A School Album Solution, 2010-style

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How many of you remember my kids' school albums? A show of hands? Anyone?

The albums were outlined in Clean&Simple: Part Deux, and looked like this:

Original album a
Original album 

Last weekend, I decided to pull out Aidan's album and put the finishing touches on it. Afterall, she's halfway through 8th grade. No time better than the present!

The process was like buttah. I simply pulled out my materials file that held the papers and embellishments I've been using over the years, and printed out my page titles (saved on my computer in a digital document), and got to work.



The best part was updating the title page.


How fun to see at a glance the progression of Pre-K through 6th Grade, all in one spot. (Or heartbreaking. My baby will be off to college soon. HELP MEEEEE!)

Both Cole and Aidan's albums are hybrid in nature; they use bits of computer help to complete the process. I've had numerous requests since I started designing digital templates to create a digital set based on this album design, and that's exactly what I've done. 

For 8.5 x 11 scrapbookers:


And for 12 x 12 scrapbookers:


And now I've got a dilemma. While Aidan's album is essentially done, Cole's album has only been worked on through the 1st grade. The thought of going back, and digging out photos to fill in the photo pages, when I have these brand spankin' new templates right in front of me…well, you see where this is going.

Long story short: I'm switching Cole's over to digital as of Second Grade. Here's what I've got so far:


Ahhhh. So simple. So clean. So dang adorable. I picked out a handful of papers to work with, and set out to quickly capture the year.

Because I organize my photos in month and date categories using iPhoto, finding shots to use on the photos pages was a snap.



The idea behind this whole concept is that you only need 4 pages to document a year but you can add more if you need to. This album idea came from Simple Scrapbooks, the book, and the School of Life concept from Stacy Julian. Those of you who follow Stacy know she's a genius when it comes to a process that is both simple and do-able. Here's the way it lays out in the album:

There is a main title page:


And then the grades follow in spreads:

2ndGradeTitlePage 2nd_photos1 

2nd_photos2 Cole2nd_SchoolPocket 

That's the general idea, but you may be thinking: "Cathy, a pocket page shouldn't be digital, should it be?" And my reply is, "Mine is SORT of digital." Let me show you.

In the digital package, you get a pocket page that looks just like that last image above. You simply print it out onto photo paper, and then build a pocket. Because I am using a digital kraft background, I simply used a real sheet of kraft paper upon which to build the pocket.



The orange looks off in my photos, but rest assured, it really is orange and not rust!

By adding a few brads and putting a line of adhesive on the bottom of the page, I created a pocket page to store just a few things such as report cards, and drawings from the year.

You could also print out your digital background paper separately onto a sheet of photo paper and use it as the base for building your pocket page for a perfect match.

I'm really looking forward to working on Cole's earlier years in this new format. I don't normally go back and re-do my scrapbook pages, but hey, if a scrapbooker can't change her mind once in a while, tell me, then where has the fun gone? Onward!

If you have any questions about this project, please post in the comments and I'll do my best to answer!

SUPPLIES:  School Album Set (Cathy Zielske) • Just Linens No. 4 (Michelle Martin) • Krafty No. 7 Paper Pack, Notebook Paper Pack (Katie Pertiet) • Avenir font • brads (American Crafts)

EDITED TO ADD: I will be creating a Word Art/PNG Pack featuring both higher grade levels to add to the template set, including those of you overseas who go by "Year 1, Year 2" etc. Look for that set this weekend at Designer Digitals.

Cathy ZielskeA School Album Solution, 2010-style

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    I just have to thank you for keeping it simple. Sometimes I lose sight of what scrapbooking is really about. While I worry about the “beauty” of a page it is the pictures that should be the real stars. You remind me that simple can be beautiful. Love your book, btw.

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    These are fab! I have a whole pile of my own school photos that are just crying out to be scrapped and now there is a lazy digital set to basically do the hard job for me, how could I refuse!

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    Brilliant! I too have lost sight of just getting it done. Any album can still look wonderful without every page being a new and original work of “art”. I really should get my kids books done! Thanks (again) for the inspiration and kick in the pants, Cathy!

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    Jennifer L

    Cathy, you ROCK! I’m not sure I’m ready to go full blown digi, but you’ve definitely inspired me to get started on those school albums for my boys. And I love how you labeled the pictures. Thanks again for the inspiration!

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    Cathy, you have totally saved me from the agonising task of trying to scrapbook 7 years of Primary school from scratch for my 11 year old twins. Thank you so much for creating these; I feel like starting RIGHT NOW! In fact I might just do that. Did I mention before how much you ROCK!!!

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    Oh dear, I have just realised the titles wouldn’t work for my kids as our system is Year 1, Year 2 etc. Can these be changed in the templates? Thanks Cathy.

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    You, my dear, well,……..you’re a rock star. I’m not sure I can bring myself to re-doing a school album or not though. DS1 is done through 4th grade and he is now in 6th. What I may do is finish him until 5th grade and then do his middle school years this way. The younger one? Only in 3rd grade and his album is so not done. This has been on my mind……….. thanks Cathy.

    While we’re on this subject…..how about volume 2 with grades 7-12? Pretty please? You could plan ahead for Aidan. Please?

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    Cathy those are great! It’s actually funny you posted these because a bunch of us in Stacy Julian’s Library of Memories class (I’m taking that as well as your Design Your Life right now) were bugging her a couple of weeks ago to do a “school of life” class at BPS to help us deal with all of our children’s school pictures. I’m really not good with digi (don’t have PSE or the computer to run it LOL) but I love the look of those kits!

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    Stephanie Howell

    i swear you are going to make me go over to the dark side eventually. every time i read your blog it makes me want to try digital. this is phenomenal. and his cute lil’ second grade face KILLS me. i taught second grade and that is the best age in the world. love it.
    happy thursday! xo

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    Kristi K.

    About a month ago I built the base pages for my children’s school albums based on your book. I opted to go with the 2-page spread per year approach, though, because I don’t have a lot of candid school photos of my kids 🙁 But I LOVE the pocket idea to hold the odds and ends I’ve saved over the years. Now, I just have to fill it up. This was a great project to take to a crop, because I didn’t have to pack up tons of supplies to do it. Highly recommend this project for a crop event.

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    LOVE THIS!!!! I think I will rethink my ideas for my kids — I like the clean and simple thing! You have probably answered this before, but what albums and page protectors do you use for something like this?

  12. #20

    Christy, i’m planning to add a simple add on word art pack with 7 through 12. In fact, i’ll try to have that up at the store this weekend.

  13. #24

    Ok Z, you know how bad I want this. And no, I didn’t closely at the details. But, I’ve got surgery on Monday and a 2 week recovery time afterwards…. depending on the pain, I’m thinkin’ perfect chance to work this out. SO, hook me up 🙂 with whatever you can to make this easier. It’s beautiful, and I’m determined to work it out. ~ Melissa

  14. #25

    This is genius….simple, effective, yet great to look at! Good design at its best. This will definitely be in the works when my girls start preschool next year.
    As for changing & going digital with Cole’s album, Edward De Bono is quoted as saying “If you never change your mind, why have one?”

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    Cathy, these are just fabulous! I’ve done “School of Life” albums (ala Stacy Julian) since my kids started school, but since going digital, I’ve stalled. These are perfect! My question is this: will there be a follow up for middle school and high school? Or are the templates editable so I could just make those changes? Thanks so much for all the great inspiration and tools!

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    oh so perfect and simple! My son is graduating hs this year, I can do this in no time! Thanks Cathy!

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    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have loved your elementary school album idea, but as a digi scrapper I was kinda bummed. I have three little kids all a year apart. My oldest is in her second year of preschool. I just knew your album idea was the ONLY way I would ever have school days books for them, plus I just love the simplicity of them. Now there are digital templates! Bless you! Heading over to get them now!


  18. #31

    I am SO doing this immediately. I have been stressed out over the design of my kids’ school albums, and trying to keep ’em simple. Thanks for saving the day. I hope I don’t get a job in the next two weeks so I can spend entire days at Archiver’s.

  19. #33

    I’m inspired to get busy too! Love everything about this concept.

    What brand are the albums you used in the first photo?

  20. #34

    I bought the school album pack just yesterday when I one of those sudden urges to buy something after a long day of ironing and housework.

    When I saw your blog post (and having a nice clean house and some guilt free scrapping time) I went and dug around in the box under the spare bed where the six years worth of school stuff ( x 3 children) has been waiting. Thank goodness I did! All the plastic packages with the school photos in were starting to degrade and stick to the pictures. You have never seen me run to my scanner so fast! All is saved and I now have three lovely neat school album files sitting on my desktop and the title pages done and up to date.

    So easy to use! Thank you!

    I’m another who would love if some UK titles were available. I tried to make my own but they don’t look half as good as yours. Thank you so much. Such a great project.

  21. #39

    OMG….you soooo rock!! I’m a newbie to scrapbooking…literally. Still needing to do my first layout. Have your books, Stacy J.’s books, follow yours and Ali’s blogs religiously…have been for at least a year now. I’m a graphic designer for a retail company so I thought I wouldn’t do digi ’cause I’m on the computer doing layouts all day. I love to craft but I’m a single mom of two high-energy boys so time to sit down with all the elements and glue and paper etc. just didn’t seem to work either. Therefore stuck with doing NADA. BUT now that I saw this layout you designed – I’m going hybrid for sure. What pushed me over the fence, your pocket page. You totally did digi layout but just doing that little bit at the end with the simplicity of the brads and cardstock was perfect. Soooo simple and easy! Thank you for inspiring me to move my butt and get scrapping. Love to see you in the Northeast sometime 😉

  22. #40

    Judy, i’m working on an add on pack of grade titles (also for overseas scrappers who call grades different things) to sell at the Designer Digi store. They will be added this weekend!

  23. #44

    Baggsy, you got it! i will work on them today, and they will hopefully be in the store by Saturday night at DD!

    Should they say Year 1, Year 2?

  24. #46

    Wow, that is the coolest! Wish I had such albums for my school days. I love how the pages are neat and simple, but still lots to look at…it’s like a perfect balance!

  25. #47

    ok so you just proved you ROCK again. I love this and was trying to get product together to do an album for my oldest (who’s in Grade 2) and no luck. I have been leaning towards digi LO’s because I have more time and less mess and seem to get more done. So this is perfect! You Rock thank you!

  26. #48

    Love love love it! well done…I am going to see if I can go back and recapture memories from my childhood. I have all the little pictures. And do my school years in this fashion…this is inspiring!

  27. #49

    Hi cathy.
    What is your favorite adhesive? I see the kukuyo tape runner – if that is it, where do you get these from since they are hard to get now?

  28. #50

    Oh you are so good to us, thank you!

    Would be fabulous if you could do the following titles:

    Nursery, Reception and Year One through to Year Six

    Many thanks.

  29. #51
    Molly Irwin

    I think it’s that I like to see brads being used FUNCTIONALLY. They work decoratively, of course, but here you’ve placed them in such a great PRACTICAL way. I might have to replicate that bit.

  30. #52
    Jen Cox

    I’m inspired. I’ve recently gone digital and am not looking back — thank you for creating these must have templates to help me document by boys’ school days.

  31. #53
    Mary Mitchell

    Oh Cathy……this is so wonderful and sad at the same time. My kids are now in their 20’s and I would have loved to have done something like this for all of them. While I have some photos of them when they were young……I know I don’t have every year of school and very few photos of each one individually. Seems like I could never take a photo of one at a time….they all wanted to be together in the shot.
    Then there was that period of time when my camera was broken and I relied on hubby for pics. Well you can only imagine…..not much recorded.

    But I love the templates and maybe it can be a project for the future…..if I’m blessed with grandchildren years from now.

  32. #55

    You are so awesome! I love the simplicity of it. I have 3 kids (4th, 1st, and kinder) and while I’ve saved a bunch of their school work/projects & taken tons of pictures, none of it is in albums. I started to, but I couldn’t keep up with it. You can imagine how well I keep up w/ my regular scrapbooking, when I can’t even keep up w/ a once-a-year update one. I would love to do it digitally as you have, although my computer is so slow it might take less time to do it the regular way. :o) Either way, thanks for this post which has given me hope to try again. You’re the best.

  33. #59

    I’m in London. You are welcome to visit!

    Just had another thought on the school run. We don’t call it elementary school here. It’s called primary school. I forgot about the front page title. Can’t think of a snappy title to replace “It’s Elementary” though!

  34. #61

    I thought of a question.

    I’ve never done digital scrapbooking. If I have a stone age printer that I barely trust to print out word documents, how do I print my digital scrapbook pages? Are there any printing services where I can order it online and have it shipped, that you know of?

  35. #62

    Cathy, another fabulous template set that I so NEED to have! I swear, you’re like my drug dealer and your templates are like crack. I’m addicted. *lol* My son starts preschool in the Fall and I’m determined to be ready. 🙂

  36. #63

    Just wanted to say “thank you” on behalf of the overseas scrappers for including our words!! And to Baggsy for listing all the words I need, such as Primary School, Nursery, Reception, Grade One, etc.. I, too, am in London. Can’t wait to get started!!

  37. #64

    There are some on-line services, but I am not too familiar with those, I print mine at Costco. The matte finish is lovely. Cost is $3.99 for a 12×12.

  38. #65

    Cathy, these are really cool! Just one quick question: does your kit include those little numbers for the photos or did you get those somewhere else…? Thanks! 🙂

  39. #66

    OMG Cathy! I’ve been trying for years to think of a way to chronicle my kids school years and you’ve just solved that problem for me! You are the best! Has anyone told you that? Well, you are!

    one question… what kind of printer do you have that prints all the way out to the edges of the paper?

    Thanks again! =^)

  40. #67
    Lynn Herrick

    I have been waiting for this Cathy – I loved your approach when I took your class (I think we even exchanged an email about it). I love the idea of going all digital with this, but I have not really mastered scanning with my printer and the Mac, so I will need to work on it. Also, I just noted that your son’s middle name is “Asher.” My youngest son is Benjamin Asher Herrick. The Asher is after his great grandfather and I have never seen another kid with the same name. I knew we had more than a love for design and Weight Watchers in common . . . .

  41. #68

    Lori, i’m pretty sure that scrapbook.com is now going to sell it, but i think it’s under the scotch brand, but it’s almost identical!

  42. #69

    Kristen, yes. I use ScrapbookPictures.com to print when i don’t want to do it at home, which honestly, if i do the early years, I’m sending them out to be printed.

    Great service, great pricing, great quality, in my opinion.

  43. #74

    Well, i have to thank Stacy Julian for this concept, which is where it comes from initially.

    I have an HP PHotosmsart 8750. A few years old now, but i love HP!

  44. #76

    I am completely in love with this! I so, so, so need to get caught up and do this! Thanks for inspiring me.

  45. #77
    Melinda Wilson

    I love this digital aspect of the project. I just wish digital was big a few years ago – LOL.
    I completed a BPS class a few years back called Graduation Album by Laurie S. I used her idea of going back and completing at least a one page layout on each year. I have two sons, age 20 & 24, and I finally completed the older sons but still have to complete the 10th and 11th grade year for the younger one. I jumped over these two and did his senior year while I could remember it. I have all the stuff still together; just need to complete about four pages and insert them into his book. I’m glad you reminded me I need to do this – LOL! Have a great day!

  46. #78
    Penny Grimsley

    I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW EXCITED I AM ABOUT THIS!!! (note my emphasis!) I haven’t been happy with what I started for my boys and it is on the RE-DO list and they are in 9th and 8th grade – so this is perfect timing!!! LOVE IT!!! SUPER EXCITED about rolling out the 2nd half, too!! THANK CATHY. U DA BOMB!

  47. #79
    Sherry F

    love it! as i’ve already started on their elementary school books, maybe I’ll use the ideas on a few pages for my family album. love the ‘it’s elementary’ page!
    i’ll use the idea on my siblings and my school pics too! if my mom ever gets those organized!

  48. #80

    I LOOOVVVEEEE this kit!

    And I don’t even have a use for it…yet.

    My daughter is only two, so we a have a little while before we dive into school. but what I love about this—and what so many moms who are overwhelmed by the “right” way to document their kids’ school years l will appreciate about it—is that it has a defined space. How many pictures? It’s answered. How much paperwork to save? Whatever fits in the pocket.

    Sure, you can always keep more. But sometimes, twelve images and a report card are enough. And it’s much better than a whole pile of intention with no results to show for it. Thank you for putting this together! I’m definitely passing this on to some moms who *need* this.

  49. #83

    I LOVE this! I made a seperate album for my son’s kindergarten year, for all the many “special events” in K, but now that he’s in first grade, I would really like to streamline the process, otherwise, I’ll never get it done! I love this idea because it incorporates the school photos and has room for special event photos and loose ‘stuff’ too! I can’t wait to purchase it!

  50. #86

    Cathy it’s becoming dangerous visiting your blog on a daily basis. You have way too much talent and we are just going to suck you dry. I SIMPLY love everything you do and all these fabulous ideas. Your two books are part of my collection and I am so looking forward to seeing more amazing designs resurrect into digital form! Yay Cathy!!!!!!

  51. #90
    lynda paredes

    Well now, just color me “green” for jealousy. I haven’t even begun a school album for my kids. My son is 1-3, and daughter 9! Yikes. Right now I have my head so wrapped around a mini I’ll be throwing together for my sister. Sound like this will be a spring break project to tackle!


  52. #91

    Hi Cathy! Love this – so “clean”. I’m from overseas – Denmark …. doing it in english is not a logic option …. can you make a blank one maybe?? We have the words like “vuggestue” – “børnehave” – “børnehaveklasse” and so on :O) The letter ø is not in your alpha…..

    btw: LOVE ALL YOUR STUFF – AND YOUR BLOG! Read it every day – even if you don’t blog every day – I just read earlier blogs – a good way to spend the day! :O)


  53. #92

    Two Thumbs Up! So sad to see the end of DYL… Will you be doing another workshop or lesson on BPS soon??

  54. #93

    Thank you for accommodating us overseas scrappers. In New Zealand our kids start in Year 0 (or Year 1 depending on their birthday). Can you please include Year 0 through to Year 13? Thanks 🙂

  55. #94

    Love it. I’ve been doing the same thing with my daughter’s school pic’s but using a different photo template. The SOL album is definitely her favorite to look through and it is SO easy to put together. Thanks for posting your pocket page. I have been trying to figure out a clever way to do that. Apparently I was making it harder than it needed to be. LOL!

  56. #97

    I haven’t quite decided. I think i WILL keep them, because think of it this way: when he is 30, i don’t think he’s going think, “MAN! I am PISSED! Why did she DO it this way!” LOL.

    But, part of me wants to redo, because i could add in more photos. I was fully digital by the time he started preschool, so i’ve got so many more shots i could squeeze in!

    I’m thinking of doing it all this coming weekend, then sending out a big order to scrapbookpics.com to get the prints done.

  57. #98

    Janne, you can simply delete the layers with the type, and add your own Text Layer, type in your school grade info, then simply do the same on all the other title pages. (You can do save as and rename for each grade, so you only have to create a title look one time!)

    That font that the title is in does not come with the set. It is an artwork layer so you are able to open on any computer!

  58. #100

    Whoops! I just finished it and had Year One and Year 12, but not those others.
    Will add to the set before they go onsale!

  59. #102

    Now you’ve got me!! I am actually an Australian living in London and clearly I am a little confused. I am pretty sure that here in the UK I need “Year One”…my son is only four and in Nursery Class, so no good asking him!! I think the “Grade One” slip on my previous comment is because when I went to school in Australia, it was “Grade One”. Sorry to cause such confusion, but maybe there are some Aussie’s that need “Grade One” out there, who knows!!

  60. #103
    Laura Liddle

    You are incredible! You don’t know how much I look forward to chumming off of your GREAT ideas! Is it possible for you to take a screen shot and/or describe how you actually organized your photos in iphoto??? I have a hard time visualizing your organizational system. I am somewhat new to iphoto, but I do copy others’ ideas really well!!! ; )

  61. #105

    My kiddos are in 2nd and 3rd grade–I’ve studied your school albums + Stacy Julians + Becky Higgins school kits + Ali E = and this is perfect! Thank you. So glad you also included Preschool. (and are working on middle/high school) Heading to beach in April for mom’s birthday and wanted to bring scrap stuff–but haven’t scrapped-on-the-go in so long…now I know exactly what I can work on–digitally! One question, did you scan in the school photos? Thank you!

  62. #106

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve just been re-reading your books these past few days and admiring your school albums and wishing I could make my daughter’s school album like that but not knowing how to translate what you did into digital stuff (I’m a digi-scrapper) This will be perfect!

    Oh, and I’m taking your Design Your Life class now, too. I’m a little behind (around lesson 9) but I’m loving what I’m learning!

  63. #107

    My girls’ school albums are done as one is in college and the other is a senior in high school. But you know what? I love this! Who’s to say I won’t use it in the future and that’ll give me plenty of time to brush up on my digital scrapbooking (I’m not very good at it). I’m sold! Thanks Cathy for the inspiration.

  64. #108
    Kristin Jordan

    This is awesome – thanks! I’ve been wanting to do this for a few years now, thanks to your the idea I got in your book. (With 4 young kids, my ideas haven’t been put to paper yet, though!) Quick question, I was hoping to add the first years of life (before school years) also to each of my kids albums. Same concept… 4 pages per year. Is there any way you would make files that read “one year old, two years old…” or something like that (can’t think of something more creative than that.) I’m looking for something for the first 4 or 5 years of life and then I’ll go into the school years as you have designed it.

    Kristin J

  65. #110

    Totally love them!!

    Question: Could the 12×12 be scaled to 8×8 or 9×9 or would all the photo sizes be wonky?

  66. #111
    Shawna Zervos

    I may have missed this, but what album are you using fo
    r this awesome project? I made a “cutesy” school album for my oldest (7) a few years ago. It is finished through high school, just add photo and journaling each year. Now that I have a new baby (gasp, I’ll never get them through college) perhaps digital is the way to go, although I have never used Photoshop (another gasp!)
    Thanks for brightening my day with your humor and insight. You rock!

  67. #112
    Jinny KL

    Love the new template! School photos are stacked & waiting to be put into an album, but could never decide what it should look like! Thank you for a great & easy solution!

    Question: Do you have any suggestions on how to include an annual class picture (w/ the teacher & all the students standing in rows together)in the album you’ve designed? The class photo is usually about 8 x 10.

    Thank you for sharing your brilliant designs & inspiration!

  68. #114

    I love this so much! It *almost* makes me want to have kids… Ooh, what did I just say! Maybe I could do it for our nieces and nephews. You rock Cathy!!!

  69. #119

    Kristin, that’s a great idea, actually. To do another Word Pack that just has ages. Hmmm. I will try to get it into the store the weekend after next (I have missed the deadline for this week’s releases!)

  70. #120

    OH sure. The only part that gets wonky is the type sizes on the journaling might get a bit small, so you may have to adjust. But you can go in and size the entire document down and proceed.

  71. #122

    Yes! Just scan it, and drop it into one of the larger photo slots. One of the photo pages has one larger photo, and three smaller ones. It would fit very well into that larger slot. I just dropped Cole’s into a smaller area, but you could do the aforementioned easily!

  72. #124
    Carmel Keane

    Yay re. Me: the Abridged Version – will be in for that. Cathy you are so good to supply the Years for us Overseas gals! I am in New Zealand too but my DD’s first five years were in Ireland at an Irish speaking school – you should see the names they had!!!! I don’t want you pulling your hair out so am happy to go with the years…

  73. #125

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I guess I know what my next project will be. Hey, you posted a day early, right….and I am a day late. You are the best. Thanks for sharing this with all of us.

  74. #126
    Lisa D

    You just made my day…my oldest son graduates from 8th grade this year and I have been trying to think of a way to display photos of him from Preschool – 8th grade at the party. The second I opened your blog I knew I found what to do for those photos!

    BUT…always a but…I am wondering if you could just whip up an add-on package to the set that I coudl purchase for 7th and 8th grade years. My children go to an elementary school that is K – 8 so I really need to have all 9 years together. I know I could go in and replicate something similar on my own, but that, my dear, would require my brain to function. And when I have a 14 year old boy in the house along with a 11 year old hormonal drama queen, and a 9 year old stubborn mule, the old brain isn’t in tip top shape.

    I would be so forever in your debt….

  75. #127

    Lisa, it is done and will be up in the Designer Digitals store on Saturday after 5 p.m. The word pack has all those grades and is sized and ready to drop in.

  76. #128

    Hi Cathy!
    Thanks for sharing. I was admiring the quality of the printing for your elementary pages and was wondering what printer you were using?
    I have an older Canon that I wanted to upgrade soon.
    Have a great day!

  77. #129

    You couldn’t put a “Reception”, “Sixth Form” and “Playschool/Nursery” in the pack too could you? How very inconvenient of our schools to name classes so randomly. My primary school called the classes after colours…!

  78. #130

    finally!!!!! if i hadn’t told you before, i’m telling you now—I LOVE YOU! (and notice i used all caps which i don’t even usually do normally even for words that should be capitalized!) i love your templates, but i haven’t bought any as of yet. but, THIS, i have been waiting for. i will most definitely be making my first purchase. thanks so much! my three poor girls (preschooler, 4th-, and 6th-grader) who as of yet have not a page in a school album, (although everything is organized beautifully in accordian files, thanks to stacy julian), thank you, too! let’s just say that you made my day!

  79. #132
    Laura Liddle

    Cathy – I LOVE your templates and have them all! Any chance you will add to these templates for 7-12 grade??? Also, can you tell us/show us (maybe a screen shot) of how you organize your photos in iphoto? thanks!

  80. #133

    Kathy your templates have given me the kick start I have needed for a very long time. My whole “learn how to scrap” idea started with the desire to scrap my kid’s school years. That was 5 years ago.. I have tons of pages under my belt now but never got at those school years pages..Definitely a hit with me and I am so glad to hear you are adding 7 through 12 add ons to your product lines. I Love you and your simple style!!!!!!!!!

  81. #135
    Heather Wunsch

    I just spent an entire “sick” day going thru my daughter’s photo box where I keep all her old school pics and all her awards that never fit my traditional chronological scrapbooking. Your books are the perfect solution for what to do with all this “stuff”. I have it all organized by year and even scanned alot of it that day – maybe, just maybe, I’ll go digital on this one!! Thanks for the idea!! You rock!

  82. #136
    Heather Crawford

    Question about the title page..do you wait to print it when it’s full or do you print once a year? Know what I’m sayin’? Ideas? Love this by the way..I had started my son’s album based on yours in the book, but have only gotten to preK..so perfect time to switch over and do it digitally!

  83. #137

    Cathy you are sooo good at this stuff – wish I could borrow your brain for a week and get all my stuff sorted.I definitely need to buy iphoto and get myself organised and learning all the digital stuff would be handy to. Thanks for your great blog your comments always leave me with a smile on my face.

  84. #138
    Amanda Diaz

    That is so funny. I just read this article in your book today during my lunch break today and thought what a clever idea and here it is re-introduced on your site. I will have to tuck it away in my memory when I have kids of my own 🙂

  85. #139
    Andrea W.

    Hey Cathy –
    The school digital pages are great. They will be so much fun to work with and get the school books together – finally!!!
    Would you consider doing a similar set for baby books – maybe “One Month Old”, “Two Months Old”, etc.? Maybe then I would finally have the motivation to complete baby books for my boys who are now ages 26, 23 and 19.
    You are amazing!

  86. #140

    I’m thinking through a strategy of how to have it go up to 8th grade (since that’s how my son’s school works) but I love the inspiration!

  87. #141
    Beth S.

    Fairly new to this digital scrap world. Is there a way to print these pages in Shutterfly or some sort of place like that to have a book for the school years instead of a scrapbook? I’m really drawn to the bound book idea… they seem to take up much less room than regular scrapbooks. I’m trying to SIMPLIFY!!!

  88. #142

    These are FANTASTIC, Cathy. I have done nothing for my 13 year old (I have LOTS of stuff and no journaling… grrr.) These make me feel like I can make something slick with what I can recall and it will still be worth his while. Now Max is JUST starting Kindergarten next year, so GIDDY UP! This is a great idea.

  89. #143
    Heather P

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!! Just in case you haven’t heard it enough yet… THANK YOU! I have both of your books, and they are worn from me constantly pouring over them, dreaming of the day that I’ll be decisive enough with my layouts to actually finish a page. You just made that dream a reality! You really are a HUGE inspiration 🙂 Thanks for all you do!

  90. #147

    Have no idea if you will get this, but I was cruising for ideas, and it says you will answer questions in the comments, so here goes: The background of Cole’s page, that says ‘I will not chase girls’…is that digital paper or is that a photo? I’ve been looking for realistic ‘black’board digi-paper…that is exactly what I need!

  91. #148

    Megan, that is an old patterned paper and i have no idea who makes it. But it’s not digital!

    : ) I bet you could recreate it by finding a blackboard background, and using a chalk like font!

  92. #149

    I don’t do much digi mostly because I don’t have a program for it, but this has inspired me! Have been trying to figure out what to do with my son’s stuff since last year (he just finished Grade 1) and I think I have some ideas on how to simplify things for myself!

    Awesome! Thanks!

  93. #150

    I don’t do much digi mostly because I don’t have a program for it, but this has inspired me! Have been trying to figure out what to do with my son’s stuff since last year (he just finished Grade 1) and I think I have some ideas on how to simplify things for myself!

    Awesome! Thanks!

  94. #155

    So what do I do with my kids grade level photos that are actual physical photos–do you scan them into the computer in order to use with the templates? any suggestions for me?

    1. #155.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Gail, that is exactly what I do! I scan ’em in, and use them in the digital templates. 🙂

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