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While we're on the subject of Titanic…

What you need to know is that Cole tossed out his work from my first post about this. The deck area wasn't level. All that work? Into recycling.

He started over and what you see above? Ta-da!


(Um, Cole…I know you're being all creative and what not, but what ever happened to just using a glue stick?)

Remember people, that Kokuyo? It's like gold


Cathy ZielskeTa-Da!

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    Kris Van Allen

    That is a great Titanic! Gotta tell ya, my first thought was “Cathy is letting him use her Kokuyo???”

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    Kristi K.

    Amazing kid you got there! An inspiration to us all 🙂

    My 10-year-old daughter has been sneaking into my craft room, and yes, she has been caught using my Kokuyo, Xyron adhesive AND Stickles on her valentines. 30 valentines = $30+ in supplies.

    She’s darn lucky that I love her so much… LOL!

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    You also said he is using Bazzill — !!! Whatever happened to construction paper and scotch tape?
    Amazing project … isn’t it great that as crafty moms all of the necessary product to complete projects is at hand?!?

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    You let him use your Kokuyo?! Wow, you’re the BEST mom ever, CZ! 🙂

    And yes, I have a kid like that… the starting-over-to-get-things-just-right kind of kid. Fortunately for him, I totally get the need to do it just right, so I don’t cringe too, too much when heaps of stuff ends up in the recycling bin. I don’t think I’ve bred the obsessive-compulsive perfectionism in him… I’ve been careful not to. I’m guessing it’s inherited or something. 😛

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    Stephanie, from reading your little blurbs about the things your girls say to you, I’m guessing you’re well on your way! Your girls remind me of my super-creative 7 y/o son when he was little. 🙂

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    Cathy, I spotted that Kokuyo before I read on – and my thought was, “Cole, use a glue stick, that Kokuyo is like gold.” Too funny.

    VERY impressive ship building!!

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    Great project…and speaking of Kokuyo…I am a new convert. I followed your sad tales of their “demise” and then the rediscovery and I gave it a try. I am a convert. Big time! I hide mine from the kids!

    As always, thanks for sharing!

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    Looks like you’ve got an engineer in the making! Very cool. How cool that he can focus from start to finish with such high standards for himself!

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    My daughter love the titanic too. This is soooo cool he has so much talent and it is soo cool that he does stuff like this. Have you taken him to see the titanic exhibit at the science museum? it was pretty neat.


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    “lots…of….tape…” that cracked me up! good on you for letting him be creative so many mum’s would have gone “no! go play on your xbox!” or suchlike!

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    I am totally in awe! Did he do the whole thing with no patterns???? Very impressive no matter what! Great attention to detail…loved the rudder demo!

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    Cole is awesome. I helped my daughter make a garbage truck last year for a school project, and I am now ashamed of my ineptitude.

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    The crafting aside it was the intro and singing sound that really started it off. What a legacy! My children have been home due to snow, therefore they have also been listening to the DIY and LOM video/slide presentations. The recognize your voice and comment on how much fun I am having. Thanks Jill B

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    Love the story, but the video was the best. This reminds me of when my kids were small. I always encouraged them to be creative, although it was often messy and costly. I just love the relationship you have with your kids. Your son is a hoot. Don’t lose this video, you can only imagine how much you will treasure this in 15 years. And can I say, watching Cole is like watching a mini Cathy?

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    Coleman – my man – you ROCK!! Awesome job dude –

    but uhm where is that cage thingy that Leonardo and Kate pretended they were flying in?? (KIDDING!!)


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    Erica K

    Oh my! That was too cute! Or should I say awesome and impressive… 😉

    I just don’t see my kids doing anything like that. Hmm, maybe I should give my son the video camera we never use…

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    Remember that scene in Back to the Future when Doc Brown is showing Marty the unbelievably detailed model of Hill Valley, and apologizes that “it’s not to scale?”. Yeah, that’s what I thought of when I saw this. What a passionate, awesome kid you have. However, I do take exception 😉 that there isn’t a little tiny Jack and Rose on the prow (?stern) of the ship. He could have used lego, I guess, but then it wouldn’t have been to scale…

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    Oh, he’s too busy right now re-creating the scene with the old couple laying on their bed, while “Nearer to God My Thee” is playing in the background.

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    I took my daughter when she was 12 to see Titanic, she sobbed all the way home. She was so upset that Jack died. She felt that Rose had more body fat and could have survived in the water. She has never watched it again – just a tad melodramatic.

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    Suzy Coborn

    That’s just the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time! What a neat kid you’ve got there! I know you are so proud you can’t stand it. And I love seeing the old pictures of you…you’re daughter is a spitting image of the early you!

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    You are renting the slide for his birthday aren´t you? After that masterpiece I think he deserves it. Tell Cole I am rooting for him. I might even send you my own Power Point Presentation of why you should rent him the slide.

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    That is completely amazing! I have to admit, I kept thinking that if my son had been like that I’d never have had to help with school projects! We’re both model-making-challenged!

    I think Cole definitely deserves that slide for his birthday (the Powerpoint presentation alone was pretty persuasive!)

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    Cathy I have to say…you have one seriously kick-ass son. And I feel qualified to make that call considering I have four pretty awesome boys of my own. I crack up anytime you feature Cole in your blog. He’s great.

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    Debbie McIntyre

    That was just wonderful. I’m so impressed that your son put this together. Loved every minute of this beautifully done presentation. Most impressed by the knowledge of boat lingo;port, starboard and bow of the boat. But my favorite was the English accent; that was so stinkin’ cute!! Seriously…how proud are you of your multi-talented boy? That was great!

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    Cynthia B.

    OH my heck! This is incredible! Not only the awesome Titanic model (which, BTW, he should really credit your adhesive instead of “lots of tape 😉 – but the stop motion video rocks! Love that he put everything in the bathtub…I like R2D2 leaving the ship w/ the other “passengers” too.
    And please thank him, because he even credited the stop-motion application…I’m passing that info on to my own son, who’s done a 30 sec. video of “The Turning of R2D2” – but nothing like this (yet). I’ll show him Cole’s video. A boy’s gotta have goals, I tell ‘ya.

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    Patty N

    I’ve gotta say- that boy rocks big-time. I loved that he played Nearer My God to Thee as the background to the action and the old couple- – got a little fuzzy there for a minute. Amazing model, and loved the movie. Passion like that will take him far, in whatever direction he goes. Cole- great job!!

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    Love the video that Cole did! How did he create that? I would love to see some of my middle schoolers create such a creative movie in my classes.

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    What an incredible kid that Cole is! I don’t have any boys in my house, just a husband and 2 teenage girls. Could I borrow yours? He’s too cute!

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    Look forward to seeing Cole’s name in the credits of a movie coming soon to theaters everywhere!

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    Sherry G

    That boy is AWESOME! Spielburg (sp?) should be very worried. The bathtub scenes were the best. The accents were spot on too.

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    Ali W

    Thanks for sharing Cathy – it gives me inspiration for what I need to teach my 8 year old! I was wondering if you could please tell me what the software is that he uses an maybe other resources. I have an iMac and MacBook so 8 yo can use those, but do I ned more software? Thanks

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    Cole totally Rocks! Film camp for summer…..George Lucas is right here in my own backyard in SF…we have to get him to see Coles work…or Matt Damon they would greenlight or searchlight whatever their little nonprofit film thing is…Its perfect for a young man like your son ! Will he be a tester for my new website and then make a video about it? I am serious…its about climate change and kids changing the world! email me at sharondf@sbcglobal.net I want get this guy connected to other kids…they are our future creative minds and all!

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    Coleman, can you get your butt over to California and teach Drew and Nate how to make stop motion videos? Scratch that. Can you come to California and teach ME how to make stop motion videos?


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    What a talented, amazing, down to earth, just plain marvelous child you’ve got there! I’m going to play both vid’s for my 5 year old son who will also be in awe of Cole’s talents.

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    carol in seattle :)

    That kid of yours? BRILLIANT! (but I’m sure you already knew that.) I’ll admit to getting a little teary seeing the old couple in bed with the water rising. I’m such a sap!

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    Lynnette C.

    That was truly the best example of creativeness in a kid that I’ve seen for a long long time! I actually expected to see face-down lego people floating around at the end but was kinda glad there wasn’t! Loved it and thanks so much for sharing it! And get the boy the slide!

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    I have now watched both of these once on my own, then watched them both with my hubs and Max….. and Max is still in there watching the legos for about the 3rd time. He keeps rewinding. At one point he stopped, came running out and said, “HE HAS R2!!” Max is newly WAY into legos, so Cole is now Max’s lego hero! 🙂

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    Deb J

    You have one cool and smart kid there. It will be interesting to see what he ends up doing as an adult. Great job COLE!!!!

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    Whitney P

    Cole rocks! Excellent job with the cardstock ship, and even better with the Lego reinactment. Did I spot R2D2?! He certainly has creativity!

  40. #78

    Gosh, that scene in the still makes me bawl. I have to put it out of my head. *Breathe*

    But, Cole rocks!

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    OMG, that kid of yours is AMAZING!!! Dude, he TOTALLY deserves the Titanic jumping-thing after demonstrating such fascination, and complete creativity in his projects and videos.

    By the way, as the ship was sinking (in the bathtub) was Cole gargling water in the background?

    You’ve got SUCH NEAT KIDS!!!

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    I laughed…I cried…and my boys/lego enthusiasts will be viewing together tomorrow which I’m sure will inspire another disaster movie/lego drowning at our house. thanks for sharing.

  43. #81

    Cathy your son is to talented & creative (runs in the family huh)? I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up a film director in Hollywood!

  44. #82

    I think I only comment when your kids make movies. I am dying right now… what a clever young man. I am so impressed!

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    sara lambert

    Amazing, must have taken him hours! Our family has just sat and watched it, especially loved by my Lego/Star wars mad 8 year old son who kept spotting lego characters!

  46. #84

    Fantastic videos. Have to say I prefer Cole’s version to the KW and LD version, I’m so glad he left out all their “major scenes” but kept the one romantic moment that truly got me blubbing. Awesome. And being a Brit, that’s not a normal word for me to use 🙂

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    Valerie Spence

    I’m looking forward to showing my eldest (11) that lego video. They’ve been learning stop motion in Art at school and he is SO into making stop motion lego videos and Cole’s one is sure to inspire.

    Way back when you posted the Lego A Day website he (my eldest) spent days creating his own little scenes. He took photos, printed off captions and then I helped him make it into a mini book (with the bind-it-all).

    What Cole has done is genius and I love how he obsesses over things for a while. I wish our 2 could hang out but we’re in Scotland!

    The replica ship is magnificent btw and I’m another one voting for hiring that Titanic slide for Cole!

  48. #86

    Cole, that is amazing! I enjoyed both your movies. Especially the LEGO one. Love your special effects. And thanks for teaching me (I never knew the ocean had dots where the Titanic sank).

  49. #87
    Valerie Spence

    BTW Cathy we’re facebook friends and if you look at my photos you’ll see the photos I found on my camera one morning – lego men in unusual postions around the house, (in the freezer, wedged between his drum cymbals, half buried in plant pot soil and lots more that are amusing!)

  50. #89

    Are you freakin’ KIDDING ME with that stop motion animation? TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL, Coleman. Super awesome amazing! (But keep going to school.) 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you do as you grow up, so make sure your mom keeps blogging, okay? 🙂

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    Alison M.

    Can you clone him? I want one!! We have all girls in our family, and I miss not having Legos and all that fun boy stuff around the house.

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    Tiffany Rosson

    I adore that boy! Cole is so smart and funny. I can’t wait to see more fun projects from Cole’s amazing mind.

  53. #96

    My 4 year old daughter is in awe of Cole! She’s in her room trying to construct a boat out of paper just like Cole’s. LOL! Her model isn’t 3-D but I figure it’s just a matter of time before she decides to make me help with it. 🙂 Cole did a great job on his model! My 8 year old will be wanting to make a lego video if I ever let him see Cole’s!

  54. #98

    I’m so glad to see someone else allowing their kids to use the “good” scrapbooking supplies! It’s just “stuff” right??!

    Favorite moment: AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! (Only because I holler the same flourish when I want to illustrate how awesome something is!)

    Cole: He’s a keeper!

  55. #99

    Oh, my gosh. Cathy, tell Cole that this is surprisingly emotional. Who would have thought that a movie made with legos would make me cry? I’m sitting at my desk at work (it’s okay-it’s lunch time) and I just finished watching Cole’s movie. I got to the part with the older couple in bed with the water rising and started getting all teary-eyed. This is really phenomenal.

  56. #100
    Mary Mitchell

    Wow….I too got choked up when the music was playing, the water was rushing in and the couple were laying together in the bed.
    Cole did an awesome job…..there could be film school in his future !!
    You just had to laugh out loud when he said…”Tape….lots of Tape”. It was priceless

  57. #102
    Carol at Kal

    This video and all its components is absolutely amazing. Congratulations to Cole for his artistry and creativeness. Withoout a doubt we will be hearing from this young man in the future.

  58. #103
    Karen Poirier-Brode

    Love this. Reminds me of the movies my eldest did with too many poor GI Joes and ketchup. A Siddhartha movie in the 9th grade was valuable academically so do keep encouraging the creativity. I’m very pleased with my now 37 yo. (Of course, like any Mom I’m pleased with all my children, no matter what they have accomplished in life). Art does hold a special place for us. I agreed to purchase a new camera battery for my youngest yesterday when he said that his no longer charged. He regretted he did not have a chance to capture the way the morning light hit the daffodils in the art vase on kitchen table. Just saying that made my heart flutter (and had me reaching into my purse, as usual! LOL!)

  59. #104

    Oh Cathy, I think I saw this post before you added the video. AMAZING! Tell Cole that I am a huge fan–unless, of course, you think that will go to his head. Oh…tell him anyway. Wow!

  60. #105

    Look out Hollywood! I think you better get him that slide for his birthday and a case of Kokuyo. Thanks for sharing that.

  61. #107

    Hi, I’m Lewis. I watched your LEGO movie of the Titanic sinking and was really impressed. I’m a LEGO fan myself. I really wonder how you did that. I only saw your hand a single time! It’s really pretty cool.

  62. #108
    Judy Sanza

    Lucky kid! A family and household that allows him to be totally free and creative. Good parents.

    He is one cool dude (in the language of my grandkids).

    I am, G-ma

  63. #112

    WOW! That was a great 4:25 Cole… great work. I esp loved that R2D2 & C3PO made cameo’s. You have a very bright future ahead of you. Keep it up.
    Momma Cathy, you should be proud.

  64. #115

    Lots of Tape! WoW….Let this kid rent the Titantic blowup slide for his birthday! Incredible!!!

  65. #116
    Wendy aka: Happy2bhere

    Wow! Can I ask how many photos I should expect to take to make a lego short movie like this? This is amazing? Now you know why I’m a bit behind on my layouts in your class. You have a Mac. Was this done on IMovie?

  66. #117
    Rachel B.

    Oh, Cathy! Do you know who Cole reminds me of? Matthew Broderick in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. He is so adorable! I have a 10-year-old daughter and I just know that they would hit if off. What say we do an arranged marriage? You have the BEST family! Love y’all!

  67. #119
    Jane Toft

    Just came over here from a post on Design Your Life Class… Brilliant! As a Brit I’m impressed with your British accent Cole! We don’t all speak so ‘posh’ as Kate Winslet but you did a great job. Sound the end of your ‘t’ s when you say ‘tha-t’ and you can become a Future James Bond!

  68. #123

    oh, lawdy, that was awesome! funny, morbid, touching, witty! Cole’s a rockstar! what a way to spend a weekend! rock on, little dude!

  69. #126

    oh my goodness – this post was pure joy to me … I can’t imagine how proud you must be of that young man. So clever and so darned FUNNY. The videos were priceless I am so glad you added them.
    Tell Cole he is a ‘genius’ !!!

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