This is one monthly you may end up looking forward to

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Since the beginning of the year, I've wanted to create a new system for saving my memories.

I'm a huge fan of Project Life and the whole 365-photo movement, but I wanted to do something that was a little bit digital and little bit hybrid, and worked the way I work, in 8.5 x 11 and not relying on me remembering to take photos every day. I know my propensity to start out with a bang, and then slowly but surely lose steam.

I'm also a huge fan of Week in the Life, and wanted to find a way to do a slightly less intense but yet still comprehensive monthly recap.

I've been working on this idea for a while now, the idea being a way to combine the best of a photo album, with a little bit of scrapbooking and story saving thrown in for good measure. I was getting tired of watching my iPhoto library get progressively fuller, and all of those photos were either not getting printed, or if they were, they weren't even making their way into a simple photo album.

That, and the little stories here and there were getting left in the dust of time and memory.

Enter The Monthly.


The Monthly (available both in 8.5 x 11 and 12 x 12) is my new system for saving one month at a time in as many (or as few) pages as I need to adequately document 28, 30 or 31 days in my life. (There is also an 8.5 x 11 hybrid set to let you combine the best of digital and traditional scrapbooking.)

It includes an album title page, monthly photo/collage title pages, multiple photo collage templates, one large journal page template, journal card and photo combo templates, and all are designed to mix and match to suit your needs as a story-telling scrapbooker. Here's a look at some of the components:



This is the first page of the album. The title page is where you make some of your decisions (colors, papers, embellishments, if any). Then, you simply repeat them in the successive months.

My goal with this album is to strip it down to the basics: the photos I want to save, and a handful of words to go along with it. I'm keeping it clean and simple people.



Each month has a very simple opener page, the page to kick off the photos (and stories) for the month. Notice, I've just repeated a strip of digital patterned paper to go with my yellow and gray color scheme, and that's it.


Here are a few of my photo collage pages, using the mix and match templates. All hold some of my favorite shots from April.




I love the simple, flexible designs, with a nice framing margin of white space on each page. Of course, this space doesn't have to be white, it can be any color you like. I just like the simplicity and cleanliness of white to frame a grouping of photos with a wide range of colors.


Here is where I am mixing in part of The Monthly Hybrid Set for 8.5 x 11. Why? Because I'm using 8.5 x 11 divided page protectors for this album. There are digital pages included in each template set to achieve the same effect.. But I chose to go the hybrid route, using the photo and journaling card templates, which all were printed on my printer at home, and trimmed out.


There are a handful of journaling card designs that you can either type on (in the fully digital set) or you can type or hand journal as well (in the hybrid 8.5 x 11 set.) I printed everything out on my HP Photosmart, using some of the same digital papers from the Title Page and Opener Page.


I used a single divided page protector from We R Memory Keepers (my new favorite page protectors) to hold all of the 2.5 x 3.5 cards and photos. The hybrid set comes with templates to print your 2.5 x 3.5 photos either on a 5 x 7, or on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of photo paper.



Last but not least is a page designed to let you journal your month in greater detail. You can make this type smaller to fit more words, or, if needed, simply add another journaling page to the album.

I printed all of my digital pages on my office photo printer, however, for the month of May, I'm planning to upload my digital pages and my photos for my divided pages directly to, to save a bit of ink and hopefully some money as well.

All in all, I'm feeling really good about having one month documented in 7 pages. It feels more designed than a straight photo album, and it pulls in facts and details that I want our family to remember.

Here are a few questions and answers about these kits:

1. Are the photo printing templates are part of the digital kit? They are not. If you use Photoshop, you can use the journaling card pages and photo pages to drop in photos/words, and you can print them out and trim to size accordingly to use in a divided page protectors.

2. Do the hybrid kits contain Microsoft Word-friendly journaling files? They do not.

3. Do the kits have the same contents? Essentially, yes, but the hybrid kit has more digital pieces. because the hybrid kit contains all of the individual alpha blocks/journaling files etc in PDF format as well, but only in the color grey. However, you CAN change the color of the layered PSD file elements, if you have Photoshop.


These sets are all 30% off beginning today as part of the Designer Digitals quarterly sale. Everything in the store is 30% throughout the weekend. It's a great time to stock up and save for some digital and hybrid play time.


Digital Templates: The Monthly and The Monthly Hybrid for 8.5 x 11

Digital Papers: Annino Solids Paper Pack (yellow cardstock), Annino Paper Pack, Siri Solids Paper Pack all by Michelle Martin, Classic Cardstock: Hoops (Katie Pertiet) (white cardstock background)

Album: American Crafts 8.5 x 11 in brown courdory

Page Protectors: We R Memory Keepers divided and regular 8.5 x 11



Cathy ZielskeThis is one monthly you may end up looking forward to

191 Comments on “This is one monthly you may end up looking forward to”

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    Jane Toft

    Really, really like these pages. This is the way scrapbooking is going for me too as my son (and I!) get older. Quick question. How do you save your digi pages out for uploading to your blog? Screengrab or export as PDF and then ‘save for web’ in PS? I just can’t seem to get a good result from InDesign. Yours are much better!

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    I did this last year with your Memories page (6 photos, I think?). I started a 365 and it fell apart around September. Then I had all these photos – and journaling – and I just really wanted to do something.

    I decided to take the monthly aproach and my 2009 book came together in a couple of nights.

    Love the new template – definately doing that again this year.

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    Ronnie Crowley

    So can I give myself permission to give up on the 365 day project and convert to this mid year……..I think I can that would help with the days I missed….What do you think.

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    Hey Cathy! Can you tell us a little more about the difference between the hybrid set and the digital set. I am trying to decide which one to buy.

    Thanks, Leora

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    I saw these templates on Designer Digitals last weekend and have been excited to see a post about them. I have the same question as an earlier comment. I’m deciding between the digital and hybrid versions. I’d love to know what the differences are between the two packages.


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    This is awesome! I’ve been wanting to do something like this forever…all those sad photos in my files never seeing the light of day. I think this would really help me get caught up. I haven’t heard of, thanks for sharing the link!

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    YES!!!! I am doing project 365 this year (in the month by month format)but I hate 12 x 12 and I was sort of wondering what I was going to do for next year, but now I know!! WOOHOO!

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    One sugestion is to add 1 normal size 8 1/2 by 11 page protector at the end of each month that you can throw any ticket stubs , playbills, kids school certificates, or basically any sort of extra thing you want to save but couldn’t put in the other format. πŸ™‚

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    OMG ~ Cathy you have saved me!!!

    I’ve been trying out Shimelle’s Document 2010 project ~ recording the everyday stuff and collecting ephemera each month ~ but I’m struggling to include all my photos without making more and more pages. Your 12×12 collage templates are the perfect answer. And a great complement to my week in life project too. THANK YOU

  10. #14

    Love the idea of these templates for each month but since I only like to work in 8×8 or smaller albums I’l l have to come up with my own template I guess. Or maybe I can find one somewhere else. Anyway, GREAT idea and as always I love your style!!!

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    Christine Mc

    Great concept! I’m trying to decide between the regular 8.5×11 or the hybrid. Can you please give more details regarding the differences? THanks!

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    Beautiful and this is perfect for me as I like my pages for pictures, not s/b supplies. You’re my designing hero!

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    OMG – This is the best thing I have seen in a long time – you are the best. I am going to totally convert to this process – I just printed pages at for Week in the Life and love it – Now if I could only stay home and scrap – You are my hero!!!!! ~Ann

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    I love this idea! Once we get our move over and are on vacation, I want to figure out how to best do our family albums as I haven’t started them yet. Thanks for another option for doing “A Year in the Life”. Very cool!

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    Well, I think you’ve done it again, Cathy. This is very cool, I predict it’ll go like gangbusters, and great that it goes on sale immediately after your release. It’s an awesome idea. ( I think you’ve got a future in this design business, girl! Ha.)

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    Cathy I have one request for the 12×12 template. Is it possible to do the journal cards in a different size? I’m using 4×6 or 4×3 journal cards to slip into divided page protector (12×12 divided into six 4×6) ~ similar to the 2.5×3.5 cards in the 8.5×11 templates that then fit the baseball card divided pages.

  17. #23

    : ) See Ronnie, that’s my problem. I go like gangbusters on something like that in the start.

    YES. you can give yourself permission to either stop or just modify, you know?

    No stress, lady! : )

  18. #26

    Leora, the hybrid set is really more for printing things out and also for people who like this idea but don’t have Photoshop.

    So even though they don’t get layered collage templates, there are still samples of what the design sketches look like. All of the pieces are printable, and trimmable, and you would just assemble them on a piece of cardstock base, along with your photos.

    And, you can print out photos and cards to use in the divided protectors using the templates provided. : )

  19. #27

    Christine, there is a 12 x 12 version of the fully digital kit. Did you mean of the hybrid kit?

    It is on my list if there is an interest! : )

    Let me know!

  20. #28

    Hey Donna, he hybrid set is really more for printing things out and also for people who like this idea but don’t have Photoshop.

    So even though they don’t get layered collage templates, there are still samples of what the design sketches look like. All of the pieces are printable, and trimmable, and you would just assemble them on a piece of cardstock base, along with your photos.

    And, you can print out photos and cards to use in the divided protectors using the templates provided. : )

    Any other questions? let me know!

  21. #32

    You know Barb, you might be able to size down these templates, but… it is a bit tricky. Good for me to keep in mind though for future designs!

  22. #33

    Hey Christine, the hybrid set is really more for printing things out and also for people who like this idea but don’t have Photoshop.

    So even though they don’t get layered collage templates, there are still samples of what the design sketches look like. All of the pieces are printable, and trimmable, and you would just assemble them on a piece of cardstock base, along with your photos.

    And, you can print out photos and cards to use in the divided protectors using the templates provided. : )

    Any other questions? let me know!

  23. #35

    Hannah, that is a great suggestion for the 12 x 12 hybrid pack.

    I plan to work on one if it seems there is a call for it, and it seems like there might be!

    Will work on that soon!

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    Diane Herman

    Wow…I love this. I am totally hearing you on the thousands of photos in iPhoto. I am doing Project Life this year so probably need to try and hang in there. But this is my answer for next year, I already have the page protectors…Thanks!!!
    Can I ask…Would this be a family based month by month? And will you do pages that are specific to your kids for an album for them?
    Thanks again Cathy.

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    I love this idea. I’m still a little unclear though as to the difference between the hybrid version and the all digital version. Would it be possible to see a list comparing what the differences are? I’m not sure which one to purchase.


  26. #38
    Cynthia Friese-Hassanein

    Cathy you are a life picture saver!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this so very very much. Since I have really gotten my style groove down and scrapbooking motivation in check. (Words and pictures maybe a embellishment if I want:) is what it is all about in the end:) Telling my story…. I feel sad that all the pictures I take just sit on my computer. I too love the project 365 and week in the life. They just seem so intense. I will be so getting these templates this weekend!!!!!!

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    Vicki A

    Love this!!! Cathy, how do you print out your pages? Do you print them on cardstock or photo paper? Do you send them to a printer, and if so, who do you like to use? Lots of questions!
    Vicki A

  28. #42

    Great great idea. I actually had the same idea for this year and managed to get the January layout done and what a great feeling it was. And now, it is May and how many months are complete… again, just January. I may have to move to the hybrid route to get it done. Thanks Cathy

  29. #43

    I love this whole idea. After doing ” week in the life” it’s really making me think more about our day to day lives and how I want to capture more details. I also do Project Life which I love love but still need a little more. Thanks for a great soultion, everything looks great.

  30. #44

    This makes so much sense to me..and so do-able. Thanks so much. After doing 365, I missed not doing any thing, and this seems like a perfect answer. Yea CZ

  31. #45

    I’m finally finding my style — it’s the clean designs that you create. I’m getting this set this weekend! After looking through some old photo albums lately, I realized that they just abruptly stop after about 2002, when I started scrapbooking. Lots of gaps there. This will be great!

  32. #46
    Sue Althouse

    My husband is the photographer in our family. I have so many wonderful pictures from him but wonder what to do with them all. I think I just found my answer. Awesome idea, Cathy! Thanks so much for sharing this.

  33. #48

    Hi Cathy,
    So if you do the digital set, do you print the entire layout out on photo paper? Or do you upload it to after saving as a JPEG? Have you ever just printed the whole page out on that velvety matte photo paper (like staples 2-sided)?
    These look great and monthly is so much less overwhelming than daily or weekly…I lost steam with those.
    Thanks so much.

  34. #49

    I haven’t really “looked” at the goods yet, and I am sure I will love them…I was completely distracted by how much Aidan looks like YOU. Holy crow!
    Anyway….carry on…

  35. #51

    W00t! This rocks, Cathy! I have the same problem…photo folders growing out of control and the pictures/stories not making it to scrapbook pages. I too am a P365 drop-out *wink*. This will be a great way to get more of that everyday stuff down! Thank you!

  36. #54

    Diane, this is in addition to pages i may or may not do about my kids. I just don’t scrapbook as much as i used to about them, so for me, this is a nice way to cover our whole family in just a few pages.

  37. #55

    The hybrid set is really more for printing things out and also for people who like this idea but don’t have Photoshop.

    So even though they don’t get layered collage templates, there are still samples of what the design sketches look like. All of the pieces are printable, and trimmable, and you would just assemble them on a piece of cardstock base, along with your photos.

    And, you can print out photos and cards to use in the divided protectors using the templates provided. : )

    Any other questions? let me know!

  38. #56

    Vicki, i printed these out onto Ilford Gallerie Smooth Pearl photo paper, using my HP Photosmart printer.

    And i printed the journaling cards onto white bazzill OP texture cardstock.

    I have used for other layout printings, and i have been very happy with their quality!

  39. #57

    The 12 x 12s could be used for a Shutterfly book, i believe. Shutterfly presently doesn’t do 8.5 x 11 portrait oriented books, at least I don’t think they do!

  40. #59

    Myra, me TOO! Meaning, there is a certain year (2008) when i just stopped putting stuff in albums. All these photos just in their envelopes still. I’m hoping this helps me enjoy more of the photos i take!

  41. #61

    Jane, if you have CS2, you SHOULD be able to do it. Try this: flatten the file first, then do a SAVE AS, and see if it gives you the option.

    But be sure to SAVE AS… don’t lose your layered file!

  42. #62

    Annie, on this go round, i printed on Ilford Gallerie Smooth Pearl photo paper, at home. it is like BUTTAH. i love this paper!

    Next month, i’m going to upload to scrapbookpics and compare the difference.

  43. #65

    So awesome. Great reminder for me. I did this for 2008, but not 2009 and really missed it. Love the format/style you’ve done this in. ^_^

  44. #66
    Heather R

    I love this…I truly do. But digital scares me. I even did your Me:A-Z class but have been to afraid to move forward with all the digital stuff…so ridiculous but I am stuck! Wonder if I will ever actually finish that album!

  45. #67
    sara lambert

    This is so cool Cathy, love it and I loved doing Ali’s week in life. Here in the UK Shimelle is doing a ‘Document 2010’ project in conjunction with UK scrappers and I am loving it!!!

  46. #68

    I LOVE this…I can DO this! I would always start off with good intentions with Project 365 or Week in the Life, but “real life” would get in the way and I’d get overwhelmed. This is perfect (and you are awesome)!

  47. #69

    As another one who fell off the 365 wagon (for like the 4th year in a row) I am loving this idea! Now I can feel less guilty plus have an actual plan for all the photos I did take!

  48. #70
    rachael robinett

    Cathy, i’m about in tears. this is so perfect for me. you’ve made my day! in 2008 i did a one page a month book, all old fashion by hand scrapbooking, in an 8×8 album. i used the same basic layout throught and loved the end result (you can see them at click the “slice of life album” label at the bottom of my blog). in 2009 i wanted to do the same thing but i needed it to be 100% digital because i knew i wouldn’t have time otherwise. I’ve got jan-jul 09 done and printed (but not blogged) and I have stalled out. i know i want to do this for 2010 but have been struggling with picking a layout. i knew i needed something that would keep my interest but be even easier than the layout i used in 2009.

    you have saved my sanity with this kit. thank you thank you thank you.

  49. #71

    Okay Cathy–came over here from Ali’s twitter post! You ROCK! My question to you…..Did you include the “printing” templates from the hybrid in the digital kit as I want to use the divided page protectors as you did? Do I need to purchase both to be able to do the album as you did? Am I making sense?


  50. #72
    Mary Ellen

    I love this. I think that this is something I can actually I can keep up with and stick to. Just couldn’t keep up with Project 365, but I love love the idea of a monthly book that keeps it simple while looking beautiful. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with the number of photos to scrap, and thinking I need to find an easier way to do it (instead of not doing anything at all). Thank you! Your book is looking lovely. Cannot wait to get started on mine.

  51. #73

    I have been wanting to start digi scrapping using your templates for months, but I don’t understand how templates work. I even tried to follow the short tutorial on Designer Digitals, purchased one of your templates, and a set of digi papers. Spent hours on trying to make the page. And it ended up looking crappy. I’m using Photoshop Elements 8. Where can I easily learn how to make this digi stuff work? I’d buy all your templates in a nanosecond. I’ve always loved your clean and simple style. Have both your books.

  52. #74
    Sherry Amorocho

    Could Barb use the 12X12 template & then save as an 8×8 after she has finished the page? I know the photos will be much smaller, but I have done this before with 12 x 12 templates.

  53. #77
    Lisa D

    Love the template! I was nosy and read your journaling and saw you are visiting Whole Foods and TJ’s for healthier choices for the family. I too have been changing the lifestyle of our family eating habits and thought I would mention looking in to joining a local CSA farm for your produce and fruits – some even have chickens, eggs, cheese, breads, etc. I just joined one here and am so excited to go pick up my first “harvest” in two weeks…I always wanted to be a farmer! πŸ˜‰
    OR Maybe you already participate in one and I am not a stalker enough to know! ha!
    Here’s to keeping our families healthy!

  54. #78
    Sherry Amorocho

    Hey Barb– Something I have done before is use a 12 X 12 template, flatten & reduce to a 8 x 8 page. It works well, if your layout is not too busy. The photos, elements & type will be smaller, but when I set up my page I keep that in mind.

  55. #79

    Love this idea Cathy and your clean/simple style is mine as well. On the hybrid version, can you type the journaling using word? If so, I’m gonna buy this now, play with it a little and use it for my 2011 project. Thanks Cathy!

  56. #80
    lynda p

    this is coming out so gorgeous. and let me just add. that if someone does not believe in cloning or reincarnation. You my dear have done it with the beautiful daughter of yours. she is just a spitting image of you. Very pretty,(the both of you). Congrats on your “new fit, healthy you”. thnx for sharing your life and family

  57. #81
    Nicky from Canada

    Oh Cathy – I am so excited about this – I may now be able to do this project. Love the 365 idea, but life is just too busy. I think I will buy these before heading on our roadtrip today and get started with 3 hours in the car!!!
    Love your work, am almost done my All About Me book, have 4 alphabets left and the rest is already at Shutterfly!!!
    Thank you so much!!!

  58. #85

    Ann, no. The printing templates with the trim marks are just in the hybrid kit. I figured, though, you could just print out the full digital page with the 2.5 x 3x 5 cards and trim those by hand. Make sense?

  59. #86

    Brenda, i would recommend taking one or two classes online.

    Up and Running with Photoshop at is a good one.

    So is Just the Basics at and that is starting in a few weeks:

    Once you get the hang of the very few basics needed, it gets easier!

    Also, i have a series of Video Tutorials on Vimeo. Here is one that is a good basic:


    There are others there too!

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

  60. #89
    Kay Gregory-Clark

    I LOVE IT!! Now I’m afraid I have to buy yet another Cathy Zielske template (set). But I ditto Ann’s questions: “Did you include the ‘printing’ templates from the hybrid in the digital kit as I want to use the divided page protectors as you did?”
    I’m frustrated in that your answers to others’ questions about the difference in the sets was simply a repeat of your previous answerβ€”which we (or most of us) had read. But guess we’re just a little dense because I still don’t quite get the real dif. THANKS! Not sure if the DD sale is effective yet…going over to check again.

  61. #90

    This look fabulous and just the thing I need for our 9 month stay in London starting in August. How easy are the templates to use in Photoshop Elements? I am a novice – signed up (but not finished) Jessica Sprague’s digital classes.

  62. #91

    just when i started to be overwhelmed by guilt for droping “project life”… thank you so much for this, cathy!!! about the hybrid x digital thing, i still have a question: for the hybrid gals who do like/know how to handle photoshop, would you suggest buying the digital version? are the designs from both hybrid and digital sets the same, only in different formats? if i buy the two 8.5 x 11 sets will i end up with too much of the same {good} things?
    (sorry, i made three questions, not just one =^ . ^=)

  63. #92

    I would certainly be interested in the Hybrid kit. I just have a few questions. I don’t have photoshop, so would I be able to change the color of the templates or would they just be black. (I didn’t read the fine print about your adorable grateful album, and I was so bummed that mine cannot be in color.) Also, we need to buy our own page protectors, right? Or are any included in the price? Thanks!

  64. #94

    This idea of a-month-at-glance (eventually becoming a year-at-a-glance) is exactly the kind of scrapbooking I’m drawn to, and feel I can commit to. I love how clean and cohesive the design is (not that I would expect anything less). And I really like knowing that all I have to add are words and images.

    Some other great uses for this template: Homeschooling portfolios; Teachers/room mothers looking to document monthly classroom activities; Pregnancy journal; documenting any ongoing project (i.e. home remodel, adoption, military deployment).

  65. #95

    I love this idea. I know I would never make it through “365” and I don’t think my life is exciting enough to do “A Week in a Life” but there’s plenty in a month!!! Two questions…do you think you’ll do a different color scheme for each month?…Also, how do you think you’ll house these…separate albums…6 months in one album & the other 6 months in another album.

    I’m so excited. Thank you!!!

  66. #96
    Corie in Indy

    I love it! This is more my style. One month. No restrictions. No tidy, this-is-exactly-how-many-pictures-to-take-and-how-to-use-them restrictions. Love it. Thanks for sharing!

  67. #98

    This is awesome! I’m so glad you included the Hybrid option, as I don’t officially “digiscrap.” (I just do quickpages). Thanks!!

  68. #99

    Cathy- I solved the pressure of doing family and albums for both kids. I do yearly family albums. My daughter gets the even years, my son gets the odd. Now that I am moving to mostly digital- I can put them on DVD for them on their off year. By the time I kick the bucket (hopefully not for a long time) they may be able to reproduce these or pennies.

  69. #101
    Cathy Weber

    This is a really great idea. I checked and there is no 12 x 12 hybrid pack listed at Designer Digitals. Are you going to have one of those for sale? Before I buy it I need to know. Thanks. Love this idea.

  70. #102

    Oh Kay, sorry! i just figured it was an easy answer! LOL.

    I never assume that blog readers read through all of the comments like i do, and i hate to say, “Please read above!”

    The printing templates are not part of the fully digital kit, however, you can print those pages out and trim by hand if you wanted to use divided page protectors. Does that help?

  71. #103

    Penny, take the class, and then you’ll have a pretty good basic understanding of how they work.

    They are not super complicated templates, once you have a few concepts under your belt!

  72. #104

    Good question. I think if you have the handle on digital, you can simply buy the digital kit and you’re good. They are the same, basically, but the fully digital kit has fewer pieces overall.

    That is going under the assumption that you can take, for example, the page that has 9 2.5 x 3.5 photo squares, and just drop in your shots, then you could print and trim if you liked.

    Does that help?

  73. #105

    Whitney, for the hybrid kit, you would only be able to print them in gray. There are layered PSD files in that kit too, allowing you to change the colors, but the PDF files are only in grey. Grey is a nice neutral, but…. some people will want to have more choices. : )

    Page protectors are not included. : )

  74. #106
    Sue Taylor

    Hi Cathy, well I’m still getting over the excitement of your school templates, and now these. Well, it took me about 5 years of procrastinating over making anything to finally discover that I really, truly love simple design, white backgrounds and rounded corners. You seem to have covered it all in these fabulous templates! Thank you so much Cathy, I’m headed over to DD as fast as you can say “CZ rocks my little digital world AGAIN!” ….

  75. #107

    Yolanda, i hear you. And yes, these collage templates are really utilitarian, as far as simple photo saving go. : )

    Plus, you can dress these up or down.

  76. #108

    Right now, i’m planning to keep the grey/yellow color scheme for 2010. Then, in 2011, i will change.

    I am HOPING to get one year in one album, but… i think i will TRY to go back and do Jan-March. Make sense? So, one year, one album.

    Now, i may skip some of the journaling cards in Jan-March, or, look to my blog to fill in the memory card blanks!

  77. #110

    I am going to work on a hybrid pack, because it has been requested.

    Can i ask you what size of divided page protectors you would be using?

  78. #112

    how cool is this????? i loved the week in the life project . tried it for the first time and learned soooo much…for example: not to create different pages for every day πŸ™‚
    so this will be the perfect thing to stay tuned!

    great idea – great inspiration – thanks a lot!

    now it start my ironing – while thnking about this project… will help a lot….the thinking about fun things while doing boring ironing πŸ™‚


  79. #113

    cathy, thank you for this great kit! it is perfect for a 1 year anniversary album i’ve been hoping to create. i’m not much of a journaler so the focus on the photos is perfect! where do you get the bazzill cardstock from? the texture looks amazing!

  80. #115

    One of the things I love about layered templates is I don’t have to think about what size to crop my photos. But I am thinking about trying out the hybrid package this time.

    With the hybrid version, is there way for me to easily crop my photos to just the right size to for a collage page?

  81. #116
    Kay Gregory-Clark

    Ah, Cathy, I’m a sucker for words, so I read all the can labels, instructions, and comments. Don’t want to miss anything! I went over to DD and opened each offering in a separate window, looked at them side-by-side and compared. It finally dawned on me (DUH) that I could print out and trim to do a hybrid! But I definitely want the collage templates and will do most of it digi. Thanks a bunch!

  82. #117

    I buy from It’s the white bazzill OP (orange peel) texture, and i find that it prints really beautifully on my ink jet photo printer!

  83. #118

    Donna, there isn’t, actually. That is something you would have to eyeball.

    There is a HOW TO doc that comes with the set, that includes the 4 sketches of the collage pages, but not with measurements.

    : )

  84. #119

    On thing i should add is that i am combining the sets for my own, but… you can still do hybrid stuff with the full on digital set. You’d just print out and trim the digital page elements.

    Like the journaling cards, for example. You would print them onto cardstock, from the full page digital template. : )

  85. #120

    You got it Kay!

    I realize, too… the hybrid set has all of these individual card files, but i figured, some people like the idea of a single card, but maybe it will be confusing?

    This is where customer feedback helps! So thanks. It keeps me on my toes.

  86. #121
    Becca Groves

    I’m a daily reader, and hardly ever drop you a line. (and as a blogger myself, I know that’s poor form) I always love your stuff, but today I about died of inspiration!!! I am four months pregnant, love the ‘week in the life’ concept, take pictures all the time, love digi scrapbooking, but don’t like embelishments. And I’m just thinking that you may have presented the golden ticket to my life of memory keeping. I can do this. With these templates! It’s a monthly project and it feels doable! It’s easy with digi scrapbooking and digi pictures, and I just want to hug you right now.

    Plus, they’re on sale right now. Double Whammy.

    THANK YOU!!!

  87. #123

    Double whammy indeed, Becca! : ) Glad you like it.

    And congrats on being preggers. Sigh. That makes me think of my pregnancy days… SO long ago!

  88. #124

    I am just so digging these multi sized randomly mixed pages in an album and the wonderful mixed up freedom it allows you…Has anyone tried using an 8×8 3 ring page protector in a 12×12 3 ring album?

  89. #125

    Almost forgot.. Cathy your photos are always sooooo amazing.. Have you ever shared your photo taking philosophies and do you do much post processing or are most of your photos SOC good…

  90. #126
    Sara Spencer

    This is a total dream come true! Seriously! It’s the perfect format for what I was hoping to do with all my photos, only I didn’t realize it until I read your post today. =) I just wanted a simple, quick, regular yet not overwhelming way to record our family memories. Thank you for providing a way to make that happen!! I am so excited I had to IM my husband right away and tell him all about it. lol.

  91. #128

    Thanks so much for these Cathy. I’m sorry but I have been in bed for week sick and my brain is not functioning properly (a little slow). First I love this idea and I will be purchasing both sizes but before pressing the buy button I need to clear up something about the digital/hybrid kits.

    If I purchase the hybrid kit do I get exactly what’s in the digital kit plus extra pages to print out as a pdf. In the pdf I can’t change the colour but in the psd I can (which is included in the hybrid kit also right!!!)

    You see my problem is that here in Australia we can’t have the pages printed at a reasonable price so I have many of your digital kits which I disect and print out or have the photos printed at a local lab.

    I check your blog EVERY morning when I get up and this morning I’m really excited!! thanks again.

  92. #130

    Christina, yes… you get the same pieces, and you can change the colors on the PSD files, yes, because they are layered.

    But in the hybrid kit, you get templates in 5 x 7 to print 2.5 x 3.5 photos (4 on a template) or you can do them on a letter sized page (6 photos).

    I know down under you might do A4, but you could adapt them!

  93. #131

    Hi Christina,
    I have the same problem here here in New Zealand, so I buy the 8.5 x 11 size templates and them all to A4 size. Then I buy the same photo paper that Cathy uses (Ilford gallery Pearl) which comes in A4 size here and then just print the A4 pages on my photo printer. It works really well, I am thrilled with the concept and the results so far..

  94. #133

    I was so excited to see this when I opened your blog this morning. I’ve been gone all day and just finished reading all the comments and your responses. I already use your templates, but usually add some real paper and embellishments. At first I thought the hybrid was what I would want, but thanks to all the discussion here I bought the digital version. I definitely want the layered templates. I did the Week in a Life just this past week while my daughter was visiting. I was feeling really overwhelmed by that project (didn’t do much journaling during the week, lots of photos most days, few a couple of days.) This looks so much more doable. I also do Project 365 and other than load them up to my blog, I haven’t done much with them either. This is perfect. Thanks. Love everything about your style. Your DYL class was one of my all-time favorites!

  95. #134
    Cathy Weber

    I have no clue. I plan to buy whatever you suggest like on todays post. Is there no such thing for 12 x 12 divided page protectors like the 8 x 11 ones? I just like the look of 12 x 12 albums over 8 x 11. Hope you will explain this in the blog. I really do love the idea of doing it a month at a time.

  96. #135

    thanks for that sara jane but my printer is sooo expensive to run. It would cost me a fortune to print out the whole page so not worth it. I have found a place that prints 8×12 for $1.50 so have been disecting the templates and printing them that way but is much more time consuming. Now that I know that the hybrid kit is the same as the digital but with extras I will go ahead and buy that one. Thanks for sharing and if I every get another printer I’ll have to check the price of the cartridges…. LOL

  97. #140

    Ale, sorry for not answering this earlier… if you know PS, i would say just start with the digital version, because you can print out the template with the journaling cards right onto cardstock and trim, just turn off the backgrounds on those cards. make sense? The stuff is the same in both sets, but it’s set up differently! : )

  98. #141

    Thanks, Karen! You know, even though i still love cutting and pasting, i loved just putting all the photos into the layered templates and printing. Done and done, and i wouldn’t have done it differently if i was just cutting and pasting photos!

  99. #143

    Cathy it’s me again. I press the buy button and went for the 12×12 full digital and the hybrid smaller one. I can’t seem to find any of the layered photo templates in there. There is only a 5x7ins plus one horizontal and vertical photo cards. All the other layout templates that I can see on you blog of the pages you made do not seem to be there. Have I missed something here. I did ask in an earlier post if they were there and you said yes so I’m guessing that something has gone wrong.

    It all looks very exciting and can’t wait to play.

  100. #144

    Me too, I feel your pain.
    Still, I just compare the costs of my husband’s golf addiction with my printing costs and then I’m good…..

  101. #147
    Dana N

    This is a great idea. I’ve got your templates in my cart. I’m waiting because I’m sure I’ll need to add a few more goodies. Thank you!

  102. #148

    Cathy – I love these templates. I’m still pretty new to digital scrapbooking and photoshop elements. I was wondering if you know of a good tutorial or maybe a few tips on how you do your typing on the journal cards. I really sturggle with the getting my typing in just the right spot. I figure there are two possibilities. Either I’m just a beginning and need more practice or I’m missing a vital tutorial on how to do it the easy way. Thanks for your help.

  103. #149
    Diane Herman

    oh Cathy I hate to ask another question…I feel like I should be able to work this out for myself but alas I have mother brain right now πŸ™ And so sorry if this has been asked…
    Are the 4 mix and match templates what you used to create your collage pages?
    Are the mix and match templates in the hybrid kit?

    Hubby away for the weekend so I am so excited this is just in time for a big scrappy weekend here in Australia!!!

  104. #151

    Valerie, both Jessica Sprague and Renee Pearson offer good online workshops, however… the journaling on my templates have text boxes in place for you to just start typing.

    It is easy to do type in PS but yes, it does take some time to get the hang of it.

    The best advice i can give you is to grab the Type tool, and then click, hold down the mouse, and drag an area you would like to put your text. When you let go, you just start typing. Hope this helps!

  105. #152

    Yes, that is what i used, and no, they are not part of the hybrid kit!

    There are photo templates in the kit, and those are for th 2.5 x 3.5 photos that you can use in the divided page protectors.

  106. #153

    Thanks Sherry–I will try to do that! I just have a thing about those huge 12×12 albums–they seem hard to hold and look at. I tried an 8.5×11 for with Cathy’s Me-TAV class and felt it was too big too. I’ll stick with my smaller books but try to use the templates and shrink them and see how it goes. I wish they made 8×8 pages with smaller pockets too.

  107. #155

    Question–Does the 12×12 have journaling cards?or are those 4 sections to journal on that I would print onto one 12×12 paper? The green squares that surround it–journaling could be put there too?? I like what someone said about the 4×6 journaling cards…..

  108. #157

    Jeannette, the 12×12 set has templates with the cards built in to the template itself.

    I am going to work on a hybrid 12×12 kit, hopefully for release next weekend, with 4 x 6 journaling cards both as PDFs and layered PSD files.

    I will also do journaling cards for one of those 12 x 12 divided page protectors that have 9 squares, if i can accurately measure one in person!

    You may want to hold tight to make your decision, but let me know if you have any other questions.

  109. #158

    I really love this concept. After reading the comments I have decided on the 8.5×11 digital. Thanks so much for this great design.

  110. #159
    Cathy Weber

    Just one more question, I promise. If I use the 12 x 12, what paper should I use. I want the photos to last without fading. What would you use in the 12 x 12 size?

  111. #160

    Just when I tell myself I am going to layoff buying new templates for a while you create something that I really must have. Great idea. I have been doing a similar type album for several years now, but you have put it together with much more class! Thanks.

  112. #161

    One more question. I have PSE 4.0. Can I use the digital version with 4.0? Thanks. This looks great.

  113. #164

    Cathy, i’m not sure what to tell you, because i print at home in 8.5 x 11. But, i would say any premium photo paper that comes in 12 x 12. If you were to send it out to print, say, at, it would be printed on a high quality photo paper.

    Anyone who prints on 12 x 12 and is reading this, what do you use?

  114. #165

    Super Fabulouso!

    I found this set on DD and bought them I think on Monday. I’m already up to May of last year and plowing through my memories of 2009 (before I forget). So great! I love the idea of Ali E’s WITL, and 365, but I always forget to take pics everyday. So with this set, I will do 4 page spread for those months with tons of pics and I can eek out a 2 pager on those months I don’t have so many(so far it’s just Feb, and who can blame me, really?)

    You so totally ROCK!

  115. #166

    Thanks, Gemma. I am probably planning 4 pages for most months. I’m not sure though. I’ll have to do may and see what shakes out!

  116. #167

    Um, LOVE. Seriously. I’ve really fallen out of digital scrapbooking in pursuit of photography more seriously, but this handy-dandy summary approach really appeals to the storyteller me! You’re genius, lady! πŸ™‚

  117. #168
    kerri Macdonald

    Love this idea! Downloaded them today! Can’t wait to start playing with them!
    Finally also downloaded your fitness template!
    Today I am grateful for your creativity!

  118. #169

    Oh, OK, great to know. Thanks for the tip, I will definitely wait to see the other so I can compare & decide:-)

  119. #171

    I absolutely LOVE this idea Cathy! I did a monthly review album in 09 and I love it. I am a bit overwhelmed with the 365 thing myself…too big a commitment for me…but the month in review is much more doable.

    One thing I wish I had as an add-on to these is a set of circled number brushes…similar to the ones you used on your holiday memories album? I have actually been using that template for my month in review pages and I NEED to number things…I am just weird that way! Those numbers are great and just the right size. Just a suggestion! Thanks Cathy!

  120. #172
    Sherry Amorocho

    Testimonial!!! I documented January in an hour. I love the results. Thanks Cathy! The templates are easy to use (PSE) and look great. So very worth every penny.

  121. #175

    These templates perfectly support my vision for scrapbooking, which is more like a family journal with lots of photos mixed in. I want quick, visually pleasing pages that can be dressed up or left “plain” depending on how creative I’m feeling. Keep these kinds of products coming!

  122. #176

    Hi Cathy, have been trying to send you an email but it keeps coming back. I am sending to the one you posted above.

  123. #179
    Kay Gregory-Clark

    Cathy, don’t know if you’re still checking the comments or not. I just finished April and already collecting photos and journaling for May. Before I hit the print button, tho, I have a question (translate “frustration”): On some of your pages in this set and others, you use a rounded corner outline. (Journal page, for ex). I love how this finishes off the page, or a section, but can’t figure out how to reproduce it. I used to do it in PageMaker all the time, but have never figured it out in PS or PSE. I even went back through all the templates I’ve downloaded from you to see if it was there on a layer and I could copy it, but no luck. I’m going to hold off my printing for a few days to try to solve this challenge. Hope you’re enjoying a break from this intense project. And thanks again. I love this template and whole idea of a “system” for using my photos and not letting them languish in my computer.

  124. #180

    This is such a great way to store photos during the year! I think I might even be able to do this…and maybe even do this will all those pictures stored in shoe boxes πŸ™‚

  125. #181

    Kay, the way I do it in PS is not all that tricky (although these i created in InDesign and brought into PS.)

    You make a shape with rounded corners that extends beyond the area you want it to go.

    Then you rasterize that shape, and using the marquee tool, you can select three sides of the shape to delete the rounded corners leaving one.

    That is probably a horrible description of how it works, but…. : ) does that help?

  126. #184

    Thanks so much! It’s a bit pricy, but worth it. I am downloading it now. What is the subtitle font?

    Thanks a million! I love your kits and pages!!

  127. #187

    Cathy … I gave up scrapbooking a few years ago because it was taking so much of my time! Plus, it seemed that once I got everything pulled out and set up I had only moments to get the actual page completed before the kids needed me!

    But in the past few months I’ve started realizing that I really miss it! Especially when I saw my boys looking and laughing through their old scrapbooks the other day. So, of course, I went straight to you because I was a huge fan of your work and Simple Scrapbooks back in the day.

    I absolutely LOVE this idea of a monthly family pages. Although I want to scrap each moment and individual memory it’s too hard and too overwhelming to take it all on. This is so do-able!

    Thank you for thinking differently and being so creative! I love your stuff! A couple questions … will you put out any new layouts to use in this album? And I can just use standard 8.5×11 page protectors right?

  128. #188

    Oh ya … one more question. I like hybrid a little better than purely digital because of the dimension it gives the pages. If I plan on doing this digitally in 8.5×11 format (not the divided version) should I order the digital or hybrid kit? Thanks!!

  129. #189
    John & Kelli

    Hi Cathy! I love your album and am just starting to put it together. I am taking a different spin on the monthly idea and creating a year-to-year album for photos taken at my family’s cabin. I was wondering if there is anyway to get 2002-2007 years as a result (I’m starting with 2008 in the meantime!). Thank you!

  130. #190

    Wow! This is a similar concept the my monthly challenge I’m hosting this year with Scrapbook and Cards Today (I did it last year on my own). My challenge is called Project12. It really does make your life easier, to just focus on one layout a month. Love the digital designs and your templates (I was actually searching for a template for something else and stumbled upon this).

  131. #191

    Yes, I’m commenting on an almost year-old post, but the digi sale is on, and I’ve been waiting to buy these templates. I did Project Life last year, and loved it, but definitely don’t want to do it again.

    So I’m hoping these templates will help me start picking up the camera again after ignoring it for the first month of 2011—and really just came back here to say thank you for adding year png files. Awesome!

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