Tales from the Scale: now with more Omega-3s. And hope!

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Okay, I lied about the Omega-3s.

But I'm TOTALLY telling the truth on the hope part!

It's been a full month since I've been back in the saddle. I realize I just posted about it a few weeks back, but this is in BLOG time people, roll with me!

Last Saturday marked the end of my first month on Weight Watchers online. I figured I would report to you straight away, lest you think all of my Tweets about working out were just a big old smoke screen of sweaty lies.

I suppose I could write about everything, but first things first, you want to see the results, yes? The proof? The documentation? So be it: (click on layout to see it larger)

Month 2 

Awww yeah, baby. 10.5 pounds in the first month.

Now before you smart nutrition-minded health nuts start thinking: But Cathy, that is WAY too much for one month, let me tell you this: the first 5 were practically a gimme simply by not shoveling all of the crap that I was putting into my body. Seriously. I knew that alone would account for some serious puff reduction.

I have been hitting my points range every day (22 points for my weight and height). I've been eating tons of steamed veggies, and lean proteins, and fruits. I've been drinking water and lots of herbal tea. But the key for me? I've worked out all but 1 day during this first month.

I've given 30 or more minutes each day to my body and made it move. My workouts include jogging and power walking on a treadmill (jog 20 minutes, power walk 10) and light weight lifting. Just this week I'm adding a yoga routine in from a DVD my neighbor loaned me. I'm averaging about 12,000 steps a day, tracking that on my new Timex pedometer.

I'm basically a straight A student right now. I'm looking at moving my body as non-negotiable. 

The reward is not only in the numbers. I'm wearing a pair of Size 14 Target jeans that were just a hair too tight before, and now are a bit loose in the tushka.

I realize that not every month will be filled with this type of result, but I have to take a lot of pride in feeling that so far, I'm doing pretty dang good.

How is your journey going? Have you joined in with me? Because based on the comments last time, a whole mess of you were gearing up to.

Remember, you can document your journey right along with me using this template, or this one. And for those of you who can't bear the thought of taking a picture of yourself, then take a picture of your workout clothes, or your shoes, or a bottle of waterβ€”anything to signal the start or continuation of a fitness journey.

And for those of you who think it's brave to post a shot of yourself in workout gear or talk numbers, here's what I think: it's just a number, and it's just a body. I realize if I had 100 more pounds on my frame I would very likely sing a different tune, but I believe you have to own what is yours in an effort to change it.

For better or worse, that's what I'm doing here. And lest we not forget, it failed spectacularly last year.

This year? I'd say things are looking up.


Cathy ZielskeTales from the Scale: now with more Omega-3s. And hope!

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    Madeline St Onge

    Cathy 10.5 lbs is not to much to loose the first month, when I started back to WW last april I lost 6lbs the first week. WW rules are 1 to 2 lbs per week AFTER the first couple of weeks.
    I am very proud of you girl, keep up the good work

  2. #5

    Go baby go! What a great job you have done in the first month. Keep up the good work. If you do fall off the wagon, don’t beat yourself up about it. Just pick up where you were before

  3. #9

    Congrats Cathy! You are off to a great start- after all i have been through over the past 1.5 years you would never recognize me.

    Stay Focused!!!! I am proud of you because I know the obstacles that have been in your way…


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    Shanon Gibson

    Congrats Cathy! You are a rock star! I have lost 7 lbs in the past 3 weeks with Weight Watchers online but have yet to add in a work out program. My excuse? I don’t have a treadmill or access to a gym. Not a good excuse but something I am working on. My sweet husband promised me a treadmill this month and I am holding him to it. He will be back from a 7 month deployment this week and he can have some quality time with his daughters while I workout and enjoy a few minutes to myself. Thanks for sharing so much of this journey with us.

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    Wow Cathy! That is fantastic. I am personally going the other direction and have gained 10 lbs but that will change very soon.

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    Jo Sowerby

    congrats cathy on the achievements this month. i was meant to start but got Swine flu…….oink!!! :((. Am looking forward to our next DYL class video to see the increasing weight loss live! Loving the class so far and also reading ur books…..wow ur talented. Does that sounds stalkerish?
    Jo xxx

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    wow cathy congrats on the weight loss. i’m going to join you ! i have been putting this off since the first of the year. i’m going to change that. i love your idea to scrapbook your journey. here is my blog maybe everyone can encourage each other to have a healthy new life πŸ™‚

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    That is awesome! The difference is totally noticeable in the photos! I did WW last year and lost 42lbs from beg Jan-end Apr then stopped 2lbs short of my goal. I have gained 19lbs back now and need to do something about it before it’s back to square one.

    Maybe I will do the photo thing tomorrrow morning and do a workout journal like you are doing. I have hardly any motivation compared to last time around but maybe if I just get back into the habit of points again it will be okay.

    You are totally inspirational!

  9. #22

    Way to go Cathy!
    My hubby and I joined WW a few weeks ago. I really wasn’t going to re-join this time but my hubby asked me with a sweet smile. So, we have actually been doing pretty good. I am amazed at my progress. And at my committment so far. For some reason WW seems different this time. I am thinking the amazing leader and having my hubby along for the ride. My jeans are getting loose and I LOVE LOVE that feeling. I am thinking one day this week I will start to move my body more. The gym is calling. I am thinking I may take a photo soon!
    I found some old WW recipes and I may make something to hold them in. Good luck!

  10. #24

    Congratulations! Way to go…you are radiant and your body is lovin’ all of the attention. Thank you for the reminder that it really is about EVERYDAY and it really is NON NEGOTIABLE…I negotiate way too much at the beginning and am only at a good loss point due to a bout of stomach flu!

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    Missus Wookie

    Congratulations! That first month is a kicker and the 10.5lbs whoo hooo πŸ™‚

    My goals have also moved to the non-negotiable stage, after my baby brother died last month… not even reaching his 40th later this year. Makes everything a little bit more urgent somehow.

  12. #28
    Jamie Danford

    YAY for YOU C! I’m only down four pounds in the last four weeks, but I had a bad munchy week thanks to my you-know-what and gained two pounds back. However this past Friday’s weigh in showed good results, and I’ve finally committed to excercising five out of seven days a week. I’m planning on seeing 146 this Friday’s weigh in. πŸ™‚

  13. #29

    Congrats! Very happy to hear that this is going well for you. I don’t think I have lost anything, or at least the pants aren’t fitting any better. I’m trying but it’s obviously not enough. We have bought an elliptical machine, we just need to get it home. Hopefully that will make a difference.

  14. #31

    ROCK ON!!!!!!! I’m managing a pound a week, and I’m good with that. Keep it up. A rewarding first month really sets the mood and keeps you going. πŸ™‚

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    Kelly Jo

    that is so great! I love the documentation of it because it keeps you on track.
    I don’t think 10.5 is unreasonable at all. I too started taking care of myself and just the sheer sense of what I’m cutting out and incorporating a little exercise on that, it’s easy to drop fast at first. Now, just to keep the momentum going!
    Keep it up!!

  16. #33

    So very proud of you Cathy! Tip: make sure you drink a glass of milk every single day! or take enough calcium to supplement the nutritional value of it. Honestly..it really helps. I promise.

  17. #40

    Amazing job Cathy. Keep it up. You are definately inspiring me. Working with others really helps.

  18. #43

    WOW!! That’s GREAT Cathy, I’m so happy for you. I know I haven’t lost that much but am feeling stronger and more energy everyday. Mayb I need to go get a treadmill. Keep up the good work, the 2nd picture really shows a difference. Good job.

  19. #44

    Cathy, this is AWESOME! I’m gonna get back on that train after a long break. Someone asked me the other day if I was pregnant. That would be…. ahem….. HELL NO! But it was a good wakeup call and probably more of a gift than she knew. Thanks for posting your journey. You’re a real inspiration to a lot of people out there.

  20. #46
    Amy H

    Congrats! I think I am going to join in on a similar journey. I love how you are documenting it! Thanks for the inspiration!

  21. #47
    Sara G

    Great job! Thank you for sharing and the inspiration. I have been doing WW online for about 6 months now.

  22. #50
    Becca Groves

    Can’t wait to keep tracking with you! If these posts aren’t motivational, I don’t know what is!! I’m off to drink a tall glass of water. πŸ™‚

  23. #51

    Thanks for being willing to share your process with us.
    And thanks for your “today’s exercise is done” Tweets. I see them and think Yikes, I have to get my derriere in gear too!
    I guess that means you are leading a unique, worldwide aerobics class!
    – Lee

  24. #53

    Way to go Cathy! I’ve been having a hard time myself, but am ready to climb back on the wagon with you! Here’s to reaching your goal by your birthday!

  25. #55
    Deb J

    Good for you, Cathy! Keep it up. I’m down 22# but have been at it longer. It’s just a one-day-at-a-time thing.

  26. #61

    Congrats to you… and yes I joined you last week! I did WW last year but fell off the wagon so to speak so need to lose a few pounds again. I’ve lost 3 lbs this week! I love WW!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  27. #62

    Awesome! This is not easy I know, so congratulations on all your hard work. I started exercising too, but injured my knee and had to stop. I was bummed!! But it’s getting better and I hope to be back at it soon. I would love to lose 10 lbs. in one month. I’m going to keep trying. Good work Cathy!

  28. #63
    Jen K.

    Good for you, Cathy! I have friends on WW and when you stick to the plan you REALLY do lose weight! Way to go!

  29. #67

    You did good! I can definitely see a difference. I’ve been struggling–only lost 2 pounds in the first month. However, this morning I went to the dentist and was told my crown has a hole in it and has to be replaced. So, here I am with temporary crown and instructions of what NOT to eat. Looks like I’m on soup, oatmeal, ground beef, and soft veggies for a month until the permanent crown gets cemented in. Let’s see what that will do!

  30. #68

    Putting your numbers out there is no big deal. If anyone can see you they can see the extra jiggle in your wiggle. Anyone who’s talked with firends or bounced around with weight themselves can roughly guess what many people weigh anyway.
    Good luck (to both of us) on your continued journey. 10lbs the first month is great, not too much. The first few weeks are the biggest as you detox off all the crap.

  31. #69
    Sarah MacKenzie

    Super first month! Thank you for sharing both your story and your templates with us. I am joining you on this journey and even set up my camera and took photos last month and wrote up my first template with them and my not so fabulous at the moment numbers (and I am in the 100+lbs to lose category, so I really wasn’t excited to see myself in print, but I took the photos anyway – I can’t keep hiding from the camera the rest of my life). Keep up the awesomeness and we’ll all look forward to seeing you even healthier next month!

  32. #83
    Heather P

    Way to go Cathy!! Awesome job! My first month wasn’t as successful as your. I caught a tummy bug and faltered for a week. But now I’m back at it. In fact, I soon as I hit post on this comment, I’m hitting the exercise bike. Thanks for continuing to be so inspiring!!!

  33. #84

    The great thing about Weight Watchers is that they really teach you how to change your eating style, forever. That is the way to lose weight, by making life style choices to eat right and exercise regularly. And the more you do it, the more your body craves the right things to eat. It is a circular cycle that works. Don’t do the exercise, no way Jose it will not work! Congrats on your 10.5 pound weight loss! Keep it up!
    Aloha, Kate

  34. #88
    Julia Spencer

    Awesome! I’ve joined in… I’m even posting my layouts on my blog once a month… Although I’ve taken a different strategy in my journaling. I’ve wanted to conquer the emotions behind my weight issue… Kinda like counseling for my “butt”… πŸ™‚ LOL! I want to get to the core of my over-eating while making physical changes to my diet, exercise, etc… So… It’s been 1 month now, and the only changes I see right now are emotional. But that is my goal.. My purpose in this journey. And I’m ok with that for this month. πŸ˜‰

  35. #90

    Congratulations!!! That is so great. And you’re so brave to share those photos with the world, too. πŸ™‚ I started a new excercise mission today and you’re motivating me to keep it up.

  36. #91
    Leah Larson

    Thank you for the post. I joined Weight Watchers too. Last week I did everything right and earned my 28 exercise points. When I weighed in I maintained. Well you can imagine what I was thinking? So this week I have been bummed out. Your post has given me inspiration. For that I thank you.

  37. #96

    great job Cathy! thanks so much for sharing your progress – and your great page layouts πŸ™‚ can’t say that I’m doing good in the “care for me” side of life, but there is hope (as you so graciously reminded me) πŸ˜‰ and right now I’m in the prayer stage still …

    how the heck do you keep up with all these comments?!
    (reading your first clean & simple book right now – page by page – LUV it!!!!)

  38. #97
    amanda gibson

    When I started reading this post I was eating a bag of “low fat” potato chips (you know, the ones that are SUPPOSED to be low fat – and they are lower fat the the regular ones – but they still are totally NOT low fat). Well, guess what? I just threw the bag away – in the outside garbage can (I’m not above grabbing the “untouched by nasty garbage” bag of chips back out of my office garbage can – hey, just being honest here) – anyway, YOU totally inspired me to do that. I’m on week four of weight watchers and I have to say I’m really struggling. And it pisses me off – because the last time I did weight watchers? I lost 90 pounds. And in the two years that I wasn’t doing weight watchers I only gained about 5 pounds back – but I also never met my goal weight. So now I’m back to trying for the goal weight….only I’m also going through a divorce…..and I just finished a low-grade chemo that is just now making my hair fall out. So, basically, my life sucks and I know that if I don’t do weight watchers now I would totally be spiraling out of control in the “eat whatever you see and will fit into your mouth” department.

    So, long story short – thanks for inspiring me to throw away the chips. It’s a small step – but at least it’s a step in the right direction, huh? Next step….not avoiding the two mile run I have planned for tonight.

    Way to go on the 10 pounds!!

  39. #99

    Way to go, Cathy !! Usually 2 or 2.5 lbs a week is a good weight loss goal and you’ve done it. If and when a week or month comes that you didn’t lose as much as you hoped remember that you are still doing the right thing for your body and yourself. I bet you have more energy too!
    Keep it up – we are all rooting for you

  40. #101

    Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Way to go. Can’t wait to see how great you will look next month! Thanks for blogging this for us.

  41. #102

    cathy…i am so happy for you! and i am really proud of you. it shows in the pictures and that is fantastic! in my first month, i have lost a total of 4lbs. not much…but, i can accept it and challenge myself more. last week, i started running outside (there is an actual trail around my street-who knew?)and i LOVE it! this weekend, i went to a crop and i munched on the carrots! the chips did not look appealing. it is the little stuff that makes a difference. i truly want to thank you cathy for giving me such motivation! it means so much to me (inside & out).

  42. #104
    A Cold-Water Fish Consumer in Northern California

    My HEART skipped a beat when I thought you were going to FINALLY – F I N A L L Y – cover OMEGA-3s… and then… NOTHING.

  43. #105
    Laura Vanderbeek

    Wow! Cathy, you look GREAT! I need to loose 10 lbs and now seeing what a difference that can make, I’m definitely going for it! That and I want to do the swim part of a triathlon. I’m going to have to add some walking in on the days I’m not swimming. Thanks for the inspiration. I see a huge difference in your attitude too. Last year you were never this chipper.

  44. #107

    Amanda, way to go YOU. I’m sending as much positive vibe energy as i can muster to you. Do the run. One day at a time, sister!

  45. #112

    Your doing great!!! This is really something, what a great idea to keep this journal going… you must be very proud seeing the progress!

  46. #113

    Wow, Cathy, I’m just so happy for you!

    I love your ideas for documenting your journey, and thank you for the files. I have been on WW for 16 months and have lost 97.6 lbs. I’ve been trying to think of a way to document my journey, so this will come in handy!

  47. #114

    I’ve started my journey, but I’m tiptoeing into documenting and sharing the experience. I think it takes a lot of guts to do this publicly. I admire and am inspired by your courage in doing so.

  48. #115

    Isn’t weight watchers just wonderful? It is the only diet that has ever worked for me. I took all my baby weight off after child # 2 and child # 3 on their diet. And usually I averaged about 2-3 lbs a week. And anytime I gain a little weight now (we’re talking anywhere between 3-5 lbs here not the 65lbs I put on when pregnant) I go on the diet for a couple of weeks and it is all gone! All without starving. I love them. And I am so glad it is working for you… πŸ˜€

  49. #116

    Right on Cathy! You’re doing it!! A few months ago I tossed in an exercise routine that is really working for me – here’s my system (in case someone else wants to do the same!!) I’ve tried the treadmill (a neighbor set a one out on the sidewalk w/a free sign), the exercise bike, going for walks, joining a gym, the pool… nothing became a habit or routine, since I had to make time for it, rather than work it into my already busy life. Then one day I discovered how to make my computer screen larger (command + on a mac) so I could read stuff while standing up. One of my daily routines is reading about 5-7 blogs & catching up on email. A light bulb moment – what if I read my daily computer stuff while moving? So now I enlarge everything I want to read that morning, turn on my itunes exercise playlist, pop on the exercise clothes & start dancing, marching, jumping around, all with mouse in hand & reading–in constant motion! I’ve noticed a change in my jean size, and feel so much more fit – but sadly our scale is dead, so I’ve not been able to see whether it’s meant less weight… That hasn’t stopped me from continuing though—I figure anything is better than nothing. Then when I’m able to work a walk into my day too, I count that as just extra bonus exercises sessions. Occasionally I’m so busy, I miss a few days, but at the same time, once life is back to “normal” I’m back moving, since it’s also time to catch-up on my missed blogs & email!

  50. #117

    OMG Cathy! I’m normally a lurker, but I just had to post today. You are doing such a great job. I’m glad you’ve made these changes and are taking care of yourself. I love that you’re putting yourself out there. Keep it up.

  51. #121

    Cathy love this template, soooo simple but I’m not dieting…. can we change the wording on this….maybe a little video on how to do it…..please pretty please!!! I love your digital templates, I don’t do full digital but I’m hybrid now… love that word.

  52. #124

    Awsome girl. I joined a gym right after Christmas and between that and WW, I am down 9 pounds. I NEVER thought I would like getting up and going to the gym at 5AM, but I do. MY time, just me, the treadmill and the morning news. 3 miles and 45 minutes later I can get ready for work and my day feeling great.

    Here’s to all of us and every day that we get closer to our own personal finish line.

  53. #126
    Karen F

    Cathy, Hello from New Zealand, I’m loving being able to catch up on what you are going through when I get to the computer. Met you over here when David from Kiwiscraps brought you over for Crafting Connection. I just wanted to say Keep up the day at a time, awesome journal idea, I have just reached the other end 5 days ago, I reached my WW GOAL weight – have to say it feels great, just about as great as that first pair of pants I could fit into after them being tooooo tight(actually don’t think I could get them on!) Way to go you and here’s to more pants and tops that fit but more importantly that you feel good in! Not sure of the conversion but I lost 14.5kgs but I gained a fantastic feeling of having my self back and being happy!(And of course a much better healthy lifestyle of exercise and good yummy eating!) (even with my one treat a day!)Looking forward to sending you positive vibes. Keep movin

  54. #128
    Maureen in IL

    Way to go Cathy! If I were the cheerleader type, I’d be jumpin’ up & down shakin’ something. But, I’m not, a cheerleader type. I will, however, take my hands away from the keyboard and applaud your success this month! Keep it up.

  55. #129

    way to go.
    first three weeks I am down 4.2, which is a bummer ’cause I was hoping for that bigger week 1/2 bump. But I’m sticking with it. πŸ™‚
    Moving more (and I have the same DVD, cracking it out tomorrow). We’ll see how tomorrow’s weigh in goes.
    kudos to you…and all of us that pass up that piece of pie, or bread, or your particular fat/calories of choice.

  56. #130

    Congratulations, Cathy. That’s super. You inspired me to get to work on getting healthy. I’ve been exercising (mostly Wii Fit stuff but for me, that’s exercikse-I hate to exercise), for the past month. Haven’t seen any weight loss yet πŸ™ but I have noticed that the exercise is easier and I haven’t gained any more weight. I think the clue is I need to stop eating all the chocolate I eat-I’m quite a healthy eater, except for chocolate, which I consume in large quantities.

    Keep up the good work.

  57. #132

    You go girl..I made appointments with friends and family 3-4 x week..we are all walking 1 to 2 hrs walk ..having fun yakking and pushing myself up those hills..I feel better and more motivated..pants looser and if I have a cookie or such no sweat..stop punishing myself..thanks for the help…

  58. #133
    kerri Macdonald

    Great job! Go Cathy Go!Who knows there may even be a rock n roll marathon in your future!

  59. #134

    Bravo Cathy! I am also on the WW program. I lost 75 pounds in the last 2 years but gained 20 back in the last 6 months. It is an ongoing struggle but I want to get to goal this year, FOR GOOD. You are an inspiration. I am getting up at 6AM to go the gym tomorrow morning so I am signing for now.

  60. #135

    your before & after is looking pretty good already – way to go on the 10 pounds cathy!! i started on my way back to health this year & your 1st post with the link to jen’s story was such an inspiration for me! i’ve been working out for 30 mins @ 4mph on the treadmill everyday since mid-jan – its good to feel those muscles working again isn’t it? thanks for being brave enough to post about your journey & show that 40 really can be the new 20!!

  61. #136

    Love Gina’s recipe blog – thanks for sharing that! I’m sticking to my points but need to up the exercise. Have lost about 2kg in 2 weeks and have a bit more energy left at the end of the day, so I don’t always fall asleep on the couch!

  62. #137

    You are smokin! *I* am proud of you, so heavens yes, *you* be proud of you. Wow! Keep up the good work. I’m on a similar path, but much less….dedicated at the moment. You’re a great inspiration though! Congrats again!

  63. #138

    BIG congrats, Cathy! That is awesome. And, I have to say: you should train to run a 5k. If you can do 20 minutes on the treadmill you can do a 5k, and there is something totally motivating about having a race to train for!!!

  64. #140

    way to go Cathy! Isn’t it funny…the first place we always lose it is in the breast! Then we need a quicker, picker, upper (in a smaller size πŸ˜‰ )

    We are rooting for you.


  65. #141

    Wow Cathy, well done you. I planned to loose about a stone over the next 3 months, but this month I’ve found myself drifting along and not pushing myself to achieve my goal. I’m thinking that your approach of taking a photo and measurements would be a really good way for me to get my ‘ass’ into gear. I’ve got to make it happen and I’m going to follow your example.

  66. #142

    Cathy… girl… congrats to you! You look great. keep up the hard work! I just started my little journey too. I’ve been on my eliptical 20mintes a day now for this week… now to keep it up! thanks for the inspiration πŸ™‚

  67. #145

    Jana, what a great idea! Seriously. I’ve heard of CEOs who mount their laptops on their treadmills to get more walking time, but not your cool idea!

  68. #149

    Karen, i remember being there, and i stepped on the scale in the bathroom, and i was all, “WHAT? I only weigh 75 pounds?”

    Took me a minute to remember: oh yeah, Kilos. Not pounds! LOL!

  69. #157

    Way to go! For sticking with it. I have been on WW, my entire life, but most recently since last summer. I lost almost 10 pounds but once September hit I lost control and focus. I’ve been trying to get back on track but I’m resistant and stubborn. Reading this post makes me realize that it works if you work it. I am turning 40 in exactly one month and I need to feel better about myself. Thanks for the inspiration and keep up your efforts.

  70. #158
    Vicky W.

    I am writing this as I sit with my pack of Fig Newtons in front of me. This is after I ate a potato, egg and cheese taquito AND a biscuit with sausage gravy from Whataburger. I cannot keep doing this. I feel like crap.

    I think it is awesome that you have lost 10.5 pounds. You have inspired me to make better choices for myself. And that starts with throwing away the rest of these fig newtons. So if you’ll excuse me . . .


  71. #160

    it was up this week, just a bit, but I do know why…
    instead of giving in I continued to the rec center for treadmill time, which I added late last week.
    sigh.. I didn’t have a Neil Finn poster though. πŸ˜‰

  72. #162

    I honestly believe that WW is the best way to lose the weight. I have a dear friend who started it in June ’09 and as of last Thursday,she has lost over 60 lbs and looks wonderful. Keep up the good work. (BTW, she works out, too…her BFF exercise buddy is Richard Simmons!

  73. #163

    HOLY CRAP! Good for you! I blog stalk you all the time but never felt the need to comment until today! I think you are hysterical and I love your energy! It’s hard to ‘put yourself first’ so pat yourself on the back girl! Awesome! And you are a great inspiration to so many people!

  74. #164

    Great job on the 10 lbs. And congrats on the exercise commitment, that is wonderful. I’ve recently rejoined WW, my (ahem) third time, or is this the fourth? No matter. I am making progress, but also feeling the healthiness of it all. And yes, gotta love that loose jean feel. How sweet it is!
    Check out this recipe from WW called Old Fashioned Chicken Pot Pie…it’s heavenly and so yummy.
    And one other thing you may find interesting…www.dietgirl.org. Its a blog by a woman that lost over 175 lbs. She is so funny and has a book called “The Amazing Adventures of dietgirl”.
    Thanks for sharing your journey.

  75. #165

    I noticed the difference immediately! Great job. You inspired me to work harder to shed a few (actually a lot, but I’ll start with a few) pounds too. I had one of my kids take a photo of me – which is very unflattering and plan to post it where I will see it often as a reminder to put the food down. I also challenged myself to drink 3 large bottles of water a day. I have noticed the last couple of days as I picked up the phone to have people send kids to me, I hung it up and walked to pick the kiddos up so I would get more steps on my pedometer! Thanks.

  76. #168

    Congrats on the loss!
    I’m 28 wks pregnant, so my journey to a former me will not begin for a couple more months! Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

  77. #170
    Kari B. R'ville

    Wow that’s awesome, and you haven’t gained that much back when going it on your own, if you are more conscious of your choices & actions I’m sure you’ll be back on track in no time. Using points again would probably help a bunch. And if you feel you need the extra support going back to WW again might be the extra boost you need.

  78. #171
    Chatty Scrapper - Kari R'ville

    Awesome Cathy! All this while teaching a workshop too, way to go.

    I’m in the Wellness classs with Lisa C. @BPS also a very good class. I like that it is a lifestyle based class not just weight & fitness focused. Like all BPS classes I like the support of fellow classmates & the boards. Plus it incorporates scrapbooking how great is that. Not much change in weight but feeling & eating better and having more energy. Must say I like your template for tracking the journey better than most of the stuff for the Wellness class so I might have to find that to use instead. Or additionally.

    Since class is coming to an end soon I may think of doing WW to help keep me going. Or back to counting carbs like I had to do while PG when I developed gestational diabetes. That worked well for me & was pretty easy. Only gained about 20 pounds during pregancy due to that & cutting out added sugar almost completely (because I had to).

    With being a bit more conscious of what I eat & starting to exercise again somewhat regularly in 6 months am now 10 under prepregnancy weight. Still quite a bit from ideal weight but getting there. ANd I’ve been far from “good” so if I stick with it I’m sure this trend should continue.

  79. #172
    Chatty Scrapper - Kari R'ville

    Great idea.
    I don’t have a way to make mine big enough for me to read while moving without getting motion sick. Though if my hubby could make it so it displays through our projector that’d work. I think we have an extra input spot still. And I’d need a wireless mouse of some sort.

    Even standing would be better than sitting, maybe I should try that for now. Recently I’ve been sitting in a sunny window while online to help perk me up.

  80. #173

    This is so awesome. Go you! I had a great January, lost about 5 pounds. But then I went on a business trip for a week, and got snowed in for another week, ate everything in sight, and gained it all back. =(

    You can see such a difference in your pictures!!

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