Come to Mama

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Oh, Mama. Can you feel it? Can you? Oh, I can feel it.

And do you know what it feels like?


It feels like Twenty-Ten, baby. And the future is now. I EMBRACE MODERN LIFE!



(I mean, seriously…look at how far it's come:)


The only thing that's really changed besides the treadmill? My picture of Neil Finn at the finish line is on a different wall.


I'm coming, Neil! Mama is coming!

For those who are curious, I bought a Sole F63 treadmill. I bought mine for $899 at Dick's.

LOVE Dick's!

(Okay, that sounded all kinds of wrong, still…)

I'm off to work out now… check back tomorrow for a lovely sponsor giveaway day.

Cathy ZielskeCome to Mama

44 Comments on “Come to Mama”

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    Your Dick’s comment doesn’t sound as bad as one my son made a few years ago. (He’s 8 now.) I guess he assumed all sporting goods stores were “Dick’s.” After a trip to an actual Dick’s (a huge, 2-story store in a mall), he informed us on the ride home that he liked “big Dicks best.” !!!
    Good luck with the workouts.

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    I know about that word, I’m married to a Richard who goes by the nickname. His cards are signed, Your Dick. As he said, Well it is yours…

    Nice equipment there Cathy. We have no space in our house for such but I now have the new city gym 5 min away and our winters aren’t MN winters – except for this coming weekend!

    May we both keep working straight through to our goals.

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    This is proof you are truly committed to getting into shape. You will do it. I had a friend who unthinkingly googled Dicks with her kids while looking for some kind of sporting goods equipment. Enough said.

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    Susan Raihala

    We’ve had a Sole for a year (DH is an Ironman Triathlete…I canNOT compete with that!). We’ve both enjoyed it (he runs, I walk), and it’s worked great. Congrats on your new baby!

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    I wonder if there is a flickr group dedicated to treadmills that tucked into a corner of the house. I always think I’m the only one running into a wall. Obviously, I’m not!

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    A TV makes every home gym beautiful. SOLE is a great brand – happy work-out!

    My friend & I were working out with a personal trainer & said that we should go out for a lunch date sometime for “Dick’s & pedicures” …. go to the sporting goods’ store & get pedicures. My friend was sipping water & laughed so hard that she spewed water all over the big plate glass window at the gym. I guess you had to be there…

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    Who is this Neil Finn? Must Google.

    And please, enjoy all of the new visitors your blog will now get from yelling, “I love Dicks!”

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    Okay, laughing until my side hurts here. Last month I nearly gave my mother a heart attack when she asked me what I had spent my birthday money on she had sent me. I told her I spent it all on some Dick’s stuff (new running tights, etc.). She was really quiet… Oh my.

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    Here’s my Dick’s story…..

    I live in Ga and my cousin lives in SC and we visited the Dick’s in her town. Later someone was asking about our trip and my reply was “I didn’t like their Dick’s”

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    Cynthia Friese-Hassanein

    Tee Hee !!!!!! Go you on the Dicks purchase. That is quite a machine. That all sounded so sick:) Well, you know what I mean! LOL. Girl, I watched the Video from class last night and your face looked slimmer:) the work is paying off. So, proud. Keep going!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Sweet. Looks like I’m off to give my credit card a workout as well. But, hey, if you’re gonna sweat, you might as well do it in style. Psst…I watched the DYL video too last night, and I all your blood, sweat and tears…it is definitely working. Jog on!

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    YAH for you, Cathy! I’m right there with you! I am even using your template from DD to document my own personal battle…I mean–journey! We can do it.
    LOVE Dick’s…funny 🙂
    Thanks for the chuckle.
    Sharon Trumble

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    thank you for bringing such laughter into my day! your post and everyone’s comments brightened up my day. now i am off to run…thanks for the motivation i needed today!

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    I’m biting my tongue – or whatever the typing equivalent is!
    Just wanted to say you got a great price on your new treadmill at – – – um, that nice sporting goods store! Amazon’s best price was $100 more.
    Thanks for the ongoing inspiration and laughter!
    – Lee

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    Hi Cathy,

    Good for you!! This will make it even easier for you to workout. I love it but have no room for it my house. It’s amazing how everything in this world changes in a few years. Always making things bigger, faster, better. Have fun running.

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    Cathy, didn’t know your entry for today was just to give me a good laugh but it was actually to prepare me to help my nine year old daughter with her homework. I was surfing the web when she came up to me and said she needed the computer. When I asked why she said “I need to google the word climax.” I was floored and again asked why. Well,it out turns she was writing a story and wanted to know what the word meant in relation to plot development and story telling. I was careful to direct her to a kid friendly dictionary online site. The crazy thing was, the word orgasam came up. Good thing she didn’t ask what that meant!

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    I swear I thought the console of the treadmill was the electronic battleship game, and I couldn’t figure out what it had to do with your home gym….LOL!!! The programs look like the battleship pieces!! Congrats on the upgrade 🙂

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    Cathy did you see what Karen Russell did to her treadmill. She made a desk around it so that she can work on her computer while she walks. The melding of two worlds…hmmmm.

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    Love the piccy of Neil, must make one with Donny for myself. My question is, what are you gonna do with Neil when you reach the finish line??

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