A mark of time

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"The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been baseball.  …baseball has marked the time."Terrence Mann, Field of Dreams

From four to almost eleven. Just like that.

I love that I can quickly pull out a handful of photos from my digital library. To mark the time.


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Cathy ZielskeA mark of time

30 Comments on “A mark of time”

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    I love this page, the photos are so wonderful. That is one of my alltime favorite movies, so love that line too. I’ve always loved baseball but not my kids. We are a soccer family. Would love to do a page like this for my son he started soccer at 3 and is now 8 and starting on a travel team. After seeing more of yours and Ali’s digital layouts it makes me want to go digital too. Thanks for the inspiration!!

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    Oh, I love this. Baseball marked time in our house, too…and I really miss those days. Cherish them now. Thanks for sharing. I may have to dig to the predigital days for this page.

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    Joy G.

    I love those comparison pages…

    Kind of funny, I’ve seen some shows lately on DIY Network about your kitchen reno, and I was trying to figure out how long ago it was – until I saw tiny Cole jumping on the bubble wrap!

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    Sandi D

    Great layout. My boys are on their third year of baseball and I love this page idea.
    Thanks for the inspiration. My husband and I took our two boys out to Iowa two years ago to where they filmed the movie. We had a great time and everyone got to walk in the corn, bat and run the bases and sit in the stands.
    Our whole family loves the movie!

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    I loved your layout – baseball has been part of our family for 18 years. My son just pitched his last game in college.

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    Sports has been constant with my son too—-Especially baseball—his team is doing very well this season and are headed to state in 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Angie F

    LOVE the quote & the layout!! I have always been a baseball fan and played softball for years so I can relate!

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    Tobey Saniuk

    Awesome idea which I can easily use for my daughter’s soccer career which has spanned from Age 4 to currently at 10 and going strong!

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    I really like the crop mark corners on your simple design, as well as the mirrored title. VERY COOL!

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    i.love.this.layout. this template is awesome! it’s amazing how cole is growing more like his dad – at least physically, i think.
    =^ . ^=

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    great layout!
    my ds has played baseball from age 4 to 17 now. just like his daddy.
    i love the giant jerseys and the skinny little pants. it’s a wonder their pants stay up! =]

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    Love the way you’ve amalgamated photos from a number of different years: my favourite type of page. Also admiring the way you used ‘reflect’ in your journalling, and mirrored this with the reflection of the title!

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    love how the T is almost as big as he is in 2003. And in 2010 he definitely has the baseball stance DOWN! Love pages with photos from different years.

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    Jennifer Larson

    Off topic, but the words “The Constant” made me think of LOST, that episode where Desmond needs to be grounded in time. For him it’s Penny; here, it’s scrapbooking.

    Terrific LO.

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    That is a GREAT layout. I will have to remember that layout when creating sports layouts of my little brother. I am planning to eventually do an entire album of his life (he is now 22).

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    Funny you should do this layout today. My daughter turned 8 today. It seems like just yesterday we got the call she was born and went to the hspital to see her for the first time. How time flies!

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    sigh. that movie is magic. i cry every time i watch it. and really … has kevin costner ever been more delicious?? well … bull durham, maybe.

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    Kris Cline

    Our boys are very much on the same wavelength…I need to borrow this baseball over time idea! (And my ten year old has a deep love of all things Titanic and Legos…)

    Thanks for the cool inspiration…

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