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I know you aren't supposed to use the term "flat" with a time that has seconds on it. I know this. Really I do.


Never mind that little detail, because woo-hooooo, it's time to scrapbook! (Sorry, that was a bit too enthusiastic, wasn't it?)

Here is what the final two-page layout of awesomeness looks like:


JOURNALING READS: I did it. I officially ran 3.1 miles outside, surrounded by nature, sunshine and other runners, on a lovely July day in my 44th year of life. Go figure. When I started getting back into shape last January, there weren’t any dreams of running road races. Mostly, my dreams consisted of fewer potato chips and size 10 jeans. But once I managed to make the connection that running continuously OUTSIDE could actually be rewarding, something started to click. People starting suggesting races, you know, just for kicks. Initially, I thought, “Nah. Not my deal.” But then I kept thinking, “So maybe it’s NOT my deal. Doesn’t mean I couldn’t at least try one, right?”

I picked my race rather hastily based purely on location. I could handle a race around Como Lake. I do the full lake route at least once a week and it’s only a mile or so from my front door. I waited until the very last minute to register online and told no one, save for my immediate family. Why? I wanted an easy out. What I didn’t anticipate were the nerves the night before. I mean, it’s not like these were Olympic trials. I barely got three hours of shut eye. I was flashing back to every single skating or swim meet I’d ever entered. Those sickeningly familiar pre-competition jitters that always threatened to overwhelm me we’re bearing down hard.

But on the morning of the race, I felt calm. All I had to do was pin on a number, put one foot in front of the other, and do what my body had been proving it could do for a  few months now: run. Once the race kicked off, I was golden, running a faster per mile pace (10:30) than I’d previously clocked with Nike+iPod. With Dan, Aidan and Cole to cheer me on (and ably document the day with photos) I was one proud little cookie. My new goal? To run the next one under 30. And maybe a nice 10K in the fall. Go me.

I building this design by using a digital template as my layout base. Here's the template.


This is a good template for when you have a big story, and a goodly chunk of photos to match.

I opened up the left facing page and set out to create my title, subheading and journaling. I changed the font in the template, and I turned off the layers with the circle embellishment components.

Then, I added in a "5K" PNG from a new set called Road Race, and then layered another PNG from the set ("My First Race") over that.


After coloring the "5K" PNG to roughly match the greenish-yellow of my Lucy running top, I sent the file to print onto my favorite Bazzill white cardstock.

{Note: to change the color of a PNG, click on its layer in the Layers Palette and go to Edit > Fill Layer. Then in the Contents drop down menu, choose Color, and a Color Picker window will pop up. Choose a color, and when you click OK, that color will apply to the PNG. Make sure the Preserve Transparency button is checked, or the color will apply to the entire layer.}

Then I opened the right facing page template (for the photo collage) and dropped in my race photos. {To learn how to drop photos into digital scrapbooking templates, I have a series of videos that show this process. Click here for a basic video on digital scrapbooking using templates.}

Next I added words to the two journal strip layers, along with a piece of black digital cardstock to serve as the background for the strips.

Then it was time to print the collage of photos and the strips. To print just the photo collage page, I turned off the journal strip layers, and sent the file to print with a borderless setting onto photo paper.

To print the journal strips, I turned off all of the layers containing my photos and the photo masks, and sent that to print, also on a borderless setting, onto the same Bazzill white cardstock.

Printed out, my cardstock pages look like this:



I love how the PNG looks like a stamp on the background. I also dropped one of the PNGs ("A Perfect Pace") onto one of my race photos, and colored it white.

And this was the right facing page with the photo collage.



I trimmed the journal strips, and then adhered them onto the photo collage printout.



And there you have it, a completed scrapbook page, with a hybrid approach, achieved simply by turning off layers to print specific components, then assembling them for the final pages.



Layered Template: Cathy Zielske's Layered Template No. 51

Digital Brushes & Stamps: CZ Road Race

Digital Cardstock: Aki Solids (Black sheet)

Font: Archer

Cardstock: white cardstock (Bazzill Orange Peel 8.5 x 11)

Photo paper: Ilford Gallerie Smooth Pearl

Photo printer: HP Photosmart 8750

Questions? Leave them in comments today and I'll do my best to answer!


Cathy ZielskeLayout share: 32:38 flat

65 Comments on “Layout share: 32:38 flat”

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    Kathy in MN

    A running file? An actual running file? As if you running isn’t enough, you created running digital files? I love you. Do you know how hard it is to find good running scrapbooking elements, let alone GREAT ones? YOU ARE THE BOMB.

  2. #3
    Tonja Trump

    Thanks for all those details..and inspiration. Since you live that close to Como Lake, I hope to see you September 11 for the Camp Odayin Heart & Soul 5k! 🙂

  3. #4

    FABulous design for your 5K page. I can’t wait to see what you do with your first 10K photos. 😉
    (P.S. Congratulations to your MISA giveaway winners… and thank you, Cathy, for all you do for scrapbookers everywhere!)

  4. #5

    It’s a beautiful scrapbook layout and an incredible accomplishment. You are awesome! Congratulations on a great first run.

  5. #6

    LOVE the layout Cathy! You asked for questions and here is a really daft one, but I really am interested in the answer. How can you bear to print two cm wide strips across the middle of a sheet of card? When I saw it I thought you would stick the photos to that page, but of course it made sense to do it the way you did. Is there a reason why you don’t push your printing elements up the page (to reuse the rest of the card) or do you have a cardstock sugar daddy?

  6. #7

    Wow you have some exciting accomplishments in your life right now, congrats on the MISA you do inspire so many people on a daily basis. Thank you for all you do for us. I love this 5k layout all the different journling on it and the cool ways you did it all. This looks super and love how you have so much room for journaling and the photos.

  7. #8

    Of course everything looks wonderful as usual- BUT I personally love the unmanicured note. Sometimes I look at women’s hands, and think “Geesh. Do you really do anything or is it all a sham?” LOL!

  8. #12

    I am pretty wasteful at times with my cardstock. Thats the honest truth. I think because i order SO much white cardstock, and i usually save the scraps in a scrap bin. I could have moved them up. I probably should have. But you know, cardstock sugar daddy! LOL!

  9. #14
    Barb M.

    Manicures are highly over-rated. Love pedis!
    Congratulations on the 5k and great layout! That is a great digi kit. My DH has been running for 20+ years and I keep saying that I need to do a album for him. You have given me a great gift to make that a reality. Thanks!

  10. #15

    Cathy, thanks so much for this. I really enjoy seeing how you put your templates to use. I have loved this page design from when I first saw it in your book. Your adaptation for a different layout gives me lots of ideas of how to keep using templates over and over. Also, seeing all that you have accomplished with your weight loss and expercise has got me motivated to do the same. Thank you always for the inspiration!!

  11. #16

    So inspiring…you’ve once again inspired me to scrap those important moments of “my” life. (Great time!)


  12. #18
    Sharon in California

    Awesome….inspiring and pretty darn great job YOU. When I walked the AVON 2 day I had those same feelings. I know that feeling when you complete it…its a feeling only you can feel and no one can take away from you ever. Sort of like graduation too. Love the documentation and real feelings about it all. Keep movin’ sister!!

  13. #20

    I like the page. I loooove the running elements and that you wanna do more.

    Could you add alternatives to the miles ones? You know for us weirdos that count distances in km. This means that marathon for us is 42 195 m and half is 21 097,5 m (whut you mean too many numbers? it’s science c.c). I personally could live with 42.2 and 21.1 though. 😉

  14. #23

    I am just in awe of you seriously.. So hubby got us a treadmill from a friend who didn’t want it anymore and why have I been staring at it for the past week. WHAT am I afraid of… I KNOW I need to get on but can’t do it.. I did walk to get lunch yesterday and that was like 2 miles going and coming does that count? I love to come here and look at your amazing process cause when I do I close my eyes and see a leaner kicking butt me.. NOW I just to get moving and DO IT.. I WILL do it.. and then I will make my own pages too 🙂

  15. #26

    you will. remember. baby steps. it took me a while to be able to run for 15 minutes without stopping! dont get discouraged, and dont over-do it!

  16. #28

    Seriously, you never cease to come up with such simple and yet dazzling LOs! Where do you get your inspiration? I need me some of that! Usually I sit and stare at the elements that I want on a page, move them around in a few positions and end up doing something less than fantastic because I am now running out of patience!

  17. #29
    Donna Tullis

    I LUV the pages…and I have news…my daughter (22) and myself (almost 49…that is so freakin strange to think about myself) are officially intraining for our first ever 5k…I started working out like you in January, mostly zumba and core & more at my local rec center. I have lost over 25 lbs…mostly wanting to change my lifestyle and be fit. My daughter started working out too, she lives in another city and is going to college and so she called yesterday and we are going jump in and go for it. I printed a 8 week beginning plan for running yesterday and really did great last night. you really have been an amazing inspiration…thanks so much Cathy from the bottom of my big ole Texas heart!

  18. #31
    Carolynn F

    OK…confession time: DYL turned me into a Font Stalker. I love the font you chose for the PNG brushes and stamps. I am always amazed at how you find the perfect font for every application. You are the guru.

  19. #33

    Cathy, please, please share some tips about choosing fonts!! I love your clean, graphic style and so much of it has to do with the fact that you choose the perfect font! Maybe you’ve already shared and if so, don’t hesitate to tell me where to go…um, I mean point me in the right direction! 😉 And if you haven’t yet, will you please share some of your fave journaling and heading fonts?

  20. #34

    That template rocks! I love how you incorporated so many photos. Must add this to the shopping cart!

    Have a great Day!

  21. #35

    Congratulations! Both to the winners and to you ;D I did my first road race in May, on Mother’s day to be exact. The 10 Vancouver Sun Run. I thought I was crazy. But thank you so much for giving me inspiration for my layout which I have yet to do. It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had so far. And while I didn’t run the entire race, I did run for the majority of the first 4K and I did it in under half an hour, but then my hip started to bother me and I had to walk the rest of the way. I still finished under the 1:30 time I set for myself (at 1:29:31 ;D).

  22. #38
    Karen C

    I love this template. Can this be re-sized for 12 x 12 or is there a 12 x 12 version? Thanks for all your inspiration!

  23. #40

    I hope to some day do a post on type, but I also think it would not be that exciting. Why? I only use a few fonts. Thats it. I think thats the key. Simplicity and classic faces. You can never go wrong!

  24. #41

    There isnt a 12 x 12 version. : ( Sorry about that. This design is from one of my books, and I simply translated it as is!

  25. #42

    Hi Cathy,
    I am a big fan of yours. I took the last DYL class and am signed up for ME, the abridged version. Anyway, I have a suggestion for you. I think you should post your pages on the designer digitals website so they can be viewed with the corresponding template. Every time I order from them I add another of your templates to my stash…but sometimes forget the page you did…or are hoping to see the template in use for inspiration. I think you would sell more. 🙂 Just a suggestion.

  26. #43

    Doh! I totally forget to post there sometimes. Although with today’s page, it’s not digital, so I feel I shouldn’t post it there.

    There are many of my templates at DD that are based on some of my cardstock pages, and that’s also why i don’t post pictures of them there. Because they’re not digital.

    But, there are some digital ones I’ve done that I have neglected to post there. I need to go through and see which ones!

    Thanks for the head’s up reminder! : )

  27. #46

    I have often thought that several of the “designers” who took part in the last dyl would make you a great creative team. I also think it would help to sell the templates seeing a couple of examples of what others (along with your own layouts) have done.

  28. #48
    Stéphanie B.

    Well, I was looking forward to see this layout. You remind me so much of me a year ago when I accomplished the same milestone. I made my layout based on one from the DYL class. I still have my 1/2 marathon race layout to do, and this looks like the perfect template and brushes.

  29. #51
    Lori H

    Wow Cathy- your page rocks- reading your journey through this Move more eat less months I keep telling myself I need to do this. I talk and talk and talk about it but don’t do anything about it. Today I took the plunge and went a bought a good pair of running shoes (the guy laughed at the ones I have and said he wouldn’t even let his dog run in them) so I have the shoes and just need to get out there and do it. I don’t have a treadmill so outside I go. Thankgoodness for nice MN weather- I hope to be on track before it turns nasty outside so that doens’t distract me. Keep doing what you are doing as it motivates many (including me) to get off the coach and move. Thanks Cathy

  30. #52

    Only one thing to say:

    You GO, girl!

    Now, pretend I was running past you, going the other direction, lifted a hand and said that. We grin at each other with whatever energy we have and keep going. That’s what I’M talking about.

  31. #61

    I love the layout. And I love working with paper, so I tend to do more hybrid than pure digital myself. But for this layout, why did you choose to do it hybrid? What was the benefit of not plunking the pictures into the template, rather than printing them separately, cutting out the paper, and then adhering that? It seems like so much more work but not so much additional payoff? (though like I said: it’s awesome!) Anyway, I’m just curious as to what inspired you to not do pure digital here and why? Thanks!

  32. #62

    Well, when it comes to marathons I don’t think anything’s universal. Here we got a cm-marathon geared toward kids. 42 195 cm or 42.2m. It’s spreading across the country (Sweden) too as away to get kids to try exercise.

  33. #63

    good question. I just figured a) I like the idea of the journaling page being on my favorite white cardstock, so b) I like to have some physical link between the pages from a textural standpoint. So, by doing just the paper strips, and adhering them down, there you have that physical, textural link.

    : )

  34. #64
    Cathy Twitchell

    OOOOH!!! I LOVE it! It makes me want to start scrapping again. I’m sure it would be the perfect thing for me to journal running through this pregnancy. Thanks for the awesome inspiration!

  35. #65
    Carolynn F

    It would have never occurred to me to run an action on text…one more inspiring thought. Always learning something new on your blog. Thanks for sharing Cathy!

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