In honor of my birthday, which just so happens to be today

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In light of the fact that Aidan took my monthly head shot (taken each month on the same day of my Tales from the Scales official weigh-in, measure-in, and photo-in-the-bathroom-mirror-in) and that this particular shot happened to fall into what I like to call the adorable category, I have decided to celebrate my own birthday today by making a list of 44 things.

The problem I am having, however, is choosing a theme. I hear that as we age, it gets harder to focus. Well let me tell you it's TRUE. Why just yesterday I could have rattled off 44 of any particular thing. 44 Ways to Unnerve People Standing in a Grocery Check Out Line? Bingo! 44 French Cheeses I Love? Voila! Today? I can't remember where I put my slippers last night.

Getting older is a bitch. But see, there I go digressing and cursing. Let's begin (and no, there is no theme to this list).

Remember folks, I'm 44 now.

1. I miss regular full-fat cheese.

2. I am down to drinking one cup of coffee a day, thanks to my new tea addiction.

3. My hair is too long but part of me kind of likes it. (The dirty hippie part.)

4. The only way to get a photo like the one above is to fake laugh really hard while someone shoots. Don't believe me? Try it. And then don't come crying to me about how adorable you are.

5. I can't stand the sound of birds chirping in the morning to the point that I want to take a batch of miniature rubber bands and double wrap them around their tiny little beaks to teach them a lesson about what sleeping in means to women in their 40s.

6. I want to have clothes from Anthropologie, except that I can't justify the expense and if I'm being truly honest, I don't really get them.

7. I love to blog.

8. I love Yoplait Light Fat Free Yogurt, but only the strawberry-vanilla flavor. Last week, my friendly neighborhood Rainbow store was out of this flavor, and I said loudly enough for anyone in ear shot to hear, "Well that's just GREAT. NOW what do I have at breakfast? I HATE this store!" My horrified 13-year-old daughter quickly moved away from me, hiding near the butter and cheese bins, but damn it, I made my point. Later that day, Aunt Flo arrived.

9. I like to spend money on clothes for Aidan far more than I do for me. It feels less like being impetuous with my money and more like being a good, caring, and responsible parent.

10. Cole and I are very, very much alike. We both go overboard when we're into things. Case in point? Tea and the Titanic, which coincidentally is the name of the next play he's working on.

11. Dan and I and not very much alike. He recently shared this analogy with me. "Let's say I see the movie "Witness" and I decide I'd like to learn more about the Amish. I might go to the library, check out a few books, bring them home and maybe, just maybe crack the cover and read a few chapters. You? You become Amish."

12. I miss french fries.

13. Oh Sweet Jesus, I'm only on number 13?

14. I'm a very sensitive person.

15. I recently decided that the colors gray and yellow together are the greatest color combo of all time.

16. For many years, Dan and I picked a theme right around New Year's to serve as our modus operandi for the coming year. My favorite one? Debt free in '93. All others have paled in comparison and in result. Pick up sticks, in '96? What the hell was that?

17. YES!


19. The silverware I received for my wedding in 1991 is Oneida Easton, and every time I empty the dishwasher, I marvel at how much I still love it after all these years.

20. I have problems with insomnia.

21. I have problems untangling knots of any kind.

22. I'm halfway to 44.

23. My new favorite album of right now is Rufus Does Judy at Carnegie Hall. I gave it to Dan for his birthday and I am in heady love.

24. My other new favorite album is Interpol's Antics.

25. Both 23 and 24's selections are not ones I would have initially thought I would like.

26. I love my family.

27. I'm so very thankful I have made it this many years in this world.

28. I'm also so very thankful to have discovered La Tortilla Factory tortillas, which practically have ZERO points and Miracle Noodles, which have no calories (but smelled a little wonky at first when I took them out of the package, but then tasted just fine) and we had them the other night using this recipe and it tasted pretty darned good (but don't use the full amount of Sirachi chili sauce or AY carumba, your lips will burn.)

29. I love poorly constructed run-on sentences with pronoun confusion and voice discrepancies.

30. I will never be clever enough to have a list on McSweeney's, but if I did, my list would be called "Scrapbook page titles you aren't likely to see" and it would feature things like: "My son…he's just okay" and "Happy F#$@ing Birthday".

31. In my 44th year, I plan to blame most of my swearing on everything I possibly can (other than myself), but mostly I'll attribute my potty mouth to a nagging iron deficiency.

32. I put on a pair of size 12 jeans over the weekend that I haven't fit into for a solid year. Then I went to the Mall of America and the whole time I was there, I felt sexy and confident and much more like a woman on the verge of turning 41 or possibly even 42.

33. I read every comment on this blog, but then feel guilty when I don't reply to all of them, and hope no one notices.

34. I believe in a thing called love.

35. I stole No. 34 from "The Darkness."

36. Every morning, I dread getting on the treadmill, thinking of all the other things I could be doing instead. But from here on out, I will remember No. 32 and how it felt to be hot in a sea of mall shoppers, and I will lace up those shoes, turn on that Michael Jackson iPod mix, and run like the freaking wind.

37. I will turn on the treadmill fan to create that wind effect.

38. I'm less comfortable in large groups of people. Doesn't mean I don't like people, it just means I am less comfortable in large groups of them. That's why I wrote the first sentence. GEEZ people, READ!

39. I love working from home more than anything outside of french fries and regular fat laden cheese.

40. When I turned 40, I quit smoking. Although it was one of the best decisions I've ever made, I swear to God everything in my body began to change. It felt for a long time that smoking had been the acid free glue holding it all together.

41. If I make it to 90, I fully plan to start smoking again, and then smoke constantly, only stopping to sleep and eat, until I die. You know, to make up for all these nutty "health" years.

42. I think the Internet is full of utterly amazing people and things.

43. I have often been in the right place at the right time.

44. I wouldn't change a thing.

And now if you'll excuse me, I have a date with the DMV, where I will list my current weight as 150. You know, it'll give me something a bit more realistic to maintain until I start smoking again.

Thanks for coming here and reading.



Cathy ZielskeIn honor of my birthday, which just so happens to be today

408 Comments on “In honor of my birthday, which just so happens to be today”

  1. #5

    Happy Birthday Cathy! I love your list. I also got married in 1991, and Oneida Easton is my flatware pattern as well. Like you, I still love it. In fact, I wish I could get more to replace the forks that have gone AWOL over the years.

  2. #7
    Kathy Jo Camacho

    Happy Birthday Cathy! Congratulations on making it to 44! And I love #41 – you just make me laugh!Have a fabulous birthday!

  3. #9
    Kathy Cote

    Happy Birthday Cathy. I enjoyed your list so very much, such a collection of truth and humor. Enjoy your day you’re still very young. May you keep your heart young by enjoying your life. And get some damn iron tablets to help your potty mouth – lol!

  4. #10

    Very many happy returns Cathy. You are a joy and bring a little ray of sunshine to your readers every day.

  5. #14
    Amber Lee

    Happy birthday! This list just proves to me that you are one of the coolest scrapbookers ever. Also maybe you should consider the pipe in old age. My grandma takes a few puffs from one for inspiration and I find it quite bizarre and funny, though I realize it’s still tobacco and smoke and bad. Plus it smells a little better. Also you should get patted on the back evey day for quitting smoking, that can NOT have been easy.

  6. #15
    Jennifer Larson

    Happy birthday, Cathy! And BTW, you’d feel a little less love for the run-ons with pronoun problems if you taught high school English for a living. I speak (write?) from experience.

  7. #17
    anne leglise

    Happy Birthday, Cathy! May God continue to bless you in abundant measure. I’ll just eat some French cheese today since it’s your birthday:-)

  8. #19

    Happy Birthday, Cathy! You and I share the same birth year. I enjoyed your random list of 44; maybe if I start now I’ll have one done by my birthday. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  9. #20

    Happy Birthday Cathy from a fellow Minnesotan (who is just a few years older) and yes getting older is tough, but who’s to stay we aren’t tough too.

  10. #21

    Want to wish you a very happy birthday! BUT – I was shocked to see this on your blog: I can’t stand the sound of birds chirping in the morning to the point that I want to take a batch of miniature rubber bands and double wrap them around their tiny little beaks to teach them a lesson about what sleeping in means to women in their 40s…….Seriously!!???? I love the birdie chirping in the mornings and I’m older than you. What a way to wake up! LOL!! Happy Birthday!

  11. #23

    Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday Dear Cathy! Happy Birthday to You! I hope you have a wonderful birthday, a fabulous birthday season and a fantastic year ahead! YOu so deserve it. I enjoyed your list and I so appreciate you for sharing yourself with all of us!

    Happy Day!


  12. #27
    Rhonda Palmer

    Happy Birthday! you know….my drivers licence weight is the same as it was 20 yrs ago. i am NO where near it. they always look at me and ask with this one eyebrow up look…”is everything correct?” they know…oh they know!

  13. #29
    Mary Kay

    Happy, happy day. As my mother always said about getting older, “Its better than the alternative,” which I find gets more true, the older I get.

    Loved the list–I’m setting a reminder on my iPhone to come back next year for 45 things.

  14. #30

    Happy Birthday Cathy…I am now late for school because I enjoyed reading our list. If you think chirping birds are bad in the morning…try a room full of middle schoolers when the bell rings at 8:00 while telling them how much they love to read πŸ™‚

  15. #34
    Angela H.

    Happy Birthday! And, dude, #30? Hi-larious! I actually LOLed, and that’s the first time I’ve ever turned that goofy acronym into a verb. Enjoy your day.

  16. #37
    Sara M

    Thanks for the morning laugh. I love your writing, I love your humor. I am so glad you blog. One of the reasons I took your DYL class again was just to watch your impromptu video messages. Seriously, I don’t laugh enough so thank you!!!

    Have a wonderful BD!!!!

  17. #38

    Great list, and I gotta find me some of those noodles, and if you move to Mass, there is not spot for your weight on your license. Happy Birthday!!!

  18. #43

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY CATHY!!! I hope you have a great day. I love your list, so funny. Good for you keeping up on your “healthy living” must have felt really good to wear a size 12 again.

  19. #48
    Korey Lindberg

    “Just listen to the rythm of my heart!” was what I said in my head after reading #34. Love them…best concert I have ever been to was The Darkness at Roy Wilkens. Hands down! Oh and Rufus does Judy…Amazing!

    Most joyous wishes for a marvelous Birthday Cathy! Enjoy πŸ˜€

  20. #50
    Kathleen D

    Happy Bday Cathy! Love that comment by Dan about the Amish. . . so true! so true! Have a rip roaring fun day!

  21. #53

    “Pick up sticks in ’96”. Holy smokes – I will be laughing about that one all day. Have a very Happy Birthday…and please tell me that you’ll be indulging in cake. Real cake, like, with frosting and sprinkles. You can’t ring in 44 with low fat cake, it’s just not natural!

  22. #55
    Karen G

    Happy Birthday, Cathy. Sincee I didn’t get you anything, thanks for the birthday gift of a smile today for me. You totally crack me up.

  23. #56
    Erika B

    Happy Birthday CZ! Love your list of 44, but would like to add that you could have stopped at 35 because you absolutely don’t look a day over that! Just wanted to also say thanks for being a part of my morning get me going ritual. You always add a smile to my face while I’m enjoying your blog. Have a wonderfully blessed birthday today ‘cuz you deserve it!

  24. #59
    Sandi Keene

    Have a wonderful birthday and think how cool it is to have this many people want to take a few minutes to tell you that your birthday is noteworthy because even though we don’t know each other – we care. That is pretty stinkin’ cool (and better than smoking!)

  25. #62
    Lycia (SchoolMommy)

    Love the list, Cathy…and love you too! Hope you have a great, great, great birthday. (PS – size 12 jeans? YOU seriously ROCK!!!)

  26. #63
    Leslie Murphy

    This made me smile this morning! I hope you enjoyed that juicy steak last night, that the grocery restocks your favorite yogurt and that you have a fantastic birthday!

  27. #64
    Staci Miserlian

    Happy birthday! LOVE your list. Yeah, 150 is what I put in to the elliptical machine, too. Good thing it doesn’t have a built-in scale and start laughing at you when you hit “enter”.

  28. #65

    Happy Birthday Cathy! In reference to #42…I totally agree (and you are one of those utterly amazing people that the internet is full of)

    I’m going to be 50 (yikes) in May and am writing on my blog “50 things that I’m grateful for before I turn 50”. Of course my list is pretty boring and might just put you to sleep πŸ™‚

    Enjoy your day!

  29. #68
    sue Treiber

    Happy Birthday, Funny girl!
    I share your theory on #41, only I will replace smoking with cookies. I will eat cookies until I look like the stay puft marshmallow man.

  30. #69
    Lisa S.

    Happy Birthday Cathy from another 40-something! I hope you have a fantastic day. Thanks for sharing your talent and humor with us!

  31. #70

    Happy Birthday, Cathy! And for what it’s worth, I love your list of 44 far more than the one’s I’ve read on McSweeney’s (though I must admit I’d KILL to read your “Scrapbook Page Titles” list!).

  32. #71
    Joy M.

    Happy birthday, Cathy!! Loved your list and may have to do one of those myself except I have to come up with a few more than you did. Thanks for the heads-up on the Miracle Noodles….not only would they be good for me to lose weight but my son, who is gluten-intolerant, can eat them. Yeah!

  33. #77
    Cathy S

    Happy Birthday. Love the photo and will try the fake laugh when I pose for my 42nd birthday shot in two weeks. And for number 5 — if you sleep with a fan running year round you don’t hear the birds, or your husband snoring, or the kids in the other bedrooms…

  34. #79

    Happy birthday! I’m glad I found you in Simple Scrapbooks and online. You’ve changed the way I scrap. And you make me laugh every day.

  35. #82
    angela ezzell

    I feel the same way about Anthropologie, and I’m 28 and not nearly as hip as you!

    Happy Birthday!! : )

  36. #83

    I love this list, I love the picture and I love your wit. A very happy birthday to you. Don’t ever lose your sense of humor.

  37. #84
    ronni H.

    Happy Birthday Cathy, you sexy beast, you! I wanna be just like you. Hope your birthday is fabulous, and the coming year is all you want it to be! πŸ™‚

  38. #85

    Happy Happy Birthday Cathy! You are amazing and beautiful and you do a most FABULOUS job teaching and helping women in this world!


  39. #86

    For your 45th, please add to your list: I am a cool cucumber and tasty too! You truly are a laugh riot and I so enjoy waking up to read your posts. Thank goodness you are 2 hours ahead of me.

  40. #88
    Jamie Qureshi

    Have a great Birthday! I’m also a Pisces Midwesterner (although displaced) ex-smoker that would LOVE to help rubber-band the beaks in the morning! and the hubbie’s. and the kids’. Great job with the healthy eating, love your blog!

  41. #91

    Happy Birthday.
    Great photo of you.
    I will celebrate a little later this year and will have to make up my own list.
    Can we maybe make a rule though…us 40-year olds about not being so friendly with Aunt Flo? I get seriously put about when she pops up so regularly with fewer and fewer days in between, catching me off guard and unprepared. There must be a club we can join or a petition we can sign, surely?

  42. #94

    Happy Birthday, Cathy! I just love to read your thoughts, your voice is so clear. You are a character:)

  43. #95
    Pat Baker

    Happy, happy birthday, Cathy! Loved reading your list. I’ll be celebrating a big one in May and have been chronicling my 50th year — so far only the things I love and make me happy, but you’ve inspired me to include some things in my life that really stink! Makes for a more complete picture, right?

  44. #97

    Happy Birthday Cathy! Hope you have a great day. I’m already starting on my list. You see, I’ll be 70 in June so it is much harder to think of 70 things than 44. Getting to be 70 is not so bad. You tend to forget the things that used to bother you–not intentionally, you just don’t remember them.

  45. #98

    Happy birthday and welcome to the world of be 44! It is a year of new ideas…some of them pretty smart and some of them “what the….!” Hopefully you will be on the “pretty smart” end of new things this year. I, however, took the other route, and am now sitting here reading your blog instead of working on my thesis!! anything to procrastinate!!

    Have a super happy “I’m 44 day!”

  46. #100

    Happy Birthday! Your blog always brings sunshine into my day and I hope that you receive as much as you give this year. And #29 is my favourite!

  47. #103

    When my mom was 93, we worried she was eating too many sweets until my daughter said, “She’s 93-let her eat what she wants.” You go, girl on the smoking at 90. My friend quit 35 years ago, and she says,”If there’s a heaven, there’s a Winston waiting for me.”

  48. #104
    Melanie G

    HaPpyBiRtHdAy!!! – and Thank you – I turn 42 in April and I agree 40’s suck and I feel so much better knowing I am not alone – Hope you have a wonderful day – just know my day is brighter because of you many wish your way & THANKS

  49. #106
    Cynthia Friese-Hassanein

    Happy B-day Lady!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of you!!!! with all the drive on the treadmill! This is one rocking list!!!!!!! Love the pic and hair. Oh yes please bring some yellow and grey color combo anytime too. Have a good celebration today!

  50. #107

    What a great list, Cathy. I enjoy reading your blog and love your ingenious humor . . . you bring a smile to my face every single day – and many days make me really really laugh.

    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday To You! Enjoy your day!

    (I like run-on sentences, too).

  51. #108

    Happy birthday Cathy! You are a nut, but a very enjoyable nut. I hope you have a wonderful birthday day & evening.

  52. #109

    Happy Birthday, Cathy!
    As for #40, I swear to God my body totally began to fall apart that year too but I stopped smoking 12 yrs before that. Makes you wonder…

  53. #111
    Pat Daigle

    I loved your list. thanks for taking the time to let me get to know you a little better. Hope that today is everything that you wanted and more, except for the DMV, you really can’t get anything great out of that place, especially a good photo now that you aren’t suppose to smile.

  54. #113

    Happy Birthday, Cathy! Number 30 is my favorite! Another title you won’t see – “Christmas really sucked this year!” “My Top 10 Hot Flashes.” Keep on rockin’ that Michael Jackson!

  55. #115
    Deb J

    You are such a hoot. Maybe your motto for next year would be to get rid of the potty mouth. WOuld that be as hard as stopping smoking. Grin. I’ll be 58 in August. I think I will start now at building a 58 things list. Just for the fun of it.

  56. #117
    Beth Holmes

    Happy Birthday! Mine is on Saturday the 13th and I have a couple of years on you (yes actually 2). I was so hip last year turning 45 and did a scrapbook layout all about Being 45 with cool photos of me and my presents and what I like etc… I am not feeling inspired about 46 though — so thanks for making me laugh as usual. I also like #9 on your list — just spent $150 on clothes for my 10 year old baby girl last weekend and felt just fine about it. Of course it was at Kohls and we got tons of stuff for the $. Have a great day!!

  57. #119

    Happy Birthday! Great list, you have a lot to be thankful for. It is funny how our perspective changes the older we get. And how empowered we feel when we fit in skinny jeans! Keep up the good work!

  58. #123
    Alexandra L.

    Happy B-Day to a fellow 44yr old WOMAN! You’re looking fabulous. Keep living in the moment. By the way, after 3 months more than you being 44, it starts to be a strangely “old” sounding number…I think I am still at least 32!!

  59. #124

    ahhh, happy birthday Cathy.
    And in light of #32 I’ll share with you my montra….Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.

    Im not skinny BTW. Clearly I need to write this montra down somewhere. Thanks for the reminder.

  60. #125

    Hau’oli lā hānau! That’s Happy Birthday in Hawaiian. Im sending you lots of good wishes and sunshine your way from the islands!

    I totally get the feeling sexy in jeans at the mall thing. It’s also possible to feel that way when you’re wearing knee-high, high-heeled (but not toooooo high!) leather boots. And the best part is you can wear your loooooose skirt or dress with the boots. Try it next time and see how many guys will be checking you out. Guaranteed!

  61. #126

    A Very Happy Birthday Cathy!! I wish I could say I loved the china I picked out, but it was 1992 and shells, blue grey and rose looked so pretty back then (Noritake). UGH!! I thought my husband was going to flip when I said we should sell it and get new. I was, of course, totally shocked because he’s the least sentimental person I know. The flatware isn’t that bad, but it does have a shell on it.(Oneida Royal Shell with gold!) Fancy!!

  62. #127

    i’m with ya on #41!! happy birthday gurl!! wait till you’re old like ME and turn 49!! yikes!!

  63. #129
    Leslie B

    I look forward to checking your blog every day. some of the stuff that rolls out of your head also rolls out of mine. I am pretty sure that we would hang out. Not sure how that would work as it seems that neither of us are the going out sort. Anyway – happy freaking birthday, my make believe friend!

  64. #131

    Oh my goodness, leave it to you to give your readers a gift on your birthday! Thank you! Thanks especially for number 30! Wishing you a Happy Birthday and more blessings than you can receive.

  65. #134

    Happy Birthday Cathy!!!! Love your list. My birthday was last Tuesday(Gotta love the Pisces people).

  66. #136

    Happy Birthday! I love #8, mostly because I’m in my 40’s too, and I did the same thing about another food item last week and embarrassed the hell out of my 12 year old daughter! (P.S. – Turned out to be hormonal as well.)

  67. #141
    Andi Sexton

    Happy 44 you young thing!!! And congrats on being sexy.. That is one of the best feelings! To be a hot mama…

    The morning birds comment killed me! I thought ‘PMS… Hormones, something along those lines. But let me share, I’m going to be 48 and am just darn GLAD I can hear the birds (my family members tell me I am deaf)..

    And, as you get older, you will be sleeping less.. Good luck with that sleeping in thing…

  68. #142

    Oh Cathy – I love the way you think. And write (duh!). You make me happy. Anyway, I just turned 50 but as my present to myself was a subarachnoid hemorrhage my 50 list would just consist of 50 times “praise the Lord for He has seen fit to give me a second chance!”. Not as fun as your 44 things but meant from the HEART!

  69. #143

    Happy Birthday to you!! One of your new followers in digi world. You crack me up. I love reading your stuff. I am terrible with words so it is so fun to read others and laugh out loud. I can’t wait to read your list on your 90th birthday. Have a GREAT day!! 44 is a great interstate number by the way at least here in Missouri. I-44. My kids always assign some sort of silly meaning like that to birthday numbers so thought i would share the blessing.

  70. #144
    Kelley Simmons

    ha! you always make me laugh out loud (that’s why I am no longer allowed to read your blog over my morning cereal…don’t ask). Inspired by this post & will do the same on my poorly neglected blog when I turn 38 in April. Oh, and I have the same rocks πŸ™‚

  71. #145
    Kirsten Juenke

    Happy Birthday cute stuff – I could never come up with that many “things” – and #8, the yogurt? I can so identify…I’m not quite as compulsive as you (absolutely no offense), but what in the world would I do without my daily fix of toast and eggs?

  72. #146

    You are so, so funny. I cried. The yogurt… oh, the yogurt. Poor Aidan. I love the random punchiness of this list – did you write it late at night? Maybe after some prolonged exposure to “acid free glue?” πŸ˜‰

    Oh, and…Happy F*&#$n’ Birthday! πŸ˜€

  73. #147
    Michelle Appleton

    Happy Birthday Cathy!!! Great list and I am totally with you about birds in the morning. We had tons of birds on our farm and seriously some mornings I wish I was a hunter. Wishing you a wonderful day!!
    Michelle, a fellow Pisces.

  74. #148
    Donna Tullis

    I swear…you must be my sister from another mister! I fell off my chair when I read #30 and then the icing was on the cake with 31!!! Hope your birthday is excellent…and by the by…I do love your picture…you are one of the lucky girls that gets even prettier with the accumulation of birthdays! rock those size twelves jeans…you’ve earned it.

  75. #149
    Elaine P

    I can totally relate to #6 and #11. And others, but those are my two favorites.

    I swear, if we ever went to lunch, we’d probably choke on our food because we’d be laughing so hard. You’re my kind of people.

  76. #152

    Oops, sorry Cathy . . . I wished you a Happy cake day, then saw in your response to Erin that you don’t do cake, maybe fries; so Happy French Fries Day! πŸ™‚

  77. #155

    Fabulous Photo!
    It’s been you, me and a glass of iced tea every morning for years!(you just didn’t know it)

    Thank you, bless you and Happy Birthday!

  78. #156
    Karen M.

    I start my mornings with a little bit of CZ! Happy Birthday – I have squirrels trying to graze in my garden that I want to do politically incorrect things to – they will probably make a documentary that will draw gasps at the Academy Awards about the pending slaughter in my back yard. But’s it’s them or my green beans. I choose the green beans people – deal with it!
    Have a great day and thanks for starting my mornings with a smile!

  79. #158
    Fran Jackson

    Happy Birthday Cathy! March 8th is a wonderful day to have a birthday ’cause it is my birthday also! I was born a few years before you though. Hope you have a great day!


  80. #160

    Happy, happy birthday! 44 with lots more in store.
    I also have Oneida Easton and still love it to this day as well.

  81. #163

    Happy Birthday Cathy! #19 OMG Oneida Easton silverware for my wedding too (1990)! Clean & Simple, yes? I have always felt sympatico with your style. That and our love for Peter Gabriel.

  82. #164
    Dianne K. Nelson

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CATHY!!! Thanks for making my day a little brighter with your sarcastic humor for the past few years. (the first Cathy post I read was the one with the globe lights you were replacing in a bathroom–if that rings a bell!) I knew then that you were the right way to start a day!


  83. #165
    Hannah Wilde

    Happpy Birthday Cathy!!! Keep up the good work, and you’ll find that 59 isn’t so bad either!!!!! You rock! Have a GREAT year!

  84. #166

    Happy Bday Cathy!
    I fully agree with you, I’ll be 44 next Friday and it’s good to know I’m not alone!
    Well, I really don’t mind to be in 40s, now I’m free to do only what I want! πŸ™‚

  85. #168
    Diana A. in Omaha, NE

    Heard it was your birthday. πŸ™‚
    hope it’s a happy one πŸ™‚

    enjoy your blog!

  86. #171

    Happy Birthday! I too have Easton and still love it! Replaced my everyday dishes twice since I got married in 1986, but not the silverware! I just keep replacing spoons … have no idea what my kids do with them!

  87. #174
    Lynn Brown

    Happy Birthday, Cathy! Your list had me laughing out loud….especially #37. I hope I look as good as you when I turn 44…in 9 years.

  88. #179

    Happy Birthday, Cathy!! I absolutely loved your list and I learned something. . .I didn’t know I was low on iron. LOL – Have a great day!

  89. #180

    happy happy birthday to you!
    your blog is such a joy to come and visit. as a non-scrapbooker i keep coming back because i so enjoy your writing style and seeing the closeness of your amazingly charming family.
    i hope you make it to 90 (and that i do as well) and that we can both sit around smoking like chimneys and scoffing at the “healthy years” πŸ™‚

  90. #181
    Jennifer Serrano

    Happy Birthday, I just adore you! If I lived closer to you I would stalk you until you became my friend! ha ha ha (just kidding…. I think?) Have a great 44th year!

  91. #183
    Tammy M.

    Happy Birthday Cathy!! I have to say your list had me busting a gut, so much so that my homeschooled soon-to-be 13 year old had to see what his momma was laughing about…gee…maybe I need to laugh more?? That’s another story, but I pray your birthday is a happy one, even if there is none of your favorite Yoplait yogurt available…LOL!

  92. #187
    PhotohappyCdn - Kelly

    Happy Birthday, Cathy! I hope you enjoy it immensely!

    Love the list and your blog! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  93. #188
    Kim J.

    Happy Birthday Cathy!! I hope you are enjoying your day and all the wonderful things to come.

    PS–I love, love the Oneida Easton pattern!

  94. #189

    Reading your blog today has been the highlight of my day. You are awesome – and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  95. #190

    Well, Happy Birthday, Young Lady! Welcome to the 44 Club- I turned 44 in December and like Danny Gokey’s new song, “My Best Days are Ahead of Me” (and you, too!)

    Big Hugs!

  96. #191

    Happy Birthday!

    I also believe in a thing called love…I love that song!

    I know I’ve said this to you before via Twitter, but you do spread joy, Cathy! Thank you! I hope your birthday is fabulous!

  97. #196

    I’m right there with you on the sound issues and the birds. I dread summer only because the danged things are cheerfully tweeting away when it gets light at 4 in the morning. (although armed with rubber bands, I’d be more inclined to aim at them!)

  98. #197


    Must me a deeper message in this, that I stopped by your blog, today, for the first time ever, via a link from Facebook (just clicked on your picture in one of my friend’s friend list), and then saw your blog and clicked.

    So here I am….

    I started digital scrapbooking in 2004, when pregnant with child #2, now after 4 children, I’m not finding time, but NEED to. So, I come looking for inspiration and I think I’m finding it here. Thank you.

    Oh, and I tell child #3 to fake laugh and that is the only way I can capture adorable smiles from her. It works! πŸ™‚

  99. #199
    Kathryn Benfiet

    As someone who is facing 51, I understand your obsession with the numbers (both weight and age!). I am doing the weight watchers thing again after losing weight 2 years ago. I too adore cheese – sharp Tillamook. Have an awesome birthday…thanks for your always entertaining, witty and amusing posts. Kathryn

  100. #204

    ROFLOL Cathy! Hilarious, as usual. And I can SO relate to #11! Have a fantastic day … and then come back and tell us all about it! πŸ™‚

  101. #206

    Happy Birthay! I love birthdays. I think they are under celebrated as we get older. If I had money, I’d mail everyone I know a package for their birthday. There is something so fun about snail mail, especially stuff you don’t expect to get. Have a great day and enjoy some fries–it’s your birthday!

  102. #207

    Cathy, Happy F#$@ing Birthday, my dear (takes one potty mouth to know another : )

    Your list is fabulous, as are you! Hope you have one terrific day, one amazing year and wishing you many, many more so you can start smoking again, at 90!

  103. #208

    Happy Birthday…have a wonderful day!

    Just be sure to double check your weight before you leave the DMV…I shaved off a few pounds but when I examined my new card I found that I had gained a LOT. My license says that I wiegh 495 pounds!

  104. #209

    happy, happy birthday cathy!! enjoy every french fry eating moment!!

    love the photo. thanks for the fake laugh tip.

    btw, what is your saying for 2010 or did you quit after 1996?


  105. #211

    Ah Cathy, you crack me up every time. Have a GREAT 44th birthday and remember you are only as old as the man you feel. My 98 year old great – grandma told me that when I turned 30! Maybe I should scrapbook about HER! Nicola x

  106. #212
    Wanita K

    Happy Birthday! I need to put a sticky note on my computer screen reminding me NOT to drink my coffee while reading your blog…that or keep the paper towel close by πŸ˜‰

  107. #213
    Dee Cummins

    Happy Birthday Cathy! Mine was March 2nd so our b’days are close and if you remember from when you were in Texas, March 2 is Texas Independence Day and we tend to do crazy things here then. How is that for a run-on sentence? Not that my opinion matters -unless you count the closeness of birth dates -but in some old pictures I really liked you in long hair!!!
    Celebrate Your DAY!!

  108. #219

    Happy Birthday!!!

    I loved your list! Being 46 years old I can relate to many of them. #4 is so true! My hubby figured this one out a couple years ago. Maybe when I was 44? #8 made me laugh out loud. Aunt Flo really makes me cranky too. Thanks for the tips on #28! I LOVE #32 – congratulations! #36 is inspiring me a little as I look at the elliptical machine across the room.

    Have a wonderful birthday!

  109. #220

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ This post is so funny. Now I am totally wishing you would write your pretend McSweeney’s list.

  110. #221

    Happy Birthday CZ. Come to TN, no weight on the license. I had to renew mine last month for the first time in 10 years. It was sad to see the picture of me at 30 in one hand and the new picture of me at 40 in the other. The new picture was good, it was just 10 years later. 10 years is a long time. Good luck with your DMV experience!

  111. #225
    Kelly R.

    Cathy, Happy Birthday!! I only buy Yoplait’s Custard Style Strawberry yogurt. Can’t stand the wiggly stuff or any other flavor! If it’s all the way in the back of the top shelf I climb right up on the shelf ledge to grab it. Have a good day.

  112. #227
    cindy johnston

    Happy Birthday Cathy Z! Hope it’s fantastic!
    If it makes you feel any better…I’m older than you by 6 years! talk about feeling OLD! πŸ˜€

  113. #229
    Laurie Weaver

    Happy birthday. I love the giggles I get when I read your blog. It’s especially fun at work when I’m sneaking a peak at a blog (like sneaking a cigarette but oh so much more healthy), and get the giggles. Have a wonderful day.

  114. #230

    Happy Birthday Cathy! I love your post! I love you (although I don’t really know you!) I wish you first of line status at the DMV – they should implement that if it is your birthday!

  115. #232
    Jenny Theriault

    I hope you have a fabulous birthday! Loved your list, and love your blog – thanks for all the laughs. (I paticularly enjoyed #7- reminds me of the day I started bawling histerically on the way to dinner & drinks with friends because my husband said my nail polish (when asked) didn’t look that good, after I had spend 20 mins putting it on before we left…Aunt Flo arrived later tht night, along with kleenex and good friends.)

  116. #233
    Christina in VA

    Happy Birthday Cathy!! I hope to be as amazing, funny, adorable (!), smart, and creative as you when I’m 44.. hell, I’d like that now!! Have a good one.

  117. #235
    Christine H

    Happy Birthday! I too got married in 1991 and am 44. I had the great pleasure today of being told that weird pain below my ribs on the right side is probably by gallbladder as I “fit” the classic 4 Fs….female, 40+, fertile and fat….and to add salt to the wound, the fact that I have lost 70 pounds in the last year contributed. WHAT!!!! Losing weight made my gallbladder unhappy? Well hell….eat the damn fries…but just for today. Sorry to rattle on about me on your birthday…but I knew you would forgive me. :o)

  118. #236

    I loved that list. And oh how I could identify with No. 11 Have you ever done Meyers-Brigs? Any chance you’re an INTJ? It’s just a hunch based on my own type.

    A very happy birthday to you, Cathy!

  119. #237

    Okay so it wasn’t “first thing” but it is still kind of the morning on the west coast.
    And it was worth waiting for. I was chuckling out loud over MANY. The birds!

  120. #238

    Happy birthday, Cathy! My son told me yesterday that I am uncool, but HAHA he is clearly mistaken. I have the same flatware as Cathy Zielske.

  121. #242

    And a very Happy Birthday to the very first blogger I ever started reading, so many years ago, after I finished your book. You look FAB, and I bet everyone at the MOA was sure you were a celebrity, and kept debating whether they had enough guts to ask you for an autograph. Hope a big glass of red wine is in the plan for today!

  122. #246
    Connie M

    Happy birthday, Cathy!

    My personal favorite from your list is #43, “I have often been in the right place at the right time.” I will probably steal that.

  123. #247

    happy birthday!
    i love this post…it’s so honest and funny! i just love your sense of humor!

  124. #248

    Elizabeth, you’re as funny as Cathy! Your words give me great comfort – if you can’t remember the things that bothered you you won’t be bothered by them anymore. Is 45 to early to adopt this plan?

  125. #250

    Cathy – you make me Laugh Out Loud – enough so that I spelled LOL out! especially #30 & #41. If I make it to 90 – I’m going to spend all day with a pile of books or watching TV and EATING chocolate. Here’s to another (90-44 = 46) 46 years! Happy b-day!

  126. #251

    Happy birthday! Thank you for your blog and sharing your life with us even just a little bit. You crack me up regularly and make my days just that little smidge happier.

  127. #252
    emily ruth

    happy happy birthday! you are one of the first blogs i ever started to read (there’s something off about that sentence) & i’ve never strayed, not even when you decided to take some time off & we all wondered if you would ever come back…even then i checked back just in case…but this is not about me…thank you for sharing your life & funny stuff & trials & great observations & tough things & cool finds & so much new music…enjoy your day! you deserve it! πŸ™‚

  128. #257

    There is something about this day … o, what was it??? I cannot seem to remember … it was something special … about you … AH, now I remember: it is your birthday! How could I forget!

    Happy, happy, happy birthday Cathy!

    Welcome to the club of older ladies (I am 4 years ahead of you). And you know what? Because there are tons of ladies older than you, you will always be young.
    Thanks for all the fun and wisdom every day!

  129. #267

    Thank you Cathy. This made me laugh as I sit here having a “hot sweat” They started last week when I got over a month of shingles!!! No one warned me that they can come every 15 minutes. 44 sound great to me. I’m 53 or was that 54 I can’t remember LOL.

    Have a great day you deserve it.

  130. #275

    Well Happy Birthday to you!
    I just wanted you to know I started my own blog after reading yours daily for a few months. It’s mostly about quilting but you inspired me so much!
    Hugs to you
    ps I’m glad I didn’t do a list on my b-day ’cause I’m 49 as of a couple of weeks ago..way too long for me

  131. #280

    #41 has to be my favorite item on your list. It reminds me of my great grandmother, who at 95+ years old decided to eat essentially nothing but nutter butters. It drove my grandpa nuts, but seriously, she lived to be 99.5! Go nutter butters!

    Happy Birthday!

  132. #281

    Happy Birthday Cathy! I just love your openess and your humor! Your comments about smoking and cussing fit me to to a tee, cept I haven’t quit smoking and I’m a lot older than you. You are great!!

  133. #282
    Marjie Kemper

    What a great list! Made me laugh a lot, and I could relate to almost all of it. Happy Birthday!

  134. #284

    Happy Birthday Cathy!! Love, love, love your list! Love the lack of theme, randomness, stream-of-consciousness… So much I could relate to πŸ˜‰ This is also something I could totally make too! Wishing you lots of Love on this amazingly special day, just for YOU!

  135. #286

    Happy Birthday! Love the list, and your blog. Thanks for keeping it real. It’s one of the few scrap-related blog I can rely on to not give me a tooth ache from the saccharin sentiment.

  136. #287

    Sometime during the Oscars someone mentioned “Oscars Parties” and I immediately wrote myself a note to wish you a happy birthday. You’ve created an association and from now on may only observe your birthday the day after the Oscars. That said, “Happy Birthday!”

  137. #290
    Karen F from New Zealand

    Wow Happy Birthday Cathy from Little New Zealand, funny enough I got on here yesterday to send you Birthday greetings (8th March) and my husband reminded me that I would be too early! so I waited till this mornig and I’m glad I did gave me a great giggle at your list. You did really well I tried a list like that for my best friend for her 40th a couple of years ago, I was lucky as I have four children and they plus darling hubby gave me a couple of comments each then it was pretty easy to remember memories and funny anedotes for the rest for her card. Will attempt it for my 40th this year. Awesome work with the WW. I’m in 4th week of Maintenance so tick tock and feeling great. Have a fabulous day with your well loved family, I know they love you as much as you them – it is obvious in your photos, memories and comments you share about them.

  138. #291
    Judy Sanza

    Happy Birthday…I cannot believe I actually sat here and read every dang thing you said, contemplating them seriously and thinking about them. Oh my, I dearly need a life. I have spent the last two months taking care of six pug puppies with a horrible mother. I am sick of wearing pee-stained white t-shirts and pj’s. I am thankful I had blogs to read or I would have gone absolutely crazy! Sorry, I stole your thunder there. I am a little unnerved. Thanks for the outlet.

  139. #292
    Karen F from New Zealand

    By the way Kudos to you for reading all the comments -as I’m sure more will agree – please do not feel guilty at not replying to all – I feel like everytime you write your blog you are sort of talking to me anyway! weird aye – I just remember how funny you were recounting your kids antics when you were in New Zealand and think about you sitting behind the computer laughing at or agreeing with…everyones comments including your own.

  140. #293

    What would we DO WITHOUT YOU??? Don’t even joke about smoking again.

    Happy Birthday, whatever number you’ve chosen.

  141. #295

    Happy Birthday ! I love your posts and check your blog on a regular basis. Mary Crozier-Sauer was a friend of mine and she turned me on to your blog and I have to say I love it! Have a great evening and 44th year of life!

  142. #298

    Happy Birthday, Cathy. Thanks for keeping it real and keeping me laughing. The list…#11…very funny. I used to be able to relate, but I’m getting old right alongside you (we are so not old by the way) and I simply don’t have the energy to pour into all that obsessiveness. Have a good one.

  143. #300
    Penny {scraps} G

    OH, CATHY – THAT WAS GOOD!! I WAS LMAO MANY TIMES! Thanks for making my day almost as bright and fun as yours. Hope your day was great. What will I do for my weekly Cathy fixes when DYL ends??!! I GUESS I’LL JUST LOOP THE VIDEOS WITH MY FOREVER CLASS ACCESS. πŸ™‚ And, in case you’re wondering and I know you are, the grocery store yogurt one was my favorite. And then the swearing one and then the skinny jeans/mall one. HAPPY HAPPY DAY! {pennyscraps}

  144. #304

    Happy Happy Birthday Cathy!
    I loved your list of 44! Although I did strongly identify with many of the items on your list–I have to say that I really do hate bird chirping outside my window in the morning when I am trying to sleep!

  145. #305

    Happy birthday! Hope your day rocks! πŸ™‚

    Love the randomness of your list. If I wasn’t so darn lazy I’d write one myself. πŸ˜‰

  146. #307

    happy birthday! you totally crack me up. love the one about smoking when you’re 90. and the fake laugh to get a cute picture. it really does work everytime!

  147. #309
    Maureen in IL

    Happy Freaking Birthday Cathy! I’m still tring to figure out what to blame my potty mouth on. Hope you have a great day!

  148. #310

    You look fantastic!!! Happy Birthday!!! (Sorry for the exclamation overload. And I love the comment from the 70 year old 3 comments up. And also, with over 300 comments, you don’t have to read these all let alone respond to them. Just bask in the warmth of the hundreds of well wishes.)

  149. #313

    Happy birthday Cathy! I look forward to your blog posts. I’m glad my google reader pointed your blog out to me about a year ago. Even though I thought it was creepy that google knew exactly what I would want to read.

    Just wanted to say thanks so much for giving away the Amazing template. It was finally a kick in the pants to actually try to make digital layouts with PSE. You made it much easier than trying from scratch. Since then I’ve been buying this and that from Designer Digitals and figuring things out using their great list of tips. Thankyou thankyou thankyou for getting me going. I feel like I might actually “catch up” with things now instead of always falling behind. Yippeeee

  150. #315

    Happy Birthday Cathy! At 44 you’re just a baby – I’ll be 54 (how did that happen?!?) in December. The falling apart just starts at 40 – smoking or not, chocolate or not – I think it’s a law of nature. But there’s a certain freedom in aging, in my 40’s I finally quit trying to be a people pleaser (mostly) and started doing what’s right for me and my family. No is a good word this side of forty. Hope you have enjoyed your special day and that this is a special year for you.

  151. #318
    Anne-Liesse Ankeny

    Happy Burthday!
    Your list of 44 things was a gift that you gave to us. I laughed out loud at a number of things on it. Thanks.

  152. #319

    Happy Birthday! I absolutely LOVE your sense of humor. You always make me crack up and that is truly why I make sure to not eat or drink anything while reading your posts. I just really don’t want lunch coming out my nose and onto my precious Mac. I mean I love you and all but I can’t risk losing or messing with the Mac in any way.

    Hope your day was full of awesomeness.

  153. #321

    I thought it would be nice to leave a comment to say how much I enjoyed reading your list, what a nice little chuckle. And, Happy Birthday.

  154. #322
    Jenn Monterey

    Do , please do post your list of layout titles. I will get my adult diaper ready for the laughter.

  155. #325

    Happy B-Day!! from Mexico. You look great in your new pic and I’m sure you looked amazing at the mall. For those, zero point tortillas, a tortilla soup sounds great :)with little avocado cubes =)

  156. #326

    Happy Birthday to you. Love your list. I did a bday list a few years ago. It is still in a book i am sure because i never scrapbooks it. I wish I was 44 again. but then my youngest would be 6 and she is so psyched about becoming double digits this month. Have a wonderful day. By the way, do you still have your super orange sweatshirt? I love that orange on you – wink.

  157. #327
    Linda Ford

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love your blog, your work, and the 44 List. Keep up the good work and enjoy your special day!

  158. #328
    Whitney P

    Happy birthday, Cathy! You rock! Thanks for inspiring me and always making me laugh!
    Oh, and I feel your pain. I can’t eat dairy, and I miss real cheese too. What I wouldn’t give for a good bowl of fettuccini… or a strawberry DQ sundae!

  159. #329

    Happy, happy birthday and bonne fΓͺte, too!
    Your #11 made me laugh/snort out loud. I had to call my husband at work to share it. Even though we are so different that he rarely gets what I find uproariously funny (and I even like that about him, he did find that mildly amusing. He even added, “But you wouldn’t be happy just being Amish, you’d have to get elected leader of the Amish.” Then I snorted and laughed some more. Intensity is my middle name.

    You are right about the Internet being full of wonderful people. You are among the most wonderfullest. Thanks so much for what you do.

  160. #330

    If it’s all the same to you, I’d also like to blame my potty mouth on a nagging iron deficiency. Pure genius!

  161. #331
    Jeanne Pellerin

    OMG,I have a HUGE potty mouth, and make no excuses for it!!!!! I am a wife and mother of four, and I have earned every curse word to flow from my lips. It’s a rather unique gift, to be able to weave curse words together into a tapestry (an artist’s canvas, really) of filth like I do.

  162. #335

    I know the last are always the first, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY CATHY Z! Thank you very much for sharing your life with this crowd, and I thank you for the inspiration that you offer every single day to our lives!
    With much love and gratitude, B.

  163. #336

    Cathy, here’s wishing you a wonderful day and a loving family to share it with.

    All the best! CarolAnn

  164. #338

    I laughed so hard at #41. My dad smoked for about 8,000 years and when he quit he said he’d read somewhere that in “x” amount of time your lungs were as pink as a new baby’s and he was going to make it that long and then start smoking again. I threatened to kill him if he did. HA! Apparently it’s a common theme. Happiest of Birthdays, CZ! I love ‘ya!

  165. #340

    Happy Birthday, Cathy!!! I hope you had a terrific day. Thank you so much for the laughs! β™₯

  166. #344
    Mary Kate

    Happy Birthday -thanks for making me smile so many days- I hope you have 365 days full of many smiles.

  167. #345

    #5 – Yup – I feel the same way
    #30 – If I scrapped about my own birthday – that d@mn well WOULD be the title. So there. πŸ˜›

  168. #346
    Debbie in AZ

    Happy Birthday, Cathy! Yours is the first blog I read everyday. I love your humor and the way you cherish the uniqueness of your children. I’m taking DYL and love it! Your tips and design insights have changed the way I scrapbook and what I scrapbook for the much, much better. Thank you for your many talents and joys and struggles that you share with all of us. I hope you have many more fulfilling and joyous years in the future.

  169. #349

    Happy birthday my dear! And you are NOT even over the hill yet. Hope that you have a fabulous day! Do not even allow the thought of smoking cigarettes cross your mind again! Nuff said.
    Aloha, Kate

  170. #351
    Kari B

    You say it’s your birthday. It’s my birthday too, yeah. (well not really but…) They say it’s your birthday. We’re gonna have a good time
    I’m glad it’s your birthday
    Happy birthday to you.

    Hope you had a good one. Thinking of or hearing that song reminds me of birthday parties at Chuck E Cheese when I was a kid.

  171. #353
    Kari B

    Don’t mind the regular birds, I used to enjoy laying in my screen porch in the evenings with windows open listening to them UNTIL.. a few years ago black birds of some sort (I think someone said they were Starlings) started coming arond my yard. About drove me nuts. I HATED them & I’m usually quite mellow. I haven’t put up bird feeders much since then cause I don’t want them coming back.

  172. #354
    Kari B

    LOL. I am a nonsmoker but Cathy I totally agree about the smokes if you hit 90. At that point what the heck, do what ya want if it makes you happy.

  173. #356

    Hope you had a lovely day, Cathy! I love your blog and I’m a fan! And don’t worry, most of us bloggers NEVER reply to comments anyway. πŸ˜‰ I also feel bad about it, but can’t get myself around it.

  174. #358

    Happy Happy Birthday (from Bath, England)

    Please know your blog, which I enjoy with my first cup of coffee, every morning, is the best way to start of my day. (Yes, I do drink lots of tea too, but coffee first . . .)


  175. #360

    Hope you have/had a sensational birthday. Enjoy. And hey – 44 is the new 34 and you are looking great and keeping women all around the world laughing and enjoying life (not to mention clearly doing the same for your family). Keep on Rockin’ and thank you for being you.

  176. #361

    Happy Birthday!!! Sorry I am late with the wishes, I hope it was a GREAT one! Loved your list, particularly #41… I work in a nursing home, and we all say that πŸ˜‰

  177. #364

    As I’m commenting the day after your birthday, Happy belated Birthday! And not that my opinion matters because I don’t have to fix your hair each morning, but I really like your hair in this photo. Have a great Tuesday!

  178. #365

    Happy Birthday! You are so flippin’ funny. I think I will start smoking at age 90 too. I will also drink whisky, eat french fries, smoke pot, sun bathe, and do everything else I’m not supposed to do. My children will be exasperated by my bad behaviour, but my grandchildren will think I’m cool.

  179. #367
    Heather Wunsch

    I also got married in 1991 and our silverware is Oneida Easton although mine are all still in their boxes in the same cabinet as the pretty china we received as wedding gifts and have also never used. πŸ™‚ I’m glad to know someone is using their Easton (and if you ever need replacement pieces – I’m the gal to contact). Happy Birthday Cathy!

  180. #368

    Happy Birthday (yesterday)! I never registered for silver, but I do buy myself a piece or two of Satin Easton every so often. You are right to love Easton, it’s classic and beautiful!

  181. #369

    Cathy you are so dang hilarious. Yes I’m serious, I actually laughed out loud a bit while reading these! Hope you had a super birthday! And you’ve inpsired me to get on that treadmill and work toward my favorite pair of size 12 jeans. Thanks for blogging for all us out here!

  182. #371
    Lynnette C.

    Cathy your list proves that you are a card-carrying lunatic and we so love you for it!!!! Thanks for the outrageous laughs — Hope you had a great birthday and enjoy the rest of the 44th year!!!!

  183. #372
    Laurie T

    OK, I bust a gut laughing out loud at #5 re: the birds chirping, but then I read it out loud to my 20 yr old and she said I would have to comment back to you telling you how much I LOVE birds chirping in the morning. She would know. When we went on vacation last year to Hilton Head Island (just her and I) I made sure she knew that fact every day “Whit, didn’t you know I love the birds?” πŸ™‚ Oh, Happy Birthday 1 day late. And congrats on the weight loss. I’m down 5 but I’ve been stuck there for awhile.

  184. #373

    I loved reading your list (and have decided to do 30 list for my 30th this summer). You are so entertaining and I always look forward to reading your blog.
    Hope you had a great 44th and good luck with the scale!! You’re looking great!

  185. #374

    Happy F@&kin’ B’Day Cathy πŸ˜€
    Sorry, lately I’m a day late and a dollar short…just wait until you turn the big 5 me this year. The weight issue is such a pain in the ass…can work my butt off and it just comes back the minute you stop…so I just stopped at 49…trying to get down to 135…and I’m still stuck on 150! But I’m a lot shorter and older than you are…lol Those miracle noodles look promising though…I’m off to try and buy me some. Happy 44 girlfriend πŸ˜€

  186. #375
    Marge Johnston

    Laughter is good for the soul, and so are you dear one!! Happy 44th to my favorite sassy scrapper!! I hope you had a truly spectacular day!!:)

  187. #376

    I love the things you write. Your writing is better than puppies, caramel popcorn and winks from the cute guy at the bike shop. You thought I was going to say better than french fries, but I’m not convinced there is anything better than french fries. Hot ones with salt. And when you take up smoking again, you need to eat french fries, too.

  188. #378
    Pam Lowe

    Happy Birthday Season!!
    For insomnia take Melatonin, all natural, it works, is NOT addictive, and has no hangover….got this from my sister, she’s 53 and I’m 45, and sleep will become more illusive.

  189. #380

    Happy Birthday! I know it’s the next day, but I DID think about you! It was also my grandfather’s birthday… and some good friends too. I thought of each and every one of you. Promise. πŸ˜€

    This was fun to read. And funny, I JUST did my 28 at 28 tonight before I read your blog. And then I realized I have so many more than 28 things I’d like to remember about myself at this age, so I guess I’ll just have to make a “random things” layout or post as well. Tee hee. Thank you for this. It was fun to read.

    p.s. I love french fries. I don’t think I could ever give them up. Ever. Sorry, I just love them too much. They are my lunch of choice when I have no idea what to have. LOL. And cheese too, for that matter. I love cheese. I’ll eat your french fries and cheese for you, kay?! πŸ™‚ Then again, I’m allergic to wheat, so there are MANY things I have to go without. French fries save my life some days!

  190. #381

    Haha this is hilarious! A very happy birthday to you! I love that song from The Darkness (so cool) and number 38 made me laugh out loud πŸ™‚ Hope you have a great day! Best wishes (from a German fan of yours currently located in New Zealand)!

  191. #382

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I wish you all the happiness in the world…well, not ALL, I need some too, but you know what I mean. πŸ™‚ Happy birthday!

  192. #383

    Happy Belated Birthday. I love your blog. And your picture is great. I’ll have to try the fake laugh thing next time I need a mug shot.

  193. #385

    OMG #41 made me laugh so hard. That is hilarious.

    I always hate to tell people this, but you really are a year older than your number. Think about it. You didn’t turn one year old until you’d already been alive for a year. So, really, you are starting your 45th year. I know I am so cruel, but I am in my 42nd year, so I feel the pain too. Plus, I have a 4,3, and one year old!!! Happy Belated Birthday!

  194. #386
    Angela M

    #30 made me spew my tea all over!! “My son…he’s just okay”…I love reading your blog as it makes me laugh every time and laughing is good for your health! Happy Birthday – a day late x2…oops..

  195. #387
    Sandi D

    I have never been a smoker but I think #41 was laugh out loud funny!
    I am in the same position as you in regards to weight and age. I have been
    diligently trying to lose some pounds since the beginning of February. I have had some success but these pounds are coming off so much slower than they did in my 30’s!

  196. #388

    About #30…PLEASE write this list! Your first two ideas are already better than some of McSweeney’s. But even if they don’t want it, you have to share that with us!

  197. #389
    Pip Prosser

    You make me smile … so many things I can relate to, and now I am really looking forward to hitting 90 and chain smoking until I die … and tomorrow, I too am going to jump on the treadmill and run like the wind … happy f%#*ing birthday, looking to the list 45 THINGS in 12 months … I am off to take my fake laughing adorable photo … cheerio!

  198. #391

    Happy belated Birthday, Cathy! Jusst wanted to come and comment because you are a real inspiration to me, not just your scrapbooking but your outlook on life (well what I see through your blog and scrapbooking classes I have taken). Hope you have a great 44th year!

  199. #395
    Jane Simmons

    Re #41 — As long as you’re still thinking about when you might start back smoking, you aren’t completely quit. It took me 10 years. You’ll make it. Happy Birthday!

  200. #397

    Your list is truly hysterical. I am 67 and, trust me, birthdays don’t get any easier…I know, I’ve been there! BUT, I am so grateful for them. Believe me…so happy that I, too, have made it this far. I’m much older than you, Cathy, but I know we could be good friends. You crack me up and cracking up is a good thing. Thanks for writing…you are funny and honest and a wonderful addition to the human race.

  201. #398

    Okay, this is way more than a day late and a dollar short but I just had to comment. I love your list. Especially since I am turning 40 this year and feeling a wee bit out of sorts. And just like your smoking, I have given up caffeine which is doing very weird things to my life as I used to know it.

    So great job!! Keep it up because you inpsire me.

  202. #399
    Holly Thatcher

    I think this is my favorite blog post of all time. Even though I don’t know you personally, you are a lovely, talented, funny, and all around cool person. Maybe sometime I will run into at the Mall of America. (I live in Apple Valley.)

  203. #400
    Holly Thatcher

    I think this is my favorite blog post of all time. Even though I don’t know you personally, you are a lovely, talented, funny, and all around cool person. Maybe sometime I will run into you at the Mall of America. (I live in Apple Valley.

  204. #401
    Holly Thatcher

    How do you delete comments here? I left out a word in my first comment and wanted to delete it, but I don’t know how. Sorry you have dumb blog readers, at least one dumb blog reader.

  205. #405

    A Very Happy Birthday to you! Pull on those jeans and strut your stuff on this special day. MMEW pays off, right?!

  206. #406

    I totally get #6 and #15 and I love this list thing on your birthday. I might have to try it. Happy, happy!

  207. #407
    deb hyden

    Happy Birthday Cathy! Enjoy! My silverware– also Oneida Easton πŸ™‚ I quit smoking in 1998 (to have my son, now 13) and started again in 2009 (divorced)..quit again in Oct 2013 but i am SOOOOO with you on number 41. but i think i’m going to bump it down to 75..most of the people in my family don’t get past 80…i only have 23 more years to go before i can start again… Have a great day!

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