An explosion of inspiration

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Sometimes, when I think I can't do something, I just pull out this photo from the 1982 national figure roller skating championships, and I just know: VICTORY IS IN REACH!


And even though I placed 22nd out of 26, and it looks like my foot is growing out the side of my upper thigh, I still believe.

Cathy ZielskeAn explosion of inspiration

34 Comments on “An explosion of inspiration”

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    Elaine P

    And you gotta love the United Championship States. They sound WAY better than our States. After all, they’re CHAMPIONSHIP ones.

    I {heart} crappy text design.

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    Can you move next door to me??……………I LOVE your WONDERFUL sense of humor and could spend plenty of time laughing and enjoying some sarcasm with you, Cathy!!……..I’ll bring the margaritas!!

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    Lillian Child

    What a fabulous memory that must be! And a great one to draw inspiration from when needed!!

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    I had no idea I could spit out my coffee and pee my pants at the same time! This is GREAT! I’m going to be giggling my whole 4 miles today-THANKS!!

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    Love this photo:)

    Ok, I so thought of you today!! I just finished a 54 minute power walk with EIGHT running “bursts” mixed in AND LUNGES!!!:)

    And also as of today I have lost 15 pounds!!!!!! WHOO HOO!!

    Cathy…you are one inspiring gal!!!

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    Oh man, in that dress, at that time, I skated to instrumental portions from Yes “Roundabout” (that was my opening music) and a bit of Styx (instrumental, i don’t know what song) and a segment from the Santa Esmerelda suite, and then ended with this classic Russian ditty that Scotty Hamilton skated to in the 1980 Olympics.


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    Interesting how the colors come back into fashion – they are on trend for now!! Relish the memories of success – that you participated and gave your all.Pretty darn awesome…And by the way, I would totally be up to some rollerskating now at age 50. I relish in the fact I can say Relish twice in one paragraph but also that I can stand on wheels (or blades) [sidebar: each year I vote for an ice skating holiday party at my office and drag my husband out for a spin at an outdoor rink] Just because I can!! Well Done Champ!!

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    Julie - i can't believe i missed it- Moreno

    My ipod would say Just because you missed the boat, jump in and keep swimming.
    sorry i realize i missed the window

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    You know… sometimes you remind me of a *kind* Sue Sylvester. Just the things you say… I just love your commentary. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the giggle this morning… err… this afternoon. πŸ™‚

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    Heather Tarrant

    I love that you share photos like this with all of us! It’s just the thing I need to put a smile on my face. I seriously need to bust out some of my old school photos.

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    GREAT 80’s photo! I just finished a meeting in the basement with my personal trainer, Jillian Michaels! (;

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    You go girl!! I am also a product of the 80s and think I am still a star basketball player as I watch the NBA playoffs! I still believe too!

    Dianne P.

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    Jen K

    So when can we see the scrapbook page that picture is going to make it onto? You have to tell that story! Music composition and all.

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