan, tons of people helping you (hopefully!)
    You have me so psyched that I am making the same layout. My plan I am doing indoor rowing in tanks, Tons of fun! in a shell in the spring.
    Thanks lets do this together!!!

  89. #129

    I’m getting up and going for a walk right now. Thanks for the inspiration, Cathy. You will do it!

  90. #131


    I’ve been on WW for almost two years, it’s the longest I’ve stuck with anything, ever. (other than my husband) What has helped me was going to meetings, and having someone who’s on the program with me. And patience. Because it won’t come off as fast as it will for other people. Some weeks, I bust my bootie and nothing comes off. I decided I had to quit giving myself a time limit, and face the fact that it’s going to be something I have to do forever. I’ll tell you, two years and 60 pounds later it seems to have flown by. I still have a way to go, but I’m confident now that it’ll come off. It’s not an all or nothing kind of thing, either. Just because I eat birthday cake at the party doesn’t mean that when I go home I clean out the fridge. It’s one stinking piece of cake. I didn’t gain 60 pounds from one piece of cake.

    Anyway, wanted to share a site I found that I absolutely love. http://www.ronisweigh.com She’s a blogger who lost 80 pounds on weight watchers. She’s a great blogger, has a great voice, and has a recipe website that is great as well. Check her out. She’s on FB too.

    Best of luck, and thanks for the inspiration!


  91. #136

    Kate, that’s what is crazy. I lost 20 before, then threw in the towel and gained it all back.

    I want to change for good.

  92. #137

    Melanie, 30 minutes on a treadmill, just walking can get you between 3 and 4 thousand! : ) That’s why i’m learning now!

  93. #138

    You know, i don’t think of me as brave. I think of me as an oversharer. : )

    I can’t keep wearing larger shirts. So i figure, i own it, i change it! : )

  94. #139

    GO BUDDY!, GO!

    If you come to my house, when i get my new treadmill, i’ll make a small workout for you, and tell you i love you the whole time, instead of yell!

  95. #144

    mmm…didn’t bother t read the comments, but scrolled for a LONG time to get to the bottom….seems you may have hit a nerve here…Do you have an itouch? if so, get the lose it app. it will transform your process. trust me. 🙂

  96. #145
    Joy M.

    Okay, okay…you got me. I’ll join you in the effort to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. I guess this means the bag of honey mustard pretzels that is still sitting on my desk from this past weekend’s virtual crop must go away, eh? I’ve tried WW online and just wasn’t disciplined myself to make it work. They keep sending me emails to rejoin so maybe I should.

    One piece of advice: If you are going to do this, do it now. It gets much harder to lose it after you’re 50. Sigh. Off to do my Wii Fit! 🙂

  97. #146

    Thank you so much for posting this! A couple of weeks ago I realized that I had gained ten pounds since last summer (and I wasn’t exactly a beanpole back then either), so I just started running and walking (and weightlifting, once I stop being lazy) and cutting down on the greasy potatoes I seem to live off of.

    I’m an inch taller than you but 15 lbs heavier – and I don’t carry my weight as well as you do!

    Is that a green smoothie I see? I’m obsessed with them, I’m assuming my Popeye forearms will start bulging any day now from all the spinach I’m drinking.

  98. #147

    AAArgh. I ‘m so sorry you wrote this post!! I always say if I get the message from the universe 3 times in one week, then the call is for me, so frickin’ answer it! This post is message #3.

    My stats are not good but it’s also the knowledge that at my age – 65 – the tooth fairy isn’t going to make all the chub disappear but my heart may tell the chub that she wants out. I’m noticing the increased lack of energy and that’s not me.

    So really…thanks for making call #3 for me. My word for the year was Begin. (damn…I should have picked something else!!!)
    After reading your stats, I went to the scale and the # was 190 – 5 lb more than last month. So today it is. I’m in.

  99. #148

    Even though you don’t know me from Adam’s off ox, I am so proud of you!

    Leslie Sansone’s “Walk At Home” Tapes are very good – especially on cold, snowy winter days.
    Dr. Miriam Nelson’s books about “Strong Women Stay Young” have great information about weightlifting with free weights – makes a big difference.

    Good luck with the whole process.
    And thank you!!!
    – Lee

  100. #149

    Megan, i do. And, i’m using the WW app on it too!
    Plus, i’m downloading a nutrition podcast to listen to while i clean the house.

  101. #150

    Joy, this is part of my motivation. I’m getting older. What i do this time around is going to take twice as long on account of hormones and metabolism.

    Slow and steady. : )

  102. #153

    Best of luck with your goal Cathy. After becoming a regular at the gym about 10 years ago I have learned a couple of things. The first is: the scale is not always your friend. Even as a person who has been underweight for most of my life, I have learned that relying on the scale too much plays tricks on your mind. Everyone has those days where it seems like they have drank a bathtub full of water but the scale doesn’t care. The way you feel and how your clothes fit are your best guides. The second thing: change does not happen overnight. I started walking on the track twice a week. The next year it was three times a week. The year after that, I was taking classes a couple of times per week as well as riding an exercise bike or walking the other times. I finally got up the courage to lift weights and with the help of some great friends at the gym, it became my regular thing. I go five days a week – weekends off.
    I am a stay at home mom and I love going to the gym so much, I book all my appointments around my gym time (which happens to be around 9 am after my kids have gone to school). The best part about going is having coffee with my friends after our workout. Sometimes there are 10 or 12 of us sitting around gabbing. For me, going to the gym is the only way I am motivated to really have a good workout. There are so many workout books and DVDs and diets, it can be so overwhelming. You just need to find what is best for you. Take your time and enjoy the ride!!

  103. #154

    hey Cathy good luck. If you can quit smoking you can do anything!

    I joined WW after one of your first posts about it a year or two ago. I lost 16 lbs in 3 months. Then I lost my job and my days became darker and darker because of it. I gained the weight back being at home every day with little to do.

    Well I have a great new job now and no reason to keep this extra weight on. I joined a gym 2 weeks ago and have an appt with the trainer at 5:00 tonight.

    I’ll be tuning in to see how your doing from time to time. Thanks for posting and being so brave to let us all know your struggle. You are to be admired for your honesty no matter what you weigh.

  104. #155

    Oh man, I’m so with you Cathy. I lost 15lbs for my wedding and felt AMAZING. And then I went on our honeymoon (where I actually lost a few more lbs running around for 2.5 weeks through Europe.) Then we came home. And then it was the holidays. And now I’ve gained some of it back and just feel BLEGH.

    I’m now a bridesmaid for one of my best friends, and I’m determined to get back on this train with you. It’s so much easier to just eat poorly and be lazy and sit on my computer all night scrapbooking (or playing games on Facebook). But it’s so much more WORTH IT to feel comfortable in your own skin!! I ordered a pair of jeans 1 size too small for me last week, and that’s my new goal. If I can get into those and feel great, I’ll be happy. Until I buy another size smaller and KEEP GOING!!

    I’m with you Cathy! Let’s DO THIS!!!

  105. #156
    Tammy Morales

    Cathy – I hear ya! I hear ya! YOU GO GIRL!

    daring and bold are terms that I have always attributed to you… this is no different. YAY.

    you have inspired me to be honest with myself and just START!!

    So I am off to set up the wii Fit Plus I got at Christmas and sweat!

  106. #157

    Hey Cathy! My husband finally carted away my old treadmill and our dead Christmas tree over the weekend and I’ve been online researching new machines. Which one are you getting?

  107. #158
    Suzanne E

    You are a brave one taking that photo and posting it online!!! Hubby has been trying to get me to let him take my photo every month since I started getting serious about weight loss. I do get him to measure me at the end of every month and keep track of my weight & measurements on an excel sheet. Good luck!!

  108. #159
    Suzanne E

    Forgot to add that I have been using SparkPeople.com and keeping track of the food I eat in order to keep my calories inline with the recommended daily amount.

  109. #161

    Ah Cathy, your honesty and transparency are oh so refreshing. I am in the same boat…. wanting to transform my body into better health but lacking the motivation to really do it. Maybe a scrapbook log would too help me be honest and stay motivated? The idea of photos scares me, but then in the end it might really show more of my triumph. Thanks for the kick in the pants!

  110. #162

    I’m very excited for you Cathy. Excited? Yes. June 1st, my husband went out of town for work for a few weeks and I decided to start EXERCISING that very day. And it was hard. I remember I could barely do 10 minutes on the treadmill, but I kept going back, and ended up doing about 45 minutes that day, in total. Since then I have moved up to 60 minutes on the treadmill, daily, and sometimes 88 minutes. The trick for me is that I tivo’d West Wing on the television in front of the treadmill, so I watch that, and it keeps me going.

    I’ve lost 39# since June 1st, and have a LOT more to go, but I’m very happy with my progress. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

    My exercise tips: make sure you eat something before you exercise, so you have the energy to power through. The proper footwear is ESSENTIAL, and that includes socks. I recommend the Nike Elite Structure socks. And I’ve tried about a dozen different kind of socks.

    I took this all very seriously. I went through a few pairs of sneakers, even. That’s one benefit of buying locally, like you did, at a running store. They’re willing to work with you to find the proper shoe and will allow you to return it 30 days later.

    Good luck. I’ll be rooting for you!

  111. #163
    Kimberly L.C.

    Yeah, my hubby and I love that movie also.

    I guess as long as your consigliere Me’Shelle doesn’t catch you jamming pizza down those new Lucy pants, you’re ahead of White in the diet game. 😉

  112. #164
    Erica K

    Oh Cathy, I do want to follow in your footsteps. I don’t know what’s stopping me…I’m so unhappy with how I look!

    I wish you the very best of luck!

  113. #171

    You are my new Goddess Jenn. Just think, if we ever cross paths at a trade show, instead of smokes, we can meet at the hotel treadmills. LOL!

  114. #172

    I just like to have something to track. You know, scrapbooking is it!

    You wouldn’t have to use a pic of you. You could shoot your shoes, or a pic of a healthy meal… you know?

  115. #174

    Hang in there, Erica. When the time is right, you will do what you can too!

    I’ve been killing a year of time doing nothing. So far, now seems to be the time!

  116. #175

    Wow…this is just the thing I need right now. I haven’t been on the scale for awhile but I know I need to lose about 120 lbs. I’m post-menopausal, so the metabolism is really slow. And I just hate to exercise. I’m scared to try because I think I’ll feel hungry all the time and miserable. For you girls with comments about losing 10-25 lbs. etc. Do it now, before it accumulates to the point where it gets even harder to get rid of.

  117. #176

    Good on you Cathy..I have been fighting the weight battle all my life…last year by walking, treadmill and swimming I lost 3 dress sizes..but then novemebr came along and I gained a dress size and don’t feel good..I need to get back in the saddle…maybe I can recapture that kick in the butt movement again..I will be following you…Move it Girl

  118. #177
    Nadine B.

    Go Cathy, go for it! What a great idea – to do the monthly page…. Very inspiring for a parttime scrapbooker like me, who is every now and then on any diet since the age of 13 – or so…
    My last year started great – loss of about 10 kg – but since May I share your experience…
    Hugs from Germany,
    PS: Where is the repetition for the visual triangle with the new pink clothes *ups* JOKE!!!!!!! ;-)))

  119. #178
    Robyn W

    I am with you on this one CZ….number of days without cigarettes….now number 18…..am walking with a friend, and also giving the exercise bike a run, and am booked in for fitness test at the hospital next wednesday…..good luck with your journey …..and my “ali” word for 2010 “change”

  120. #179
    lynne moore

    Good for you Cathy! I love the tip up above about starting with 10 minutes of exercise and make it a habit. That is so smart an idea. I can’t exercise in one spot (treadmill, exercise tape, jazzercise…) I have to change the scenery. Walking the dog around the block is my (almost) daily back-up to going to my class twice a week. Keep up the effort and definitly mix it up.

  121. #180
    Heidi Marling

    I’m the same height as you and maxed out at 256 lbs. in 2002.
    I’m still not at goal and probably never will be. After 5 years of eating smarter, and walking endless miles, I lost 99 lbs. Another 10 or 15 would be fabulous. It’s harder than ever now.
    Do it before you’re also fighting a menopausal metabolism. If you are not actively trying to lose weight, you ARE going to get heavier…and heavier.
    This is for lifetime!

  122. #182

    OH YOU ARE SOOOOOOOO BRAVE! I admire that you could be so vunerable to complete strangers. For someone who is only 6 months ahead of you on the trail (it took me a year of “I’ve got to do something” before I ever did anything), my advise is be gentle with yourself. A bad choice a lunch doesn’t have to repeat itself at dinner. Small changes really can make a difference. Once you set your mind to something, nothing can stop you. Yea for you!

  123. #183
    Megan Renfree

    Good luck Cathy. I am right there with you! I bought a Weight Watchers pedomer and put it on for the first day yesterday. I had to do a 2km walk around the block to get my 10,000 steps, but man I feel proud for doing it. I think the pedometer gives you a bit of motivation too as you know exactly how much more you need to do. One thing you might want to do (or not), we have actually created a challenge/comp for us all here at work at the moment as a lot of us would like to be a bit more healthy or lose some weight. We are actually going to walk the length of New Zealand. We are all aiming to do 10,000 steps 5 days out of the week which, in teams of six should get us to our destination in 8 or 9 weeks. Its fun I think to see where our steps take us and to be motivated to do those 10,000 steps each day. We have challenged our South Island branch to walk up NZ too. Perhaps you could walk your state? since the US is so big, or something similar, just a way to have a map up on your wall mapping your progress. Anyway Just thought I would let you know anyway what we were up to.

  124. #184

    Congrats Cathy!! for what? For taking action! Which is just what I need to do, I know I need to lose some weight, I know I need to eat better and healthier and I know I really should excersise more and I think your post may just give me a kick in the right direction. I do believe I’ll be going for a walk today!

  125. #185
    Kathy in MN

    I’m on week 3 myself. Because I took stock of my body right before the new year and I disgusted myself. My pants are tight. I’m spilling over. And this eating healthy is HARD. Some days I crave chocolate (like yesterday). And some days I don’t want to exercise. Putting on weight is just so much easier. But you know what? Today, my pants are looser. And I’m down 4 pounds. Not huge, but a little. Why am I telling you this? Because you inspire me to keep the straight and narrow. Please keep blogging about your struggles. Its helpful. It gives me things to ponder to scrap about myself. AND-good luck girl. The looser pants thing-totally rocks.

  126. #187
    Heather P

    Go Cathy go!! You can do it! And I’m trying to move more and eat healthier too. 2010 is the year of being healthy.

  127. #188

    This is great. I am also having the same problem you have, and now I am taking the simplify 101 online course called Creating the Life you Want (Aby Garvey). My #1 goal this year is to lose weight and get down to 140. I too have announced it on my blog and am formulating a plan to do this.
    One guy who used to be a personal trainer suggested that I do two things to help me get motivated. One is to find my worst ever “fat photo” and hang it on the fridge. The other is to find my skinny jeans (or other old skinny favorite outfit) and literally hang it on the wall of my bedroom. I did, and this seems to be helping. It reminds me daily what I am doing and why I want to lose the weight.

  128. #189
    Kristin T

    I can strongly recommend the pedometer, from personal experience! Wearing it two weeks I found an average day for me was only 2000 steps. Kicking that up to 10,000 (and yes! often at 15-30 minutes til midnight I was doing a mad kitchen-livingroom circuit to get the last xxx steps in that day) over the summer I dropped 10 pounds -but more importantly FELT SO GOOD physically! I found the cheap pedometers frustrating, finally put out the big bucks ($30 – ha) for an Omron one that would download to my computer – oh how I am a sucker for the visual incentive of a bar graph going up-up-up. 🙂

  129. #190

    Way to go! I appreciate your honesty. {And your style of writing!) I can very much relate to your story.
    It will be 2 years ago next month that I quit smoking. I have never felt so miserable in my life. Finally a few months ago I started feeling better. In the meantime, the pounds snuck on. Last January I started WW online. It was okay, but I gained the first week and lost 1/2 lbs here and 1 Lbs there. {And I had a lot to loose}When I sat down at my computer to enter my foods and calculate my points, I stayed siting there and played a game, scrapped a page, browsed a few galleries, read a blog or two… and time went by. My job is a sitting down working on the computer job too.
    I decided to give it another try! I have 80 lbs to loose. My first week I lost 1 lb. The 2nd week I lost 2. Last week I lost 3!! A total of 6 for the year!! What has helped me the most is I make a huge pot of vegetable soup at the beginning of the week. 0 points. I eat it for at least 4 meals. For lunches or dinners when hubby isn’t here, I eat a lean cuisine or smart ones meal. {They are helping to teach me portion control}I walk on my treadmill 4X during the week and on weekends I try to walk for an hour outside, besides getting up from my desk and stretching and bending more!
    I’ll be 49 in March, and my plan is to be more awesome at 50 than I can even imagine!! I’m right beside you on your journey!!!!
    You can see me once in a while at marshasparadise.wordpress.com
    I’m not a real terrific blogger!

  130. #191

    I found this article so inspirational, and I don’t even need to lose weight. I love when you say “This year, I don’t want to be yet another out-of-shape 40-something woman who whines about what she’s unwilling to really change. I want to be a person who takes action and does.” and I know it can apply to me in other parts of my life.

  131. #192

    Cathy – When I reread my post I realize I didn’t sound very sympathetic and for that I’m sorry. I encourage you to focus on the health benefits and the increased energy you will have to do all the things that you do. I actually love exercise and my friends at the gym and I would struggle trying to do it alone as you are. So pick what works for you. But if you need a little kick in the B***, I’m your girl. Again, sorry if I sounded snotty- my fingers and mouth run away with me.

  132. #193

    Kathy it can be done. I am on the verge of fourty in a few months. Last Jan I decided I did not want to be fat at fourty. In a year I have lost over 115 pounds and have finished a marathon. I hated exercise and now try to get some kind of movement in every day. I was 292 pounds. I did it by walking.

    I have blogged my walking adventures. It helps me stay accountable. You can do this.

  133. #194

    I’ve made the commitment too. I’m not as brave as you to post my numbers publicly, but I am taking pictures, recording the numbers, and scrapping the story. I have a long way to go and am taking it a step at a time.

  134. #195
    Margy Eastman

    Go Cathy! I need to get back on the “don’t eat crap” wagon as well. I lost my post-Jack tonnage by actually going to WeightWatchers meetings. It’s amazing how a little Catholic guilt and public weigh-in action can motivate one! Still, I’ve regained my muffin-top…but at least it’s not the whole loaf.

    Every day I don’t go to the office is a continual battle between me and the contents of the fridge. I wish you lots of in-season fruit and plenty of good weather to enjoy with your new workout duds! Go girl!


  135. #196

    you crack me up! i just LOVE your honesty. and THANK-YOU for posting the pic of yourself. it’s very real and again, honest.
    and i love the complaining. it’s so good to hear when it isn’t always coming from me.
    and i think it’s great that you have a plan, even in the documenting process. so good.

    with that said, my areobics class that i am in, is also starting a weight loss challenge for 60 days. we each are in a team of 3. we get ‘points’ for losing wieght, inches, drinking water, and lose points for ‘cheating’ on something we would consider our own weakness. i’m picking no eating after supper and portion control. period.
    thanks for the inspiration as always!
    all the best to a new and healthy you!
    you can do it!
    (you stopped smoking didn’t you??) 🙂

  136. #197
    Nancy C.

    Cathy, if you don’t have a Wii with the Wii fitness pad in your house, get one. Now. It has such fun exercises on it that you won’t even feel like you’re doing something you’re supposed to! There is also a second CD that adds even more. These are things your whole family could do together and have great fun while you’re snowed in. There is also a Dance Dance Game that has just come out where everyone tries to follow along with the dance moves on the video. Several other games also get you up and moving and having fun and it’s worth every penny!

  137. #198

    You can do it! Don’t forget the organics too!

    I came over from my sister’s blog “Saturday Finds”.

    I will pop in again soon. Thanks for the visit!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  138. #199

    All the best in this journey, Cathy! I too am trying to re-introduce exercise (any exercise! anything!) back into my life. I am very on again, off again, and so am afraid to start because I think I won’t continue. But I have to do something because I know this isn’t good for me. I guess the key is to find something I actually like doing, maybe? Thanks for your great post!

  139. #200
    Monique van Duren

    Hi Cathy, wow…that was fun to read. I so much recognized myself in it. You just pushed my button to go live healthier also! And your templates are fun to use. I’m gonna look forward to your blogs about your weight loss. Hopefully my weight will go down too! Thank you so much!

  140. #201
    Jo Andrew

    Well done for being so brave and honest! I have a good feeling for you that this time will be different, you seem very motivated. You can do, we all will encourage you! I have yo-yo’ed in my weight over the last year and decided to be good and try really hard to maintain the weight that I’m happy with. I think I’ll lift your layout so it makes the challenge real. Wish I had your fancy bathroom mirror 🙂 Good luck on your journey!

  141. #203
    Beth R.

    Good Morning Cathy,
    To say I can relate is re-dundant at this point, but girl I feel your pain. I am also a WW alumni from class of 1998 , joined after a divorce and the first real weight gain of my life. Only had about 10 lbs to loose and didnt really know HOW to eat,in order to loose.I didnt want to wait until I had more to loose because I seem to have a short attention span for things that are this difficult. So I decided I like it so much , I went back in 2002, hung around the campus a few months in 2004, then skipped a few classes stayed home and started scrapbooking! Found new friends that also had chubby thighs. Did our own version of Biggest Loser in 2006/2007 , I came in 2nd place. So fast forward to Jan 2010 and I’m 23 lbs heavier than that first day at WW and still fighting.
    I am right there with you, I have decided to do this for real this time. No measly 10 lbs I need to loose 28 lbs this time. I have been eating better and started slim in 6 , drinking 10 waters a day. So I remember the rules . I found that I do much better if I allow myself one day off a week. A day that I can eat the food I am dying for all week. Not boatloads but if I want a couple slices of real pizza then I have it on saturday and be done with it, outta my system and I dont end up cheating during the other 6 days, I tell myself that I can eat it on saturday if I still cant live without it.
    Also, check out My Fitness Pal.com
    I have been using this site for almost 3 weeks and it is fantastic for motivation. I know you can do this, you did it once before with great success.
    As Gene Simmons once said: “You are an attractive and powerful (wo)man” You can do this!

  142. #205

    Ok Cathy! Today is the day I am jumping on the bandwagon.. I swear if you changed out your bathroom lights for my outdated lights that could be me in the mirror… not pretty at all!! I have done WW before- where I went to the meetings.. I know the program works. I like the idea of online but I am not sure if that would be enough to keep me in line.

  143. #206

    I am so with you girl! I too have been believing the body image of “vintage” photographs of myself. It was not until a recent photo (this Christmas in Fl Keys) that I realized I am an obese old woman. I posted photos of her though out my house to have someone identify this person, that I did not recognize. It wasn’t till my son looked at the photo on the frig and said,” You photoshopped that picture to make it look like that.”
    No I didn’t that was really me. Of course I couldn’t admit that to my son–he can take care of his own delustions.
    SO I called Jenny Craig- signed up for a year, got the food, the scale and low and behold I am that obese woman. I am 5’7″ and 16lbs heavier than u.
    SO my cyber friend here is to our journey.

  144. #207

    Dude, I am so with you! I also am 43. I am 5 foot 7 inches and weigh 221 lbs. BMI of 34.6! OBESE! That scares the sh*t out of me! I’m going to DO it this year! I have to. I just don’t feel good anymore! Here’s to coming ALIVE (my word of the year) in 2010! Good Luck!

  145. #209

    Robyn, keep it one day at a time. If you’re anything like me, it was really, really hard to quit. But here i am, nearly 4 years later completely smoke free.

    you can DO it!

  146. #216

    Loved reading this! The idea of 0 points soup is a good one!

    I’ve been eating steamed broccoli BEFORE eating my lunch and it’s very helpful to fill me up so i’m not as full!

  147. #229

    Wow! I know what you’re talking about and I wish you luck – and stamina! I’m about your size and hate how I look but, so far, not enough to do anything about it. Thanks for the inspiration – I’m going to stop for a stationary bicycle this afternoon. Good luck!

  148. #230

    Cathy, that’s awesome. I’m glad we’re in this “together”! I’ve talked to my husband who could also trim down a little and we’ve decided to try and eat healthier as a family. I know you have a whole list of tips now, but here are a few of mine.

    Wii Fit and Wii Active. The Wii Active is like a gym workout, and there’s a 30 day challenge that is awesome!

    Try jumproping 10 times a day for 1 minute each time. This is HARD! You can buy a good jump rope for $3 at a sporting goods store.

    When you’re doing your laps around the house, do knee-ups, kinda like marching. You’ll feel the burn in no time.

    Throw away all the food that you don’t want to eat. Or donate it. Get it out of the house!

    Honestly, I’d love to hear about what you’re doing every 2 weeks. I think a lot of people are in the same boat, and it would be nice to relate. Rock On!!!

  149. #232

    I too am a forty-something overweight mom who did not have the motivation to do anything about it, and came to some sort of peace with it – meaning, I didn’t feel bad about myself because I knew it was my choice. That worked until this year’s blood work came in – high trigs, high chol, high blood sugar. I had to accept the reality of these numbers – I would be having a heart attack, stroke or diabetes (or all three) in my future if I didn’t change something. So, starting about 6 weeks ago, after reading a lot of books on the connection between heart disease and diabetes, I started a new way of grocery shopping…you know because if it isn’t in the house, we won’t eat it. So, here we are…lots of veggies (A LOT), some fruit, nuts, minimal bread and starches, and lean protein. It has been good for all my family.
    To keep me motivated – well, I’ve posted by lab results on my inspiration board in my office.
    I appreciate your honesty to share your struggles with us on your blog. Let’s do this thing!

  150. #233

    I am with you girl. You and I are at almost exactly the same point. I hereby commit to join you on your journey. With many hugs and support…

  151. #234

    I am going to get back in shape in 2010 too. Moving my butt off the couch (or computer chair) has definitely been an obstacle for me, but food has too – I have a sweet tooth. Not eating healthy has definitely contributed to the tightening of my pants!
    I read this the other day and it stuck with me. I printed it out and put it in my purse (and one of the fridge too).
    “…It is so tempting to give in (to the cravings); Set things in reverse. Pretend it won’t matter. But it does matter and not just for the physical or mental set back. It’s the denial of a fundamental spiritual truth that will make our healthy eating plan fall apart time and time again. What is this truth? We were made for more than this. More than failure, more than this cycle, more than being ruled by taste buds – we were made for victory. Sometimes we just have to find our way to that truth. Truth. A gift of truth. Planted deep within me when God personally knit me together – untied and presented at just the right time. We were made for more than this. No more repeating excuses to ourselves. We have to rewrite those by getting into the habit of saying other things. And the first of these is, “I was made for more”.

  152. #236
    Jen L

    I have found myself at my heaviest weight ever, and have decided to count calories and exercise like you. I don’t know if you have this, but I wanted to tell you about a DVD by Jillian Micheals called 30 Day Shred that has three 20 minute workouts on it – I have never really liked exercise videos but this one is awesome because it’s short. It nearly kills you. It’s really hard. But it’s only 20 minutes, and you have a choice of three levels. And she’s motivating. And it’s ONLY 20 minutes. Oh. I said that a few times already…
    I’ve been doing it for six days and feel a difference already.
    Good luck and feel good!

  153. #237

    I have two suggestions, both of which helped me lose 15 lbs this last year. One is a book called “intuitive eating” (I got in on CD and have listened to it several times). It really taught me to figure out why I was eating, to remove the “good” and “bad” labels from food, and most of all to stop judging myself so harshly. Second, I’m a numbers/techie kind of girl, and I invested in the “gowearfit” device that is a fancy pedometer. It measures your steps, how many minutes you worked out at a moderate pace v. a slower pace, how long I slept and how deeply – it is cool. It taught me that a calorie burned is a calorie burned, whether it be on an exercise walk, or simply mowing the lawn. I’m so much calmer about this whole area of my life now, and emjoying it much more. P.S. A new Title Nine store just opened at 50th and France – another great workout wear place, with a little more variety than I’ve found at Lucy. GOOD LUCK!!

  154. #238
    Lisa Bracale

    Cathy, good luck starting is the hardest part(ok maybe not)- could be when you want to sneak in the kitchen in the middle of the night and polish off a little Ben & Jerry’s(those little pints are so damn small)

    I joined Jazzercise last year and lost 20 pounds in 2 months. I went from zero workouts to working out like 4 or 5 classes. They play great music and I can’t stress how much fun I have-yes I actually said the F word(FUN) and excerise in the same sentence. I used to think it was for old ladies but it is butt kicker workout. I love it and still go like 4 to 5 times a week and sometimes pull a double and do 2 back to back classes. Good luck in journey

    Here is a great low cal recipe for you

    Cauliflower mash(think mashed potatoes)

    Cut Cauliflower into florets and boil in chicken stock, add 1 or 2 cloves of crushed garlic and boil on low until very tender. Drain and reserve chicken stock. Place cauliflower and garlic in food processor, add salt, pepper, 2 tablespoons of low fat sour cream and some of the reserved chicken broth mix until smooth and you have mock mashed taters. Who knew!


  155. #239

    I really think you are going to do it this time! I’m cheering for you and you have inspired me to make a change as well. After reading yours and Jenn’s story, I emailed my girlfriend to see if she’d like to meet twice a week to walk together. My husband bought me the Wii Fit Plus for Xmas and I have not set foot on it yet. I think its time to set the alarm in the morning instead of waking up w/ the kids (although that is any time between 6 and 6:30 am!) and starting doing something.

    I can’t wait to read about your journey Cathy – go YOU!

  156. #240
    Jane Logan

    Hi Cathy, I am with you all the way! About a year ago I was in the same position and lost 15kgs (not sure what that is in pounds) and here I am with all those 15kgs back again. I did my measurements 6’tall, waist 42, hips 49, bust 45 thighs 22 each leg, arms 14. So depressing but I have the determination to lose the weight and gain the fitness. My 40th Birthday is the day before Sydney’s biggest fun run the City to Surf (August 14)and I plan to run it – it is 14kms long and has some big hills along the way. I have an incentive program running with my SIL in NZ and we are coming together again in December 2010 for her sisters 50th and we are both putting $10 away each week and if we reach a loss of 15kg then we get to spend it on clothes – or if one only does it then she gets to spend all the money herself!! So I am really determined to get to spend at least half! Anyway – there it is – I am off to take my dog for a walk. Good luck and I will see you on the virtual treadmill!

  157. #241
    Jane Logan

    Hey Cathy, Jane here again, forgot to say that I quit smoking 3 weeks ago and haven’t even had one! So my lungs will look better as well! LOL! Thanks again for a great blog – you always make me laugh!

  158. #242
    Barbara P

    Way to go Kathy! I’m fighting the same bull so good luck to you. I work out at Curves and love it, you should check it out its a great 30 minute workout and I’ve lost 30 lbs and 31.5″ since starting. It gets me out of the house and its quick and efficient.

  159. #243

    Kudos to you for putting your mission (and your photos) out there. I “rejoined” WW …lost 100 pounds the first time, got to goal, stayed there for about 2 1/2 years and then slowly saw over half the weight creep back on. Hopped back up on the wagon with WW online just before Christmas to keep the holiday pounds down.

    I thought about scrapbooking about it, but haven’t done it. Your page just might be the motivation to do it. Putting it down on paper and taking photos of the not-so-thin body makes it just seem so real though. I like the imaginary “happy” land where I don’t think about the dimples that aren’t on my face.

    Thanks for the extra boost of motivation (for weight loss and documenting it). Good luck! I will be watching for your updates!

  160. #244


    I turned 40 on the 8th of this month – I said a year ago that I would shed the weight by then. Like you, I spent the last year of eating what I want and NOT moving. I’ll cheer as loudly for you as I will for me – here’s to a year!

  161. #245
    Holly Thatcher

    I can’t tell you how much I admire you for being so open and honest about this. I have too much pride to post a picture of myself on my blog like that. We are just about the same height and weight, so you can imagine I’m right there with you. Thank you for sharing your story. And speaking of the Oprah cover spoof, the most issue of O has Oprah telling us that she didn’t stick to her 2009 goals either. So I guess having a personal trainer, a personal chef, and a billion dollars doesn’t make it any easier.

  162. #246

    ok, you know those stupid commercials for windows 7, where the people get on and tell how windows 7 was their idea…and it always cuts to them in their moment of inspiration, but in their mind’s eye, they are better looking than what they actually are? have you noticed that? I was completely awestruck the first time I noticed it, and I just literally sat there stunned for a minute, and then I thought: I am SO GLAD that I am not alone in having this mental picture of myself that is so different from what is real…You comment in your journalling totally reminded me of that…I hate looking in the mirror…I will be your workout buddy, too. Our measurements are nearly identical, but I am 3 inches taller than you. It’s not very attractive on me either. I have a wii, p90x, tae-bo, a bike, a heart rate monitor, 2 ipods, cool running shoes and an entire wardrobe of workout clothes and I still need motivation.

  163. #247

    The Flickr idea for a “community” is a cool idea, but we would miss all your humorous commentary…that’s the best part!

  164. #248
    Nancy C.

    It is if it is at least 70% cocoa. We’re “allowed” 1 ounce of this health food each day. It actually lowered my blood pressure enough so that I no longer take meds!

  165. #249
    peg risley

    Awesome that you are back on the band wagon! But, seriously Cath-what has possessed you to make that gross green concoction????? Totally grosses me out just looking at the picture! You can lose weight without eating -or drinking gross foods! Bleck!!! Time to get your healthy recipe books out!

    maybe your followers could share some favorite- easy recipes with you!

  166. #250

    oh my goodness! I looked at your photo and realized that’s me! Not too big, like you, but not the skinny person I used to be. Eat anything and skinny. But you are brave enough to document the result of lack of exercise. I’m not. SO NOT! I consider that photo ‘overexposed’!
    hmmm…maybe I should. Should I? That’s brutal, but if that what it takes…

    BUT if I can’t make the photo downsize within a few weeks just a little, I’m gonna be sooooo sad.

    and if one of my daughters dares ‘facebook’ the journey….!!!

    Looking forward to our ‘corrected’ photos….otherwise I’m just going to resort to this!

    Good luck!

  167. #251

    Woo-hoo!! Good for you, Cathy!
    Do you have a Wii?
    I just got Wii Fit and Sports Active for Christmas and I find them both to be such a fun way to get in a work-out when you are at home. I have also started doing Rodney Yee’s Yoga for Beginners DVD. It has a quick morning and evening practice (15 mins., and 20 mins.) which is completely do-able (timeframe-wise) and helps me to start and finish my day off in a “Healthy Frame of Mind”.
    Good Luck to you and, also, I love your photo! Right in front of the toilet! Ha ha ha. I never take photos like that (Gotta’ hide the toilet! Gotta’ hide the toilet!!)…but I always love that style when I see other people do it. I’m going to try to do more of that this year…”honest photography”. ha ha.
    Best Wishes!!

  168. #252

    Hey, thanks for posting this. I can relate – I’m not where I want to be, and it’s hard when I backslide. I hope you find what works for you! Sharing your posting helps me remember that I’m not the only one who feels like this about weight issues. I quit smoking a few months ago, and I am missing the way that assisted with my weight loss efforts, even though the smoking itself was unhealthy. So now I’m working on finding a new way! I guess doing anything is likely to be more successful than not trying.

  169. #253

    Go, Cathy! You can do it!

    I’m getting back on my clean(esque) eating again after way too many appetizers and desserts over the holidays. So my fridge is reloaded with green stuff and real foods.

    You can definitely do it. It helps so much to figure out what motivates you. (Like I can’t stick to a fitness routine if I’m not in group fitness classes. I started going to a small class-only studio a year and a half ago, and it made all the difference to know the instructors and have accountability because others notice if I fall off the radar. 🙂

    So stick with it, and then you have an excuse to keep getting cute clothes in smaller and smaller sizes. 🙂

  170. #254
    Peaches Scribner

    Give those Weight Watchers meetings a try. It’s harder to do it with just the online tools, I’ve found out the hard way. There’s something about the mix of support and the semi-public nature of that weigh-in that makes a huge difference. The challenge of picking out your lightest clothes on weigh-in day is always quite amusing to your loved ones, but boy do they cheer you on when you come home from those meetings with a report of weight loss.

    I am wholeheartedly supporting you every step of the way!

  171. #257

    Cathy you are so funny. Go for it and take it one day, one challenge, one temptation at a time. In November I started my fitness plan after three kids in the last four and a half years. I need to lose 30 and am down 16 so far. It feels marvelous. I will say this – timing and tools. It has to be the right time to lose weight and this is tough for women; so many demands on our time. Tools- I joined Jenny Craig and Jazzercise. Just love these programs. They work for me. Find tools that work for you. I give you so much credit and look forward to watching your success.

  172. #258
    Elaine P

    I’m with you. I’m 5’5″ and 168 pounds. It’s not good for my knees. I’m working with a trainer so a lot of my weight is muscle, but I am having some size issues. I care less about the number than I do about the tightness of my underwear.

    So. I’m trying to run my butt off, quite literally.

    10 days in, and I’m still the same size and weight as when I started but I’m going to keep with it. Several years ago I DID run my butt off, so I know I can do it again. And the nice little added bonus was that I felt SEXY. I’d really like to get back to that.

  173. #259

    Weight Watchers works! I’ve been going for 15 months and have lost 96 pounds. I still have about 20 pounds to go. I joined Curves at the same time. The first time I got weighed and measured was terrifying, but as the inches started coming off I looked forward to the next time. My secret weapons are leaving my bonus points alone as much as possible, except for special occasions and such, and increasing my exercise over time as needed to keep the calories in/calories out math in my favor.

    I wish you the best of luck in your efforts. I know it’s something that really means a lot to you. You can do it. Stick to it like glue at first. Once you start seeing results…it gets a lot easier to stick it out. It’s worth it!

    A couple of things that really helped me through my journey…if you lose your focus and make a not so good choice, it’s only a moment. Just stop and think and refocus right then. You don’t have to start over tomorrow or “Monday.” Also, one day at my weigh-in the leaders told me something that has really stuck…”Losing weight is hard, maintaining weight is hard, being overweight is hard…Choose your hard!” So true!

  174. #260

    Good for you! I can’t wait to see your befores and afters. You can do it! I think you’ve inspired me to be a little more active as well : )

  175. #261

    Way to go Cathy! YOu can do this…it’s a lifestyle that is worth living for!!!! You have me remotivated to get going on mine too!

  176. #262

    You are in my mind and said what I couldn’t. I attended one of your workshops when you came to NZ a few years back and thouroughly enjoyed whay you said, I thought you were a beautiful person, can’t really remember what your body shape was. I’m going to try and follow in your footsteps … let’s do it!

  177. #263
    Darlene T.

    I’m with you on this, Cathy! I’ve been thinking about these very things. In fact, the day before you wrote this post I bought myself a new pair of workout shoes to go along with that shiny new gym membership I just signed up for. I also signed up for WW online. This IS the year of change!

    I will be blogging right along with you.

  178. #264

    im in. i look the same. but i didnt take a picture. everyone in my life is gifted in a physically active way.

    i am the only creative one in the bunch.

    my kids run and dance.

    my husband, sister in law, brother in law etc etc are either ironman champs or marathon runners. freaks really.

    anyway, i am running 1 min, walk 1; then week 2 run 2, walk 1 etc.

    i will cheer you on. just like i would cheer myself on!

    Go Sue, er Cathy!!

  179. #266

    I SO needed to see this blog post and check out Jenn’s transformation. Thank you, Cathy, for posting this! I have been debating whether to join a local gym but have been too embarrassed to show my face there for fear of what the “fit” people there will think of me. I think I should be MORE embarrassed about the 50 pounds I have gained since meeting my husband 8 and a half years ago! A few friends of mine are also wanting to lose weight, and although we can’t workout together (we are all in different provinces in Canada), we can certainly support each other in our quest for wholeness. I am starting NOW.

    Loves ya!

  180. #267

    I don’t know if you’re already sick of hearing about books and things that really really really work, but the book that made me lose weight (and I have read quite a few and not one of them really ‘worked’) was You can be thin by Marisa Peer. It changed how I think about food, and most/best of all, it completely changed how I talk to myself about food. And that last part turned out to be key. I did not cost me any effort, actually, to lose weight, I do not feel deprived anymore and I can easily have a cookie in front of me and not eat it (which I always thought was impossible, even if you would pay me money if I would not touch it for half an hour 😉 ).

  181. #268

    You can do it! Shooting for 10,000 steps a day was one of the first things I did, but I never thought to shop at Lucy! Good idea!

  182. #269
    Gina Ausmus

    I have been a casual observer of your blog for a few years and just noticed you mentioned a gal, Jenn Bertsch. I know of a Jenn Bertsch from various business meetings in NE MN. What are the odds that it would be the one and the same? She is now a life coach and has a STELLA! and another youngster. Just kind of interesting. Good Luck Cathy Z!

  183. #270
    steph j

    catching up on your blog, like you have kicked start the year with a new health regime! though have fallen off the wagon once or twice or more this week, but will get back on it! Am looking forward to seeing progress for both you and i!

  184. #271

    cathy…i have always thought that you are wonderful! i have been struggling with my weight…i am now at 200lbs. yikes! i NEED to change my eating habits and be more active. this is week 2 for me- working on my elliptical and not eating everything in sight. i am going to purchase the veggies and fruits (tonight) for that yummy looking green juice! thank you for inspiring all of us cathy!!! lots of love to you and please know that i am cheering you on.

  185. #272

    Good luck, Cathy. Don’t underestimate yourself. Two years ago, I was a chubby Mom and thought I would be that way from now on. I started doing weight training classes at the gym and, most importantly, joined a local coached running group. At first, I thought that the other runners were crazy, workout-obsessed athletes and that I’d never be like them. We did workouts that were WAY harder than anything I ever thought I could do. Now, at age 40, I am one of those crazy, workout-obsessed athletes and I LOVE it. Last month, I qualified for the Boston Marathon. I don’t plan on running it, because the travel would take too much time away from my family, but it’s still nice to know I could! Treat yourself like an athlete and you will turn into one!

  186. #273

    You can do this Cathy….
    I have those shoes and they recently were on my feet as I crossed the finish line of my first half marathon…..

    It’s all about baby steps.

  187. #274

    Good luck Kathy. I downloaded your tags again and are creating one a week with a photo of (I hope) my ever decreasing body and documenting what I have eaten or exercised for the week and my weight loss for that week. I’m hoping they will keep me honest.

  188. #275

    I joined you LAST year, too. But I gained about 10 pounds. I have begun again, although not particularly with WW, but with a application I got for my iTouch called “Lose It” . Quite similar to WW, but it mainly keeps track and reports to you your calorie consumption. It does, however, keep track of your weight, exercise, and it will summarize the nutrients you’ve eaten for the day or week. Has a good library of foods and remembers what you’ve eaten. And it’s not web-based so you don’t have to be in a WiFi area to use it. I still am enrolled in WW and like the recipe section and sometimes the message boards.

    Good luck to you! I’m going to start a journal with your templates, too!

  189. #276

    Cathy, congrats to you for your new 2010 attitude! I realize for myself that I pretty much got a “pass” healthwise last year with having a stroke, being 50+ lbs overweight, etc. –considering what COULD have happened to me, I was REALLY lucky. And I need to do something about it, but have resisted, because I am also a “switch on/off” person. I like the idea of just for one day, or one day at a time– I can choose to eat better and exercise TODAY, and let the rest take care of itself. (hopefully!)

  190. #278

    Hi Cathy,

    Thanks for the inspiration to eat healthy and move more! If you’re looking for at-home resources, check out Valerie Waters’ materials. Her Red Carpet Ready and Action Hero Babe programs are excellent. I think you’d love her video clips on Redcarpetready.tv, too. Super-motivational!

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