Mullet be gone!

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It was time to bid adieu to The Mullet.

Every time I let my hair grow, I think that something magical is going to happen.

I am always sorely mistaken.

Because I end up looking like this:


More or less.

In short, I feel like myself again. (Get it?)

And speaking of hair, another gem to share with you from Design Your Life. This was a free-for-all assignment at the very end of class, and I decided to focus on the many looks of my hair in the year 1986. Please, enjoy.


Cathy ZielskeMullet be gone!

35 Comments on “Mullet be gone!”

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    Angela Pruitt

    LOL! Looks like we were fashion twins in ’86. Congrats on the de-mulletization tho. I too am going through a hair-growing phase right now, and well, let’s just say me and my scrunchie are BFFs at the moment. *sigh*

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    Lana @ Mz-Cellaneous

    I’m in the growing out bangs phase. I’ve had them for like 6 years or so, and they grow fast. Just decided that I’d give it a shot, after all, I can always chop them off again.

    Transitions? They suck.

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    cathy, i love the “vintage” page — “what would madonna do with dark hair?”?!! hahaha!!
    have a great day!

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    Sharon - California

    Love the page, enjoyed the DYL class – took it twice it was so much fun! I have not done this page yet, but I have seen some old hair styles…and make up technquies wow – Desparately Seeking Someone comes to mind! thanks for the laugh this morning!

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    So … nothing magical is going to happen to MY hair either? ‘Cause I’ve been waiting, and waiting … and taking my vitamins and waiting some more.

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    By far, my fave, is the Vanilla Ice look. I am seriously looking for your eyebrows to have razored designs. What an awesome LO. And you can seriously rock the eyeliner too!

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    So funny to see your post, because just Tuesday I asked the gal who cuts my hair if it looked like Mrs. Brady’s and you posted the exact picture I was thinking of. Of course, it doesn’t. Great page – I could have done one with all my hair pictures too, but haven’t, yet. You definitely have LOTS of hair. I like how you wear it short – it suits you.

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    OMG, Kathy, your daughter looks so much like you in the middle picture on the top row! Your both gorgeous!

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    great page! I took look back at some of my pics from these days and wonder just what I was thinking. lol

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    You gotta get Adien to do her hair like the ’86 you, and do a side by side, she looks so much like you.

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    I wouldn’t dare share my hair styles from back then. You are one very brave lady. The last photo still has me laughing.

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    hee hee. that bottom picture reminds me of vanilla ice or kid from the house party movie. you choose. thanks for the memories!!

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    New haircut looks great. This layout is killer – I really need to do one of just my hair styles. 9 years ago at my wedding we did a photo slide show at the reception and afterwards one of my husband’s friends said to us, “you guys have had a lot of hairstyles!” And there was definitely a time in early high school when I was going with the white powder Robert Smith complexion!

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    dude -you went from like healthy tan to snow white! I am cracking up…my husband is too! You are really cute though. My hubs loves you too!

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    Nancy M

    Cathy, I can totally relate to letting it grow out and thinking some miracle will happen! I’ve been doing the same, but I think it’s time to throw in the towel. Your cut looks great. Have a nice weekend πŸ™‚

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    Cute hair! I just went pretty short, and my only fear is someday wanting to grow it out again. I have a very awkward 9th grade mullet photo (complete with braces and zits) that still gives me nightmares.

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    No doubt, Aiden’s yours. wow.

    I’ve always been a firm believer in the idea of the higher the hair, the closer to God.

    Thanks for the flashback.

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    I remember this layout from DYL, but how come I never noticed there is a kitten on your head in the first picture!??! (At least I think that’s what it is!!)

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    There are those who can rock the short hair and those who can’t. Accept that you are in the “can” group and move on! Was that firm enough for you LOL

    I speak from experience…I am a recent survivor of trying to grow my hair into a “jaunty bob”. There was no hair miracle; I came to my senses and my hairdresser has restored order to my world by cutting it short again πŸ™‚

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    Linda J

    Cathy I’ve always loved your short hair cuts – wish so much that I could get mine in such a cute style. I just got a very short cut – and my (new) hairdresser missed the mark:( Any chance that you could post a photo of the back of yours too?

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    Oh my gosh – the timing on your post is incredible! I haven’t had my short hair cut in about 8 weeks and it’s starting to look pretty shaggy but I was thinking of growing it out (again). This morning as I was trying to style it I realize the back is looking pretty long and was hoping that it didn’t resemble a mullet, but the fact that I thought of it should have give me a clue. Your post just hit me over the head with another clue. I think it’s time to get it cut again – thanks! I love the layout showing the various hairdos over the years!

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