The Modified Sgt. Pepper’s Punk Rock Vampire Look

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First, I'd like to go on record and say this: I do NOT encourage or push this child in any fashion direction. For awhile, I had dreams of cute jeans and white flouncy blouses from the Gap, but I realized that she really doesn't want to dress like her mother. At least not her mother in 2010.


She just likes to get a whole heck of a lot of poorly blended sculpting gel…


And a nice little dollop of blood red lipstick…


And essentially look WAY cooler than I could have ever HOPED to look at 14.

Cathy @ 14 maybe 

(Or maybe 15.)


But I wasn't into vampires quite yet, or goth, or anything remotely more experimental than Journey (unless you count owning Pink Floyd's "The Wall.")

Sure, I got there eventually…at roughly 19.


You can't summon that much angst and still be listening to Steve Perry. 

I think on this, most of us can agree.

Note: all of the actions used on the pictures of Aidan are from The Pioneer Woman. I especially liked using the Bring on the Eyes action from Set 2 to give her that special, "I'm with the Cullens" vibe.

Cathy ZielskeThe Modified Sgt. Pepper’s Punk Rock Vampire Look

23 Comments on “The Modified Sgt. Pepper’s Punk Rock Vampire Look”

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    Your daughter looks SO MUCH LIKE YOU!

    When I was a kid, I remember trying so hard to be just like everyone else, but it seems that times have changed and now, I find it amazing that it is OK to be yourself. Personally, I prefer Aidan’s hair when it has a softer look, but it’s nice to know that she has options to play with.


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    this is quite possibly just plain fabulous. i love love love that you don’t limit her and you allow her to express herself in one fashion or another. honest to goodness, more mothers need to realize this IS OK…Aidan is simply gorgeous Cathy – and it seems you do a fabulous job with her.

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    Rachel M

    She looks absolutely beautiful, and totally looks like she hangs out with the Cullens. But I could also see her hanging out with the regular kids too…she’s so polished in her “goth-ness” that it doesn’t look unapproachable. You have a beautiful daughter Cathy! (And your photos make me want to go play with the PW actions that have just been sitting on my computer. Maybe that’s how I’ll use this morning home with my sick daughter!)

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    marion w

    Those photos took be back to when my older son was in high school, and I had to explain to him that t-shirts actually came in colors. He insisted on either black or white, and even wanted them ironed! Since I didn’t even iron for myself, I pulled out the ironing board and iron and gave him a demo, and he retains the skill to this day. His wife just gave birth to their second son over the weekend, and your “Amazing” template turned on its side was the perfect basis for a quick layout showcasing a tender moment when the two brothers first met each other.

    Looking at your daughter must be like looking in the mirror – you look so much alike.

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    Tammy M.

    Those pictures are fab and your daughter is beautiful!! Love how she’s rockin’ the doo. Yeah, can’t get too angsty listening to Steve Perry…lol.

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    Thank you for my morning laugh Cathy. Great hairdo and I bet she loves the fact that you are documenting all this stuff that she will laugh at in years to come. My girls are in their 20’s and 30’s now. The other day they were looking through photo albums and said “Mum how could you have let us go around with such ugly baggy clothes”. They were 10 and 12 and the fashion was baggy loose trousers with men’s tshirts. I remember telling them you are going to laugh at these photos one day and sure enough….. the day has come.

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    I must say I love, love, love Aiden’s stylish do. She is definitely some sort of “mini-me” of you…with her own spin on it of course. thanks for always sharing your photos. tena

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    Margaret C

    Funny !! I totally thought “TWILIGHT !!!!” and then wondered if it was offensive to suggest your daughter was like an undead creature of the night who lives by sucking blood, albeit animals …basically I couldn’t remember if you were Team Edward or Team Jacob… !!

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    I totally love that Aidan is her own person and that as parents you and Dan allow her to express that with her fashion/hair… She is a beautiful girl and I just love your sharing your children with us… Thank you for always making my day! I love your postings…

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    Rebecca Foxworth

    Oh, geez. Are you worried about people judging you on this? Because it’s just HAIR. And it grows out eventually. There’s pretty much no other time in her life she’ll be able to do this. I had a straight bob dyed blonde for about an inch-and-a-half around the bottom in a super-straight line in 1985. People bugged my mom and dad about it. Despite the fact that my hair was edgy, I turned out to be a perfectly normal ponytailed soccer mom (with a penchant for listening to Bad Religion really, really loud). Good for you for not stifling her creativitiy with non-permanent experimentation with her looks.

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