Tales from the Scale, The April Edition: Just Do It

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And so we come to another edition of Tales from the Scale. And first things first: we're down 20, Houston. Houston, we are down 20.

I present this month's documentation:


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Here is the Then and Now side-by-side comparison (click on image to see it larger):


Much less of a Michelin Tire Man vibe in the present day shot, wouldn't you agree?

I'll admit it. I'm a sucker for a good before and after. I love that bit of visual proof. Now you see it. Now you see less of it.

And as I sit here typing, munching on a handful of sugar snap peas, I realize that 20 pounds seems like an awfully lot of poundage to drop in just three months. But honestly? I've been working my ass off. Literally.

Since January 6th, when I jump-started this whole fitness program, I have missed just two days of working out.

Just two. One because I was in a bad mood. And one because I had lady cramps.

I have also been following the Weight Watchers program (online) and I've only gone over my week's allotment of points one time, and came awfully close another.

In short, I've been taking this very, very seriously…almost as if my life depended on it.

But this success is also coming on the heels of waking up one morning in March and realizing, possibly for the first time in my entire adult diet-peppered life that what the number on the scale said had no bearing on how I felt, both inside and out. That, my friends, is a welcome change.

I added Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred into my workout week. I do it two or three times a week, followed by a 15- or 20-minute treadmill run. On the other days of the week, I run, also on the treadmill. Anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes.


Just this past week, I've decided that my runs should all be 30 minutes, or at least 2.5 miles and thanks to a sweet friend who decided to hook me up with a Nike+iPod set up, I'm now able to track my runs.

I realized that I am running at just over a 12-minute mile pace. To hell with saying what I do is just jogging.

Sorry. I'm a runner now. It's official.

When I started back in January, I could only jog for one-minute bursts at 3.3 mph every 5 minutes. I tell anyone this who thinks, "I could never do that." I'm very much the proof you need that you can.

And with that, I'm looking at different goals. Fitness goals. Things like: I want to run a 5K race. I want to run 11-minute miles, or 10-minute miles. I want to get off my damned knees and do push ups like a real woman, baby.

I'm feeling very optimistic.

I realize that it is easier to not do it. I realize that brownies are really quite good. I realize that an injury could sideline me and send me into a downward spiral of inactivity. I realize that three months of hard work can slip away if I get cocky for even the smallest amount of time and think I've got this thing licked.

But right now, I'm focusing and achieving.

And don't worry, I am enjoying a brownie or two along the way.

Go me.

Cathy ZielskeTales from the Scale, The April Edition: Just Do It

201 Comments on “Tales from the Scale, The April Edition: Just Do It”

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    Kathy Jo Camacho

    Congratulations! That is fantastic work! You should be so proud – and we are ALL proud of you. Keep up it. You are an inspiration.

  2. #3

    Looking good! Totally noticeable change 🙂 I fell off the wagon the past 2 weeks but am back to it again today. Gained 2.5lbs back but still 5.5lbs down. 18lbs to go!

  3. #4
    Narelle Jurss

    Way to go Cathy – you are looking fabulous! I’m putting on the weight you are losing as I am growing a baby boy at the moment – 10 weeks to go – you are inspiring me for the “journey” I will have ahead after baby! Narelle

  4. #6

    Oh Cathy, I am so very happy for you. Congratulations on becoming a runner! 🙂
    Having an addictive personality is a great thing, if you’re addicted to something good for you.

  5. #8
    Sandi D

    Congratulations! Awesome job. A book you might like, if you already don’t have it, is Jonny Bowden’s The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth. Knowing all the good things that healthy foods do for your body makes you want to eat them more and try foods you have not tried before.

  6. #10

    Cathy that is fantastic! You look great! I’ve been avoiding my own version of tales from the scale for a while now. For two weeks I jogged on my mini trampoline and then I stopped. I’m convinced that I need to be a better weight before conceiving our second child. The weight of a pregnancy and my current weight would be too much, not to mention unfair on all of us!

    Two questions: I can’t afford a treadmill – do you think I could do this on a mini trampoline? (and some outdoor walks with pram in tow)?
    Should I get into the whole calorie counting thing? I know nothing in this area and feel I know right from wrong. How has calorie counting educated you?

    Thanks in advance. Maybe I’ll have to upload a horrifying pic on my blog and get started!

  7. #12

    Congratulations! So much of you speaks to me. . .or the me that lost a ton ages ago and needs to get back on the wagon before. . .

  8. #16
    Kristin Reinhard

    WOW WOW WOW! You are doing such a great job and love that you are now looking ahead to other exercise related goals not just weight goals! Great inspiration for someone like me who is 4 weeks into this type of change 🙂

  9. #20

    Doesn’t it feel good? I always said I could never run, and then in 7/08, when my husband and both my 7 year olds started running I decided I better give it a real try! Now almost two years later I’m almost 30 pounds lighter (although I’m on a major plateau right now) and I just ran my first 10K race and am training for a half-marathon in June. (And I’m not breaking any land-speed records either!!)

  10. #21

    Congratulations! I am also in the focusing mentality about my fitness goals. I have tried to shift my focus into making the lifestyle change to where exercise is a habit and not a daily chore and where eating healthy things are the norm. I am going to start photo documenting this thanks to you’re inspiration!

  11. #23
    Sara Mangan

    Way to go girl! I read your last entry and thought “she gets it”.
    The mind is a powerful thing. I believe the way people view food & exercise it the key to success. Anyone can cut calories and exercise for awhile. Realizing that it’s a lifestyle not just a “diet” is so important. I’m sure The Shred is building your muscle which equals toning and more calorie burning power!!!

    I just have to say it again WAY TO GO!!!

    Remember when you were worried about the points consumed on Easter? See, not a big deal.

    Also, you are modeling a great thing for your kids. Exercise and healthy eating. These are habits they can carry with them their entire life.

  12. #28

    Wow!! Go you for sure!! Very noticeable change! When I first started trying to lose weight, I was sad because I only lost 4 pounds the first few weeks. My friend told me that is the weight of a sack of potatoes, gone from your body. You lost 5 sacks of potatoes! Go Cathy!!!!!


  13. #29
    Michelle Contarino

    Great job, Cathy!!! Keep it up. And, actually, the Weight Watchers brownies are really good!! I would love to say you have inspired me this morning (you have), but lately every time I start my diet I am off of it by the afternoon. I have 10 lbs to re-lose and it seems like it was easier to lose the 30 than it was to re-lose the 10. So frustrating!! Some day it will click, I hope!

  14. #30
    Kelly Rodgers

    Yay Cathy!!!! You are amazing!
    I just quit smoking 3 weeks ago and sort of fell out of my exercise routine during that time – BUT I will be getting back on track tomorrow.
    Thank you for the inspiration xxx

  15. #31

    You’re an inspiration!

    Maybe you should document your typical fun in the deets section of the layout? That piece of information could also be interesting later. Number of pushups? 5K race time?

    I so need to follow your example!

  16. #33
    Shanon Gibson

    Congrats! You look amazing! The hard work is really showing. My husband and I really, really need to embrace the lifestyle change and promote healthing living and eating to our daughters. Thanks for the inspiration!

  17. #35

    Brooke, i’ve never used a mini trampoline, but exercise is exercise.

    Calorie counting has educated me on just how much i was eating before. Which trust me, was a lot!

  18. #36
    Christine H

    Last June, I decided to get with the program nutritionally. I got some books from the library and read several opinions about healthy food choices. I then just started choosing those foods…..fruits, veggies, fish, almost no red meat, nuts, water/tea. I knew counting and measuring would be the end of me. So far, I have lost 75 pounds and my lab work (cholesterol, triglycerides, etc) are now normal. I figure as long as I am keep losing at a good pace of 1-2 pounds per week, I must not be eating too many calories. Figure out what works for you….what you know you will stick with…lots of options out there. Good Luck!

  19. #37

    Tina, it really is! It wasn’t until i plugged that thing in and her her voice say “400 meters to go” that i thought, “HEY! I’m running!”

  20. #40

    Thanks, Sara. I still know that my old lifestyle is very appealing, and it lingers back there beckoning to me. I’m choosing not to listen and to being healthier!

  21. #41

    Theresa, it is baby steps! Last week, i gained 2 pounds and was all, “What?” but i decided to not let it get me down and just keep taking care of myself. : ) GOOD LUCK!

  22. #42
    Christine H

    Woo Hoo….you are looking great. Keep up the good work. Is your family eating the same foods you eat? I have been eating healthier for almost a year now and my red meat/white bread/minimal veggies and fruit loving husband and son are still kicking and screaming.

  23. #43

    I do think those small amounts seem the hardest. Really i do! I think when the amount gets larger (I was pretty much 40 pounds over my goal weight) that is actually seems like you HAVE to start. Take it easy on yourself. It will click when you are ready!

  24. #44

    Kelly, congratulations. I know, i KNOW how hard it is to quit smoking. So that in and of itself is amazing. Keep it up! Just one day at a time!

  25. #47

    Hi Kathy,

    Congrats on your new healthy life. I did the couch to 5K in nine weeks program at coolrunning.com. You might want to take a look at it. It is the easyist thing I’ve ever done. And there is an app for the Ipod touch/phone.

  26. #49

    Wow, good for you, 20lbs is huge and losing anything after the age of 40 is twice as hard, I don’t care what anyone says!!!! ha! Would you share what you eat on a typical day? My diet could use some tweaking 🙂 And are you counting point and calories? Thanks!

  27. #50

    Yes, sort of. I mean, my daughter is a vegetarian, and eats whatever non-meat stuff is being served. My son will now try many things we are making. He won’t necessarily eat them, but hey, he’s earning points! My hubby eats and enjoys it all.

  28. #51

    So Sharon, i’ve heard of this. Tell me: did you train outside, or on a treadmill? I’m a bit nervous of outdoor running, even though I know i’ll have to run outdoors to do a race!

  29. #52


    Breakfast: a bowl of blueberries, kiwi and strawberries and a low fat yogurt.

    Lunch: A big bowl of steamed broccoli (I LOVE broccoli!) a toasted piece of Flat Out brand flat bread (LOVE) a string cheese (low fat protein) a piece of fruit and a cup of black tea.

    Snack: Fruit/ or veggies like sugar snap peas

    Snack: one hot cup of Oregon Chai (I have this every day between 3 or 4. It is my sweet treat for the day.

    Dinner: varies, but this is where i eat most of my points. That is just how i like to structure my day. I am always hungrier at the end of the day, so… i try all sorts of new recipes. A good basic dinner is marinated chicken (lime, cumin etc) grilled, some steamed veggies and a decadent spinach salad with blue cheese, walnuts, pears etc.

    : )

    Then after dinner i’ll sometimes have something sweet and mildly junkfood-y. But usually, i end my day with another yogurt.

  30. #53


    Have you ever taken a cycle class? I took my first a few months ago and was instantly hooked. It takes a couple classes to get over the whole uncomfortable seat thing but then you get used to it. I love the classes because they crank up the music, turn down the lights, and for one hour (or however long your class is) you ride hard and get a great workout. Of course you set the resistance of your own bike so you choose how hard you want to work. You should try a class and see if you like it. They are great for alternating days with running.

  31. #54

    Ok, so did you have a method to increasing your endurance? Or did it slowly just happen? I’ve done a lot of walking, but never seem to have made the leap to full on running, or even jogging. Any thoughts?

  32. #55

    Cathy, you are an inspiration. My DH jogs and has been trying to get me to do it. After reading your post about how you started slowly, I thought I would try it. Just got off the treadmill and jogged 3.5 mph for 15 minutes!!! I can’t tell you how happy I am to realize that I can do this. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  33. #56

    April, it really was the walk five minutes, then jog for one… at a SLOW pace. 3.0-3.3.

    Then i just increased it as my wind and leg strength seemed to be increasing.

    BUT, i think starting this Shred DVD has added a bit of strength, and now, that is part of how i am able to keep going. : )

  34. #61
    Sharon F., CA

    Go YOU!! A good habit is just as hard to break as a bad one…so kudos to you for keeping it real and taking it one day at a time. They say if you can do something for 21 days in a row its a habit. You are rocking it. I say, sign up for a 5K walk, see how that distance feels for outside. I did the 26 mile walk for breast cancer 2 years ago and I trained each morning on a walk. Afterward I felt I could do a 5k or even do a short run…totally helps with the confidence and training to get yourself out there on the running trail by starting small. You are an inspiration!

  35. #63

    You GO, GIRL! I need to read your blog just for the encouragement . . . that I can do this, too. I’m going to start today! Good Job, Cathy.

  36. #64

    Fantastic! I am so re-inspired. I joined WW in Jan and was down 10 lbs. then I let it go for a few weeks, and now, only down 6:( I started The Shred a few weeks ago too, it is REALLY hard! Damn you Jillian! I do the same as you, Shred then run. Nice job lady!

  37. #65
    Courtney Walsh

    I decided to go back to WW this week. It worked for me, why wouldn’t I do it again? I do need the meeting though–it’s that weighing in thing that keeps me motivated. Hoping I can lick this thing too! You look GREAT! 🙂 Thanks for sharing this!!

  38. #66

    I am a runner and will only run on the treadmill if the weather forces me! The Twin Cities has so many nice Rail-To-Trail paths. If you are nervous about running outside, pick a place that you like going, is pretty, or you are interested in seeing for the first time. I think good scenery keeps my mind off the clock and on nature or what is around the next bend! Pick someplace flat to start out and then you can gradually add hills as your legs get stronger. You can do it!

  39. #68

    Way to go Cathy! It really sounds as if you’ve passed the “number on the scale” on to getting healthy & living a healthy lifestyle! That’s what keeps it off! Whoo hoo!

  40. #69

    Great Job!! It’s amazing to see the January picture and April picture together. I think “it’s only 3 months!” It just feels like forever when starting something.
    I too have the Nike+. I think it’s the best invention ever!

  41. #70

    Woo hoo! Kick ass job, Cathy! I had a knee injury last May and I’m feeling revved up about getting back into machine mode instead of, I can’t do “blank” because of my stupid knee:) Here’s to you! You look awesome!

  42. #71

    You make me smile, Cathy! I, too, am on a similar journey and have lost 20 lbs so far. I feel great!!!

    Thanks for sharing – It’s nice to be able to compare notes.

  43. #72

    woohoo! go you cathy!! you are an inspiration – it’s not so much the weight for me, but the inactivity…and at my age (45 next month!), this is a big problem! thanks for inspiring me, my online friend!

  44. #73

    Read this post on the perfect day… the day I committed to start getting back in shape and lose 20lbs. You are making me feel like I might actually be able to do it if I stick with it.

  45. #75

    Add me to your “people I’ve inspired” list. It was the words you wrote, that you were literally working your butt off. I thought, “Wow. I’ve been skipping one of two Oreos and wondering why the pounds didn’t melt off. It takes … WORK?”

    So I’ve started working. I’m rid of 2 1/2 pounds so far, not a lot, but at least I’ve stopped the upward climb! Thank you. Really. Thank you. And keep posting!

  46. #76

    Way to go! You look fantastic! I’ve been {back} on WW for 5 weeks & have lost 11.2 pounds. You’re definitely inspiring me. I’m going to check out this iPod/Nike thing…

  47. #77

    Congrats Cathy!!! Thanks to you and your willingness to speak to the blog world…I’m back in for good. I can manage the exercise and the WW’s but it is those veggies that are going to kill me. Can’t stand anything except lettuce, raw baby spinich, and tomatoes and that does get boring every day. V8 Splash is great but full of points!

  48. #81
    C. Rayevich

    Wooohooo congrats on your progress so far, you are doing awesome! I have the jillian michaels dvd and love it. i’ve been at level 2 for a little bit now and it maybe a little bit longer before i go up to 3 lol.
    Happy Monday

  49. #83

    Go, Cathy GO! I am in the process of losing weight, too. I am down 6 pounds. I just picked up the latest issue of WW magazine…the one with Jennifer Hudson on the cover. So awesome. What an inspiration you are!!!

  50. #84

    Go Lisa! My hubby has been a runner for years. One of my goals is to go out with him and run around the lake by our house. I told him he’d have to adjust his pace quite a bit and he said he would LOVE to. : )

  51. #86


    I remember reading that you were okay with 17 minute miles when you started, and I felt better—because that’s what I do. But you’ve shaved 5 minutes off your miles!?! Wow…

    I only run twice a week…I know to see the changes like yours I need to make it every day or at least 5x a week. How did you make that leap?

  52. #87

    Sharon, i do need to get outside for a few runs. I’m waiting until i can do a comfortable pace on the treadmill. Then i’ll do a few runs around the lake by my house to see how it feels!

  53. #88

    Heidi, how are your knees?

    That’s the one thing that makes me nervous about running outside. My knees and an even surface. I live right by Como Lake, so i am planning to hit the lake for a run soon. It’s flat and i think do-able. If i leave my door step and go around once and back, it’s around 3.6 miles.

  54. #93

    Well Ann, if that is what you can eat, then don’t fret too much!

    What about fruit? I never realized how much I like kiwi. Totally changed my approach to fruit.

  55. #94

    You truly are inspirational! I think it is awesome that you are using this platform to share your real life, put yourself out there for others to see, challenge and encourage others to do the same and document the process. For so long, we have been in our own little worlds with our own little thoughts, but now, with the aid of social media, we can share in each others’ experiences and motivate one another to improve our lives. Thank you for being real!

  56. #98

    Deirdre, because i’m 44 and i know that to change my body and rev up my metabolism, i have to excercise every day. I won’t be running every day. (Although i’m sort of trying to do that right now). I am tuning up my bike too. And going to walk as well.

    I remember years ago, i was 32 and i had just had Aidan and was HUGE, and i’m talking when she was 2 years old, i was still 50 pounds overweight, and i started following Bob Greene’s advice, which even then was exercise 5 to 7 days a week.

    I’m trying to look at it like this: there are 24 hours in a day. Can i give 30 minutes of my time to my body, in the name of doing something good for it?

    So far, the answer has been yes. But believe me, i worry all the time about falling off the wagon.

  57. #99

    : )

    Well, it does keep me honest, and it always inspires such interesting comments here.

    I could just as easily fall of this wagon, too.

    I’m trying to stay the course!

  58. #100

    Congrats Cathy! You are an inspiration and such fun!
    I don’t need to loose weight, but I do need to get off my butt and keep fit. Quiting smoking would be the other thing I need to do. LOL After taking DYL I have become a Cathy groupie. Your honest, up beat self is inspiring. You gave me confidence enough to try scrapping digitally, and want to do more. You are an inspiration in many ways. Thanks!!

  59. #102

    Congrats Cathy on a job well done. Keep up the great attitude and wow…a runner! I am trying to do things a little at t time. Right now I am just trying to eat better with my family. We eat way too much junk. Baby steps right? One day at a time. Great job!

  60. #103
    Ashleigh Bronner

    Congratulations! Not on losing 20 lbs (although that is amazing) but on your new outlook that you’d rather be healthy and able to do the things that able-bodied people can do. Now, that’s inspirational!

  61. #106

    You look awesome Cathy!! You are amazing, you held in there and kept going and it shows. I actually quit working out and just seeing this post and knowing it can happen I will start exercising again, I want it I need it I have to do it. Thanks for sharing all this with us it really helps to see others going thru it with us. I will get my workout clothes and start running thank you thank you Cathy!! Sending you a high five lady.

  62. #109

    Awesome! It is funny…I kept on waiting for your Apirl edition of tales from the scale update..b/c I found it very inspiring. I started back on WW 4 weeks ago…down 8lbs. It ain’t easy over 40, but it works if you perservere. Question, if you can answer…you said you never go over your points…do you mean your minimum? Or your points plus your 35 flex points? B/c frankly, sometimes by lunch I’m almost at my minimum (19 pts). Just curious. Thanks for the inspiration. And way to go on running. I have been a runner for 10 years now and it is addicting. But buyer beware…you can still gain wait and be a runner…it is about diet AND exercise.

  63. #111

    Congratulations! You look amazing and it’s quite the accomplihsment! You’re motivating me to kick up my workout regime!

  64. #112
    rebecca keppel

    Congrats!! You look fabulous and more importantly you sound fabulous–upbeat, positive, forward thinking, strong, motivated. I started my own journey with a before picture and now I need the attitude adjustment 🙂

  65. #114

    Had my first session with a Personal trainer today. I’m actually part of a small group using the same trainer (little less expensive this way). I thought I wasn’t in too bad shape. Overweight, yes, but aerobically, thought I would be alright. NOT! My butt has been kicked! However, it’s the first day and I did it. We’ll meet twice a week for eight weeks. Tomorrow I will be at the gym again – if I can move. Because at 47 it does indeed take work. Thanks Cathy for sharing your journey, it is inspiring me to keep working!

  66. #116

    You have really transformed, both in body and mind. And the mind is the most important part in my opinion. You certainly are showing me that I need to re-commit and stop making excuses. I think I shall do just that, re-commit now. Thanks Cathy and stay strong in your journey. You are doing an amazing job.

  67. #119

    You rock, girl! What a difference 20 lbs makes! I really admire your “stick-to-it-ive-ness” and your dedication!

    My husband and I started P90X about the same time you started your program, and I will say that I feel SO much better after I work out! Someone once told me: “Sex and exercise are similar – you may not want to do it at first, but afterward, you feel great!” I say – Amen to that!

    Keep it up, Cathy!

  68. #120

    Woo-hoo, Cathy!! You look GREAT! You’re an inspiration and you have such a great attitude about this. Love it…and love you, quite frankly! 🙂

  69. #121

    Congratulations! Now that is really great! I wish I was joining you with the happy dance. You just gave me new motivation to get up and finish.



  70. #124

    Don’t you feel amazing!?!!?!? Wow. I am right there along with you and I started a while back…you should see my biceps now! It is a total lifestyle overhaul. Good for you!

  71. #125

    Good for you! The pics say it all – keep up the good work. I need to lose 35 pounds – please keep blogging about this – I am hoping it will get me off my arse. Thanks!

  72. #127
    Di Hickman

    Brooke, exercise is exercise just do it, get your body moving girl! Try walking with the pram, good to get fresh air anyway, run on the trampoline, do push ups, sit ups etc. There are MANY exercises we can do at home with little to no equipment.

    I second the advice of Christine and recommend visiting your local library. They have books to read up on calories/healthy eating and most also offer DVD rentals. You may have to wait to get popular titles like Jillian Michaels DVD but hey it costs nothing!

    If you want any advice on exercise or where to start just email me di @ dihickman dot com I’m a fitness instructor and personal trainer and love sharing knowledge and getting people moving 🙂

  73. #128

    So happy for you Cathy! I am in a downward spiral due to knee pain that now has me in Physical Therapy(one leg is almost an inch shorter than the other!!)……..I too WAS a runner and am very down about not being able to run. My goal is to be able to run 2 days a week, and right now I’m just trying to maintain….it’s hard~

  74. #129
    Di Hickman

    CZ the C25K is a great program but if you’re already running for the 25 mins maybe start midway through so you aren’t going backwards. I’m currently on week 7.
    As for indoors/outdoors you CAN do the C25K on a treadmill but it WILL NOT prepare you for an outdoor 5K. To race outdoors ya gotta train outdoors! Though if you’re like me you’ll find you run faster outdoors, or maybe I’m just weird?

  75. #130
    Di Hickman

    Hey Cathy, check out your local gyms most offer free weeks trial so you could try out all the classes you wanted 🙂 This is a great way to break plateaus btw!

  76. #131

    You look hot, Cathy! Congrats for all of your amazing progress. It’s been inspiring to watch you get to where you are : )

  77. #132
    Di Hickman

    Well done Cathy, you are doing awesome! So happy you are finally admitting to running now, you’ll soon be out there running races with the rest of them!!! 20lbs is a huge deal you should be proud girl!

    I’ve been running outside tentatively following the C25K program. I say tentatively as I injured my knee in September last year so I need to build up gradually. So far knees holding out well. I run every other day, then teach classes and train clients on top of that, and make sure I have 1 days rest a week or a nice gentle stretch class. Rest days are pretty important so don’t neglect them! Esp now you are doing some resistance training!

    I registered for my first 5k fun run May 1st!

  78. #133

    Your arms and your butt look so great. I think the butt was there before, but the middle-area distracted the eye (was that delicate enough?). And your breasts look higher. You’re totally reshaping! Way to inspire and keep it real. I know you look good because you’re working hard. It’s hard work, with hard-earned results. And I hope you’re buying yourself some new jeans to celebrate. Happy −20!

  79. #134

    Thanks Jeannie, and if you ever want tips on how to quit smoking… ; )

    Actually, I only have one: stop smoking. ; )

    You will when you’re ready. I didn’t do it until i was 40 and i still say never say never with being a non-smoker. But so far, 4 years and counting for me.

  80. #135

    Thanks, Dawn. I just want to be able to keep this up. I went off the wagon for all of 2009, so… it’s a hard thing to do, but this blog is keeping me honest!

  81. #136

    Kristen, i’m talking the whole shebang… that i’ve used up those extra 35 just one time.

    Otherwise i really do shoot for my daily points (22). Many days, i do go over by the number of activity points I earned for that day, but i am choosing low points stuff to fill up on. Definitely a conscious thing.

  82. #142

    Way to go Cathy!!! Watch out though, that running thing can get addicting. I never thought I could be a runner until I got the Nike+ 4 years ago. Like you, I slowly added time and and distance and I truly credit it to the Nike+. I even ran a half marathon 2 years ago.

    After being sidelined for a major foot surgery a year ago I’m finally back to an average of 10min/mile pace. Hoping to run a marathon this fall. 🙂

    I’d also like to make a plug for RunKeeper for the iPhone. It is really a great app too. I can’t use it as much as I like because there’s too much tree cover on the trail I run and it isn’t a “road” so it’s not as good as when I use it in a neighborhood. (I actually like it even better than the Nike+ and wish I could use it more.)

  83. #143
    Tammy B

    Shoes are key. If you do have a lot of trouble with your knees, go to a really good shoe store and have them check your gait (how you walk). I have very flat feet so I have to buy pretty expensive stability shoes, which are the runners with grey along the outside of the instep. It really makes a huge difference!

  84. #144
    Tammy B

    Ann, why don’t you try adding a little bit of veg to the things you already eat. You could add a little grated carrot to a sauce or soup and never even know that it’s there. Or, you can find some great low fat muffin recipes that have some fruit or veg in them, like carrot bran or zucchini. The only way you know it’s there is because you have a little colour in your food! Baby steps can take you far!

  85. #147
    Kasandra Mathieson

    So happy to read your blog today and all the comments! Love how inspiring everyone is…I also appreciate you sharing with us that it’s not just a lose weight but a life style change! Funny because I only like to run/walk outside so when the weather is bad it’s an excuse not to exercise! I am determined to go find some good workout tapes, no treadmill but I do have the WII fit and want ot get going again inside or outside. I would be happy to just lose 5, (well more like 20!) but I am not working at it! Thanks Cathy, soooo nice to know it can be done!!! Am still loving your templates, just finished your “holiday memories” one and love it!

  86. #149

    Go you! I’m so impressed with your before/after shots. Congratulations and keep up the good work!

  87. #150
    Jen D

    wow, you look amazing! the before & afters are really awesome. go you!! now I just have to give myself that kick in the pants. no more excuses of having a newborn- she’s 3 months old now and i need to start!! thanks for the inspiration!

  88. #152

    Wow! You are looking awesome!!! You are such an inspiration!!! I quit smoking and gained weight. In January I started seriously working on better eating habits and more excersize. I started out reelly good… but I got off track for about a month and a half. Back on now, but it’s slow and hard. I struggle because I don’t really like good for you food. I’m a carb junkie!!
    I admire you and just wanted to say Yay!! Way to Go!!!! 🙂

  89. #154
    Sarah S

    I would just like to shout CATHY, YOU KICK ASS! You are an amazing motivation for me to get off my ever-growing one!

  90. #155

    We’re so loving watching this! Thank you Cathy, and welcome from all of us to the world of running. I hope someone warned you…it’s addictive and life changing and will require patience and understanding from your spousal and child units. 🙂

  91. #156

    Great job! Tonight I did my first yoga workout in ages. I am sooo stiff but I know how good I’ll feel once I’m back in the groove. Keep up the good work. I look forward to next month’s tales from the scale.

  92. #157

    You GO GIRL!! What an achievement!! I don’t see any trace of the Michelin Man in that new pic!!

    My sisters and I are with you- we’re running a race each month this year – starting with a 5k in 2 wks and in October- the Nike Women’s half marathon in SF. We are committed – and I think I dropped 5 lbs since I started last month (i am not as brave as you with the before/after pics and the scale!). You are inspiring us all!

  93. #159
    Sara B.

    Way to go! I wish I could stick to something! I’ve been seeing a lot of people trying the 30 Day Shred. Sounds like it works! Now that it’s getting warmer around here, I can get outside and walk/run, which I love. Thanks for sharing your story.

  94. #161

    Hi Cathy –
    1. You look FABULOUS!
    2. You’ve gone past what WW used to call the 10% difference! (Lose 10% of your starting weight & you will absolutely feel the difference.)
    3. I took your “Hello Body” quote from February 1st, about moving for 30 minutes a day and turned it into a little poster which inspires my husband and me!
    Thank you Kiddo!
    – Lee

  95. #164

    You know, i’m a carb junkie too. But for some reason, i’m managing to balance it out with veggies and protein. For now, it’s working!

  96. #170
    Kimberly Reed

    holy crap. 20 lbs?! go you! how you managed to keep with it after gaining 2 lbs last week…impressive. i’m pretty sure that’s when i’ll say f*ck it and eat everything i’ve been doing my best not to for the last two weeks.

    you look amazing. i know it’s not about what the scale says, but how you feel…but come on. you. do. look. great.

  97. #172

    WOW!!! Cathy, you look amazing!!! What a difference. You have inspired me – been thinking about the whole Weight Watchers thing – cause it just works – so I’m about to sign up and up my exercise again. Have about 5 kilos to lose – think thats around 10lbs I think and I really want to lose it and eat healthy. My eating habits are so bad – lots of chocolate and not a lot else :0 Take care Deb x

  98. #173

    Yeah you! You are really walking -running! – the walk Cathy. I love seeing the ‘less of you’ photo and I bet you do too. It is about being healthier and being really good to yourself.

    You are a true inspiration. Glittery gold star for your forehead!

  99. #175
    Heather H.

    That’s awesome Cathy! Congrats! I used to run (pre-mamahood) and I was slow. But I called it running. Because it wasn’t walking. Jogging is just a dumb word anyway. More power to you!!

  100. #176

    I don’t have trouble with my knees. However, I think the key is to find the stride that feels good for you if you do. Experiment with different foot falls: more flat-footed, balls of your feet, etc. Hitting really hard with your heel might hurt, or it might work for your body. Also, don’t run by bouncing up and down, stride out so you stay lower to the ground and not have to hit the ground as hard. I’m sure you can also use Google to find some tips. Another thing you can do to transition is to run on dirt or grass instead of pavement since it is much more forgiving to joints!

  101. #177

    Thanks for the tips, Heidi! I know that being on pavement, with the way i run, isnt a good combo, but… ill look into it. Have you ever heard of Chi Running? Ive gotten a lot of feedback that it really helps with pain free running.

  102. #178

    I run outside because I don’t have a treadmill. There is a 3.2 mile trail near my home so that is where I go.

  103. #179
    Alison M.

    Congrats on your acccomplishments. It’s awesome to follow along! I started running seriously last summer, and I’m working up to a 15K this summer. You should check out the Couch-to-5K running plan; there’s a podcast on iTunes. It’s a great way to work up to a 5K race without injury or over-doing it. Highly recommended!

  104. #180
    April P.

    Okay, I am so completely inspired by this . . . I’m right where you started (except a few inches shorter) and I HAVE to do something. Of course, the second my knee starts acting up, I’ve been quitting. I am committed to going to the doctor at the first sign of problems and getting my exercising act together – and even joining an online weight watcher community it appears! Thanks for sharing your journey with the scrapping cyber-world! 🙂 ~april

  105. #181
    Mary Aboy

    Way to go Cathy!

    Being in the early stages of a full on allergy elimination diet and work-out plan, I give you a lot of props! It is no easy feat and such a challenge daily get in shape/healthier. Please tell me it’ll get easier! lol

    I saw your brownie comment and wanted to know if you’ve heard of The Sneaky Chef? There’s a series of cookbooks and basically you add veggie puree to pretty much any food. Sounds strange but I promise you cannot taste it at all. Theres a recipe called Brainy Brownies which adds a Purple (spinach-blueberry) puree (I wouldn’t recommend that particular recipe, but the puree is good to add to your fav chocolate brownie/cake recipe or boxed mix.) Anyway, thought I’d pass that lil piece of veggie goodness along. I have a major sweet tooth and “sneaky cheffing” it makes me feel better (mentally & physically).

    Keep up the awesome work!

  106. #182

    You’re an inspiration! So excited for you. I did WW last year and lost 16lbs and have kept it off. It’s such a great program. On another note…I think you’re more photogenic in your bathroom when the toilet seat is down! hahaha

  107. #183

    Cathy – you are wonderful and inspiring!

    You are doing great with your exercise and healthy eating. And it takes courage with a huge heart to share your journey with us.

  108. #185

    Kimberly, my usual M.O. IS to say f*#k it and throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    For some reason, this time i didn’t.

    Baby steps, mama. Baby steps.

  109. #191

    Thanks so much ladies.

    Cathy – I’ve cut back on sweet drinks and am only drinking water and just doing that has made me realise how much I was having!

    Christine – Congrats! I know counting will be the end of me too, so I’m choosing healthier options. Even ate green beans today as a snack and loved them!

    Di – You’re right there is a lot I can do here that wont cost me. I have a skipping rope, trampoline and fit ball. And I surely have a floor to do sit ups on! No more excuses. I will contact you if I have any questions.

  110. #192

    Go You!

    This post really inspired me. I have been feeling low and overwhelmed by all the things I need to change in my life. But today I decided to look at things a little differently and to just do what I can instead of worrying that I can’t do it all. Plus, I really want to spend more time with Trader Joe.

    So, today I signed up for a 4 mile walk, laced up my sneakers, strapped my kid to my back, and let my hubby take a pic of my lumpy self before our 1.5 mile walk. I even decided to try your format and document this latest journey.


  111. #195

    I can feel your pain—I’m doing Jillian’s Shred workout too and it’s great. Painful. Sweaty. Embarrassing were I to do it in public. But great! I actually feel like I am doing something because I can feel the pain the next day. Pain means changes are happening! Keep it up. Your pix are inspiring.

  112. #196
    wendy b.

    Congrats Cathy, you look wonderful. It makes me kick myself for not jumpin’ into this with you back in January! promised I’d loose 25 lbs before we left for disney in May, instead i’ve gained 5!
    I will continue to look at you for inspiration! i love your outlook on life and what this change has done for you! (the way it feels, not the #s)

  113. #197

    Hi Cathy-Never commented before but had to tell you that I visit your blog frequently and your weight loss/fitness journey is totally inspiring! I’ve lost weight following WW two separate times-after the births of my kids. And once again I’ve found myself needing to lost a LOT of weight. Your blog is giving me the kick in the pants that I need. Thanks so much. 🙂

  114. #198
    rachel in Alaska

    Its been said, but true fitness isn’t about how you look (though it is a fantastic side effect) its about how you FEEL. and When I run, or bike, or swim, I know that I am doing something for me that helps me enjoy life. When I am physical, I know I can do so much more….its a great feeling to know that I won’t be winded when I run up the 7 flights of stairs from my son’s school to my house adn that is NOT my workout, thats just part of the walk home and that its not something I dread but actually relish! and believe me my 7 year old is determined to ‘beat’ me up those stairs everyday! LOL his near 40 yo mom still has some VERVE to her 🙂

  115. #199

    Wow…that is great progress in just a few months. I jogged a mile a couple of weeks ago for the very first time, I can’t imagine being able to “run”. Inspiring to hear your story.

  116. #200

    Woweeee! What an incredible, inspiring post. Thank you for sharing your journey. I have officially been motivated. You rock – and look amazing at the same time.

  117. #201

    what songs are in your playlist that you listen to while you run? i just started running and am always looking for new tunes to add to my playlist…

    thanks!! and keep it up cathy!! good for you!


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