Smores. Step-by-step.

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First, you need to get yourself a Christmas tree. Preferably, one that has been drying out in your back yard since January. Don't worry if the neighbors think it's an eyesore. It's a Zielske family tradition!


Next, you need fire. Hey Scarecrow, how's about a little fire?


Then, once the kindling is lit, you need to cut up the tree.


Sometimes, you need a bit more man power.


Now you're talking. Hey hot stuff, wanna light my fire?


Next, prepare your ingredients.


Then, take a self portrait on wide angle from a slightly elevated vantage point because it will make you look really chinless.


Next, begin the marshmallow toasting, preferably using tallish teens.


Once maximum toastage is achieved, assemble the delicacy.


Drool appropriately for about 15 seconds.


And never, ever record the Weight Watcher's points on a summer tradition.


Cathy ZielskeSmores. Step-by-step.

66 Comments on “Smores. Step-by-step.”

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    Tammy M.

    Love this!!! I just got done watching Monty Python’s Holy Grail…that’s a nice shrubbery you had in your yard…lol! Actually your Christmas Tree tradition sounds like something my family would have done. I’m sure this is going to make a scrapbook page soon.

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    If you want an AWESOME ww friendly dessert check this one out on Creamy Lemon Pie. It is so so good. Not chocolate but is awesome. I found it doing a search and everyone raves about how great it is – I had to try it.

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    Love everything about this! The story, the pictures and who doesn’t love smores?! Thanks for the morning smile πŸ™‚

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    Lee Currie

    My youngers are reading over my shoulder and have BEGGED to do the same thing. Their rationale: we don’t need the Christmas tree (since ours is plastic and that would smell bad) but we have the same exact outdoor fireplace. I have been told to buy marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers for tonight. BRILLIANT tradition, CZ.

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    Caroline Davis

    It may, in fact, be genuis to combine 5 month old Christmas tree with the first rites of Summer.

    I love marshmellows, but I’ve never had a s’more. Isn’t that the saddest thing you’ve ever heard? Right up there with baby birds covered in oil in the gulf, and crack addicted babies.

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    Lisa Z

    Fabulous tradition, Cathy!!
    Love the gooey-ness of a tasty, yummy smore. TFS…I’m off to see if our household has all the components.

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    Being in the Uk I always wondered what Smores were! Thanks for enlightening me. I’m thinking this is a tradition I need to start over here. Yum!

    Love the whole “men and fires” thing going on too. I’m sure it’s a deep rooted caveman instinct that the men in our lives are programmed to take charge whenever there is a fire to be lit. Great story.

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    i’m from brazil and we don’t usually eat marshmallows around here, but i just l-o-v-e the way told us this story… so funny!!!
    =^ . ^=

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    Yummy Yummy Yummy, I love me some s’mores!!! Especially when the marshmallows are SLOW cooked so they are totally melty and delicious and the chocolate gets nice and melty… Ok, nope, wouldn’t count the WW Points either.

    BTW, doing WW since mid Jan and I’ve lost 22 lbs. plus just started swimming with a bunch of Masters (read old people) at 6 a.m. I’m loving it.

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    pardon me for saying this, but man…your hubbie is smokin’! and I’m not talking about the fire!!!

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    That is so funny. A friend of ours once told us that it was a family tradition to burn their christmas tree on New Years eve. Turns out it was a brand spanking new ‘tradition’, inspired by the alcohol that had recently been consumed. If I remember correctly, he burnt the decorations too. Not being a twenty something boy I didn’t fully understand the joy of it all – but if we had had marshmallows – well that would have been fun! As it turns out, the ‘tradition’ did actually continue for several years. I believe the police even attended their parties once or twice, by invitation of their neighbours. I don’t think they remembered the marshmallows either…

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    You’re soooo funny! Are there Weight Watcher Points for such a thing? My trainer would be giving me the stink eye if I wrote that in my food log. Ha Ha!

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    I’m so glad to see another family who keeps their Christmas tree in the yard for months. We’ll be burning ours soon, and I’ll be sure to make s’mores when we do.

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    Cathy Weber

    That is so funny to read about your tradition. Yours is so normal compared to our families. We always find an animal bone or two on every vacation and put it up on our roof out of sight until the next vacation. One year we put a bone up on the roof to dry out so one of the kids could take it to school to share. We forgot about it until about a year later. Ever since, we always search for a bone on vacation and have swapped out the old bone with the new found one. Dumb, but a good memory.

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    I loved this whole post, great pictures the journaling.Just the laught I needed this morning. My kids eat their smores so fast I can’t even get a picture until it’s in their mouths and a mess is ooozing out. we’ve been known to keep our tree that long too but now we have the fake kind. Thanks Cathy and now I need to go to store and buy the essentials.

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    Oh, the memories… it has been YEARS since we have gone camping and made S’mores! Long ago, my parents traded in the tents – and then, later the camper – for a cottage. Since we go to the cabin now, instead of camping, we haven’t made a campfire for years…. and s’mores cooked on a gas grill just don’t taste the same.

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    Baggsy, it’s not something i crave often, as I’m not a fan of marshmallows, but there is something about them… on a cool spring night. OH man.

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    Well you have to put aside the tea and crumpets for five dang minutes! : )

    You should start a new national British trend. UK SMORES!

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    That is the single most beautiful smore i have ever seen.

    REESES? Now you’re cramping my Achilles’ Heel. Or something.

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    That’s so funny…when I was just about to your last statement I literally said, out loud no less, “Eff the Weight Watchers points…”

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    I hate camping!
    I hate high-pitched-fly-into-your-eardrum-bugs.
    I hate sleeping on the only spot of ground with a jagged pointy-ass ROCK sticking up.
    I hate the “do I have to pee bad enough to actually climb out of my warm burrow, and find a tree” monologue.

    But all this aside…if there will be S’Mores, I am totally IN.

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    HA … up here in Duluth – we just cut up and burned our Christmas tree last weekend. Makes a GREAT fire!! Had to wait until the drought was over. πŸ™‚

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    Tamie Spears

    We started experimenting with other types of chocolate and now my kids won’t eat Hershey bars on s’mores. They think they’re too waxy. We’ve had peanut butter cups, M&Ms, dark chocolate chips, Mr Goodbars, Almond Joys, and many other things. We camped last year on Halloween so after they assembled their s’mores, I let them squish the roasted marshmallow out the sides and then we rolled the sides in orange sugar crystals. They were a HUGE hit!

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    being in New Zealand we dont do smores here…. think maybe cos we dont have graham crackers. are they kind of sweet? sugary? or are they a savory cracker ?
    looks fun :>

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    I have a question not even related to your post! Are you still planning on having a digital kit for recipes come out? You had mentioned it before, but I haven’t seen anything, did I miss it?!

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    This is so funny, Cathy! I love your tradition!! :)Any other, not so typical one?!
    LOVE love the note about making chinless photos, my mom is always worried about the angle of photo we are taking of her too.
    So fun! Thanks for the evening’s laugh.
    And hmmm, yummy!

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    this made me smile big time. we’re moving to a new house here in a couple weeks and I was just thinking about making smores in our new backyard. I don’t think there’s anything better – and using the Christmas tree? Seriously brilliant!

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    Susan C

    I can’t believe that no-one has commented on awesome your shoulders look. Forget the somemores, you’re looking great there babe.

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    Monique Nugent

    Hi Cathy coming from Australia, we also have never had smores. I think we could do it but what type of biscuits are graham crackers? I am presuming pretty plain? Sweet? Any ideas! Monique

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    Monique Nugent

    Hi actually I just googled it and apparently digestive bikkies are similar!

    They look like so much fun!

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    cindy b.

    LOL!! This post cracks me up. Ironically, I was just talking about SMORES to someone else today and then I read your post…too funny!!

  32. #61

    cheers for that cathy.
    i have seen smores over the years on tv and movies and often wondered about the crackers. sis is heading to states soon – might have to add graham crackers to her long shopping list!

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    Love this! Try them with peanut butter cups sometime but it will have to be kept totaly secret,would not want to break the points scale. Enjoy all the summer traditions yet to come

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    Melanie Hughes

    I feel smores may become a tradition with out family too, they look divine.

    Glad to see we are not the only family who just got rid of their Christmas tree this week!

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