Awesome hair and muffin top camouflage

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First, awesome hair:


Love. This. Hair. Another shot from the side:

More hair 

You get this from sleeping on it, and then using Bumble&Bumble Sumotech.

Next up: muffin top camouflage for runners with mid-drift chubbage:


The Lucy Breakthru Singlet.

Granted, I bought mine just a shade roomier than the one sported by the 72-pound model, but come ON! How adorable am I? In yellow no less.

When I am running outside, in public view, I don't want every ripple of ye olde midsection on display for the gawkers, and yet there's no way in hell I'm wearing anything with a sleeve. 

Mama needs coolness when she runs.

And for her girls to stay firmly in place.

And to not pass out before Mile 2.

That's what I'm saying to you.

Cathy ZielskeAwesome hair and muffin top camouflage

103 Comments on “Awesome hair and muffin top camouflage”

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    Leeann H

    I love the hair too! Beautiful. I like the top better on you than the model! You look fabulous and I know you’ve put a lot of hard work in to look so great! One of my friends at WW is a runner, also and she is preparing for a marathon (her 2nd baby is only 3 months old)…I understand running can be addictive. Great job!

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    Oh, how I covet the hair you and your daughter share. I’ve cut mine the same way three times in my life, I love it, but I’ve had to suck it up and realize that I don’t have the right texture. πŸ™ The yellow is magic, just MAGIC. πŸ™‚

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    you look like a seasoned athlete! Go you! off to check out the clothes at Lucy active wear… for fun you should check out clothes!

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    Love the hair!! A little CZ in the making. πŸ˜‰ And that’s a good thing. πŸ™‚ And you look terrific Cathy!!! You should be very proud of yourself. I have to get rid of my now-that-I’m-40-and-my-metabolism-has-stopped-muffin-top too. You are an inspiration!!

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    Madeline St Onge

    You are totally adorable Cathy. You look fantastic girl.
    Love the hair cut, the pencil add a lot to picture

  6. #21

    so impressed with you! congrats – you look great and your matching attitude is shining through too.

  7. #24

    The 30-day Shred is certainly paying off! I’m going straight to Lucy for one of those tanks. You look mahvelous!

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    Heather R

    I so wish I couldn pull of A’s hairstyle…she looks so beautiful and carefree — ahhh, those were the days! πŸ˜‰ And you are smokin in that top! I think I need to go find me one! I just started running…can’t even do a complete miled yet before I have to walk but I maybe if I at least look good that will help! πŸ˜‰

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    You look terrific in that top, love the color on you. You are looking amazing lady, so awesome seeing you take on this exercise thing and winning. Your daughter looks amazing too love how she just goes with the flow and whatever strikes her. My girls and I are not that brave. Your doing a great job raising her.

  10. #30
    Sandi D

    Healthy eating and exercise looks good on you!! Thanks for helping me keep up my motivation.

  11. #31

    Wow, do you see how toned and healthy you look in that picture. Amazing results. You really seem to have made a life change. Congrats.

  12. #37
    abby s.

    Love the hair! Love sumotech!! Love the yellow…and Lucy! YOU LOOK AWESOME!!! There is some serious AWESOME-ness in that mirror shot!!! CHEERS CZ!!!

  13. #45

    WOW! I can’t believe how you look that great so fast. A true inspiration. Also, I have hair envy.

  14. #46

    I would cook you WW meals for EVER, if I could just have legs that look that FABulous! You go girl!

  15. #51

    Cathy-thank you thank you for sharing your journey with us! Your writing style makes me smile on a regular basis and sometimes laugh out loud!
    You look great, by the way.

  16. #52
    Amy Ferguson

    Gotta say! Looking tiny!! I’m officically down 18 libbies on WW myself and find you inspiring. Please share more recipes and or snackage that you love!

  17. #55

    Cathy! where did you go!!! you look incredible! and we all know how much work you’ve put into looking so great. Yay you!

  18. #56

    You look awesome! Your legs are killer. I love that top and may have to think seriously about getting one of my own – i only run in sleeveless, too:)

  19. #57
    Donna Tullis

    Cathy you are rocking!!! So very happy for you and the success you are seeing…so much work, but it is so worth it when it starts paying off. And by the by what is not to love about that daughter of yours…she is a mini-mom πŸ™‚

  20. #58
    Susan K

    Wow, you look great Cathy! I have a hard time finding long running shirts and tanks. I’m 5′-11″ and don’t want my butt hanging out for all to see!

  21. #62

    You look stickin’ HOT!! Love the cool, yellow tank and your daughter is definitely rockin’ the hair-do. Thanks for sharin’.

  22. #64
    Katie Johnson

    Wow, Cathy, you really are looking HOT. So inspiring and motivating. I’m not a runner, but you are making me think I COULD be! So happy for you!

  23. #65
    Cindy Johnston

    I have to join in with the rest to say…you are lookin’ awesome girl!! Talk about inspiring on so many levels Cathy…wow!! So happy for you!

  24. #66
    cindy b.

    first the hairstyle (it is exactly like mine..hee hee) Need to find some of that Bumble cream though.
    secondly…STEP BACK! You look HOT! While you are considered about your arms, I on the other hand prefer a shirt that covers the ol’ bum…know what I’m saying?? i have no probably showing off the arms…my sweet a** is another thing. LOL!!

  25. #67

    Wow. Your daughter is blooming into SUCH a beautiful young lady. And you are looking awesome! What a great pair the two of you make. πŸ™‚

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    Nancie Janitz

    Cathy – thank you inspiring me & making me laugh! I love your humor! I just started running again and just bought some tops from Lucy yesterday β€” I did not see this! It’s so darn cute – you look darling. I definitely need this both myself and my muffin top! xoxo Nancie J.

  27. #70

    Totally proud of you! So, I’m 4 weeks into this running thing, and I still really hate it, but I have to admit that it is working. But, seriously, it is pure evil getting through the first 2.5 miles. The next 2 miles are much better, but the first couple? Just about want to die. Do they get ANY easier, eventually? Wish I could wear yellow — you look too cool!

  28. #72

    You are looking hot. Wonderful how motivated you are. WW repeat time for me–was doing so good at maintaining until I found a bunch of excuses last fall. . .

  29. #73

    I think you actually look BETTER than the model wearing it!! Really cute. And hilarious post. So true about the muffin top. πŸ™‚ Keep on truckin’!

  30. #74

    Cathy- Just wanted to say thanks for inspiring me. I have been watching your weight journey and decided to jump in with you. Just today, I was thinking that if I became a runner I could justify buying a top just like yours!

  31. #75

    I recently discovered the camouflage capabilities of elastic bottomed shirts. I think however that your game is up when you are like me and have a few too many = )

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    Audrey V

    Cathy, you look great! go you! I ran 5 miles today in preparation for my first 10K soon – go me! After months of no movement on the scale, I’m finally losing thanks to running, good weather, counting every stupid calorie and persistence! Thanks for your inspiration!
    Audrey V

  33. #81

    I hope my daughter develops that kinds cool…

    And Oh My God your legs look awesome. I am trying to run, and not succeeding yet, because I want those legs…

  34. #83


    I just bought the same pair of shorts, and thats a great tip!

    also have to share that i ran my first 21k race this last saturday! whoot! i started 2 years ago with running 30 seconds then walk 4 1/2 min. then moved up to a 2hr 3 min 1/2 marathon! yay! keep up the running cathy!

  35. #84
    Tena Sprenger

    very jealous of Aiden’s hair and your very sassy yet safe Yellow Lucy top…. I am all about the disguising things and minimizing jiggling as well!!! you are looking great Cathy. tena

  36. #87

    That girl of yours is perfectly beautiful!!! Thanks for the inspiration of taking on WW again. I’m down 15+ lbs!!!

  37. #88

    You look fantastic Cathy! I am a fellow weight watcher myself and really believe in the program. You have been working extremely hard and it shows!

    I remember you blogged one day about the bendable ipod holder you have on your treadmill. I have looked back thru some of your old entries and can’t find it. Would you mind sharing the info for this again?

  38. #89

    can i just say ( as a happily married gal) You look amazing – great legs!
    you are doing SOOOOO well, as the mother of a 7 weeks old. i looked pretty good 2 weeks after she was born – lost a lot of the preggie weight but 7 weeks on i look like i have been at home eating and sitting – oh yeah i have – you have inspired me – firstly to exercise at home. dh and i looked into exercise equipment last night! thanks :>

  39. #90

    cathy – i just freaking love you πŸ™‚ thanks for being my friend, one-sided though it may be… no one has to know that when i talk about you … heh.

  40. #92

    You are lookin’ HOT, mama! Also getting a bumblebee need those boingy things you wear at Hallowe’en to really complete the look. πŸ™‚

  41. #95

    You are looking so skinny!!! I am envious. The top if fabulous. Keep up the good work and you are such an inspiration.

  42. #98

    Aidan is gorgeous, I covet her amazing dark eyebrows!
    You are looking fantastic Cathy, thanks for the continued inspiration!

  43. #99
    Kathy Aylward

    Cathy you are looking amazing…you can soooo tell you have lost heaps of weight. That must make you feel in control of your life and that has got to be a good thing. Love the yellow top. You look incredible!!

  44. #103
    Beth R.

    Been reading your “my best life” postings. Came across this photo and just have to say how fantastic you are looking. I hope you can see how thin and trim your legs look. Amazing! Your hips have slimmed down also, yellow looks great on you. But I hope you still have the orange sweatshirt , just save it for a cold comfy morning in January.
    Great job!

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