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May 13, 2005. A particularly poorly lit, high noise shot taken—where else?—in my bathroom mirror with my first digital SLR, my old Nikon D70. A few things come to mind when I look at this shot:

1. I was still employed with Simple Scrapbooks magazine (RIP).

2. I didn't need to wear glasses all the time to function.

3. I still was knocking back a pack of smokes daily, in secret.

4. We still had our beloved foil bamboo patterned wall paper, and the reason I was taking this shot was because this was the day the wall paper was coming down.

5. I got really sick of the wallpaper removal project and it stalled for about three years until we finally broke down and hired a dude for real cheap-like to remove it for us.

This has been another riveting installment of "This Day in Zielske History."

Cathy ZielskeThis Day in Zielske History

25 Comments on “This Day in Zielske History”

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    Shelley Laming

    Before I read about the wallpaper removal I was actually kind of digging it in the photo! 🙂

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    Penny Grimsley

    You are such a hoot! I thought you were going to tell us you weighed the same as that day – or less than that day! =)

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    So much has changed. I miss Simple (RIP), but the rest of it is all good. Even the glasses because I think you look awesome in yours. In fact, I clearly remember shopping for the last pair I bought, thinking “I need a pair like Cathy Zielske’s.” Stalkerish? Sorry. lol

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    I had to stop reading when you got to the part about ‘knocking back the pack in secret’!!! I am not diminishing the entire weight thing BUT the not smoking thing is so HUGE! Way to go and keep going!


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    Silver foil? Other colors? This is one time where b/w doesn’t do that vintage paper justice. I’m pretty sure I would have been diggin’ it though.

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    my former house had silver/purple foil in the bathroom….with naked maidens cavorting (!).It actually took me over a YEAR to notice the naughtiness going on while I was drying my hair 😉 Subtle but seedy…..

    Of course, it paired up quite nicely with the purple commode and purple tub.

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    Ah the changes that 5 years bring. btw, how secret can a pack-a-day smoker smell??? I know, I know..we think no one knows. btdt. That paper??? I bet Cole could really use that in a video these days…

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    Jane Toft

    Weight can come and go but giving up the fags is for life! I think you look younger now than you did then. Maybe there is a connection 🙂

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    OMG! Our bathroom had very similar wallpaper (if not the same) when we moved in five years ago. That paper came down asap. However, we have moved on to finish all the other rooms in the house and have left the bare, pocked bathroom walls alone. Someday…

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    Christine H

    Wallpaper….ugh….never again. And then the kid wanted a red wall….do you know how many coats of paint it takes to make a red wall look right? Too many!

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    Just think how happy your lungs are now. Wow girl. Time flies. I missing you at Donna’s event, although I’m totally sick and going to bed early.

    love you.

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    Kay Gregory-Clark

    Cathy, I applaud you for kicking the habit. But to think you THOUGHT you were doing it secretly–that much!–ha! I’m married to a sometimes-smoker (he quits, starts, quits, starts) who thinks I don’t know he’s smoking out behind the barn! You can’t “hide” that yucky smell! Not with all the gum and mints in the world. But to have quit smoking and lost all that weight…you are an inspiration.

    AND, I am waiting for the cookbook templates!!! Any ETA?

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    Judy Webb

    I loved your comments and honesty. I loved Simple Scrapbook magazine but have developed more confidence and now mostly do my own thing, simply. We’ve never met, but I enjoy your blog. Happy Spring.

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    Cathy, from one former secret smoker to another who has also gained 30
    + pounds and is currently working at getting rid of it…rah to us!!!
    We didn’t smell, did we?;)

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    following your tremendous progress over these past few months + a pinched nerve in my back = joined a gym this morning so I can try to follow in your fitness footsteps…maybe my master bathroom and I will see the same level of improvement 🙂

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    Kelster Jean

    It’s funny that you mentioned Simple Scrapbooks because I just so happened to pick up your book Clean & Simple, Scrapbooking-The Sequeal at a garage sale today and am now writing on your blog. Nice to meet you!

    🙂 Kelly

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