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(photo taken on Easter Sunday at my inlaws' farm in Southern Minnesota)

My new blogosphere BFF Stephanie Howell recently posted her own obsessions list and challenged me to do the same. Because she is adorable I decided to accept the challenge.

Though I don't know Stephanie all that well just yet, from what I can tell she is a) adorable, b) smart and c) younger than me with much smaller children.

I didn't blog when my kids were little, but I have to think that it must be a mental lifesaver for those raising younger children. Because as you well know, it ain't always moonlight and roses down there in the motherhood trenches.

I've been reflecting a lot lately on how all of a sudden life moves into these different phases. One minute, you're loading up snack bags with Goldfish and wrestling with an unwieldy Pack 'n Play, and the next you're explaining why texting after 10 p.m. just isn't a good idea for anyone involved.

With that, I present my own list of confessions with a motherhood slant.


1. I'm not really the color you see in the photo above.

2. I would not want to go back to raising younger children for all the tea in china.

3. I used to think that it was no big deal if my kids didn't eat well balanced diets because I didn't and look how I turned out. I've since changed my tune.

4. I never planned on having children. I just turned 30 and a bizarre urge took over. Three months later, I was pregnant with Aidan.

5. Childbirth was one of the most singularly transforming experiences of my life and I would do it again tomorrow.

6. I might ask for an epidural much sooner, however.

7. I think Aidan is the most photogenic girl on the planet.

8. I've done a lot of things decidedly opposite of how I was raised. I'm hoping it doesn't come back to bite me in the ass.

9. I fear something bad happening to my kids on a regular basis.

10. I'm proud of the music my kids listen to and secretly feel it's a reflection of my excellent parenting skills.

11. Almost everything about parenthood has felt like a pleasant surprise.

12. I really wanted to have a third child when Cole was about a year old, and Dan kept saying, "Let's watch." We watched until he turned 40 and now it is medically impossible to make Baby No. 3.

13. I rarely if ever volunteer to chaperone school field trips because being around that many kids at one time isn't my idea of a good time.

14. I think teachers are grossly underpaid.

15. I hope my kids don't ever move too far away from home, even though that is exactly what I did.

16. I am going to miss them desperately when they move out but won't think twice about converting one of their bedrooms to a craft room.

Herein ends my list of confessions. Try making one of your own to blog, or document in some other way. You know, like maybe on a scrapbook page or something crazy like that. You might find your confessions are a really great story to save.


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  1. #5

    I’m glad you’re really not the colour of the photo. lol
    I’m feeling pretty much the same way about parenting as you are right now… I wouldn’t go back to life with small children, although I enjoy reliving those days by scrapbooking about them. πŸ™‚

  2. #6
    Stephanie Howell

    i knew you would do an amazing job with this blog topic. so glad i threw down the gauntlet. πŸ˜‰
    and as for teachers being underpaid? that’s why i haven’t been a teacher since the day h was born. xo

  3. #7
    valerie spence

    I just adore Stephanie’s blog too. You’re both inspiring and although I have no blog I do feel a scrapbook page coming on….thanks to you both for brightening up each day with a little blog magic. xx

  4. #8

    Here’s my confession, with a bit of irony included.
    I HATE field trips with a passion, except, well, when my daughter’s high school orchestra went to Europe…
    I kinda started liking them again so I went

  5. #9

    Love your list! Last year I DID convert my daughter’s bedroom into a craft room and I’m loving it. No more picking up my in-progress work or worrying about the mess. I just close the door!

  6. #10

    I was a little happy to read # 9—-only because I do the same thing and thought I was crazy for doing it. Thanks for sharing that confession–I feel much better and I’m gonna try really hard to not have that thought today!

  7. #12

    Thank you for introducing me to Stephanie Howell! You are right, she is adorable! And thank you for sharing your Confessions. I’ll be blogging mine too!

  8. #15

    Could not agree with you more on #13 – some of my worst headaches were a result of the field trip bus rides!

  9. #16

    Lol….I read fast and quickly skim through blogs… I read the last sentence of your post as heroin instead of herein…which made my laugh because I thought…wow that’s bold of her to say…even if she is just kidding. But then I realized it said herein instead. I’m a spaz… But I’m really glad that heroin isn’t one of your confessions.

  10. #19
    Lorraine Reynolds

    I just wanted to say thanks to you and Simplify 101 for the discount. We are finally, after 18 long months renting, about to move into our new home and out of a rental. I’ve looked at the class before, but think that now is the perfect time. Just you try and get into my new home clutter….after I learn all the tricks and tips.

    I also really loved your list, so good I can’t pick a favourite.

  11. #20

    LOL love the one about the music…my girl is only 2 and we try to play lots of good tunes around her. I’ve got her singing “family time” now by ziggy marley… not new age or anything, but definitely our style πŸ™‚
    BTW I love reading your blog and look forward to seeing what you’ll be teaching next at BPS.

  12. #21
    Kathy Floen

    Oh, Cathy! πŸ™‚ I just loved your confessions and I have many of the same…some of them even brought a tear! πŸ™‚ Thanks for helping me reflect. πŸ˜€

    Btw-been reading Steph’s blog for a while now and truely love her! πŸ™‚

  13. #22
    Marion W


    I signed up for the clutter control class, but I think I am beyond hope in that area. We’ll see – at this point, I’ll try anything!

  14. #24

    This is great! I never thought about doing a list like this. Now I must! It will be great for my kids to hear when they get older!!!

  15. #28

    this is a great list and springboard for a scrapbook page or journal.
    by the way, i know someone who’s husband had a vasectomy reversed and went on to have another (3rd) child…just saying.

  16. #29
    Sue O

    Did #16 myself, just as soon as my son graduated from college and got a job and an apartment. But I did ask how he felt about it before I did it. I really think his father had more problems with it than either my son or myself!

    And I couldn’t stand field trips either!

  17. #30

    I laughed at your field trip comment. I’m a teacher, and it is one of my least favorite events. A retired teacher I know once said, “If a teacher likes field trips, she (he) isn’t doing her job.” Meaning, taking kids off campus to unknown and dangerous places is stressful and full of responsibility. If it is one or two of your own children, that can be scary enough. Taking 30 of other people’s children is a huge burden, with potential disaster waiting to strike at any moment. The fact that you don’t like them, indicates that you would probably make an awesome chaperone!

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