Did I mention Cole’s been off of school for going on just around three weeks now?

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The boy goes to this year-round school, see. And they can opt out of what is called intersession. I told Cole, "This year, you can pick an intersession to skip." He picked the Winter Intersession, i.e. the last two weeks and counting.


Oh, it's not like he's hard to entertain. He's 10, after all. You give him a room full of Legos and Internet access and he's golden.


But sometimes, when I'm not being "LET'S TAKE A PICTURE OF THIS!" Mom, I sneak up on him to catch just a quick glimpse from the hallway. My sweet, sensitive, creative boy who'll only be 10 for a handful of months more.


And then I'm tempted to home school him, just to get as much of this boy-ness as I can before it's gone.

Lego boy 4 

Then I remember I'm horrible at math, I rely FAR too much on Wikipedia, and watching a 4-hour Woodstock documentary with your kid may not be seen by all as "educational."

Still, we'll always have Winter Intersession 2010, Coley. Right?

Now could you be a love and pick up a few Legos?

Cathy ZielskeDid I mention Cole’s been off of school for going on just around three weeks now?

41 Comments on “Did I mention Cole’s been off of school for going on just around three weeks now?”

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    ahhhh I have a 5 year old and I feel the same way. I cant imagine how I’ll be feeling when hes 10. He loves legos too and a huge star wars fan. I have showed him Coles creations you have shown on your earlier posts. He thought they were really cool!

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    I had no idea the Lego collection was so…so..huge. No bare feet in THAT area I guess. You’re right – enjoy that goofy, funny boyness while it’s here tho I suspect in your household it will never quite go away…and “that’s a good thing”.

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    This is just how I feel about my youngest 2 boys. My older 2 boys are 14 and 12 next month. Time goes by so, so fast. πŸ™

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    You should take heart that our Lego collection spans even more carpet space than yours. Of course, I do have four boys, and perhaps that explains the difference.; ) Your boy is ridiculously cute, just so you know. I do so love boys. And if it makes you feel any better, my boys were off school for 2.5 weeks straight, and it was NOT a school-sponsored break —- it was due to a giNORMOUS amount of snow!
    Oh – and thanks for the DM re: Adagio ingenuiTEA – I cannot WAIT for it to arrive, thanks to you!

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    Ahh…someone with a bigger Lego collection than we have! Although, I must say our Lego areas look remarkably similar…the sprawling, booby-traps of tiny Lego’s that jump under barefeet at the most inopportune time. {SIGH} But I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

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    Melissa in SC

    Oh my goodness, I should not have read this at work because I’m now all teary and all I want to do is get out of here and spend theday with my own ten year old. You are right–it won’t last nearly long enough.

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    Michelle K

    My 10 year old is the same. I am constantly tripping, picking up all lego. He prefers the characters and makes ‘plays’ with them. Although I get him in the summer months and have to kick him outside regularly or they (my oldest is 12) would spend the day on the computer, video games and lego.

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    Vicki Arnold

    Looks really similar to our lego room. It started out as the toy room, but the legos took over. I have those rolling bins with multiple drawers and the legos are separated by color. Gotta love the creativity!

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    Have you ever tallied up how much you’ve spent on Legos? We don’t even have one-third of what you do, and I believe we are around $700ish.

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    Christine H

    I have a room that looks like that…..wait, I have a HOUSE that looks like that. My mother reminds me to leave it be…he’ll be 44 before you know it and you’ll be some other number you don’t want to talk about!

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    I love that your boys room looks like my boys room. legos, boy thinking, legos, boy building, legos, BOY. They are both great inventions!!!

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    wow i have no idea what this optional school is all about? does he have to study on the intersession? do all american kids have this option? optional school sounds like fun! cute pictures..I can feeeel a scrapbook page coming on later in the week with them πŸ™‚

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    Patty C

    You must get him involved in your local FIRST Lego League team – do you have one in your area?? He would love it! My son is involved at an older level – FIRST Robotics Competition — if you want the web site email me – you will not be sorry!

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    I am *so* glad somebody else’s boy has more lego than there are water molecules in the Pacific ocean, and has it scattered amazingly thoroughly around the room. Perilous for feet. I only have to say “I’m vacuuming. And I’m not picking up any lego that happens to be in the way” for it to be put away.
    But yes, very glad to see this in someone else’s house!

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    Enjoy those last few months of Cole’s tenth year. My oldest child, who was never ever a bit of trouble, made me the envy of my all friends. Then he turned 11, or as I like to say, ElevenTeen (11 + attitude). Still not much trouble, compared to most kids that age I hear about, but I am glad to say that he’s turned 12 and some of the drama of being 11 seems to be behind us now.

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    He’s the spitting image of his daddy. Loved these pics – you are lucky he lets you take them. And he truly is amazing! His videos are wonderful and his sparkling personality comes through. Gotta love boys!

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    My GIRLS rooms looked that that for years too!! It is not just a boy toy–but alas now it is clothes and makeup and Wedding dress—-sigh!

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    It’s just what year round schools do. Same number of days as a regular school year. And, it’s not very common in the US actually.

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    love these pictures Cathy, they really remind me of my 15 year old’s 10 years of Lego obsession that finally came to an end a couple years ago. These are definitely the best days of carefree boyhood… no matter how many legos you step on with bare feet! tena

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    My son is a Cole too. In fact, I call him Coley often, and he has started telling me (at 6) that he’d rather be just Cole. So recently I showed him some posts of your Cole and told him that sometimes his mom calls him Coley too. Well, you can tell your Cole that he has a fan in Texas now. My Cole LOVED Cole Z’s videos and all his Lego creations. He kept asking me to show him more and more. He will think these pics of Cole lying in the Legos are funny. I just thought I’d mention it if you were looking for blog post inspiration. I know if your house is anything like mine, you won’t have to look far for a Lego creation to photograph. πŸ™‚

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    I was thinking about him the other day when they announced the mega Titanic exhibition opening here in Melbourne, Australia. That would have kept him entertained in his school break, might be a bit far though.

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    Cathy, have you ever checked out Leonardo’s Basement? In Mpls. They have a Lego Club – and so much more!

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    LOL those photos are wonderful. My son is another LEGO fanatic….. all those bricks but they can never have enough!

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    My son is 5 and just started his adventure in Legoland today. He doesn’t nap anymore but has some quiet time in his room (it’s that or Mama start drinking). Anyway! Today I got him a box of Lego and usually we would do it together but he sat in his room for two hours straight and played and actually built it.
    I was so happy to see him become more independent and at the same time I wanted to cry at the idea that he’s growing up way too fast for me.
    Lovely post, thank you for sharing

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    Cathy, each time you post photos of your kids I get a bit jealous.. They always seem to love and have fun with the camera. My own 13 year old is obsessed at the moment with taking her own photo with the arms out stretched method or in front of a mirror but if I ask for a simple shot of her as she is doing something I’d like to have she gives me attitude and zero co-operation. So frustrating… What is your best “give momma your smile” advice?

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    I have a 6-year old version of Cole. My little guy is working on a Lego creation right now…in between bites of toast and Cheerios. For Christmas, my parents bought him a Lego subscription (my son gets a little package from Lego every other month with pieces for a new build). We just noticed the package on the doorstep.

    I love Cole’s YouTube videos! My son enjoyed his videos too.

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    I read this at the right time today. My sweet boy is also 10, and today I have been frustrated by the endless Legos that don’t get put away into their sets and when they do cleaned up, just get moved from one room to be discovered in another. I am now reminded to look past the mess and cherish this stage my precious boy is in today. Thanks, Kathy.

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