How Nike+ is changing my whole deal

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So you know how I'm trying to be all healthy, lose weight and get in better shape, right?

Besides following the Weight Watchers plan, exercise has been a key part of this lifestyle overhaul. At 44, my metabolism would much rather nap uninterrupted for months on end instead of lifting as much as a pinky to help a girl drop a few libbies.

Back in January, I picked up a new pair of running shoes (with never really having the intention of full-on running) and set a course for new fitness waters. Somewhere in those first few weeks I decided to bump the cardio up a bit by mixing in one minute of running for every four minutes of walking, all in the safety of my heavily wood-paneled basement, using my brand spankin' new Sole treadmill.

Yesterday, I ran 4.07 miles, outside, with a pace of 11 minutes, 7 seconds per mile.




Let me be very clear: I am not a natural runner. Not by a long shot. I haven't been athletic for years, and back when I was, figure skating was my thing. When I was 15. Need I remind you?

Cathy skating 1 2nd 

I'm 44, my knees hurt, I sleep like shit, my hormones are all over the dang place, and I've been known to indulge in my fair share of whining.

But right now, I am feeling the fitness love, and much of it is because of my discovery of Nike+iPod.

Thanks to my sweet friend Donna Downey, a women who has herself only recently embraced her inner runner, I got hooked up with the Nike+iPod system, and I feel like there is no turning back.

I've always needed music to exercise, and now I also get a lovely voice telling me how far I've gone, how far I have to go, and how fast I'm going. Sometimes, on particularly good runs, I even get sports celebs who come on at the end telling me what a great job I've done.

I'm not embarrassed to tell you this is highly motivating to me. Heck, I didn't even mind when Tiger Woods congratulated me one morning, though I was leery he would keep talking and ask me to have sex with him. But let's not get off track here…

Why am I so motivated by Nike+iPod? Well, it's just me, my body, a treadmill (or the open road) and a goal. No one is here pushing me. No one is making me do this. It's just me alone with Chuck D. and Flavor Flav rappin' in my ear as I close in on the 3 mile, or 4 mile mark. Fight the powers that be!

It is immensely satisfying to know that I can do this.


I use my iPod Touch for indoor running, and an iPod Nano for outdoors. I found the coolest iPod Touch mount from Joby, and I just clamp it onto the treadmill and go. (For my nano, I use this armband.) I place my Nike+ sensor into this small shoe pocket that fits through my laces. It works like a charm.

Right now, this is my new favorite mix to run to, including nice cool down songs at the end:


And that's that. I plug in my iPod, upload my data, and another run is completed.

I've currently logged over 59 miles since starting this new phase of my fitness journey on April 9. I am accountable only to me, however, posting my runs on Facebook doesn't hurt. It's a constant reminder of my public intention to continue this lifestyle direction.

Not bad for a slow, treadmill lovin', basement exercisin' former walker, huh?


And on that note, I would love to hear what some of your most inspiring workout songs are. What plays in your ear when you are getting your groove on, fitness or otherwise?

And next Monday, I'll report back officially with another edition of Tales from the Scale.

Cathy ZielskeHow Nike+ is changing my whole deal

198 Comments on “How Nike+ is changing my whole deal”

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    Cathy, I love you. Er, I mean, I love that you’re doing this and sharing on fb and your blog.

    I totally get your need for music–I run to the crap I teach to… at 145-155 bpm, it’s fast enough to make me run harder. I also get how you feel accountable to no one else but yourself–that’s the part I love. I feel so strong when I run. In fact, during the roughest months (well, years) of grad school when I thought I’d never actually collect decent enough results in the lab to finish my degree, I would run at lunchtime. Just me and my Sony Discman (how old am I?!) on the river for 50 minutes, and I would say it over and over in my head… “I am strong. I can do this.” I’m certain running is the only thing that kept me sane during grad school.

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    Hi Cathy,
    How cool, I’ve been running for a while now too (and always hated any form of exercise before). And love the Nike+, it’s so motivating (although I must admit I’ve been running without it for a few weeks in favor of my iPhone). I’m actually running my first 5k in a week and a half. Very excited about that.

    I really love me some rock music when I run, nothing like those roaring guitars to keep you going. Lots of Greenday, Coldplay, Ben Folds, Bush, but my favorite running song is Radio Nowhere by Bruce Springsteen.

    Enjoy running!

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    I just started running myself! I love seeing your posts – so inspiring! I’ll have to check out the Nike+, hopefully you don’t have to wear Nikes, they never fit me right.

    My favorite music while running is definitely pop. I’m loaded with Britney Spears, Fergie, Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, Gwen Stafani (totally mis-spelling these!). Anyway – anything with a driving beat works for me.
    Keep up the good work!

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    Go Cathy! This Bronx girl is very proud of you! I am ashamed that I feel off of my own exercise bandwagon but know I will get back on. Keep it up, you look fantastic and sound very happy with yourself!!!!

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    I like my Nike+ for the same reasons and because I now know other people doing this, too, so I also know that I’m not alone. My friends get out there and run and I’m excited for them and their accomplishments for themselves; which makes me want to have the same sense of accomplishment. I never thought I could run 3 miles and now I do it all the time – even looking forward to the next time I might do it.

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    I also use the Nike+, but I need to calibrate it, because it says I run a lot faster than I actually do! I just completed my first sprint triathlon in April, and I am signed up for 2 more in August. I’ve been running more and more as I prepare for those events. My current faves on my playlist are Justin Timberlake -Rock your Body, B.o.B. -Nothing on You, and Ke$ha – Your love is my Drug. Those songs really get me going. I also like the Glee version of Defying Gravity.

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    Melissa Barkwith

    Cathy, you have totally inspired me to get fit/lose weight etc. My favourite music at the moment to listen to {while I walk really fast! lol!} is George Michael: Ladies and Gentlemen – For the Feet.

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    Christa Paustenbaugh

    That is awesome Cathy!! Embrace your inner runner! I didn’t find mine until 7 years ago and I’m still going today. Don’t tell anyone, but I even signed up for a marathon this year!
    You go girl!

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    Diane Herman

    so cool cathy…i too have embraced the inner runner in me in my 40’s…FAST RESULTS!!!! LOVE IT!!!!
    please remember the stretches and good running posture…I know I am sound all mother like but I didnt pay attention and have injured my hip…12 weeks no running (walking and super strict food intake till then…rather be running)…
    just throwing my bit out there…

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    Angela H.

    You rock! I haven’t run since I was maybe 16, but I’m thinking about returning to it…my favorite workout music right now is Matt & Kim (The album is called Grand), and Girl Talk (any of it — you will love picking out all the stuff you know and love). Enjoy!

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    Congrats on your run. I recently started to run too thanks to nike+ and my friend Susan. I am only at 1mile for now with a lot of walking too. It was nice to read your blog and get even more inspired.

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    You are a running beastcat! I must get my hands on that iPod mount – I just recently sent my iPhone a-flying due to some over zealous arm pumping to the sounds of Katy Perry. (Don’t judge me.)

    There is a album/Nike +iPod album from OkGo, it’s called something like “Master the Treadmill with OkGo”. Love it. Also I just discovered that there are a few old school Aerosmith songs that work nicely on the treadmill for me – Ragdoll and Walk This Way. 15 Step from Radiohead is my new favorite cool down song…I’m slow, so I only need one. 🙂

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    You’re a rock star! My small and barely used ‘Work It’ playlist includes… Monkey Wrench (Foo Fighters), Venus (Shocking Blue), Unskinny Bop (Poison), Little Room (White Stripes), Fast As You Can (Fiona Apple), Kerosene (Miranda Lambert), Machinehead (Bush), Any Old Wind That Blows (Johnny Cash), Supermodel (Jill Sobule), etc. Gosh, I kinda want to work out now…

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    Stephanie Howell

    you are awesome. absolutely awesome. best running music? hip hop. no two ways about it. but you can’t be averse to potty words. 😉 i’ve got a great album i’ll send to you, by a DJ named ‘girl talk’. it’s a mashup of gangsta rap, hip hop, pop, cheesy love songs…you name it. it’s amazing. and i’m pretty sure if i weren’t preggers and unable to get out of bed right now, i’d be running my ass off to it. literally. 😉
    p.s. beyond proud of you.

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    my favorite song to run to (and to tan to, and clean to, get the picture) is If We Ever Meet Again by Timbaland f. Katy Perry. Upbeat, kind of Glee-style happy.

  16. #19

    I’ve recommended this to you guys before I think… But I think you both would really love It is a community of people who encourage each other and share their workout ups and downs. And you can import your Nike+ workouts right into it. And hey you can try to get more friends than Donna on there… Check it out.

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    Lisette Gibbons

    Oh Cathy, I loved reading your blog post. Funnily enough I was talking to my personal trainer (1st session, after a 4 month break due to overseas move) this morning the exact same thing. I love the running, purely because it’s me and my music on the road. The feeling is just exhilarating and the energy it gives you afterwards is amazing. I’m glad you are a Nike+ converter. The first time I started running I was in fact working at Nike, and have been doing it (on and off) ever since. Great songs for me are: Scissor Sisters (Don’t feel like dancing), Jump (by Geri Halliwell which is in fact my power song), and another recent favourite I just can’t get enough by the Saturdays (but you might not be able to get that one in the US store). It’s a cheesy one, but the beat is just top notch. I also love I Gotta Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas. I could give you a long list, but you get the gist. I’m debating to start a weight loss journal as well, but I only want to lose 13 pounds.

  18. #21

    Becky, i can’t wear Nike shoes either! That’s why i have a little shoe pocket that i put on my laces (I wear Adidas running shoes!)

  19. #24

    Thanks for the reminder! I just picked up a copy of “Chi Running” at the urging of some blog readers. Talks about posture, foot strike, etc.

    And i am stretching, but i know i can do better!

  20. #27

    Stephanie, oh DO! Yep. I think Hip Hop IS where it’s at. In fact, i’m thinking anything Missy Elliot has ever done would work.

    : )

  21. #30

    I am just wondering about headphones, I am just starting out with some walking, but can’t find any headphones that don’t fall out. Can you recommend yours?

  22. #31
    Christa Paustenbaugh

    Dont be impressed until I finish without dieing! Im doing the Marine Corps Marathon in DC this October. They have a 10K too-you could bring the fam for a nice vacation in the Capital!

  23. #34
    sharon blankenship

    awesome progress! I have recently lost 15 lbs and have been doing a lot of work at the gym.. trainer, cycling and running.. JUST hit my 3 mile mark yesterday with running. I can tell such a huge difference in my body this time.. I have lost weight before with just dieting.. I feel so much more in control with all the cardio and strength training. some of my songs are:
    rehab-amy winehouse
    welcome to the world-kevin rudolph
    paradise city-gnr
    girls girls girls- Motley
    I know you want me-pitbull
    sound of madness-shinedown

  24. #35

    Love Shack by the B-52’s….it is a catchy beat and I always find myself picking up the pace when this song pops on…and actually all the songs on that album are pretty good for running (dates me a bit…). Good deal on the running. I started running in 1999 and haven’t looked back. At times it is bit of a love hate relationship, but overall, it is the bomb. Never tried Nike + but maybe I’ll look into it.

  25. #36

    Great post Cathy. I love to listen to No Doubt’s ‘It’s My Life’ and Kei$ha’s ‘Tik Tok’. These aren’t my normal ‘go to’ music but I love the beat and drive these songs give me!

  26. #37
    Shelly Pope

    Muse!!! Time is running out is a TOTALLY awesome song to run to. You have to try it. I guarantee it will inspire you to run faster. 🙂 Uprising is a good one too (by Muse also). Keep up the good work! You are doing fantastic!

  27. #38

    Here’s my question. Do you like it (running) or do you just tolerate it? I am not a runner. Hate it, but am considering trying it again…

  28. #39

    Bev, i have no idea who makes them. They are 4 or 5 years old and say nothing on the sides. I can’t wear Apple iBud earphones. They KILL my ears. Mine go over my ear and sit on the outside of my ears. They are really old school!

    I did find this website which details different headphones. Maybe it’s helpful!

  29. #43

    That is a REALLY good question. Initially, I just felt it was unobtainable and not really all that desirable. But right now, i’m finding that I am craving the feeling of it. The breathing. The sweating. The focus required for me to do it. It’s not an effortless thing by any stretch.

    I appreciate the simplicity of it, too. So i would say i am in between toleration and like. But I am craving it, and what it feels like to complete a run. Knowing I did that.

    It’s a very reality based undertaking. I like that.

  30. #45

    Well, the very fact that you are doing it. That is impressive!

    I have a friend who is a personal trainer who thinks i should set my sights on a 10K. I havent even done a 5K yet! But Im looking around at them now!

  31. #46
    Kristyn G

    You go girl! I am completely inspired by your progress and it makes me want to start running! But at 6 months pregnant, its going to have to wait a while! So, PLEASE make sure to still be posting your progress and continue being all inspiring and stuff around the beginning of November when I can get to pounding the pavement myself! I think I may have to ask for some of the Nike+ gear for my “new baby” present from my hubby!

  32. #47

    My knees always hurt when I run, and since I had the baby, I confess I stopped working out but I really need to start again. I was at the gym at least 4 days a week before the baby!! I might have to purchase this Nike personal trainer. Thanks Cathy!

  33. #48
    Sara Berry

    I love the Nike+ system, too! I think the thing I like the best is that I use my iphone and I can get a call while on a run…nice for when the husband is deployed and I never know when he might call.

    As far as music goes, it all depends on the type of run I’m doing. I like reggae for long runs and rock for shorter ones. Two favorites that get me into a good running groove are Paper Tongues'”Ride to California” and Broken Bells’ “The High Road”. I always find my rhythm when those two come over the headphones.

    I love how no matter how good or how terrible a run is I feel so much better when it is over. 🙂

  34. #50

    I’m doing WW, down 7 pounds in 3 weeks, and can’t wait to start exercising (DID I JUST SAY THAT OUTLOUD) when my sprained foot recovers. The universe decided to make me wait on the exercising. I think it wanted me to start losing the lbs so the motivation would ramp up. I’m going to start with a Wii Fit and a weighted hula hoop. THANK YOU for the inspiration.

    If I were picking workout music, I’d go with Love Shack, Put a Ring on It, Bad Romance, Beat It and Physical (was that not hilarious on Glee last night?) for starters.

  35. #51
    Cindy Phillips

    So glad your keeping the faith. Try throwing in some Eddie Money. His music has a nice heavy beat that makes for a steady running rhythm. I need to get my shoes out again, it’s been 13 yrs since I ran with any regularity, I miss the energy boost post run.

  36. #52
    Ana F.

    My “run, baby run” playlist includes Tick, Tick Boom (The Hives), She’s A Rebel (Green Day) and Holidays In The Sun (Sex Pistols).

  37. #53

    You are so inspiring. I just got my new i-Pod nano and nike sports kit and plan to go calibrate it over at the track…I keep wondering if I will ever run, not just walk. Maybe I’ll surprise myself.

  38. #54

    Have you heard of Scouting for Girls? They’re a British band with some really catchy upbeat songs. I love ‘She’s so lovely’, only thing is it might make to want to run silly – like the way Phoebe did in Friends once!

  39. #55
    Carol Anne Wall

    I listen to Robert Palmer, The Who, and REM when I do my walking intervals in the St. Paul skyways. If I started running in the skyways, I think I’d find the police running after me as well wondering what I had done. Better stick to walking. Plus maybe I should add The Police to my music mix…

  40. #56

    I LOVE my nike+…. it’s very motivating. And the pocket (velcro, easily removable kind) is the greatest.

  41. #57
    Laura Glover

    Cathy, I’ve been following your blog for a few years now and I always enjoy it. Lately, though, you’re getting through to me….I am totally inspired by your healthy/fitness success!!! I ran at our Y the other night for 10 straight minutes. I think I can, I think I can…thanks so much for the inspiration! I’m 46 and feel like nothing is doing it for me in the fitness area…but you really inspire me. My husband just bought me a i-pod Nano!! Yayyyy….downloading music now to bring on the walk/running.

  42. #58

    I started running last year after doing a boot camp class where they “made” me run. Found out I liked it too. I started using the Podrunner intervals that go from day 1 to 5k and the electronica music just moves me. Nothing to sing to, but the beat is perfect. I’ve found a few websites with beat counts for other songs and loaded up my faves now too. Oddly, my playlist ended up with a lot of Nickelback and Linkin Park but one song in particular really gets my feet moving – Gaslight Anthem’s “The ’59 Sound.” And I headed back to boot camp to get moving a little faster too. The best payoff of all this? This “old lady” is keeping up with the young 20-somethings and skating past them on the hockey rink. Oh yeah, and had the most goals in one season ever this year…

  43. #60
    Penny Grimsley

    Cathy, you are so dang inspiring! And I can say, “I knew her back when!” (she didn’t run and weighed more!) You are our very own scrappy biggest loser! You go, girl. You have me PONDERING running – which is a true novelty and walking is about my stride. Keep up the great work. You could tell in your WITL photos how amazing you are looking. The feeling better thing is a bonus!

  44. #61
    Nancy May

    This is so cool! Maybe when you get your mix completed you could share it through itunes as an imix. That too would be cool.
    Maybe you have already seen, but when Ali E had Anna, she made an imix and then showed how to print the cd case through itunes program. So cool to use in scrapbooking and would be a great addition to your documentation here.

  45. #62
    Sue Carter

    You also inspired me to start running. I used to make fun of runners – now I am one (but more of a run/walker). I just started running a month ago and I did my first 5K last Wednesday. I couldn’t even run 100 steps without sucking air. I still have a long way to go – but I can and will do it. I’m 52 years old and if I can do it – anyone one can. I love my Nike/Ipod running thing. I have the pouch since I can’t wear Nike shoes either. I would love some great running playlists that are close to 185 BPM too!
    Thanks for sharing your journey – I’m right there doing it with you too!

  46. #63
    Chris A.

    Gee, I may have to start running again but I think I need to keep up the walking for a little while. You’ve inspired me.

    LOL at the Tiger comment – love your sense of humor.

    Another group – Black Eyed Peas: Boom, Boom, Pow and Tonights Going to Be a Good Night. I think my son would be embarrassed (LOL)!

  47. #64
    Cynthia Friese-Hassanein

    I downloaded the recipe from yesterday and can’t wait to try it:) I love the idea of the nike trainer:) And after reading some the posts, it is good to know this New Balance die hard can use it too. Cathy I just want to say you are my hero girl!!!! I see light at the end of tunnel when it comes to getting back into the health mode. I mean your running and use to be a smoker!!!! I have some big hope. Thanks for always keeping real. Thank you.

    Now with music. Oh gosh when I do exercise this usually adult alternative/indie easy listener girl goes straight up gansta rap:) I love it. Get’s me a moving. I also like a little Eminem and Atmosphere too. Lately I have downloaded some Ke$ha:) Such catchy dance crap:)

  48. #65
    Johanna Hörrmann

    I’m no runner, and I don’t hear music while exercising (I’m only doing Pilates in the morning hours and music would just be too much of an overkill for me), but right now I LOVE Macy Gray’s new single “Beauty in the World” (which hasn’t even been released here in Germany yet) to get into my daily groove. 🙂

  49. #66

    I LOVE to run to Paramore!! They’re kind of a teen punk rock band but their latest album is my absolute favorite!! Sometimes I find myself running faster than normal to the beat of the song and have to force myself to slow down. 🙂
    Hard by Rihanna and Blah, Blah, Blah by Ke$ha are also favorite running songs.
    I have the ipod Nike thing but haven’t tried it out yet. Where did you get the little shoe pocket?

  50. #68
    Jennifer Alfonso

    Cathy – you are the bomb! So happy for you! I have hated running for all of my life. But I had to do something about my blood pressure and the eliptical at home wasn’t cutting it. I decided to take up running for an unknown reason than to torture myself. I bought running shoes. They had been sitting in my garage for 6 months before I finally took them out of the box. I just started to walk around the neighborhood. Then when I felt it wasn’t so bad – I started to run. I’m still in the beginning stages but now I’m up to running 2 miles (my running route has hills) in 30 minutes. And now I have realized that I don’t hate running as much as I use to. And every once in awhile, I will get that runner’s high where I love the cool breeze on my face and the fact that I’m doing something healthy. It doesn’t happen at every single run but when it does happen, it makes me happy & keeps me wanting to run again 🙂

    On my ipod running list: the Pussycat Dolls “Don’t Cha”, everything Black Eyed Peas, Nelly Furtado “Promiscuous”, the Glee Madonna songs & my most favorite is “Maps” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

  51. #69

    I have recently started walking and here are a few of the songs: Let it Rock Kevin Rudolf, 4 minutes Madonna, Disturbia Rihanna, I got a feeling Black Eyed Peas, Rock your Body Justin Timberlake, Right Now Akon, and Live Your Life T.I.

  52. #70

    I am excited for the next installment of Tales from the Scale! You are an inspiration! Literally – I wrote down some goals, inspirations, and motivations, and you were listed under the “inspriations” column.

    My fav. workout song right now (and I’m embarrased about this) is See You Again by Miley Cyrus. I also got a cool Subway Biggest Loser workout mix online a few months ago (for Free!), which has 6-7 songs that are mixed so they flow from one to the next. My most recent guilty pleasure song is Carryout, by Justin Timberlake.

  53. #71


    You have been such an inspiration to me to get back in the saddle again. Sadly I haven’t lost poundage, but happily have lost inches. I do cardio 6 times a week for at least 1 hour and sometimes 90 minutes (today is a 90 minute day). I am enjoying ABBA, Edward Sharpe, Kellianana, Goldfarb, Rusted Root, and the ever valuable Grateful Dead.

    Thank you.

  54. #72

    I found my inner runner about four years ago and the Nike+ made all the difference. I’ll have to check out that book you mentioned as I still struggle with proper breathing techniques. (Went to a seminar for running technique and so I’ve got that covered. It is amazing to me the better your technique the faster you get really without trying.)

    Congrats on finding your inner runner!! I think I warned you!!

    And my favorite song right now is “Mess of Me” by Switchfoot. My mix is very hip hop heavy, although I really can’t stomach potty mouth anymore. So most of my stuff is pretty clean, with a lot of Kirk Franklin and Mary Mary.

  55. #73
    Michelle (from KY)

    Thats great, Cathy! I am trying to channel my inner athlete this morning. Your post has helped me get motivated! I use a wheelchair, I wish there was a Nike system for rolling wheels instead of walking feet. Even if it is Tiger Woods! lol

    Right now I have a bunch of Timbaland songs on the old IPOD. Especially Morning After Dark. He songs are fun and catchy.

  56. #74

    So you don’t need the Nike shoes?!! Yay, because I can’t run in them either. What kind of shoe pocket do you have? Did you get it at a running/sports good store?

  57. #75

    I completely concur. My best running pal got me one last month and I’m hooked. He even sent me a challenge through Nike’s website to see which of us can get to 100 miles first by the end of June- I’m 1/2 way there. Faves on my playlist are Don’t stop till you get enough by Michael Jackson and Golden by Jill Scott. Keep going!!!

  58. #79

    Bring it on, Laura!~ : ) 10 minutes is a LONG time when you are getting into it. Seriously.

    Just hang in there. This is why i like the whole Nike “Just Do It”. Because the weird thing is, our bodies, for the most part, will respond.

  59. #83
    cindy b.

    I have to say that I really LOVE this blog post!! It is AWESOME to read about your exercising journey AND you list one of your playlists. WOOHOO!! I always love to know what other people are listening to because I MUST have my ipod on when I’m on the treadmill. Now, I will have to get my ipod and give you some kick a** songs that I have on mine. I’ll get that to you tomorrow. I have different playlists for what I’m doing at the workout….I will be sure and give you my KICK IT playlist tomorrow. LOL!! KUDOS on all of your success….now I just need you to start pumping some iron!!!!

  60. #90

    HOOORAY! This is awesome. Despite the lameness of that first word, I am totally hardcore in my belief that everyone has an inner runner, just waiting to come out. Once you uncover her…yeah, she’s good. Congrats on finding yours!

    On the music thing, I am digging the band Hockey. (“Song Away” is my fav by them.) Perhaps a little bit too top-40 for my true music roots but you know…great to run to! I like to have an enormous list of songs when I’m running, set to a random shuffle, so that I don’t know what’s coming up next.

    And on a sort-of related sidenote, I got the Peter Gabriel CD and am loving it. Although I don’t think it’ll make it into my running list. 😉

  61. #91
    Stefani Meyer

    that’s funny, I’ve got my iPod and my Nikes strapped on right now (just waiting to make sure my dogs don’t dig under the fence again while I’m gone). I’ll be 44 in Oct. and I started running about 8 months ago. I love Nike+iPod. And my playlist makes me happy. I just love keeping time with the music, it is a big motivator. My power song right now is Woman by Wolfmother. Did you know you can program your “power” song to start at any time just by the touch of a button.

  62. #92

    Good for you! I hate running but I do go to boot camp with Billy Blanks and it’s his voice yelling in my ear during workouts. No nice, fun music. Just Billy. It’s rough but it gets the job done!

  63. #94
    Alison B

    First off – this post made me laugh out loud (the sports celeb bit!) Thanks! It’s always good to start the morning off with an audible chuckle. Next – your question made me think back to the time I listened to Ricky Martin’s world cup song – The Cup of Life – nonstop. Oldschool, but it seriously kept me on track to achieve a huge goal (and earn a car I still drive today)!

  64. #96

    Well you did it. After following all your writings, love your humor, i dug out my tennis shoes and went for a walk this morning. My husband set me up with his phone and ear plugs. It felt great. I listen to sermons, i love getting fit spiritually too (: Now i just need to get my own listening system. Thanks for leading the way. One day down. I need 29 more they say to make it a habit.

  65. #97

    I love Nike+ too, but I have never had a sports celebrity talk to me! Maybe I don’t run enough or maybe you are just hallucinating from all of that exercise. I love Missy Elliot “We Run This” Very empowering song.

  66. #98
    amanda gibson

    Way to go, Cathy!

    I’m a runner myself – and, since finishing chemo in February, I’m back up to my normal routine of running 4-5 days a week. Yesterday I ran three 9min 30sec miles – which is a personal best for me (well, speed wise, anyway – not distance wise). There’s just nothing better than finishing that run and knowing that you did your best and pushed yourself the hardest. For me, anyway.

    So, the music…..I love listening to the Beastie Boys when I run (Sabatage pushes me to run my fastest) – and Green Day – Foo Fighters – Justin Timberlake – Anything with a good beat to distract me and make me pick up the pace.

  67. #99

    I love Nike+ too!

    I’ve got a bunch of Glee cast stuff on my current playlist. The newest editions that I love are…

    Quiet Dog Bite Hard, Mos Def (it’s the new Palm commercial song)
    Right Round, Flo Rida
    Rise, Eddie Vedder
    Stronger, Kanye
    Strut, Adam Lambert

  68. #100

    I never understood the whole Nike+ thing on my iPod. Thanks for clearing that up for me. I will have to try it out! When I work out, I get pumped up by “Jam” (Michael Jackson), “Work That” (Mary J. Blige–great woman power song) and “Let’s Get It Started” (Peas).

  69. #101

    Love these post, please keep them coming. I almost cried the first time I heard Lance Armstrong voice congratulating me on best mile. Im very novice and just starting out..Right now Im doing the couch to 5k (app) along with the Nike + (thanks to you) (you can do them in conjunction)

  70. #102
    ady abreu

    Ok Cathy, you’ve started your own revolution here. I recorded Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution but I hadn’t watched it. I decided to do a marathon a couple of weeks ago, by the end of the last show I had dumped all the crap out of the fridge, freezer and cupboards made a new list of groceries and had a meeting with my family. I have been fighting with my weight for ten years now. I used to be thin (though I didn’t think I was). My son is thin but he’s getting a gut and I refuse that he suffer when he get’s older. I started walking yesterday with him and I’m dying today but I plan to continue… Don’t know why I felt the need to tell you this but you’ve inspired me too so here we go…

    Finally, I heard a new song yesterday and it had a great beat to it. It’s Enrique Iglesias featuring Pitbull. The song is called I LIKE IT. It’s on the soundtrack for Jersey Shore. I’m not a fan but it’s a great song to work out too…

  71. #103
    Carla S.

    Cathy, congratulations!! Glad you’re enjoying your Nike+. You are where I was about 3 years ago (at about the same age I was, too) — except I was never athletic in any way at any point in my life. I started running, and Nike+ was immensely motivating. I loved watching the miles rack up on the computer screen. Fast forward a few years; in Feb of this year I completed my third marathon and am looking forward to my fourth this fall. Look out — you may become addicted, in a good way! 🙂

    As you increase in distance, you may find that Nike+ is less helpful because it may not measure distance and pace all that accurately. But for the price, it is definitely good while you’re getting started.

    I have a huge playlist and I like to arrange my songs according to beats per minute. I rediscovered a ton of songs from the 60s and 70s that I never paid attention to before. Here are just a couple of favorites, one old and one new:

    I Just Want to Celebrate — Rare Earth
    Imma Be — Black-Eyed Peas

  72. #104

    “Ive got a feelin'” by the Black Eyed Peas; “You’re so Beautiful” by Chris Brown (I know, I know…he’s a bully, but it’s a good song).

  73. #105

    Holy Cow, if I had six hours I’d read all your responses to make sure this isn’t redundant, but I love running with the mixes on Itunes under the podcast PODRUNNER. Why, you might ask? Well because my problem when running is staying consistent, and PODRUNNER lets you pick music at a certain BPM (beats per minute) and then the whole hour playlist is at that level. Also, although the music on PODRUNNER is awesome, its not the latest hits on the radio or my favorites from time long gone. Why that is good is that I have found I like to keep my running music and my entertainment music in separate corners…hard to relax and hang out with my favorite tunes if they remind me of that grueling mile 10 on Saturday’s run.

    By the way, I’m here because my friend in New Hampshire follows your blog, and thinks its darn crazy that you and I aren’t besties. In many ways our journeys are strikingly similar, and we do both live in the Twin Cities. So, if you are ever in the market, we could do a friend interview or something 😉

    Enjoy the run!

  74. #106

    I am a WW lifetime member that struggles daily with my weight. I found my inner runner last year about this time while preparing for a high school class reunion. I did a 5K in October…I highly recommend it! It’s an amazing feeling! I suffered some foot pain and read Chi Running…now I run barefoot and pain free. I also wear Vibram 5 Finger shoes…they are awesome! My power song is Christina Aguilera’s Fighter.

  75. #108
    Amy Steck

    Tell Me Why (Vocal Club Mix) – Supermode
    Hot N Cold – Katy Perry
    Give It 2 Me (Oakenfold Edit) – Madonna
    Uprising – Muse
    Blue (Da Be Dee) – Eiffel 65
    Magnificent – U2
    Disturbia – Rihanna
    Stronger – Kanye West
    Forbidden Love – Madonna
    Celebration (Benny Benassi Remix) – Madonna
    Bad Romance – Lady Gaga
    After Hours – We Are Scientists

    Just a few from my list. It’s been collecting dust since I’ve been pregnant, but I need to get started slowly again somehow once baby is old enough for the jogging stroller. Thanks for the inspiration, Cathy!

  76. #109
    Christine H

    Just keep moving… all counts. I’m 44. Ten weeks ago I started at the local gym and did a whole 3 1/2 minutes on the elliptical…had to leave because I thought I was going to puke. Last night? Ran 4.5 miles in 60 minutes, thank you very much. YOU CAN DO IT! It is SO worth it.

  77. #110
    Suzanne E

    Way to Go with the running! I so need to start running before I have to start black belt training in 2 years. I have never run in my life and in 2 years I have to be able to run 5 miles?! Keep up the good work and send some of that motivation my way would ya.

  78. #111

    Cathy – I am so glad you’ve gone outside! I was wondering if you would, remembering past posts regarding your dislike of the outdoors…

    I have also recently found myself in a dalliance with a new-found inner-runner. I actually just signed up for my first 5k – The Susan Komen Event, June 5th in Madison, WI. Eek!
    These songs are currently on my 5K list of inspiration:
    Sometime Around Midnight – Airborne Toxic Event
    Song Number Two – Blur
    Read My Mind – The Killers
    Steady As She Goes – The Raconteurs
    Heavy Metal Drummer – Wilco
    (If You’re Wondering if I Want You to) I Want You To – Weezer
    Dani California – Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Feed The Tree – Belly
    Everything Zen – Bush
    The Fixer – Pearl Jam

    Keep Rockin’ Running Girl!

  79. #112

    ‘One Way Out’ and ‘Jessica’ by Allman Brothers – somewhat similar – I’ve used ‘Jessica’ to get me up those many HILL repeats 🙂

  80. #113

    Thank you, thank you, thank you…for proving that one can do in her forties, what one never did in her twenties. I hate to exercise. HATE IT. But, your renewed dedication to good health spoke directly to my heart and after my hubby put together my new Sole treadmill (which kicks booty in its own right!) a couple of weeks ago, I am slowly creeping upon my three-mile mark. Honestly, I still don’t like to exercise, but maybe I hate it a wee bit less. That’s something, no? Also, how do I find the BPM of my songs? Is there a way to categorize your music by BPMs in iTunes?

  81. #116

    You’re a ROCKSTAR, Cathy! I am also newer to running, and I always make sure to put Liz Phair’s Extraordinary in the middle of my running playlist for when I need that kick in the butt. Plus, I’m a bit of an average, everyday, sane-psycho myself! One question…who dangles the photo of Neil in front of you while you run outside??? 😉

  82. #117

    You are so awesome. I love that you tackling this body-lifestyle change head on and unafraid to talk about it on the page.

    I don’t actually work out (yet). But I own a few songs that make me want to work out any time I hear them. So, here are my suggestions (it’s electronica-heavy, but I find that music motivating):
    It’s Like That (remix) (Run DMC VS Jason Nevis)
    Badass (The Crystal Method)
    Get Yourself High (Chemical Brothers)
    1999 (Prince)
    What a Feeling (Irene Cara)—Is there an 80’s kid who doesn’t love this song?
    1979 Remix (The Crystal Method)
    Bound Too Long (The Crystal Method)
    Ready, Steady, Go (Paul Oakenfold)
    Hit ‘Em Style (cover) (Carolina Chocolate Drops)
    Thank U (Alanis Morrisette)
    It’s Like That (Run DMC VS Jason Nevis)

  83. #118

    Isn’t technology great? I don’t think i’d have found my “Inner Runner” again if it weren’t for my beloved iPhone and the apps- RunKeeper and LoseIt. I love the RESULTS you can actually see on the monitor – like Nike+ (i have that too- i feel like Sputnik when i take off for a run!).

    Go you!! 4.07 miles at such a good pace! You are doing it and suceeding.

    How about trying your hand at races? My sisters and i are doing a race each month – ending with a half marathon in Nov. Another inspiring blog is
    He’s finding his inner runner too…

    No songs- you have all the Green Day already and that’s pretty much it for me, lol!

  84. #119

    Darn it, now I am even more annoyed that my 1st gen ipod touch is incompatible with nike+! Cathy, you look great–keep up the hard work!

  85. #121
    Christa Paustenbaugh

    You definitely should! I didnt think I was a race person, but now I love them! The atmosphere is awesome, um, not to mention the shirt and food after! And even better when a beer company is a sponsor.

  86. #122
    Deonne Beron

    I’m loving my Nike + iPod too- love that it quantifies things and helps me push on my own, as well as allows me to run virtually anywhere and know how far it’s been without having to map it ahead of time.

    I’d recommend Group1Crew- Movin’; Adam Lambert- Whaddya Want From Me; Gloria Estefan; and my personal favorite for the cardio machines at the gym, though I’m not convinced it’s best for running is Honky Tonk Bdonka Donk (probably spelled wrong) by Big and Rich. Also love me some Bon Jovi and other old 80s tunes as well as big band, which a friend turned me onto for swimming, but the beat seems to work pretty well for running too- try the Glen Miller orchestra and see what you like on the iTunes previews.

    2 questions for Cathy and or other commenters:

    1) What are some places I could find good songs for running by the beat (I’d like to up my pace and think this may help) so that I could identify those and use the genius bar in iTunes to find more. Someone mentioned that these exist, but not where to find them.

    2) What have you found works best for you in managing food and liquid intake? I frequently find that unless I time it just right, I end up needing to stop and use the restroom or wait until after I’ve eaten so I don’t feel nauseated.

  87. #123
    carla stolte

    Thanks for the great post. I discovered a few months ago, and love that I can choose mixes that fit my pace. I run at about 175 bpm, and have found many, many hour long mixes (for free!!) that keep me going strong at exactly that pace.

    Thanks again for your inspiration!!

  88. #124
    Korey Lindberg

    OH. MY. HECK Cathy Z. You are one funny chica! “Heck, I didn’t even mind when Tiger Woods congratulated me one morning, though I was leery he would keep talking and ask me to have sex with him. But let’s not get off track here…” Makes me laugh SO HARD that I just love to read it over and over. Seriously…I have tears coming down my cheeks I’ve been laughing so hard!

    You go girl, keep up the awesome work! 😀

  89. #126

    Ciara- One, Two Step
    Fergie- Clumsy
    Fergie- Fergalicious
    Fergie- London Bridge
    Fergie- My Humps
    Flo Rida- Low
    Missy Elliott- Work It
    Timberlake- Sexy Back
    Mims-This is why I’m hot
    Nelly-Hot in herre
    Stephani-Hollaback Girl
    Black Eyed Peas-Pump It
    Will Smith-Pump It
    Black Eyed Peas-Boom Boom Pow
    Black Eyed Peas-I gotta feelin
    Black Eyed Peas-Imma Be
    Eminem-Till I collapse
    Jay-Z-Empire State of Mind (Cool Down)

  90. #127

    Going the Distance by Cake…..
    Justine timberlakes sexy back…..

    I love reading all the suggestions to add to my list 🙂 cause you know some days you want a ballstothewall kinda run and other days, well, you just want to run a bit slower and enjoy the fact that you alive!! and having a large selections of running songs is KEY!!!


  91. #128

    I am so old (and I will be embarrassed after you read this), but there’s nothing like The Weather Girls’ “It’s Raining Men” for a good workout. And “You’re the One That I Want” from Grease and Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle,” Neon Trees’ “Animal,” Queen and David Bowie’s “Under Pressure,” and Boys Like Girls’ “Love Drunk.” All over the place, no?

  92. #129

    It’s no surprise that connecting your exercise to your computer is very motivating for you, Cathy! Great job and keep going! Your children will thank you when you extend your life, and are fit enough to chase your grandchildren around someday.

  93. #130
    Danielle Barton

    That is EXCELLENT! Coming from a non-runner who is actually doing the same thing you are, I know how amazing it can be to actually run your first mile. I ran 3 miles last week which has been my personal high! I still can’t believe it! I too have the iPod Touch but not the Nike add on. I think I’ll have to check that out! Love your playlist BTW. I am always in need of good running music. Below is my current playlist. 🙂

    Hello Seattle (Remix) – Owl City
    Supermassive Black Hole – Muse
    Louise – Stuck In The Middle With
    Let it Rock – Kevin Rudolf Ft Lil Wayne
    Bad Romance – Lady GaGa
    Human – The Killers
    Over and Over – Hot Chip
    Bleed It Out – Linkin Park
    Beautiful – Akon ft. Colby O’Donis/Kardinal Offishall/
    I Get Around – Dragonette
    So What – Pink
    Uprising – Muse
    Hot N’ Cold – Katy Perry
    Help, I’m Alive – Metric
    Time to Pretend – MGMT
    Should Be Loved – Blue October
    Little Bit – Lykke Li
    Mine Again – Black Lab
    Poker Face – Lady Gaga

  94. #132

    You have to have “The workout song” by Kanye!!! The new “rock your body” by the black eye peas would be great too.

  95. #133

    I love the geek factor of my nike + but I can’t get the darn thing to calibrate properly. It thinks I’m going less than half as far as I am. As a matter of fact, I should get off my tush RIGHT now and do the “calibrate walk/run”.

    Off to do that right now. Thanks for the inspiration!

  96. #134
    Teresa Cotterman

    I am pretty much old school rock, so actually some John Mellencamp, Fleetwood Mac, and ZZ Top work for me. Keeps me going, not running yet, but thinking about it. Tell me about the little pouch thing on your shoe, I think that might work for me. Can’t wear Nike, but would love to use the tools.

  97. #135

    I love Hot by Avril Lavigne, and Shake that a$% by Eminem (lots of dirty talk) but really gets you moving.

  98. #137

    “A little less conversation, a little more action.”

    Elvis all the way baby!

    And “Running” by Evermore a cool little band from little old NZ…you know…that place where Neil comes from!

  99. #138

    Congratulations! LOL on the Tiger Woods comment…that was so funny I almost spewed my coffee all over my laptop! Too funnY!

  100. #139

    I need to polish of the cake in the fridge and then I will check out this nike+ipod thing. My birthday is coming up and it would be a great gift to me. And motivation…20 HS reunion coming in August. Thanks for you blog and humor. You go girl!

  101. #140
    Mandy Douglass

    It is called Viva la vida by Coldplay or clocks by coldplay. Nothing chills my bones and gets me more pumped up than that! BTW … Thanks for the inspiration to exercise Cath. I am doing this stupid, did I just say stupid … I mean incredibly motivating point diet system with friends of mine, and to be honest, I am loosing motivation … one chocolate chip cookie at at time! Sad I don’t hear from you as much because I don’t to the whole Editor thing with AC, but don’t hesitate to send a note from time to time. I still work for them and love every minute! Happy running!

  102. #141
    Tracy McCasland

    I’ve been walk/running for about 5 years…and just in the last month decided I needed to step it up and try to just run with no walking. I’m a Texas girl and love my Texas Country music to run to. I listen to Pat Green, Jack Ingram, Cross Canadian Ragweed..etc. I also have some Black Eyed Peas, INXS, and Pink in the mix. Keep on Running!

  103. #142

    I too have just started finding my inner runner. I have started running in march and am up to 3 miles(two at a run one at a walk run). About two weeks ago I got over my running/working out in public-to many things moving after I have stoped. Both Donna and Robyn(my pink stamper) have been the ones to motivate me. I just came across your blog off of Donna’s fb, I have found my new insperation. I have also joined ww back in Feb. and have lost 33lbs by watching what I eat(not just it going into my mouth) running and doing the biggest losser workout videos. I am started to feel so much better, I run and play with my kids(5&6) more. I try my hardest to find things we can do now outside virses sit inside. Keep up the great work and keep posting to give us the power to keep going.

  104. #143

    cathy, thanks for the inspiration!!! i’m gonna search for my nike+ kit and shoes and put them to good use =^ . ^=

  105. #145

    wolf like me-tv on the radio, heads will roll-yeah yeah yeahs, le disko-shiny toy guns, list of demands- saul williams, low-flo rida and of course the standard–pink, beyonce, lady gaga, black eyed peas. LOVE my running music. i thought i lost my shuffle last weekend, i had to run w/o music. i ran so much slower without a beat to pace me!

  106. #146
    Musiczoo Mamma

    You gotta have David Cook’s ‘Declaration’ song in the mix somewhere you won’t regret it. Thanks for taking us along on this journey and giving inspiration where it’s needed most for us 40 something girlies… lack of sleep and all…

  107. #147
    Tracy Blanton

    Rock on Cathy…I’ve just gotten back into getting fit and actually hired a personal trainer. Never thought I would do that, but it’s been the very best 40th birthday gift I could have given myself. I’ve always been active and able to work out and eat what I wanted. Not so much after 40!!
    Going to the trainer in the beginning was so humbling–i thought I was in decent shape, but crumbled trying to do a push up.
    ANYWAY, bit by bit I am getting stronger. And I’m getting a waist again. And I run on the treadmill and lift some weights and work the equipment in the gym becuase I finally learned how. And I am so empowered. And the running is finally getting a little easier, especially with some Pink or Gwen Stefani or Black Eyed Peas getting me through it.
    So instead of being depressed by the fact that I cannot eat and drink and be lazy, I have become stronger and more fit than in my 30’s. i never thought I would say this, but a rockin’ workout is the best therapy in the world. Cheers to that!

  108. #148

    Yeah, Amy… that one is a little sleepy, but… my hubby made a 2+ hour PG running mix for his longer runs, and he swears it’s amazing. Might have to send you a screen capture of it!

  109. #149

    Yes! My current powersong is “Holiday” by Green Day, the live version from the Bullet in a Bible DVD/CD. Totally makes me pick it up!

  110. #156

    Three? holy crap! that’s amazing.

    Yeah, i do doubt the accuracy of Nike+. I’m reading a really great book right now, “Run Like a Mother” and the author’s acknowledge it’s not really accurate, but it’s a nice vanity thing to think you are going faster and farther than you are! LOL!

  111. #157

    Minda, I will check out podrunner AND add you as a facebook friend as soon as someone defriends me! LOL! (I’m guessing this is the same Minda!)

  112. #161

    Deborah, check out the PODRUNNER podcast, apparently… (someone posted about it above) that it gives you playlists by BPM!

    And congrats. I AM actually starting to like how I feel, knee pain and all!

  113. #166

    Deonne, apparently there is a podcast on iTunes called PODRUNNER that does mixes by BPM.

    I can’t eat before i run. and i have to make sure i go easy on the coffee/water. Now, if i’m on my treadmill and i really have to go, i pause the workout, but… i try not to.

  114. #168

    Oh, i LOVE “It’s Raining Men”. Believe me. I had many days in night clubs filled with primarily, men! LOL. Back in the olden times… I LOVE Jimmy Eat World. They make great music!

  115. #169

    I love Owl City so much! The song on my run mix right now is Tidal Wave and it’s a perfect beat to my running! Thanks for sharing!

  116. #175

    I don’t run anymore (bad knees), but do a 20 mile bicycle ride every morning. I recently added a few oldies that I love for my workout playlist:
    Get Down On It (Kool & the Gang) “you’ve gotta get on the groove if you want your body to move”.
    Also Earth, Wind & Fire’s “Let’s Groove” has a good beat for a slow jog.
    And although I am not a country fan generally, I LOVE Kenny Chesney’s “Young”. I love the lyrics and they make me smile … and smiling is good when I am hitting the wall.
    Another oldie I love is Annie Lenox “Sweet Dreams”.
    Great work on the running and the 20 pounds. You go girl!!

  117. #176

    Several songs get me in exercising mood, but Eye of the Tiger, It’s raining men are a couple of songs that really get me going. Keep up the good work, Cathy, you inspire me!

  118. #177

    At 47, I’m an elipitical-rider kinda gal, but I think the mojo you get going based on the music you are listening to so makes the work-out work. One song I listen to a lot is “This Is Us” by Mark Knopfler and Emmy Lou Harris. It has a great beat to get your heart rate up.

  119. #178

    Go Cathy!!! You are such an inspiration. I am also a 40+ beginner runner. This is one of my playlists – I have another if you are interested 🙂

    It is more rock focused but does have some hip hop in there too.

    Anybody Listening Classified

    Are You Gonna Be My Girl Jet

    Better Side of Me Thornley

    Beverly Hills Weezer

    Black Balloon Goo Goo Dolls

    Bonecracker Shocore (my power song)

    Bounce System Of A Down

    Boys Boys Boys Lady GaGa

    Breakin’ Dishes Rihanna

    Bring the Noise Remix (Pump-kin Remix) Public Enemy vs. Benny Benassi

    Bust A Move Young MC

    Cha-Ching Hedley

    Come Out And Play The Offspring

    Crushcrushcrush Paramore

    DOA Foo Fighters

    Don’t Stop The Music (Jody Den Broeder Radio Edit) Rihanna

    Don’t Tread On Me Metallica

    The Donque Song Feat. Snoop Dogg

    Dr. Feelgood Mötley Crüe

    E-Pro Beck Guero

    Faint [Live] Linkin Park

    Gimme Sympathy Metric

    The Girl Got Hot Weezer

    Gold Guns Girls Metric

    Goodbye, You Suck Shiloh (love this!!)

    The Ting Tings We Started Nothing

    Headstrong Seven Mary Three

    Help, I’m Alive Metric

    Holiday Green Day

    How We Do It In The A feat.Ludacris

    How You Remind Me Nickelback

    I Don’t Wanna Stop Ozzy Osbourne

    I Wanna Go Crazy David Guetta Feat.

    I Want You To Weezer

    Know Your Enemy Green Day

    Lady Venom Swollen Members

    Love Is A First The Tragically Hip

    Makes Me Wonder Maroon 5

    Morning After Dark (feat. Nelly Furtado

    My Own Worst Enemy Lit

    No More Sorrow Linkin Park

    No You Girls Franz Ferdinand

    Off That [Ft. Drake] Jay-Z

    Outshined Soundgarden

    Panic Switch Silversun Pickups

    Peacemaker Green Day

    Pork and Beans Weezer

    Pressure Swollen Members

    Raise A Little Hell Now Shiloh

    Renegades of Funk Rage Against the Machine

    Resistance Muse

    Rich Girls The Virgins

    Ride The Vines

    Riot Three Days Grace

    Rooftops Lost Prophets

    Rump Shaker Wreckx-N-Effect

    Rusty Cage Soundgarden

    See You Again Miley Cyrus

    Shake That (Remix) Bobby Creekwater, Eminem, Nate Dogg & Obie Trice

    Short skirt, long jacket Cake

    Shout (Let it All Out) Limp Bizkit, Korn, Metallica, Eminem

    Sick Muse Metric

    So What P!nk

    Sound Of Madness Shinedown

    Stinkfist Tool

    Straight Up Sean Paul

    Stupid Raven Symone

    Sweetest Girl Wyclef Jean Ft. Akon, Lil Wayne

    That’s Not My Name The Ting Tings

    That Girl Plain White T’s

    Toxicity System Of A Down

    Troublemaker Weezer Weezer

    Unglued Stone Temple Pilots

    Uprising Muse

    Wait a Minute Pussy cat Dolls ft. timberland

    The Way You Move Outkast

    What Are You Gonna Do? Raven Symone

    4 Minutes To Save The World (Ft. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland)

  120. #181

    Cathy…you are doing so great with your running, girl! Way to get your fitness on! So proud of you!

    If you like mixes, check out They have all kinds of mixes from alternative to hip hop, rock, etc. Pretty awesome. I love it! I get tired of listening to the same playlist/mixes over and over again on my iPod. At least through, the mixes are already done (by actual DJ’s, I might add)…best part is that it’s FREE! Check it out! 🙂

  121. #182

    Cathy, I am so proud of you, and may I say you look fantastic. Your face and neck are so THIN!! Wow.

    I literally JUST started running a couple of weeks ago. I signed up for a 10K, the Bolder Boulder on Memorial Day. Yup, I am insane. My first race ever, a 10K, and at altitude. I live in Denver so it wont be TOO breath sucking, but it’s enough of a change to be one more challenge. I ran 5K the other day to get myself ready and it felt pretty good.

    Since I am so new to running, I have not heard of this, and I LOVE it! I have to get one. How motivating! I read your blog and ran to check my shoes, and I already have the Nike + shoes. I’m off to the Apple store tomorrow to get this. Thank you SO much for blogging about this. You are awesome.

    BTW, one of my current favorites for my running playlist is Nickleback. : )

  122. #183
    Lauren U

    Bravo. Seriously, congratulations. I’m impressed. I’m 29, I work out 2 hrs a day, 4 days a week at the gym, rain or shine, no excuses, weights + an hour of cardio. But even I can’t run outside. I despise running and I use my knee problems as an excuse not to have to do anything “low impact.” Not only that, but even when I was 13 and in gym class, I thought a 20 minute mile (or, um, any mile run that I could finish) was trophy-worthy. So, bravo. Seriously. Keep it up.

  123. #184
    Carmel Keane

    Could you please suggest some of the websites with beat counts? and what would be a good beat count for a total novice (age 47!)?

  124. #185

    I’ve been using the nike+ for about 2 months now – LOVE IT 🙂

    Songs from my current Running Playlist-
    Ali In The Jungle – The Hours (great to run to AND inspirational lyrics)
    Run – Vampire Weekend
    Stronger – Kanye West
    1901 – Phoenix
    Bulletproof – La Roux
    Uprising – Muse

    Enjoy and keep up the great work!

  125. #186

    I was all embarrassed to admit that I loved working out to Motley Crue…the Dr. Feelgood album…but it seems there are other fans out there. 🙂

  126. #188
    Katie Pegher

    Ok Cathy daaahhhhling. Here are 4 tried and true… motivational – move your ass songs. Trust me – I used to run track for Penn State.

    “Alive” by P.O.D – on the Blue Crush Sndtrk.
    “Till I Collapse” – Eminem & Nate Dogg
    “Sexy Back” – Justin Timberlake
    “Pump It” – Black Eyed Peas

    The beats and the lyrics will get you on a runner’s high in no time flat.

    I’d also like to say that, even though I’m three months pregnant with my 2nd little monster right now, and haven’t done a lick of exercise (apart from yoga) in those 3 months – I’m thinking of strapping on my Nike+iPod and putting my little Macho in his jogger and going for it….. thanks to your influence. Have an awesome Mother’s Day!

  127. #189

    Just have to say that I laughed out loud when I read your Tiger Woods comment!! It’s been so inspring to watch you. I want a Nike+!! Some songs that I find motivating are Fighter by Christina Aguilera and anything Black Eyed Peas..

  128. #190

    You know I’m SO proud of you. Why else would I have send a 10k training plan. LOL! And no, don’t say it’s because I’m the devil.

    Here’s my favorite exercise playlist:

    Stardust Universe – Jakob Dylan (favorite and most played song)
    Hideaway – The Weepies

    Main Set (it’s long in case I feel like going long, if I want to go shorter I just skip to my cool down songs):
    When You Were Young – The Killers
    You’re All I Have – Snow Patrol
    Jesus of Suburbia – Green Day
    Joy Ride – The Killers
    Here Comes Now – Jakob Dylan
    Neon Tiger – The Killers
    Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day
    Heroes – The Wallflowers
    Losing Touch – The Killers
    Breaking Witness – Collective Soul
    Move Along – The All-American Rejects
    American Idiot – Green Day
    I Can’t Stay – The Killers
    Everybody Out of the Water – The Wallflowers
    This River is Wild – The Killers
    Are We the Waiting – Green Day
    I’ve Been Delivered – The Wallflowers
    Radio Nowhere – Bruce Springsteen
    Into the Great Wide Open – Tom Petty
    Holiday – Green Day
    How Good it Can Get – The Wallflowers
    When You’re on Top – The Wallflowers
    Hey You – Connells
    Run Baby Run – Garbage
    Kings Highway – Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
    Cool Down (I usually pick one or two of these to listen to not all of them, unless I’m doing some yoga as stretching):
    Running to Stand Still – U2 (my favorite U2 song)
    Wake Me up When September Ends – Green Day
    Swallowed in the Sea – Coldplay
    Till Kingdom Come – Colplay
    Fix You – Coldplay
    Perfect Day – Collective Soul
    Times Like These – Jack Johnson
    Into the Mystic – The Wallflowers

    Power song when I used Nike+ (which I will use when I rise again – LOL!): Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day

  129. #191

    Cathy, Congratulations from a 66yr old who walks at least a mile each day. It feels good to move and at your age I wouldn’t have believed that I would do this now.

  130. #192
    Whitney P

    I’ve got to agree with so many others about the Black Eyed Peas and the Pussycat Dolls. But one of my favorites is Oh Yeah by Yello – remember that from Ferris Bueller? Gotta love it. Oh, and Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake.

  131. #193
    Staci Miserlian

    OK, I don’t run, but I do love “The Long Way” by the Dixie Chicks (and I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night…hahaha!)
    Otherwise, I think “Zenyetta Mandata” by the Police has a lot of tunes that have a good beat to walk or run to (not too fast).

  132. #194
    Kathy in MN

    My mix has Because you CAN CAN CAN by Fat Boy Slim. Always makes me smile when it comes on during a run.

  133. #195

    Just started training on the Couch-to-5K program and I LOVE IT! I never thought I could do it but yesterday I completed week 5 and ran for 20 minutes for probably the first time in my life.

    Van Halen does it for me… mostly with Sammy in the lead.

  134. #196

    What great suggestions … now I have something to do this afternoon.

    Just finished my second 5K. It was more fun that I thought it would be.

    Fav running songs:

    Michael Franti and Spearhead:
    Say Hey
    Hello, Bonjour
    East to the West
    (these guys are reggaeish and political … LOVE them)

  135. #197
    briohny cuskelly

    Hi Cathy, I know this is way late but two songs that are on all my running lists are Good Luck by Basement Jaxx awesome beat for that final fast bit of the run and Days go by by Dirty Vegas. There is an acoustic version of this song too and the film clip is worth a look.
    Untouched by the Veronicas is also pretty cool to run to if you’re feeling like an empowered rock chick and for the old school in all of us, you can’t be She’s a Maniac.

    Thank you for sharing your journey.

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