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Last weekend, it happened: I dropped into the 150s. 158.2, if we're being picky.

And while this is a cause for celebration, it's also a cause for mourning.

And what are we mourning, you might wonder, aside from the loss of additional chub?

The loss of two daily Weight Watcher's points.

For those of you unfamiliar with how Weight Watchers works, all food is ascribed a points value, based on its calorie, fat and fiber content. You are given a set number to shoot for each day, and if you stay within this range, in theory, weight will begin to drop because you will be entering into a calorie deficit.

For some reason, when I went from the 170s to the 160s, my points target didn't change. I had 22 glorious ones all to myself each day, and my challenge was to see just how much food I could fit into those parameters.

Sure, I went over my daily allotment with some frequency, especially lately with all the running and Zumba-ing I've been doing. Mama needs fuel for the workout train.

So I guess I sort of forgot that when you move into a new weight bracket you get fewer points with which to work.

For some reason, this is messing with my head this week. It could be hormones. It could just be garden variety neurotic tendencies that pepper much of my daily thought processes, but I am suddenly thinking about food a whole heck of a lot more than I have for the past four months.

And feeling very hungry.

I'm sure it's just an adjustment period, and to be honest with you, I think 20 is too few anyway, considering the workouts and what not, and I'm fully planning to go over most days, using my discretionary pool of extra pointage.

I really am focusing on the overall health picture here, and feeling stronger with each workout and each run.

But I am also having intense, obsessive cravings for a Mo's Bacon Bar, which has surprisingly fewer calories than one might think.

I'm just adjusting. And talking out loud. And wondering how those of you handle this when you move into the next weight bracket.

p.s. They sell a mini version of Mo's Bacon Bar and let me tell you this: worth every bite.

Cathy Zielske20 points

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    My sister sent my husband a Mo’s Bacon Bar for his b’day – we’ve been a bit hesitant to try it.
    Really??? “Worth every bite”???

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    Sue in Grapevine

    Do you eat all the points you earn from exercise? If not, you could use a few of those to make the day a little easier.

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    Sue in Grapevine

    Oh, the big points injustice is when you turn 50 & have to have 3 milks a day, but don’t get any extra points to spend on the extra dairy!

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    Congratulations on getting into the 150s! It sounds like you’re listening to your own body and planning to give it what it needs . . . articulating how you’re feeling is probably good, yes? (I’ve never done WW, so I have no points-maximizing tips — perhaps there are some good suggestions out there in the blog world?)

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    That’s what I don’t understand about “the points”. You’re asked for your level of activity … but only to the point of “sitting all day” “standing most of the day” … where’s the question for “zumbaing my ass off for 3x/week”?

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    I think you really need to use your weekly 35 allowance. One point is about 50 calories so 20×50=1000. All diets, health plans, experts etc say that you shouldn’t eat less than 1200 calories a day. Right now I’m at 22, but when (not if, when) I lose 15-20 lbs I would be down to 20 points. So I won’t go that low.
    WAY TO GO CATHY on all your success your’re having!

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    So true Sue. Just like you are supposed to eat your healthy oils, that aren’t cheap in points, but you don’t get extra points for the oils. And as you get older you lose points too.

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    I always felt like I was being punished for losing weight. Logically, I know this is not the case but I missed those points… you can do a lot with two points!

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    Yeah – I hate that point loss with the weight loss. Feels like a punishment rather than a reward, right?! Make sure that you are counting your activity points, and use your 35 extra a week. I always vacillate between one great splurge meal or a few extra points each day. I get 18 pts a day right now, and pray that I don’t have to go down to 17!

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    I only get 20 points myself and some days it is very very hard. Luckily, I will never lose points and I am hoping with maintenance you magically earn a few points just because. I still have a ways to go before I get to maintenance tho. But your activity points should help you out. I tend to be very choosey on what I will eat and have found ways to eat things I like with minimal point values.

    Good luck!

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    I have never had a Mo’s Bacon Bar. But dang, that sounds YUMAY! I’m following WW also and I’m down to 20 pts a day too. It was a little frustrating at first, but I have gotten used to it. The weekly allowance points and activity points should help to kind of even it out a bit. Also, filling foods. Which I’m sure you probably eat a lot of already. I actually did one week of the WW Filling Food Technique, and it really helped. I never felt hungry and surprisingly, I lost 3lbs that week which I wasn’t even expecting. Changing it up a little might help get over that little bump in the road your feeling?

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    are you doing WW online or going to meetings? I am thinking of starting myself. Congrats on the new digits!!! You look fantastic!

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    shanah Gordon

    Huge congratulations on the weight loss…what hard work EVERY pound is! I have to say though….you look SO thin…I can’t believe you have any weight to lose at all. Enjoy the fruits of your labor (so long as they aren’t too many points…LOL!).

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    Melanie K.

    Well, you SHOULD be eating more if you are exercising that much. It would have to be 2-3 extra points I am thinking – and that does NOT come from your bonus weekly points. Now you can even ‘bank’ those extra activity points for use on another day. Before, you had to use them the day you earned them or lose them.
    I am being serious … I am doing WW now too and only get 20 points now. But my points did drop when I went from 170 to 160 … I wonder why yours didn’t? 2 points is a major adjustment!
    However, what you are doing is helping you lose, so congrats!!! Hurray!

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    Cathy- CONGRATS! That’s awesome!!
    And horrifying too.
    When I tried WW, 20 pts was torture for me. My husband is a cyclist and wanted to drop 10 lbs (already skinny- jerk!) to be “more efficient” on the bike and started up with WW. Lost over 10 lbs in probably 2 wks or something ridiculous like that. What he didn’t like about WW was that there was no way to account for his 3600+ calorie burns per ride (i’m sorry if this is pissing you off- it pisses me off!).

    ANYWAY! My point is this- all your running/exercise needs to be “paid for” with fuel. I’ve been using LoseIt on my iPhone and have lost 10 lbs by good ol’ fashioned calorie counting. It allows you to add back your calories spent by running/Zumba, but still has a daily calorie amount to keep you losing. If you have an iPhone, maybe give that a shot?

    If you don’t have an iPhone, go get one!! lol! We can play scrabble πŸ˜‰

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    When you do wheight watchers online, you can track not only your food, but also your activity. For each session you spend on whatever activity, even gardening and laundry, you can look up its points value and track that. The more active you are, the more points you earn back for food in the tracker. You just trade one for the other. And use your whole points value including the “wiggle points” each day, unless you really want to save them up for a splurge sometime during your week. They definitely make the transition easier. It’s funny how 2 points can make such a difference, right? You go, Cathy!

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    Madeline St Onge

    Cathy you do know you get to add points with your exercise. 40 minutes of moderate exercise (seating after 10 minutes) at your weight gives an extra 3 points for the day, so that would give you 23 and you have you 5 extra points for every day.
    Looks like you and I are right at the same point, and now I just keep going up and down

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    I am in the 18 point range, and as my mother says, 18 points is a diet no matter what they try and tell you in meetings. My advice is to eat more things off the core list if they still have it. You don’t really have room for those one and two point snack treats, they are tasty but not filling.

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    Hi Cathy, Congratulations on your weight loss..that’s awesome!
    I always found that I tended to lose MORE when I did used the 35 discretionary points and exercise points. I think maybe when you restrict too much, your body goes into starvation mode and hangs onto every ounce it can..just my experience..I’m certainly not a nutritionist.

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    Courtney Walsh

    Do you use your weekly points? Some people add five in each day, which you could totally do…unless you’re like me. I stockpile them so I can have one gloriously decadent treat per week. It’s always worked best for me that way…

    but if you were desperate, you could eat a few here and there. You get activity points too! Eat them! πŸ™‚

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    Congrats Cathy!! Well, like everyone has mentioned to you, you do have to eat extra points when you exercise! Here’s the formula for exercise…

    Light Activity is your current weight x # of mins x .000232

    Mod Activity is your current weight x # of mins x .000327

    Heavy Activity your current weight x # of mins x .0008077

    It looks like you earn at least 5 points for an hour of Zumba depending on the intensity!!

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    Keep doing the exercise and give yourself a high five for me. I lost 48 lbs from Sept. to Jan. on WW and I worked out at least 30 min. a day. With all the great fruits and veggies out there now that warm weather is here, you can adjust to the lesser points. Since eating better on WW I still have some nachos occassionally or go to Ted’s for a burger, but the fries aren’t as attractive as they used to be which was a shocker at first. Having one bad meal is not going to put the pounds back on immediately.

    I love reading about your journey. Hang in there because maintaining is hard to get your head around too. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on that! But WW made me change my lifestyle/eating habits and I love feeling 10 yrs younger (I’m 52 and just ran my first 5K and won for my “decade”!) You go girl!! Good luck. Oh, I never touched my 35 extra points when I was getting the weight off, but I do eat an extra point or two sometimes now that I’ve got the weight off.

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    Woohoo to you Cathy! I’ve been following (longingly) your progress and determination over the past few months. I SO remember the sadness and “mind” hunger associated with dropping WW points. Argh. That was tough. I toy with counting points again (and I should b/c I’ve gained most of my 40 lbs loss back), but *sigh*, I can’t get past the toying stage. You’re a great inspiration!

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    You’re doing an AWESOME job! Keep up the good work. I’m a WWer,too, and I’d only get 18 points if I were not doing the Core plan. I LOVE it! It forces me to eat real food, and I”m actually losing my desire for junk. Thanks for your weight posts; it’s very inspiring and I admire your courage for letting us all in to such a private part of your life.

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    I agree with Tracy…you can eat your 35 weekly points and your activity points earned from all that exercise and still lose weight. A lot of the WW leaders will tell you, when you hit a plateau, to eat more, especially if you are exercising a lot.

    Congrats on your weight loss!

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    Suzanne E

    Congrats on seeing the 150s. I know how thrilled I was to find them again recently. I don’t have any helpful ideas with the points. I’m just happy to know that I’m not the only one starving lately. I did great for 6 months keeping my calorie intake in line but the last month I have been hungry all the time and thinking about food constantly.

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    Louise Williams

    ummm bacon? and chocolate? really? I can’t imagine what that would taste like… or why they’d ever DO that to chocolate!! lol… yay on dropping two WW points! what a milestone! can’t wait for that to happen to me toooooo πŸ™‚

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    Okay, I’m in awe of all you awesome WW gals. You are so knowledgeable and so dedicated. Wow! Congratulations to all of you on your successes. πŸ™‚

    Cathy, I have to ask: what exactly does that bacon chocolate bar taste like? All these bacon-laced desserts have piqued my curiosity, but I’m ever so slightly reluctant to take the plunge. Maybe I’ll have to make my bacon-crazed son a chocolatey-bacony birthday treat next month. Not for his 7- and 8- year old friends but for the smaller gathering of family members. Hmmmmm…

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    Oh Cathy…not to dampen your spirits anymore, but wait until you get to 19 points….for those non WW folks, you may say, “what’s one measely point”, but I’m here to tell you…1 point, is 1 gorgeous, food filling point. I have been on WW for 41 days (but who’s counting?) & have been faithful and true w/ all aspects (points, exercise (40+ pts a week…yeah me), healthy checks, et al…) and I have taken only 8 lbs off. Do I sound bitter…yes sirreee…all this healthy living (including wine only on w/e’s…that is dedication my friends), and 8 pounds. It just seems from my point of view I have given up SOOO much, with not as much kick back as I had hoped or wanted. Could it be as you creep into your 40’s this becomes harder? Ack! Sorry for the whining but I feel better…off to eat my carrot sticks.

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    Geez…I’m sorry, with all my whining, I really should say congratulations! You really are doing awesome! Keep it up!

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    Thanks, Gina! And yeah, the Zumba is a BIG workout. As in, dripping sweat, almost wonder if i might puke, workout.

    I’m counting it as 6.

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    Barbara, i too am losing the craving for junk. The other day, i went over my daily points because i splurged on some fresh pineapple. It was AMAZING.

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    I really do fear getting to that point again, the one where all of a sudden i’m all, “OKAY, I AM HUNGRY!”

    That’s what happened when i last got into the 140s, back in 2007.

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    Petra from NL

    When I followed the WW program I started at 21 points. Even though I got into the lower weight bracket, the leader at my meetings said to keep using the same number of points and see what happened. I still lost weight so I never changed to the 20 points.
    Just a thought….

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    1 point is a beautiful full cup of fresh pineapple… mmmm. I already had that as my mid day snack. It think it IS a challenge. I’m definitely banking on exercise to help keep the weight loss going.

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    Petra, that’s sort of my thinking to test out for the next few weeks. Eat my points as if it were 22, and eat my activity, especially on days I run.

    Time will tell!~

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    Cynthia Friese-Hassanein

    What!?!?! Chocolate covered bacon:) I break for bacon and that sounds beyond yummy. I don’t get to eat much because of my good practicing Muslim hubby being in the house. oooooh I find my ways…. secret stash in my craft stuff on occasion:) Oooh did I just admit that:) LOL.

    And go you on hitting the 150’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the losing point thing is hard:( Wow what a trade off Cathy Z.!!!!!!!

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    I started 2010 at Weight Watchers, have lost my 10% and am FINALLY at goal. Slow and steady wins the race, right? I love seeing your WW updates, makes me feel right at home. I was laid off last week and didn’t revert to my old eating/snacking habits. WW is my new BFF.

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    Becky Swisher

    Here’s what I did…I excersized and never gave myself the 2 points extra to eat for it…I ate more fiber…honestly add an extra apple between meals…it’s a great habit to get into and stays off carb cravings..really. Make sure you are getting your calcium. When the body is starving for calories it needs the calcium. Hope this helps.

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    why dont you stay on 22 points if you are still losing? then, if you plateau, drop to 21/20! I used to be on 17 and felt like I was STARVED! sadly i got older and fatter and I’m no longer on 17!!!

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    congrats on the weight loss! Dropping points is hard, I’m pretty sure it’s psycological or maybe just change. You’ve been doing this for a while and you’re in a groove knowing what you can eat each day and how much without really thinking too much or anally weighing everything and then suddenly you have to figure it out all over again and learn how to make yourself happy. I say stick with what you’re doing until you stop losing especially if you’re doing all that exercise. Why change just because a book says you have to? Do what works for you! Good luck!

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    Sara Mangan

    I have to agree with all the other posts. You are exercising more, you need to eat.
    Keep doing 22 points if that feels better to you. You are gaining muscle which increases your metabolism. You need fuel to have good workouts.

    I totally get the whole mental aspect of weight loss. It’s huge! Don’t let two points get to you.

    I was thinking of you on my morning walk today. I was trying to run and I kept thinking “how and the heck is Cathy running 3 miles?” Good for you!

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    A huge help for me has been increasing my vegetable intake. I have always been horrible about eating enough veggies because of the preparation involved … until I discovered Ziploc Zip & Steam bags. Now I just have to cut the veggies and throw them in the microwave for a few minutes. I season them with salt and pepper and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. I eat a huge bowl and it is so satisfying, knowing that I’m stretching my points by loading up on zero-point veggies and knowing that I’m doing something so good for my body. CONGRATS on the weight loss – you are truly inspiring!

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    Cathy- first of all, congrats. I’ve been on WW for several years, lost a lot initially, regained some, and now am getting back to tracking and back to running. Your posts are motivational for me because another creative soul is feeling things I have felt and am sure I will again. Especially appreciated your post on being an athlete. Hard to think of myself that way sometimes, but it’s part of the healthy lifestyle I want, so I’m making the mental adjustment.

    Just wanted to put in my vote again for use all those excercise points and toy around with all those flex points and let us know how it turns out. Cheering for you!

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    Creative Junkie

    I’m down to 18 points a week. 18. I can look at food and use up 2 points swallowing drool. 18 is just downright hard.

    I’m also 1 pound away from goal weight so I WILL suck it up and keep plodding along.

    Thank God for Skinny Cow. That’s all I have to say about that.

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    ok, cathy…i swear that i’m not (certifiably) nuts, but i also LOVE mo’s bacon bar, and it inspired me to try something crazy. i made turkey bacon in the oven, and during the last minute or two of baking, i sprinkled dark chocolate shavings over it. delicious, more heathy than eating a mo, and just crazy enough to make my hubby shake his head & smile. try it if you dare!

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    Lisette Gibbons

    Excellent Cathy, I’m proud of you. Now that you’ve lost 2 points, I guess you will have start digging into those 0 points foods. And with all your excercise routine I’m sure you get a few extra. Congratulations on your achievement.

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    Congratulations Cathy! I am not on WW. I am doing J. Craig instead. (I want to lose 30 and have lost 24. These last 6 are taking FOREVER!) So, I can’t offer any specific advice about the point thing, but just some general inspiration (I hope.)

    Like you, this is not just about the number on the scale for me. It is about making a lifestyle change. Remember, this is a journey. There will be ups and downs. Be prepared for that. Don’t forget to celebrate the many victories along the way. Think of all those bad habits you are leaving beind and all the healthy ones you are replacing them with. Have a plan of attack. On JC I can eat unlimited veggies. I have fallen in love with sweet peppers. They are sweet and crunchy. I always have some cleaned and sliced in the fridge and I go to those when I get hungry. Sugar-Free Jello has also helped me through sweet cravings. Be present when you eat. Enjoy the meal. Maybe take a break if you getting low on motivation. Go into a maintenance mode for a bit and then hit it hard again. Remember – it’s a journey. You’re gonna get there. It’s not a race!! Congrats again. Lastly remember – Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels!! Keep up the awesome work!!

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    Oh Cathy – Two more things. I have learned a lot on J. Craig. I learned about the titles “Diet Extremist” and “Emotional Eater.” I am both. As an Extremist I am either 100% on my game or 100% off. Also, I eat when I get stressed and as a SAHM with three kids age 5 and under…there is a bit of stress in a day. But I cannot tell you how MUCH it has helped me be successful with my weight loss and healthy changes just to understand these things about myself and have this awareness. Now when I feel stressed I go to my veggies instead of sweets (which I really try not to have in the house!! Kids don’t need them anyway.) Learning moderation is the tougher one for me, but it is so critical to long-term success. I am not there yet, but I am fighting hard and won’t give up because I want to be one of THOSE people. You know the ones – the ones who live healthy. The ones who are disciplined about their health. I want to be one of those healthy people in this lifetime and quit this yo-yo-ing.

  50. #66

    i just typed out this long blah blah blah thing. then erased it. basically it comes down to this. losing those 2 points sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this weight loss thing is very mind AND body related. maybe this will help. make yourself think you are cheating….even just the tiniest little bit. have something you’re really not supposed to have (just a bite or two)…whether it’s an extra bit of pineapple…whatever. it’s sort of my way of saying *f* you…while still trying to lose. πŸ˜‰

  51. #67

    uh…um…that was *f* you to the diet/new way of life eating thing…not *f* you to YOU! LOL! i’m sure you knew that. yeah. just had to make sure though. cuz i’m uh…what’s the word? OCD….psychotic…nuts??!! πŸ˜‰

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    You go girl. I lost 60 on WW in the last 12 months. Just to warn you, that was a cakewalk compared to maintenance. Anyway, my strategy for cutting points was to ease into it….go one point lower 2-3 days the first week, one day more the 2nd week, etc. This time I looked at it more of a marathon than a sprint, so I was willing to slow down my rate of weight loss to keep my sanity and never feel deprived. Good luck!

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    Go Cathy Go! As others have said – make sure you use your weeklies as well. Defintiely the only way I’d ever keep from being hungry and the more I exercise the more I need them. (123 pound WW loss for me & two years on maintenance.) You go girl!

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    Cathy – I recently went through the same thing, losing the extra points. Are you using all of your exercise points? I make sure if I exercise, I use the points. You will adjust, though. You are doing terrific!

  55. #72
    Emily Turkalj

    Congratulations on your achievements so far Cathy!! I agree with all those before me, count your exercise points and use those additional ones. If you are going to test out staying at 22 points, keep a close eye on your weight loss and at the first sign of it slowing down drop of a point or two to where you should be. With all the exercise you are doing it doesn’t seem that staying at 22 would be a problem.

  56. #73

    Congrats on the lose of weight not points. I am right behind you. Just 3 more lbs and I am down pts for the day too. It doesn’t seem fair that we work so hard and we have pts taken away. Ha ha ha .

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    Lorraine Reynolds

    OK First up absolutely congratulations on the weight loss, and mostly on the attitude to living a healthy lifestyle. Zumba sounds like fun and hard work at the same time. Your photo’s and scrap pages about it have been amazing – and we can all so SEE the difference it is making for you.

    But you know what I think you should also say, yey me about getting to a place where you are being advised to drop points. Think of it this way – ‘they are saying less points, because there is less of me – and that is AWESOME’. May help the adjustment if necessary. But maybe you might not need it for awhile really with all that excercise you are doing. If you think about it in a positive light it will help you when the time does come for the adjustment! And maybe try the one point at a time thing if two points is too big a step at once.

  58. #75

    Cathy – Congrats on such great success!! I know how hard it is. Thank you also for pushing me…yep…I see those little Nike runs pop into Facebook, and I say – well someone else did it so can I…..Just recently purchased the Nike+ for my shoes.

    As far as the bacon bar – go for it — and then keep moving…enjoy every bit – and don’t not have it – I have found if I have a strong craving – and don’t listen to it – the results end up being far worse than if I had just given in to the craving.

    I am on a 20pt. WW amount too – I tried for a while to not use any of my extra points or my exercise points and with running – I was just plain hungry all of the time, which translated into CRANKY…so now I use my extras, and then only use the exercise points for special things….it’s working….

    Keep up the good work!

  59. #76

    OMG! I, too, am a Mo’s Bacon Bar lover. Where do you buy yours? I could only find them at a store in Chicago and at the Vosges boutique in the Ceaser’s Palace Forum Shops until last week, when they arrived at our World Market.

  60. #77
    Margaret C

    Oh, I hear your pain – the loss of points is VERY bitter sweet !!! I say give in to the Bacon Bar because it’ll plague you til you do! Keep going tho – you inspire me to keep going too !!!

  61. #78

    Mo’s Bacon Bars are awesome! It’s hard to convince others until they give it a try, but what genius!

  62. #79

    Well done Cathy!
    I did WW a few years ago, and remember the pain of droppping from 20 to 18 points! ;(
    My advice is weigh everything and use the points calculator.

    For example, when WW tells you that you can have a medium bowl of cereal which equates to 30g, you can actually have 33g before you push it up by O.5 points.

    I hear you saying “wow, 3g of extra food, big deal!”. But honestly it does make a difference to your hunger levels if you add up these over a day.

    My other tips would be fill up on point free food like veggies, sugar free jelly (I think you call it jello in the US?), and v small portions of fruit – something like 45g of raspberries or blueberries is point free. Stick that on your cereal with its extra 3g and you’ll be full for sure!

    One last tip: make sure you log ALL your activity points. You are no doubt logging your exercise points but don’t forget that doing housework, walking round the supermarket and mowing the lawn can all earn you activity points.

    In the end, I lost 2 stone (that’s 28 pounds I think?) in 4 months of doing WW online, so hang in there, the results will definitely be worth it!

  63. #80
    Katie Pegher

    Hey Cathy – I’m not qualified to answer this because I’m not doing any WW right now. But I vote that you give yourself 10 extra “grace” points per week. You are an exercise maniac and it only seems fair that you should treat yourself a little. I always found that when dieting – if I allowed myself a little mini Snickers here or there – I stayed on the wagon longer than if I deprived myself of every indulgence forever. Great job mammacita!

  64. #81

    I hate it when the points ratchet down. But, heh, yeah you!! Good going. You give me hope that maybe I could do the same thing. I need to lose–oh, maybe 60 LBS!! Really more, truth be told. Oh. My. Goodness. But I’m begining to believe that I could get there. Even half way there would be a huge improvement. Keep up your amazingly awesome work. I say again, yeah you!!!

  65. #82
    Peaches Scribner

    It’s devastating when they take those points away.

    I always opt to earn more points with exercise and keep using those 2 points-worth of food. Admittedly, there are flaws with this plan, such as overeating while cleverly planning to overcome my calorie surplus by running 10 miles.

    Somewhere in the second mile I realize running is a lot harder than I remembered. And it hits me that I’ve never run 10 miles in my life.

  66. #84

    When you get to your goal and start maintenance you will be adding points back to your day to see how much your body needs to stay at your goal weight. You could stay at a higher point level but you may not lose weight as quickly. For me…vegetables, proteins and water are helpful to reducing the hunger without increasing my points. There are weeks (before Aunt Flo visits) that I have trouble with controlling hunger but I just have to expect that as a part of life that I need to learn to manage. Not managing that is how I got to WW in the first place! Don’t let one day of giving into your wants throw you off track. I often tell myself that hunger is my body burning off the fat. That visualization helps me to endure it a little easier!

  67. #85
    Mary Kate

    Check your Weight Watcher information or drop into a meeting and ask one of the staff members but it doesn’t sound like you’ve been eating enough points. You were probably in the 22 to 27 range and have now moved to the 20 to 25 range.

  68. #86

    I don’t know from Adam about WW pnts, but a big Congrats on reaching the ’50s’ Cathy.

    Don’t worry about tomorrow today (cf 2007) because the whole point of programs like WW or OA etc is to make food a neutral subject. You want a healthy lifestyle and I’d say you are really getting into that. We all know when we eat mindlessly or as an emotional crutch. Bottom line for me is..Is this worth it? Sometimes it just is.

  69. #87
    cindy b.

    Um…you said it yourself…GOTTA FUEL THE WORKOUT TRAIN. πŸ™‚ Not a fan of WW myself and when you are working out intensely, you NEED fuel for the engine..Know what I”m saying?? I myself couldn’t handle all the counting and points stuff anyway. A working girls gotta eat!! πŸ™‚ Start pumping some iron and then you can really eat woman!!!!

  70. #88
    Tamie Spears

    What is the WW Filling Food Technique? I did WW a few years ago and I don’t think that was part of the program… I’d love to know, as I still count points out of habit.

  71. #89
    Tamie Spears

    When I did WW a few years ago, and I knew I was approaching a Points drop, I’d drop my daily total by .5 Point. Then a week later, drop another .5 Point and so on. It seemed easier than “BAM! You just lost 2 whole Points.”

  72. #93

    I’m really loving both veggies and fruits right now. Broccoli. I can’t get enough of it. Which is weird, really. And pineapple. My kingdom for a pineapple. Seriously.

  73. #94

    I will post my monthly weight report in two weeks, and i will report back on what happened by eating more than my daily number.

    Fingers crossed it still works.

  74. #96

    You know what? that sounds DELISH!~

    I actually put another one of those Mo’s mini bars in my cart today. I’m saving it for a special occasion. You know, like 4 p.m., or 5 p.m.

  75. #107
    Linda Smith

    Good job! Honestly never thought that you weighed that much. I too am on a diet and I weight a little more than you at this point. I tried the weight watchers but unfortunately did stick with it. I’m now on a diet that a dr. recommended to me years ago. I’ve lost 20lbs so far. For some reason these past 2 or 3 lbs have been so hard.

  76. #108

    We’re friends, right? So I’m going to confess something: I never went below 150 because I couldn’t handle the points drop. So there I stayed, until I got married and had a child and gained a considerable amoutn of weight.

    But man, those point drops are a pain.

  77. #109

    Good for you Cathy!!! It’s been so fun to watch you on your journey. I love the monthly layouts!

  78. #110

    I am five or six weeks in with WW and have not tracked well the last two weeks and went up .4 last week and .8 this and I know I ate over my daily points and over my weekly flex points. I am at 23 points and that seems to me to be a low daily point value, I can’t imagine 20. I guess that means lots of zero point soup and vegetables. Oh, did you know roller skating racks up lots of points activity-wise? three hours 23 points. no joke!

  79. #111
    Debbie Edwards

    Cathy, first up, you look amazing! I love reading your monthly update, it’s so inspiring, and seeing how you’ve changed physically must really keep you motivated! I started WW around the same time as you, I haven’t lost a huge amount of weight (about 8 pounds in total) but I’ve lost 4.5 inches off my tum which is in the right direction at least! I’ve dropped from 21 points to 20 since starting, not such a big drop as yours but I’ve found that by simply cutting my portions a tiny bit I have not missed the extra point. Eg, 60g of pasta = 3 points, cut back to 55g and it’s only 2.5 points. Taking this approach at each mealtime will hopefully make your transition a bit easier πŸ™‚ Oh, and definately eat all your exercise points, otherwise your body will cling to every calorie you eat!!

  80. #112

    I have never heard of Mo’s Bacon Bar, so they don’t sell them in my area of Illinois……but I swear you could be their spokeswoman Cathy. I am SOLD based only on what you said! LOL

    Congrats on the 150s. I have been on Weight Watchers since September 2009 and I do it online only also and LOVE IT. I could be THEIR next spokeswoman. I don’t care what anybody says….doing the points thing works. I sat on my ass all winter and did not exercise EVER due to a neck injury and I STILL lost weight every month.

    I sympathize with you, as I have also lost points consistently every month, and it IS HARD sometimes. I began at 35 and now I get 23. My friends have it easier because they fill up on fruits and veggies, but I don’t like any of them except corn and baked potatoes and…please…you can only eat so much corn and baked potatoes, okay? So it’s pretty hard for me to stay full and not get hungry without that stuff.

    I have learned Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal has a ton of fiber and is very filling. AND my secret weapon is Vitamuffins. They sound weird, but I learned about them from Hungry Girl website (www.hungrygirl.com) (it rocks!) and I order them online. They are way out of my food budget, but I buy them any way because they are worth every single penny. I buy the Vita Tops, which are just the TOPS of the muffin. They come in several flavors, are packed full of good stuff including fiber, and I swear to you some days I can have one for breakfast and not be hungry until lunch. I don’t know the ingredients, and frankly I don’t want to know. I think they’re magical goodness!! They also have muffins, cake, brownies. I have only tried muffins and muffin tops. Check them out and maybe they’ll help you too. No, I don’t secretly own the company πŸ™‚

    PS I know you’re busy but I left you an award on my blog because I think you rock!


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