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    Love it, you’re so cute. I wanted hair just like that in 1979, but mine wouldn’t flip the right way. I was always jealous of the girls whose hair would flip like that. I think I spent every weekend in 1979 at the roller rink, waiting for Jeff Barron to ask me to skate in the couples skate. He never did.

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    Love this picture! (Might need to go on a layout with a picture of Aidan? Wow, do your 13-year-old selves resemble each other.)

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    Rachel Smith

    I think it’s cute that the shoe-part of the skates have heels…it’s like “Heels on Wheels”! You were, and still are, gorgeous!

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    Oh, my gosh, my husband and I used to do competitive roller skating, too!!! We did novice dance. What long think legs you have. Do you know how much Aiden looks like you? Great photo.

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    For a moment I thought that was your daughter. Then I scrolled down to see the roller skates and realized that it was you. Wow, it is amazing how much she looks just like you.

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    Stephanie Howell

    i don’t even know how to respond to this amazingness.
    you almost make me want to do a “12” post tomorrow with a picture that i found of myself that is EXCRUCIATING to look at.
    also…tacoma? we were stationed at fort lewis for 2 years and lived in lacey!
    off to cut my hair like that. xoxo

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    Oh My gosh. My girlfriend had a think for army dudes, and she used to drive down to Ft. Lewis from Everett just to hook up with men.

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    Jeanne Pellerin

    You look much more mature than 13 . . . and your legs look longer than those of a person who is 5’6″!!!! You sure you’re not older and taller?

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    cindy johnston

    Love that awesome pose Cathy! πŸ˜€ If they would have had a ‘skate club’ type thing when I was that age…I would’ve been all over it! Thanks for sharing your stuff with us all!

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    Debi Gold

    Love it! Especially the 70’s style skating dress…minimal sequins, short circle skirt, mutton-chop sleeves. My first ice skating competition dresses looked just like this. What level were you here? I remember crashing A LOT on axels and double salchows at this age..gawky long teenage legs don’t wanna do what we want them to!!!

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    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought that was Aidan but Tacoma threw me off… Great photo – how about show us how it becomes a great layout?

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    I love the picture. My brother and I danced skated when I was in high school. I loved the tango except when he tried to turn me too much and I was whipped across the floor. Thanks for the memory. Great legs πŸ˜‰

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    Cynthia Friese-Hassanein

    Ok Cathy!!!!!! Love it. I dreamed of being one of the cool teenagers that did competitive roller skating. When I would go skating with my Dad as a kid. I remember them practicing in the center of the rink and hanging out on the back benches. Just being in total ah of there coolness. But, the closest I got to that dream was having roller skating Barbie.

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    Love the photo! You were cool even back then! Dan is a lucky, lucky man! You should seriously do a layout with a photo of you and Aidan at this age. That would be totally cool. You rock!!!

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    Melanie Gleisner

    Oh my!! you and your daughter look alike. @ my home – saying that is taboo!! Thanks for the memories of roller skating days!!

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    Love it! As everyone has already said, so much like Aidan! My 12 year-old daughter does artistic roller-skating and loves it!

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    Total awesomeness! I was a mere recreational skater, but I did rock my blue & white Adidas tennis shoe skates, I must say. And, I was the Skateway roller-limbo champ for all of 6th grade. Good times!

    I suddenly have the urge to make some yarn pompoms and stick a big comb in my back pocket.


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    aahhh, the pure art of the “banana curl”….hours just to get it to look just perfect! blast from the past I tell ya….the banana curl hair…omg!

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    Jennifer Condon

    Oh, I just LOVE this photo! You should have more printed and use them as blog giveaways. I would so frame this and hang it in my studio if I won it. πŸ™‚

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    LoL. I was a skater as well. Went to competitions all over California even the regionals in Bakersfield. I skated for the Skate Palace in Port Hueneme long, long ago. I don’t think I have any photos, I wish I did. Thanks for the memory.

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    I really thought that was Aidan… until I looked further.
    Gotta love the roller skating. It was such the thing to do!

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    Pip Prosser

    I am thinking Xanadu, you know that really BAD movie with Olivia Newton John … have you considered going into hand modelling … so much talent!!

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    Rachel Briggs

    I know everyone has said this already but OMG how much Aiden looks like you. Isn’t that amazing? When you can look at your child (a picture or even the real thing) and see yourself (or someone else in your family).

    My second thought was: 1979, that’s when I was born! (BTW I hate it when co-workers, neighbors call me a baby or sooooo young. Yeah I might be to them but 30 ain’t so young when you really think about it).

    My last thought was, boy do I miss roller skating. That was a weekly thing for me growing up (even through high school). Does anyone still roller skate anymore? Cause I can’t ice skate to save my life!!!

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    i seriously think you are my soul’s older, cooler sister. if only we had lived close to each other, i would have been that annoying younger girl who followed you around with a dreamy look in her eyes…

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    Roz James

    Oh my Cathy, I was a skater (Down Under) too! And the salchow was the only double I was consistent at too lol….actually, I did a few only last October when I put the skates on for a reunion!

    Love this pic! And I have many similar, though mine starred mid/late 80’s-late 90’s style….!

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    Margy Eastman

    So when was your “ugly phase?” It obviously wasn’t when you were 13!

    I just noticed your banner – I’m a pisces, too! Cool! So what are we gonna do once we’ve united? If it involves desserts and/or booze, count me in!

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    I wondered, is it Cathy or Aidan? Does she mind being told how much she looks like her mom? I loved rollerskating. Skating with the boys before we could date. Oh yeah!

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    Hey!! I have pics like that. I used to do competitive roller skating too!! And when I did my legs were skinny too, oh to have those days back.

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