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Saturday morning, 8-ish, I'm laying in bed, knowing it's time to get up, head towards the bathroom, and my new digital scaleโ€”you remember, the one that put a whole new batch of weight on me in an instant last week? Yeah, that one.

I shuffle down the hall, remembering to clip on my pedometer as soon as my day begins (every little step counts) and as I step into the bathroom, I think, I'm not stripping down to nothing. They're just pajamas. How much could they really weigh?, when it hits me:

It doesn't matter what the scale says this morning.

I feel good. I look good. I AM good. I'm eating well and moving my body. I'm giving back to this physical structure that houses me. I'm holding up my fair end of this symbiotic bargain.

How you like them apples?

Any time I've tackled the whole health and fitness mountain, I've only ever really looked to those numbers below my feet to tell me if I'm a Good Cathy, or a Better Luck Next Week Cathy.

And this weekend, before I ever saw the glowing blue numbers magically appear, I felt peaceful and proud.

I'm just taking care of me.

The fact that the number tossed me up a 1.4 pound loss? Icing.

Cathy ZielskeHad a moment this weekend

62 Comments on “Had a moment this weekend”

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    Kristal Jones

    Woohoo! Isn’t that great? MY word for the year is FLY. Stands for Finally Loving Yourself according to FLYLADY. I will turn 40 this year and I’ve been doing little things to act lovingly to myself…not putting off Dr. and Dentist appointments, being more conscious about my eating habits, getting more sleep, flossing every night, drinking more water, etc. It really does make you feel peaceful and proud. Way to go, Cathy Z! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Congrats Cathy! You go! I am impressed with your stick-to-it-ness. I can’t believe I missed checking your blog over the weekend, and thus missed the great giveaway. I am glad that I still have a chance to purchase the collection. I just wanted to add that I thank you for gently holding my hand as I crossed over to the dark side. Thank you for asking about what we would like to learn. I am still interested in learning more about working with PSE and in using it in a hybrid platform. I am hooked.

    Have a great week!!!

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    “I feel good. I look good. I AM good.”

    and that my dear friend is what it’s all about.

    Last year I finished a mini marathon. Can I just say this former chardonnay swilling, chain smoking gal can hardly recongise herself and her new AMAZING life…

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    That’s the place to be Cathy! I was there last year but I lost my focus and I’m trying to get back there again. Having a big health scare has helped recently: life is too short to be worrying about a number on the scales. Seize the day! Thank you for reminding me.

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    Great news from the scales! Well done you. I am very admiring of your willpower – something which is sadly lacking round here.

    Just want to say thanks for the UK school words package which I picked up at Designer Digitals yesterday. It’s perfect and your customer service is awesome. Thanks for responding so quickly for us UK girls! It is really appreciated.

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    Stephanie Howell

    love this attitude, cathy. i’ve found that life is so , so much sweeter when i live it with a positive attitude. sometimes i get made fun of for that, but i don’t mind. it works.
    i’m so happy you are feeling good. you deserve it! thanks for adding sunshine to my life. xo

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    Michelle Giaimo

    Yes every ounce counts. I am changing my eating habit along with you and I have come to realize what a glutten I was. At my age it doesn’t seem to take much food to sustain my house! Not to mention the reserve I already have. J.enny Craig has taught me portion size. Especially for the food I enjoy. I can eat any thing but not much of it. I have changed from a dinner plate to a salad, it really helps to understand that just because the food is there I (my body) doesn’t need it

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    I work our local WW meeting and some ladies get so hung up on the fact that this week they are only down 0.4 or up 0.8 but they’ve lost over 30 lbs I always tell them ‘it’s the big picture’. Congrats on seeing the big picture Cathy.

    I always said I want to lose ‘about’ 25lbs but it was more a look and feeling that I was going for than a specific number.

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    Katie Johnson

    You are awesome Cathy…and so inspiring today. I’ve been on the WW train and have been stuck for 4 months. I think I’m focusing too much on the #’s, and not about the good I’m doing for my body overall.

    PS: a couple weeks ago you mentioned the La Tortilla Factory tortillas. Have you found them here locally, or did you have to order them online??

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    Mmmm. Icing. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And exactly the kind of icing you want, too: all the good feelings, none of the calories! Thanks for the reminder that the journey is to be enjoyed.

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    That’s the way to think Cathy!! I think as a society we are just so caugth up in the number and how much we weigh. Making the effort plus changes you have already made are the most essential factors. Eventually the numbers will follow. Yay Cathy!!! : )

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    the number i see on my scale is something i let really bother me. this post is an excellent reminder that it’s really all about how i FEEL. thanks cathy! and keep up the good work + attitude!

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    That is awesome! I agree the way you feel is most important! I felt like a million bucks this past week, stuck to my points really well and then this morning I had a 1lb loss. Not bad I know but last time around when I did WW I lost 2lbs a week minimum so I was a bit disheartened. But I can fit into a smaller size of clothing and feel better about not carrying around 9lbs more since I started a month ago. Will have to remind myself more often that the numbers aren’t that important, how I feel is! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

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    You are awesome – I want your attitude. I’ve recently started moving this old body in the hopes of becoming less, and am about to go back to WW just because I need the nudge every week to keep me on track foodwise. I want to feel good again. I’m so encouraged to read your blog.

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    Kim in Cambridge, UK

    Good for you Cathy! It sounds like such an obvious thing, when you ‘get it’, but mostly when we think of WW or weight watching, we think of what we can’t do or mustn’t do, and forget that what is also happening is we are treating ourselves to some awesomely lovely, healthy, self-care!
    Go you!

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    Cathy, I’ve been eating right and walking for two years now and don’t even think about my weight except for about once a month. I only walk a mile a day and not even fast and in two years I have lost close to 35 or 40 pounds. I really don’t remember the exact weight that I started at except it was above 190 and it is now below 150. Life is great when you feel good in your own skin. Keep at it and you won’t have to think about it at all one of these days.

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    I’m glad too see you realize how good you feel and ignored the #’s. I think that will help in your journey. Keep up the great work!

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    Val from Down Under

    Hi Cathy,

    You know, I never look at the scales when I’m trying to loose weight because they lie. Yes, they do. When my clothes begin to feel loose on me that’s when I know that I’m loosing weight, I don’t need the scales to tell me that I haven’t and that I’m not doing a good job. What I find is that I loose inches instead of pounds off the scales. That’s all I need to know.

    And … you look great! Keep up the new lifestyle and you will be rewarded with peace and contentment.

    Blessings to you and your family…

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    Excellent attitude. I am fat girl in a new skinny body and I have to take each day as it comes. Move more, eat less, and be good to me. I too went from couch potato to marathoner and it is an amazingly good feeling.

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    Congrats on the loss!..so very proud of your ww journey and wish you much more continued success. On another note, what kind of soul sisters are you and Ali Edwards that you each posted pics of tulips on the same day!?

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    Congratulations and great post! I wish, so wish, I could get to the point you are. I sooooooo need a push to get going, get moving, and feel good – and like you say – not so much for the darn number on the scale (oh wait I don’t own one…lol), but for how it would make me feel. Maybe tomorrow will be the day……

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    Good job! I’m impressed that you have reached the point where it is really about your health. I’ve tried to reach that point, I really have. I’ve tried to convince myself that I’m doing what I’m doing to have a healthy body, now that I’ve turned 50. But to be truthful, for me, it’s still about the numbers. I haven’t been able to reach that healthy outlook yet. I want to, I really do. It’s such a better outlook on life than is obsessing on the numbers. I’m not there yet, but you are a great model to follow!

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    Sarah G.

    Cathy, I’ve been following your adventures . . . wanted to encourage you. You’re doing amazing, and it’s really not about the numbers. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes almost four years ago. I stopped eating (pretty much) and walked 30 minutes each day. I did not step on a scale, nor did I pay attention to my clothes. I paid attention to how I felt. I was diagnosed in August; in November, I stepped on a scale at the doctor’s for the first time, and I had lost 55 pounds. I didn’t notice my clothes were falling off, I didn’t hate the “exercise.” I felt good, clear-headed, energetic, and I loved where i was going.

    Kudos to you for your fight. Keep it up!


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