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As I mentioned on my birthday list, I've been listening to Rufus Does Judy at Carnegie Hall for the past few days, pretty much nonstop. It's weird, because it's not like I'm a big fan of show tunes or Judy Garland, but something about his unique voice, those classic songs, and his charming between-song banter has got me hooked.

For those of you who don't know, a few years ago he decided to record a live album covering, song-for-song, Judy's legendary concert at Carnegie Hall in 1961.

I absolutely loved that he copied her right down to the concert poster.


This old school poster appeals to my inner designer on so many levels. The clean lines. The silhouette. The sans serif type. The orange.

I couldn't help myself, minus the orange.

World Greatest ScrapbookerW

I think this will look very nice in my dining room.

Told you 44 was going to be my year.

Cathy ZielskeFun with Photoshop

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    April P.

    I am completely shocked you took out the orange with as much as you loved that orange sweater of yours! Love the poster idea of hanging that in your house! And for what it’s worth 44 definitely seems to be agreeing with you πŸ™‚

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    That is cool! Love it. So, are you going to give us the directions on how you created this masterpiece in Photoshop? Would be fun to try it out!

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    Love it! But why no orange? We all know you love orange and have a fave orange sweatshirt in your closet. You don’t fool us, you know!

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    Thanks for the morning giggle. It’s twisted just enough to feather tickle my funny bone. πŸ™‚

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    I just wanted to say a belated “Happy Birthday”! I thought of you as we had a layover at the Minneapolis – St. Paul airport on Monday evening :)) And you are looking great – there’s a definite change between your January and March photos in your weight loss story. Congrats!! Thanks for the smiles and the creative inspirations.

    (a DYL alumni)

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    Donna Tullis

    that is so cool…i need that in my new scrap space…it would be perfect! gotta spill the beans on how to do it.

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    Julia Spencer

    I love re-doing movie posters as digital scrappages. The art is already done… All I do is re-create it. Concert posters are another great design idea… πŸ™‚ Love it! πŸ™‚

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    Cathy, Give us a template, rather create it and we will buy. If you print this I will buy it for my studio and then make one for myself. What a fun idea. Thanks

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    Monika Wright

    I’ve been trying to do home art myself, but I’m using Pages and it’s looking pretty darn good, for a novice like me. This has me thinking I should do something like this for my” soon to be a high school graduate heading to college son.”

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    Rosslyn Weigelt

    I LOVE IT! Yep, the double 4’s are doing it for you! HAPPY, happy birhtday! It’s the same year for me this year, I won’t do it nearly as graciously as you though! LOVE the poster, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease make it available!

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    Penny Grimsley

    Cathy, I love this. Please tell me you are going to print and frame it! I loved 44. The only year I have loved better is 45! I think life does getter better and better, especially since I know I am getting more comfortable in my own skin.

    Speaking of skin – objectively looking at Tales of the Scales yesterday, you CAN TELL A DIFFERENCE in your body composition – significantly. Keep doing the right things and your scales will catch up! Hang in there – metaphorically speaking of course. In reality, keep it all tucked away. πŸ˜‰

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    Marge Johnston

    OMG, serious giggle therapy going on here!!! πŸ˜‰ Can’t wait to see you on Renee’s Thursday night!! Been pondering this number thing.. born in 64 turning 46…. hummm… maybe this will be the year my butt reverses itself back into a cute high derriΓ¨re instead of this chair flattened thing I’m sporting now!!!LOL You’re inspirational girl — keep it coming!!:)

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    It would!

    And you could do one each for the rest of your family too…that would be cool :o)
    So fun.

    Hey, I loved you on Paperclipping Roundtable the other day. You said you were a good actress and really didn’t like the person to person teaching etc – taught and then had to lay down for 3 hours! I totally get that.

    Bye now!

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    I am really laughing out loud. Soooo funny!!! thanks for putting a smile on my unhappy face this morning.

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    How fun. BYW, you have inspired me to join WW again. I’m also 44 and an ex-smoker and hate how the weight just creeps on. Thank you for sharing your journey.

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    kerri Macdonald

    Love this! Love your ideas and how you can just change things to suit your needs. No wonder where Cole gets his amazing creativity!

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    Sarah MacKenzie

    Have you listened to his Poses album? It is probably my fave of his. I love the song Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk. I listened to that album over and over until I just about wore it out! (Btw, his Dad (Loudon Wainwright) has a very cool sound if you haven’t heard him ever – he did a few songs from the movie Knocked Up and does a lot of bit parts on Judd Apatow movies).

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