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This is my son (who has since had the mop top groomed, thank God) and his name is Coleman.


He is a passionate kid and one who's always moving from one new thing to the next, but not until he has thoroughly exhausted and explored it from every possible angle.


Take for example the Hofner bass, the instrument most famously attributed to Sir Paul McCartney. We have it in Beatles Rock Band, in a miniature collectible, and we have checked out several books on the Beatles where Cole could get a closer look at the much photographed instrument of Sir Paul's affection. We've been to see one in person, where I recall a fruitless plea that sounded a lot like, "MOM, I will forfeit my allowance until I graduate from high school if you buy this for me!"

The thing I love most about scrapbooking is the stuff we save. The documenting. The details. The nitty gritty minutiae of every day life. Stuff that I'm not going to remember, and quite possibly, neither will Cole to some extent. I mean, I believe I was insanely passionate about my pet rock orphanage when I was 9, but I have only a vague recollection, and certainly no photographic or written proof.


Will he remember how two Apple monitor boxes turned into the most awesome drum set known to kid-dom?


Will he remember the pencil set he used to create literally countless illustrations and artistic masterpieces?

I'm not saying he has swiss cheese for brains. That would be me, his mother.

But it's the sweeping things that are more easily recalled. The specifics? Those are the things we tend gloss over, and tend to merge into a broader stroke of story over time.

I grabbed my camera and went on a photographic field trip while he was at school the other day, looking for signs of his passionate life. Signs of life to save.

I gathered the images and words into one simple document showcasing the details, and it looks a bit like this:


SUPPLIES: Layered Template No. 34 β€’ Krafty No. 7, Stamped Sentiments No. 4 (Katie Pertiet) β€’ Univers font

This is such an easy page you can make, today. Either do it digitally like I did, or get your square punch at the ready, and go shoot some details documenting what your subjects are into right now.

Simple. Details. Documented.

Just don't ask him to be happy when I try to document his "after" look.


Cathy ZielskeWhat he’s into right now

41 Comments on “What he’s into right now”

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    Jane Toft

    I swear you are living a parallel life to me. I have ongoing fringe (‘bangs’ I think you call them in the US. A totally different meaning in UK, but we won’t go there…!!) battles with my 12 yr old son. We bought our first fish tank on Sunday too. LOVE the layout. I’m opening PS right now….

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    Chris A.

    Wonderful idea. My son is now 17 and he doesn’t remember a lot of things from his childhood (sigh). Things I thought he would always remember (and remember Mom doing for him LOL). Wish I would have taken more pictures of those type of things.

  3. #8

    When I read about Coleman’s love for Paul’s guitar, my first thought was that he should go see my favorite Beatles tribute show, Liverpool Legends. The musicians were handpicked by Louis Harrison, George’s sister, and she usually comes out at intermission and talks about her memories. It’s very cool to hear her talk, and the act itself is amazing. I checked their website, hoping they’d have a show up in your area, but I think IL is the closest. So now I think you should go see them at their home theater in Branson, MO. Seriously, if you haven’t experienced Branson, you should. Check my blog. I have pages of entries on it

  4. #10

    Tell Cole he can stop looking for any other musical geniuses after The Who. There is nowhere to go but down. Has he moved into “Quadrophenia” yet? πŸ™‚

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    Cathy, I love this post! The page is awesome and I’m doing this for my kids. Please don’t be offended, but Cole’s after picture looks just like the young Spock in the latest Star Trek movie! I think it’s so cute!!

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    Mary Patterson-Ezzell

    this is such an amazing idea cathy. thank yuo so much for this bit of inspiration. i am totally going to begin this project for my girls today! smiles, m-

  7. #18

    How amazing that the young Coleman (as he will be known in literary circles in the decades to come) is already keeping a journal! Great template …

  8. #19

    I see Bonnie (above) has pipped me at the post! Dead ringer for Spock in that photo; maybe Star Trek will be his next big passion….

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    Christy B

    Cathy, you are an awesome mom!! Will you adopt me?

    Thanks for the fabulous idea of capturing those little things that make up who we are.

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    Wow! I’ve seen a couple of those “after” looks on this blog. That kid HATES getting his hair cut! I prefer the “after” look myself.

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    Erica K

    I love the ‘after’ yuk face! πŸ™‚ That page is awesome. Those are super-wonderful memories that’ll really be fun to look at later on! I can’t tell you how often I wish I’d written something down…or did write it down and misplaced it…so sad! I need to be a more active scrapper…

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    This is a beautiful (and simple way) to capture the interests in a kids world that quickly change over the years. Thanks for this inspiration…really your projects have inspired me so many times over the years…..and never a comment on your blog did I leave…been a more regular visitor since taking the meTAV class.. but today I had to comment. Ditto on 2 other comments..yep – parallel life going on over here too(our ages, kids ages, weight angst, bangs, 80s/90s flashbacks, weird stuff in attics)and yep – reminded me of young spock also.

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    I like the new hair on Cole! I think he’s so darned cute! (Next time, though, he should smile….. he seems to have SUCH a GREAT PERSONALITY!)

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    Cole-man Rocks! Dude needs his own blog. Not that I don’t love reading yours, but you truly have some of the most awesome kids ever. I’m “mom-age” now, and I wish I was half as cool they are when I was that age.

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    Barbara P

    Great layout and idea Cathy. I will remember this for my daughter. I keep forgetting that I want to take pictures of the toys she has (she’s 2) that she loves.

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    I want to say it simply . . . . I ADORE YOU! Seriously, I LOVE your candor and ability to make simple life things I overlook a reason to scrapbook. I have forgotten many of the mundane everyday life things my kids have done or I have felt, but when I read yours, I come alive again. Now just to process those things/thoughts/stories before I forget the now . . . . . . thank you. Seriously. Thank you.

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    Beth R.

    That kid of yours is hilarious, he may look like a clone of your husband but he definately has your flair for comedy!
    His after pic….I dont even have words,ahhh I dont think he likes his new do. Too funny !

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    Beth R.

    Cole has me so distracted I forgot my original reason for posting….
    How do I take advantage of the daily tid bits of life when the only child is already 24? and no longer lives with me πŸ™
    I am afraid that one of my regrets in life will be that I did not find scrapbooking until she was grown. All those bits and pieces ( ooops, didnt mean to copy) of her baby/childhood are gone from the memory, hersw and mine. I would love to do something like this but how?

  19. #40

    Love this post. Love the layout. I will have to do one like this! Your kids are growing up too fast just like mine.

  20. #41

    What is crazy is I had just bought metallic paper and had this very layout in my head. My title read, Things I treasure but very Zielske-esque with the squares and all. Love what you captured.

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