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Me: What should I blog about?

Aidan: Blog about ME!

Me: Okay, hold still and I'll take some pictures.


This is Aidan. She is my teen-aged child.

She likes the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Ben Folds, salt & vinegar potato chips, watching episodes of House and Bones online, sitting in her room in the dark, and texting with her boyfriend.

She is a vegetarian who doesn't exactly eat much in the way of vegetables.

She is wicked smart and funny.

She sings. She plays the guitar. She writes short stories.

I have a hard time remembering what she was like, even just five years ago.


She will not always live in the same house as I do.

Sometimes, that makes me very, very sad. Sometimes, not as sad.

I have a hard time believing I'm part of the two-person team that made her.


I sure do like her though.


Cathy ZielskeBlog about me

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    (Also, amused that typepad thinks that ‘Wish you wore pants’ has something to do with your daughter. Poor Aidan! Your reputation is being destroyed by a typepad algorithm!)

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    Rebecca G.

    Dude! Can you say, “mini me?” She is a spitting image of you. I guess since I only have boys, it always shocks me to see such resemblance among a family. LOL! Lovely thoughts, though. We should all remember the great things about our kids. It’s so easy to only dwell on the negative teenage garbage, sometimes.

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    What a nice post. AAAAHHHHHH! Tell Aidan that Ben Folds went to our high school. I have yet to see him perform in person, though…


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    This is just great! Inspired me to this with my daughter. Ya’ know if our daughters went to the same school…they may very well be friends:)

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    Stephanie Howell

    oh man. she’s the best. i know i keep saying this, but i hope miss harper is like her. quirky, beatiful, smart, funny…all the best qualities a girl can have. total, complete mini cathy. xo

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    When I first opened this up, before I started reading, I thought those were pictures of you. Great pictures! She is beautiful.

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    Lee Currie

    What a wonderful entry, Cathy! My Claire is much the same, add Skype to the list and she could be Aidan’s blonde twin πŸ™‚ I too become sad knowing she’ll leave, then sometimes it doesn’t seem too bad an idea.

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    GREAT post! Made me smile and think of my girls. How they are growing and changing. Not teenaged yet but my oldest is getting closer every year and sometimes that scares the crap out of me! : )

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    Aidan I hope you know how “lucky” you are to have such a special relationship with your Mom. This blog made me miss my best friend and Mother so much.

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    My daughter (9) asked the other day if we can convert the loft so that she can always live here. It will be very sad when that’s no longer her goal, but I will still remind here about it, lol ** Kate **

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    My daughter (9) asked the other day if we can convert the loft so that she can always live here. It will be very sad when that’s no longer her goal, but I will still remind her about it, lol ** Kate **

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    What a fun post. It is hard to remember just a few years ago. I look at pictures of my 13 yr old when she was 5 and I can barely remember the day to day. Thank goodness for scrapbooking, I have the memories preserved and I love it.

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    Penny Grimsley

    Very, very sweet. And you are having DYL withdrawals, aren’t you? πŸ™‚ JK – but I AM!! I can totally see you morphing this into a scrap page. My boys are 16 and 14 and I hear you on “remembering 5 years ago.” It seems like they get taller daily…. loved the mush. Do Coley next.

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    Marge Johnston

    OMG!! That should have had a “tissue warning” on it!!! Now I’ve got to go redo the mascara!!! πŸ˜‰ The “mommy” emotions are just out of control at the moment!! πŸ™‚

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    she’s really growing up to be a very interesting person. And when you have trouble remembering that you are part of the two person team who made her, just stand next to her and look in the mirror. πŸ™‚

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    She is just gorgeous!! Love hearing about her, my one daughter just turned 13 last month. Love all the photos and yes she is you!!! I need to do a page like this for all of my kids too. I also read about you watching the “Jamie Oliver” cooking show, I plan on watching it again tomorrow too, I’m very excited about it and told my kids. I would love to have him come to our town and turn it around for the shcool lunches. Good for Cole already making better choices. Thanks for sharing with us as always!!

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    I think she looks A LOT like her mother! At first glance, I thought they (current pics) were retro photos of you, Cathy. And to see her as a child, SO CUTE! Proof how fast they grow up, isn’t it?

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    lynne moore

    great post! Awesome pix. Your giant child and my small child (14) is so much alike – in that they are so typically atypical! The best part about being a teen.

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    Great post today! I love all the photos of your sweet Aiden over the years. You’re both lucky to have each other. Enjoy!

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    Donna Tullis

    perfect! i luv how when asked what you should blog about she was ‘ME’….tooooo cute! yall rock, its good stuff, this whole family thing.

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    Heather H.

    Oh my! This brought me to tears. Because my almost 4 year old son will someday (and obviously not so far away) will be a teenager too. Wow. And he won’t live here with me. And he will have a (gulp) girlfriend. Lovely post. And a little to real. She is beautiful!

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    Enjoy this time… but oh my goodness! What you have to look forward to!!! I am going tomorrow to visit my 24 year old daughter. She has called 3 times today to tell me of something else fun she wants us to do or remember to show me or whatever while I am there. So yeah… she doesn’t live in my house anymore — but having her so excited for me to visit her house (apartment) is a marvelous thing.

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    omg cathy…this post SO struck a chord with me! My kids are young (9, 6, & 5) but everytime I look at them I seem to think, like you, “someday they won’t live in the same house with me”. I’m mourning the loss already! i don’t know how I’ll ever make it through when the time actually comes.
    Aiden is so pretty! And she sure is a good sport with all the picture taking. You’re lucky in that!

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    Alyssa Albers

    Other people said this too – she looks SO much like you! She is adorable. Wow, they grow so fast. My daughter will be 6 in June – I’m going to blink and have a teenager, huh?

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    Rebecca B.

    I’ve watched Aidan grow up through your books and posts. She’s quite a lovely girl and I just know you are so proud of her. Proud to be her mom, proud of what you’ve learned BY being her mom, proud of what her tomorrow will look like because you are her mom. I’m learning alot about parenting and for that I thank you both.

    BTW, her haircut and smile are ridiculous with awesomeness. Those braces were monies seriously well spent.

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