Who says fish aren’t loved?

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Look at that devotion. This weekend, we did our first water change/bowl cleaning. It went swimmingly well.


The girl is clearly enamored. It seems to be mutual.

I would write more witty banter about the fish love, but you'll have to excuse me as I'm still nursing the wounds of last night's Vikings loss. Until I regain my groove, please, enjoy more of my girl and her cuteness.


(Poor little thing. She has no idea of the years of Minnesota football fandom disappointment that await. There, there, child. Mama's here. Mama's here…)

Cathy ZielskeWho says fish aren’t loved?

43 Comments on “Who says fish aren’t loved?”

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    ah, that girl is sooo photogenic! And you seem to have a knack of capturing her personality in shots as well. The expression on her face, and looking into the bowl is priceless! I wish I had shots of me when I was young, so I could see what I was like! And my parents too…I hope she appreciates these when she is older!

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    If it makes you feel any better, there’s a big ache here with long suffering J-E-T-S fandom, too. At least Tarkenton took the Purple People Eaters to the big game a number of times… I know, the agony of defeat… but we’re still hanging on to pantyhose-wearing Broadway Joe’s Cosmo spread and the miraculous Super Bowl III of 1969. It’s been a LONG time since the Jets have had a whiff of anything resembling victory. You’ve just given me story line inspiration for a DYL layout!

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    been through this heartache before, but its tough…
    Only 70-some days till opening day for the Twins πŸ™‚

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    Aww, thats cute! We used to have a big aquarium with fish when I was little, and we named them all and they ate from my finger if i put it in the water with fishfood on πŸ™‚

    PS: I have a little scrapbook competition in my blog – with a prize for the winner, would be super fun if you wanted to participate, I loove your style you give me so much inspiration:)

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    kristen huta

    Yeah – i remember crying when the viking lost in super 8 and 11 and crying. The same happended this morning but it was my 8 year old. I turned off the lights last night and tried to forget what happened. Once agian they never fail to disappoint, with 19 sec left I was thinking this might be it. I only hope they can win a Super Bowl before I leave this earth!

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    Leora Henkin

    I think that the loss feels worse this morning than it did last night…all the “what ifs.” EGADS!

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    Ronnie Crowley

    Watch out for those fish – they tend to jump out of the water when your not watching and have you ever tried to catch a flapping fish on the floor which jumped onto the kitchen cabinet and then onto the floor. I don’t know how the thing survived.
    Really cute pictures – do you think she’d shared the orange sweater?

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    kristin kanner

    When I was 5 we lived in Minneapolis. My parents are still die-hard Vikings fans. Way back then they managed to score season tickets and devotedly went and froze their tushies off in Fran Tarkenton love. I feel ya. While I think New Orleans needs this, I am deeply disappointed over the Vikings.

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    Oh man, my father in law too, used to go watch them at the old Met stadium, which is now where the Mall of America.

    I cannot imagine sitting outside in 0 degree weather. Ouch!

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    My 5 year old loved his fish so much he pulled it out of the water by its fin. You can imagine the rest. Now Reddy is in the Great Ocean in the Sky! Also sad about the Vikings loss last night. I love Brett, and as a Florida Gator fan am a huge fan of Percy Harvin. Was a bummer.

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    Melissa C.

    I feel sorry for my Dad too. He has been a fan for 40 year…… they were OH SO CLOSE!

    There is always next year….BLAH…don’t you hate hearing that!?!?! πŸ™‚

    Have a good day!

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    Just had to tell you we had a much-beloved and long lived Beta fish that was my favorite pet ever! His bowl was near the sink and I’m telling you, he would swim around excitedly and flip his little fins at us whenever we approached. Enjoy!

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    Jeanne Pellerin

    Precious pictures! Cathy, when the Saints have had bad seasons in the past (just about every stinkin’ one!) the fans in the Superdome cover their heads with paper bags. It’s hysterical! We, too, know the sad, sad sting of defeat. Y’all sure gave us a run for our money!

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    Sorry Brett had to finish the game like that for you. Being a Packer fan, I thought maybe he could help the Vikings and be better than he finished in Green BAy.

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    Kim Stewart

    Could she look any MORE like you?!?! Steelers country here…Super Bowl hangover this year. πŸ™

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    Holly in SC (heart in MN)

    Feelin’ the pain here too -my non-football menfolk’s ears are still ringing from me screaming my head off last night πŸ™ But win or lose, they played one HECK of a season!

    Love the pix of your beau daughter! Do you have one of her looking THRU the glass bowl at her fishy? πŸ™‚

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    Kelly B

    Even this Packer fan was disappointed with the loss. I was rooting for my favorite 40-yo QB & your purple & gold team.

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    Karen Greenfield

    I agree–she looks so much like you!! Probably NOT what she wants to hear at all…..I feel your football pain. As a loyal Huskies’-cold-wet-bottom fan, it’s hard to watch sometimes when they seem to forget why they’re on the field…..we have a beta too, Jasper. And they are just as responsive as goldfish, no matter what anyone says. xxKaren

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    Margy Eastman

    I feel your pain, Cathy. Those last minute losses are so painful. Time heals all wounds – about a week did it for me.

    Go Pack!

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    Sad finish to a great season but I didn’t want to have to pick between Brett and Peyton. I’m such a Peyton kind of gal! And that photo of Aidan is too cute.

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    If you ever wonder if you have any influence over your teenager…you clearly do in the fashion color department. She’s adorable in vintage.

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    I don’t know how you ever manage to put your camera down with such willing beauty to capture…

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    Your ‘little’ 1-3 is turning into a beautiful young woman πŸ™‚
    And yes, you ARE lucky she’s still willing to pose for the camera!!

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    Another ‘Who dat?’! Sorry, no pity here! It’s a first time superbowl for us…we’ve waited a loooong time.

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    Wendy in ND

    Oh Cathy,
    your DD is really growing up! She is such a beautiful girl…you will be so surprised at how fast time goes now….pretty soon she will be 21 and having a drink with ya!!! It seams like only yesterday my 2 girls were this age….how fun, and I really swear, it seems like yesterday…….

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    I feel your pain Cathy. It’ll be another week until I can even bear to read Monday’s sports section. I’m a Viking fan living in Green Bay, so I also have to endure all of the bitter, gloating Packer fans.

    And also, I do love the pics of your daughter and how her personality seems to shine through in your photographs.

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    I didn’t get a wink of sleep after that Viking’s loss. I was just starting to like Favre after years of despising him as a Packer . . . and now this. Ugh.

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    Oh to be young again and look like an (age appropriate and completely innocent) rock star even as you are standing around in your bathrobe cleaning a fish bowl.

    Sigh …

    I would take me an hour and full makeup to even THINK about appearing on a blog in my jammies these days …

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    Still feeling the pain here. Been a life long Vikings fan.

    I can’t handle this loss or see the joy of a great season because the refs bet us in overtime not the team that won.

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