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Last week I received a lovely sneak peek of Studio Calico's April kit, Joyland, in the mail. Happy to have some new product to play with, I spread it all out on my dining room table and fixated immediately on the lovely analogous colors of some of the patterned papers, a package of rub-ons and some very cool photo negative frames. I knew I wanted to do something with the those products, and combine them with a bit of digital play to create the following layout:


I'm sorry, but this is one damned fine scrapbook page.  I Tweeted about this earlier in the week. 


The point of this post is two-fold. Here's the first part, the why I love this layout part. Let's break it down into a schematic, shall we? (click on the image below to see it larger in a new window)

It's one of those scrapbook instances—scrapstances, if you will—where everything is working and the overall awesomeness of the scrapbooker (i.e. yours truly) cannot and will not be denied.

(Wait…was that out loud?)

The only thing wrong with this, if I'm being honest, is the lack of journaling, and the tiny bit of trapped white space in the center. Believe me. I lost a little sleep over it, until I said, "The awesomeness shall remain as is!"

The other part of this post is that this page exemplifies my favorite kind of layout: the hybrid page. A bit of paper. A bit of digital. A lot of end result goodness. Here is a little tutorial showing you how I figured it all out.

Hybrid Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial from Cathy Zielske on Vimeo.

Some might say, well why go to all that trouble? Why not just go full-on digital? My answer? I still love the smell of Kokuyo Adhesive in the morning.

Leave any comments or questions today. I'll be reading all weekend!

Supplies: photo frame, patterned papers, rub-on: from the Joyland kit (Studio Calico) • Dotted&Dashed Brushes & Stampstitle stamp: Sentiments No. 1 (Cathy Zielske for Designer Digitals) •  District Thin (free font) and Adobe Woodtype 2 fonts

Cathy ZielskeFun with hybrid scrapbooking

101 Comments on “Fun with hybrid scrapbooking”

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    Anthea Goodman

    Fab page Cathy! My only question is… how do you know where to print everything and what size so that it all fits? If I try to do a hybrid page I spend days just trying to get my head around the printing side and all the measurements!

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    Lovely page…gotta get those dotted&dashed brushes and stamps…and then learn to use them. I love the idea of hybrid pages. Thanks for the tutorial!

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    Pam Merry

    Great video Cathy! You explain it all so clearly. Thank you so much.I was having withdrawal symptoms as DYL has ended – this has given me another challenge.

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    Thanks Cathy! The page and the video are AWESOME! I love hybrid pages. Thanks for showing us the ropes. Hey, can you tell me how you get the background in PSE to be gray instead of black?

    Thanks again, Leora

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    Yes, agreed! Stinkin’ cute! They feeling you get after doing a stinkin’ or absolutely fab layout is SO great! I will always have to use some “stuff” and get messy. I do a year in review for the grandparents every year and I think this year I will be going a lot more digital but I know I will have to embellish with some little bits here and there. : )

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    Tasia M

    Love the page. Love the colors. Love the picture!! I just got Photoshop elements and so I look forward to doing some of my own digital and/or hybrid pages!

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    Hybrid rocks! I started playing around with it a couple months ago and I’m hooked. I even recently made the CT of Karla Dudley, who is the one who inspired me to start hybrid in the first place!

    Awesome page Cathy, and now I am more impatient than usual for my April SC kit!

    I’m gonna get the word out about your tutorial on Craft Gossip today 🙂

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    Monika Wright

    I sat down a few nights ago to finally finish up your class at Big PIcture from LAST year (don’t frown): Me: The Abridged Version and was loving the layout and equal spacing and all that. And then I read your post this morning, and I think okay, now I really need to finish it all up.

    BTW-I still use your free download from Simple Scrapbooks mag. It was a two page layout talking about, among other things, your UGG boots. I use the page with just the space for one photo and the journaling. A definite go to for me, especially when telling a story from the past that I remember limited details about (only started scrapping 2 years ago).

    So, along with your millions of fans, thanks for the memories (or rather helping us to keep them alive!

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    Molly Irwin

    right, that trapped white space in the center jumped right at me. NOT!

    This is SO, so happy; just love it, Cathy. did you mention a source on the digital stamp – ‘everything goes better with you’ – ?

  10. #12

    I also love digital for the advantages of fidgeting with a layout and matching designs and colors easily…but I also love papers and textures…so hybrid is like the best of both worlds in my mind! Thanks for sharing…so inspiring!

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    Kathleen S.

    Wonderful template for those in withdrawl from DYL! And an opportunity for hybrid. What’s not to like when you get inspired! You’re absolutely on target — it is stinkin’ cute, and I’m off to scraplift.

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    Karen G

    This is a totally scraptastic page. Love everything about it, even the trapped white space. See it is ok, to break a rule.

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    Fabulous tutorial. I am wondering if there is a list of common keystroke shortcuts for Photoshop Elements (or CS, which is what I am using) that would be helpful for hybrid scrapbookers. What keystrokes do you find yourself using the most? I have a hard time remembering, and usually go back to your videos or Jessica Sprague’s and search until I find what I need.

  14. #19

    Wow! Thank you for be so generous in showing the process. As someone who isn’t “creative” but adores scrapnooking, having insight into your process is wonderful. Remember: mimicry is the sincerest form of flattery. I was wondering if this was the type of thing you taught in your Big Picture class? If so, will you be teaching it again next year? Also, does the design factors (i.e., the balance, learning about color, etc.) something that that gets easier with time? Again, that you for being so generous.

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    nicole d.

    Love the page, Cathy! I love that I could pretty easily re-create this using paper and scraps and scissors (gasp!), well, the non-digi/hybrid way. Thanks for sharing!

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    Tracy Heyman

    Wonderful page and tutorial! So helpful. I’ve been a 100% digital scrapper and have been interested in diving into hybrid so it’s nice to see the step by step process!

    One question, when you were making your square shape guides for your papers, you were talking about an “option” key, I believe? Is that strictly a MAC key? I have a pc and wasn’t sure if I had the same option. I loved how you were able to drag to create duplicates!

    Thanks again!

  17. #24

    A simple thank you does not seem enough! I learn something new every time I “interact” with you, whether it is reading a book , your blog, old SS issues or watching vids.
    I have been a hybrid scrapper since the beginning, always printed jounraling on vellum in the early days and up to last year my scrapping buddies thought I was a bit lazy or cheating a little because I used my computer for somethings. I have converted a few but other remain purest.
    Just wanted to thank you for helping me improve over the years.
    BTW 1) I’m loving the Ilford Gallerie smooth pearl photo paper, just got a box of it yesterday and I have been printing photo like a mad woman (I need to but my ink or I would still be printing)
    2) You have converted me to tea! I’m loving, loving the Adagio tea pot, even gave my mom one as a gift!
    3) Loving you on Paper Clipping Roundtable, I’m one of the one that wish it were a daily show!

  18. #25
    Heather R

    I just think you rock! I have always loved your style and I am determined to teach myself a little of the digital world so I can embrace the hybrid scrapbooking. Thanks for such great inspiration.

  19. #27

    Love your videos——Thanks

    Have you tried Tombow Mono dots adhesive? I like it better than kokuyo—-

  20. #28
    Lisa M.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing a step-by-step video. I am interested in trying digital/hybrid scrapbooking but don’t know anyone who does it. You just took some of the scariness/unknown part of the process away!

  21. #29
    Penny Grimsley

    STINKING CUTE! I humbly bow to our prowess and skill! Love all of it – especially the title and the analogous color scheme! And I hear you on hybrid. I LOVE PLAYING WITH PSE and clipping masks, etc. – but I still love me the touch of some paper and tape runner. =) Thanks for sharing!! – pennyscraps

  22. #30

    Awesome! I so love the vimeo tutorials, they really help. I’m curious about the “trapped white space.” Is that the white between the picture and the text? Why is that space bad when white space around the layout is breathing room? I wish I had taken your Big Picture class. Are you offering it again soon?

  23. #31
    Lea Stones

    You are an excellent story teller hon, in anyone else’s hands this wouldn’t have been half as funny, this post really cracked me up (good Friday reading).
    And good for you, it is really cute!

  24. #32

    Thank you for explaining why the page “feels” right and balanced. I always know when I like something, but can’t always put a finger on why. I really, really love your clean and simple style – it’s my natural wheelhouse (as I begin learning to scrapbook).

  25. #35

    Irene, this stuff DOES get easier with time.

    I am going to be concepting some ideas for a workshop for next year. This type of page would be a good example of what i’d like to teach!

  26. #40

    Deb, trapped space is space that feels awkward somehow, like… why is it there?

    I am going to teach another design class at bp in 2011! Stay tuned!

  27. #42
    cindy johnston

    Just a quick ‘I love your blog’ post! I enjoy reading daily! Always awesome! 😀 thanks Cathy!

  28. #43
    Donna C

    CATHY CATHY CATHY…..YOU ROCK MY WORLD WOMAN! love you and your blog. always a laugh, smile and feel good moment for me! if you’re ever in Cali…i’d love to meet at “Buckys”…..(duh…Starbucks!) for tea for you and Mocha Frappaccino for me. (Haven’t jumped on the Weight Watchers bandwagon yet, but you’re inspiring that too!!)
    Have an amazing weekend!!

  29. #44

    A beautiful LO. And I really loved your analysis on *why* it pleases the eye!
    And I know the feeling – I did an LO past weekend that I’m *so* da**ed satisfied with. Clean & simple… 😉 (Not yet blogged, though.)

  30. #45

    You picked the correct word. Amazing. You are so much fun. Thanks for the video, so helpful. Still learning and will always be learning so thanks again.

  31. #46

    One fine layout indeed. This very same color combo happens to be my living room/dining room wall colors. They share a common corner and in the right afternoon light, you cannot see the transition between them. Analogous you say, soothing to the eye, eh? Now I know why I like them so much!

  32. #47
    Cheryl T

    You are AWESOME. This is exactly what I needed. I’m more of a paper scrapper and I have only been dabbling in the digital world…even though I know how to use CS3. You make everything look so easy. Thanks for the video.

  33. #49
    Kris D.

    And this right here is why I stop at your blog everyday. Love this. And truly, how cool is it that you take the time to make a video to explain! My DH bought me PS8 for Christmas (I’m still using version 5 because it’s like an old shoe–comfortable!) and he’s pissed I haven’t even loaded it! I think I’m inspired here–I may attempt something similar to this–with my new (well not so new now) version of PSE.Probably be more swearing involved but I’m feeling brave and inspired now! Have a great weekend!!

  34. #51

    one more thing – did you create the dotted digital frame in photoshop? i love the simplicity of it!

  35. #53
    Cynthia Friese-Hassanein

    Cathy Z. When I saw this on dyl ending video I swooned!!!!!!!!!! and couldn’t wait until friday:) to hear all about it. You truly are the patron saint of clean and simple design:) Have a fabulous weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. #54

    I really like hybrid scrapbooking and the tips you give are awesome. I couldn’t scrap without my computer for journaling and titles, etc. I think card stock and a computer is all I need.

    thanks again for the great tips…

  37. #55

    I just watched your tutorial – really helpful, so thank you! Did the Adobe woodtype 2 font come w/ your photoshop or did you purchase it? I have cs4 and I don’t see it listed on my fonts. I’m definitely buying your dotted and dash brush set this weekend – I think I will use that a ton!

  38. #56

    Lori, i don’t think it came with that. I think it is SUPER old actually. I don’t know where it came from. Maybe one of my old jobs from the 1990s?

  39. #57

    No worries Lori! Sorry it’s not available until sat after 5 p.m.! I just decided to make a whole set of them after I created this layout!

  40. #60

    What a great page. I also love the smell of adhesive before breakfast. Thanks so much of the video. I love seeing how other approach things, much can be learned. Keep making really versatile templates, brush sets, etc

    Here is an idea for your thought. I would love brush set of circles with different types of edges: dashed, double lines, scalloped, etc. I would use them for journaling spots, date stamps, numbers or anything that could go in a circle. Seperate circle choices and seperate things to go in them would be fabulous, especially some horizontal lines. I would purchase them in a heartbeat. It would also be nice if they were sized to use with common sized c1ircle punches. Thanks a million for your inspiration

  41. #61

    Cathy, great video! I learned so much, so thanks. To match colors in patterned paper, I’ve gone to the manufacturer’s website, found the paper, dragged a picture of it from the website into PSE, and then used the color picker to pull out the exact color I want. I get a much better result than I do when I try to eyeball it.

    I will totally scraplift this layout as soon as your dotted frames go on sale this weekend! I’ve bought so many of your templates and they’ve totally renewed my interest in scrapping. I don’t have to worry about a good design for the layout because you’ve done that for me. I just get to focus on photos and stories, and that feels AWESOME!!

  42. #63
    Debbie Pugliese

    Hi, Cathy!
    Yes, you’re right, it is an awesome page, but I happen to think all of your pages are pretty awesome! I am a longtime fan, and love reading your blog. You always make me laugh, usually out loud, which my DH finds amusing until he asks what I’m laughing about, and then he doesn’t get it!
    Your video tutorial was great. It was nice to hear your voice–I’ve only heard you on the DIY kitchen makeover show, which was a while ago. You definitely write like you talk, so it’s cool hearing you speak. You made it easy to understand, and now I’m actually contemplating attempting something digital, which I’ve been avoiding forever. Would have to do the hybrid thing, though, cuz I love paper and the rest too much to ever go completely digi. So–thank you!
    Happy Spring!
    Debbie Pugliese

  43. #64

    Cathy!!! I would pay big bucks for a complete alpha set using the letters in that “everything goes better with you” stamp. I need it! 🙂

  44. #65

    This is wonderful Cathy! YOu teach me something everytime I listen you you! Everything I know about PSE I think came from you. I was even able to design my daughterswedding invites–Hybrid of course! Love the command G–adding that shortcut to my list!!
    Oh and by the way–just today I finished Me the Abridged Version 🙂 My daughters wedding is over and finally printed the last 12 photos and glued them down!
    YOu rock!

  45. #66

    Cathy – just wanted to say thanks so much for all the hybrid information you are always giving. I just finished DYL and had the best time. I also tried digital and am loving the hybrid way of life :)- downloaded a few of your digital designs. I have also converted to 8.5×11 and am finally OK with one page layouts. You are an inspiration! Thanks!

  46. #67

    hmmmmm. i downloaded a free month trial of photoshop elements. you may turn me into a hybrid scrapper yet. but first i’ve got to check out Studio Calico April kit. love those colors!!

  47. #68

    “Scrapstances” and “Scraptastic” {from Karen G} – love those words, they should go in the dictionary 😉

    DH is champing at the bit so off for a healthy walk… will watch your video later. Have a GREAT weekend!

  48. #69

    There is a list on the 2 Peas in a Bucket site under Erica Hernandez’s Digital 101 class (free), January class.

  49. #71
    Stephanie Howell

    i bow down to your awesomeness. your scrapbooking skillz are unparalleled.
    also..”scrapstance”??? HA! is that like tweavesdropping?
    have i ever told you i adore you? seriously.
    love the page, love you+SC.

  50. #72

    Just joined Weight Watchers for the first time this past Thursday. Humbling to admit that while I have been a healthy weight all my life until three years ago, that I can’t get back to that on my own. Thinking of you while starting this new journey. Cleaning the house today to stay busy. And, thinking without food as the pleasure in my day, I am being drawn back more to scrapbooking to have a way to bring something back into my life that is for me. Your page is beautiful and your post today reminded me of what the WW leader talked about at the last meeting about our internal voices and talking to ourselves as we would talk to a friend. You set a great example in this post of talking well to yourself. Thanks for giving me so much to think about. (And, being so entertaining in the process.)

  51. #76
    Nancy S.

    Love, love, love your digital templates! Can’t thank you enough for making them available to the masses. Also, your videos on how to use them are invaluable. However, how in the world do you organize all your digi stuff (papers, templates, embellishments) on the computer? Any info on that subject would be enormously helpful.

  52. #77

    I’m so glad you take the time to make these instruction videos. They help a lot. I also love your digital templates. Thank you!!!!

  53. #78

    I was just having the same question and I tried Alt and sure enough – as usual – you are correct! Thanx so much!

  54. #79

    Yea – I just purchased the dotted & dashes brush set and I decided to also purchase your template no.48 – I think I can use that a ton. I just love the dotted border – now I better go play w/ these new goodies! Thanks Cathy!

  55. #80

    Yea me too!! Can’t wait to play with those dotted and dashes brushes. Maybe I missed this somewhere but what size is the dotted frame on that layout??? Is that a silly question??? Do I just play around with it until I get to look ok or did you make it a specific size? Sorry but I’m really new to this hybrid thing so please be kind lol. Like you’re anyting but kind… thanks for being so patient.

  56. #81

    Kathi, i just finished creating a stamp set of circles, dotted and dashed, in sizes from 1 inch to 2.25 inches. They’ll be in the store next saturday! : ) Thanks again for the great suggestion.

  57. #82

    Hey Laurel, just finishing up working on an A-Z upper and lower stamp set of those alphas!

    They will be called the CZ Frankie Set (named after the font upon which they are based, Franklin Gothic Condensed.)

    They’ll be up in the DD store next saturday after 5 p.m.! Thanks for the great suggestion!

  58. #83

    Nancy, i’m still trying to figure out the best way to organize. Right now, it’s just in a handful of folders:
    patterned paper

    It’s NOT the most efficient way though. Still working on this! But, a good idea for a post to generate discussiom.

  59. #85

    Hey Christina, the frames are different sizes. I’m not sure they exact dimension. You can drag them in and see how they look on the page. The one on my layout sample is one of the sizes.

    : ) Just play around a bit and don’t hesitate to post more questions!

  60. #90

    So happy to have helped. I am glad to know there is somewhere I can go to make suggestions that will be listened to. I appreciate you helping all us scrapbookers get the productes ween can use. I also appreicate you bing so down to earth and a “regular” person.

    Thanks a million,

  61. #92

    I’m off to buy the frames and can’t wait for the alpha release! Is the class you are refering to going to be a hybrid class?

  62. #94

    Hi Cathy!
    Great page!!
    Can you really call this, “trapped space”? Since it’s coming from your title which is centered??
    Anyway, I wouldn’t have lost one minute sleep over it, if I had created that page myself.
    Good job…designer! 🙂

  63. #95

    Hello Cathy
    This was a wonderful layout. First I see it on my sister’s blog (mipmibrunette) and as I was “blocked” in my scrapping activity I decide to take it and made a manual scrap with. I see after that it was yours. so I thanks you and put a link to my blog and you can see the result
    bye bye
    Christine alias Cricri-lascrapeuse from Toulouse /France

  64. #99

    I like really much what you do, your scrap is a perfect example of what I like to make out of scrap!

    So long on my blog with great pleasure:)
    North winds, mlledidi.

  65. #100

    Great layout – I was so thrilled when I saw that you had done a layout using this kit (I just got it). I’ve been so uninspired lately, and seeing this layout made me want to scrapbook again. So thanks for that.

  66. #101

    Nice post. I learn something new and challenging on websites I stumbleupon every day.
    It will always be exciting to read through content from other
    authors and use a little something from other websites.

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