Video Tutorial: Using digital templates to make hybrid scrapbook pages (downloadable instructions included!)

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This post begins with a scrapbook page as inspiration. This one:


This was a layout I did for a one-page article about me in Simple Scrapbooks (cue angels singing here.) RIP, Simple Scrapbooks.

This layout appears in my “All About Cathy, Vol. 2” album. I’ve always loved the page and wanted to turn it into a digital template. Why? Because I like concepts that encourage and help scrapbookers to write. This idea of simply writing a list of the stuff you see—whether you’re looking at yourself, another, or something simple, like a physical location or a period in time—is something anyone can do, even people who say, “But I’m not really into journaling.”

It’s a quick and simple way to get some specific, authentic details in your albums.

So I made a digital template to approximate the original design.


Then I made a digital page to test drive it, using my sweet teen-ager as my muse.


And while I really love this page, I thought this template was a perfect design to show how non-digi scrappers can take advantage of layered PSD files to create hybrid layouts.

I made hybrid page this to test my theory:


A few slight changes: different colors, a black and white photo, but the same overall concept and design.

Today, I’m going to show you how to take my digital template and make a hybrid page using Photoshop Elements 8. Watch the video below, and also download the PDF with my step-by-step instructions.

Hybrid Scrapbooking Tutorial: Using Layered Templates to Make Hybrid Scrapbook Pages from Cathy Zielske on Vimeo.

Here is a PDF of the digital step-by-step instructions for your downloading pleasure:

Download CZHybridSteps


Once you’ve watched the video, you can print out the instructions to help you complete the steps.

Here are a few of the assembly steps for creating the final hybrid page, illustrated in photos.


Print your journaling onto your choice of cardstock. I’m using kraft to match what I did on the digital layout.


Print your photo onto photo paper and trim.


Print your title bars onto white cardstock and trim, leaving room to use a scallop edge border punch on the bottom edge of the title strip. Notice how I tried three different colors. I decided the rich magenta-ish color was my favorite. I used my Fiskars Scallop Punch to create a scalloped edge on the title block.



Adhere the photo to the background cardstock, then line up the patterned paper you plan to use on the bottom. I simply put adhesive along the bottom of the background cardstock, layed down my 12 x 12 sheet of patterned paper, then flipped the layout over and trimmed off the excess.



And voila! The completed layout. Honestly, I don’t know which one I like better. Both have a feel to them. Both have elements I love.

And the best part? Both offer a way to write something authentic about someone I love.

If you have any questions today, leave them for me today in the comments.


SUPPLIES (Digital Layout)

Layered Template: Template No. 61 (Cathy Zielske)

Cardstock: Siri Solids (Michelle Martin)

Patterned Paper: Siri Paper Pack (Michelle Martin)

Month&Date Stamps: Outline Days, Months, Years and Numbers (Ali Edwards)

Font: Avenir (for journaling)

SUPPLIES (Hybrid Layout)

Layered Template: Template No. 61 (Cathy Zielske)

Cardstock: Bazzill Orange Peel White and Bazzill Kraft

Patterned Paper: Basic Grey Sultry Collection (“Dressy” sheet)

Border Punch: Fiskars Scallop Punch

Font: Avenir (for journaling)

Cathy ZielskeVideo Tutorial: Using digital templates to make hybrid scrapbook pages (downloadable instructions included!)

38 Comments on “Video Tutorial: Using digital templates to make hybrid scrapbook pages (downloadable instructions included!)”

  1. #1

    Thanks, Cathy. Thanks to your digital templates (and your Design Your Life course)hybrid pages have become one of my favorite ways to scrap!

  2. #4
    peg risley

    Thanks for teaching us hybrid Cathy! Thanks for sharing your weight loss/healthy lifestyle too – you’re doing great!

  3. #5

    Thanks, Cathy, love it! One question… in the hybrid page, that “watermark” kind of flourish in the upper right corner… did you stamp that or does your printer print to the edge of the page? It must be stamped… right?

    Okay, I’m off to go run… see how inspiring you are? 😉

  4. #7

    Cameron, my printer prints edge to edge. I talk about it briefly in the video. : )

    So that is printed, but… you could achieve the same effect using a stamp and some of that watermark ink stuff, which the name of it has eluded me right now.

  5. #8

    Cathy, Thanks so much for this tutorial!
    I bought both of your recent digital kits (the monthly) because I couldn’t decide between full digital and hybrid.
    Can you go over how you get all of those photos ready to send to, i.e. multiple photos on one 5X7. Or was that explained someplace and I missed it? Sorry to be so daft.

  6. #9
    Cindy Phillips

    Wonderful mini class! I love that you gave me a PDF to print and keep in my records. I frequently need to practice a new technique a few times before it’s committed to memory, this will be so helpful. And perfect timing, I’m also taking Renee’s Just the Basics Class. You ladies are wonderful. Please continue to give me journaling prompts, we all need to journal a little more. Love ya Cathy!

  7. #10

    Hey Annie,

    In the hybrid how-to PDF that comes in the set, there are some basic instructions for clipping photos into templates. : )

    That should help.

    There are four separate photo layers on the 5 x 7. You simply copy a photo from another file, paste it in, size it down by grabbing one of the four corner handles, and then hitting Control + G to clip it into the photo mask.

    Hopefully, that will help you! Let me know if not!

  8. #12

    A little bit off topic, but a question for you…Where do you purchase your Bazzill Orange Peel White 8.5 x 11 in bulk? I’ve been doing a search on the internet trying to find the best place with the best shipping options. Can you help?


    PS, love the step by step and the photos to go along with it!!!

  9. #13
    Cynthia Michener

    Thanks so much for the PDF format- I m deaf and really do appreciate your written PDF instruction. :o)
    Love your work as always!

  10. #16

    Thanks for another great template! Your “simple” designs have really turned me onto digital scrapbooking. I just love, love, love it…


  11. #17

    I know this isnt the main idea of this post but I really love the idea of having an All About Cathy book! Well, in my case… an All About Jakki book…

    It is perfect. If you were too look through my albums,scrapbook and photo…it would look like I never existed. Tons of photo’s of everyone else but nothing, except maybe a thumb print, about or with me.

    Thanks for idea…

  12. #21

    It’s so simple, but a great way to tease out that journaling. You could adapt to any place, situation, person, philosophy, whatever.

  13. #23

    Thanks for showing us the tutorials. I love both layouts can’t pick a favorite because I love both colors you chose to use. Hoping to give this a try. I love what you wrote about Aidan she must love reading that about herself. Great inspiration thanks!!

  14. #24

    Love the template, and even though I’m a digital scrapper now, I really miss the feeling of creating with paper sometimes. What I don’t miss, is the mess. 😉 (Love you, Macbook Pro and what I can do with you and CS5!) Both your layouts are wonderful, but as I’m a sucker for BW photos, I choose the hybrid. You have a beautiful girl.

  15. #25

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for the step-by-step photos of the non-digital steps. Since the computer stuff comes second nature to me, I have been afraid to break apart a layout and use traditional scrapbooking elements. I have no clue where to start. It just doesn’t come as naturally to me as dragging and dropping from one Photoshop window to the next.

  16. #26

    Thanks for the tutorial, Cathy. It was fun to watch you “play” with your template. It’s funny that this should post today. I printed my first digi-scrapbook page at Costco today. I love the whole hybrid concept — taking advantage of the best part of both paper and digital!! (On a side note: loved hearing your voice on the video; not what I had expected. It’s fun hearing people on the web as well as seeing and reading ’em!!)

  17. #27

    Great way of showing how digital can work for traditional paper scrappers. I like the idea of a hybrid until I come to the cost of the papers, and then think about my never ending supply of digi papers!

    Now I think I have to go make a page of my husband based on your brilliant layout!

  18. #28

    OMG. As a lover of Clean and Simple and all things Cathy, this is so helpful. I’ve got my fingers crossed that there is a CZ book in the future of “how to” make the leap into digital for dummies… well, maybe not dummies, but people who need a little extra help.

  19. #29
    Lynn M

    Thank you so much for the PDF instructions. Love the idea of hybrid; with so much invested in papers, it makes the decision to go digi easier on the pocketbook. Also love the simple design & easy journaling.

  20. #30
    Nancy M

    Cathy, you make it look so easy with your sinply & clearly done video and step-by-step written directions. There is hope for me yet! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  21. #31
    Deneen Cook

    Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! Loved this video and how easy it truly is to change the color of an item. You Rock and are my scrapping hero Yay!

  22. #32

    Love your tutorials. I am truly a beginner with anything digital. Will give this a try. Also, can you recomend a digi basic pack of paper, if that’s how they come. Thanks again for the tutorials.

  23. #33

    Thank you…thank you…thank you…I think I have finally seen the light!! I was getting so bogged down trying to learn the whole digi/hybrid thing that I was ready to give up but your instructions are just so simple and easy to use….and your templates with the emphasis on words and photo’s rather than bling is so me….now just to convince hubby to let me get a new printer..the largest I can print is A4 on mine…can’t even print 8.5 x 11

  24. #36

    I’m totally new to digi/hybrid, so I hope this isn’t a dumb question, but can you change the words in the title, i.e., “can I tell you what I hear”

  25. #37

    Thanks for this great tutorial, Cathy.I am a total beginner with hybrid scrapbooking. I wonder, if I can print with an inkjet printer on cardstock. Will the ink smear? Could you give me a tip which sort of cardstock works best with this printer?

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