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Ahhh…so girly. So pink. So many more pictures of my immediate family than the bride, and yet, this page will work so well in my "All About Us" scrapbook.

This is a digital template from my "Design Your Life" workshop. While I will always be a fan of clever ways to create hybrid scrapbook layouts, this page shows me why I love digital as well. Quick, clean, classic and completed.

A few photos I love, a few words I wrote, and a few simple pieces of digital cardstock are all that's needed for me to save this memory.

The digital file for this layout will now go into my "Uploads" folder for Then next stop? My album.

Here's to minimalism in your documentation when it fits.

Design Your Life Layered Template No. 10

Just Linens No. 4 (pink papers, lighter sheet modified in PS) by Michelle Martin

Just Linens No. 1 (light cream background paper) by Michelle Martin

Dearest Script and Archer fonts.

Cathy ZielskeLayout share: They Did!

17 Comments on “Layout share: They Did!”

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    Deborah Mundorff

    beautiful layout – bumms me out when you use fonts that cost so much, way out of my reach!

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    Cindy Peterson

    And that, my dear, is why I am now a digital scrapper. A few photos, a story, and another page done in the story of my family. I use your templates more than any other kind!

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