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    Aww, happy birthday! My girlie just turned 10 5 days ago! I blogged about it, too. Hope you all have a fabulous day!

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    Madeline St Onge

    Happy Birthday Cole. I hope you always have the wonderful and loving personality that you have now

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    Happy Birthday Cole. Eleven is such a cool age. It is the start to all of the positive two digit palindrome birthdays. Enjoy your day.

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    Happy Birthday Cole. It has been great watching you grow and become a young man thru your mom’s blog. Hope today is super fantastic!

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    Happy Birthday Cole!!!!!! My son turned 11 on July 4th—-

    I think we need a video from you soon?

    hope you have a super birthday!

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    Nicole S.

    HB, C! Cathy, you are such a hottie in that last pic! It’s almost as cute as the Constitution photo.

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    Happy Birthday Cole. Did you get the Titanic slide? We want pictures.

    Cathy, when talking to my hubby about your blog I must say “the one with the Titanic Lego video” – then he knows.

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    Pilbara Pink

    Happy birthday Cole from down here in Australia! Cathy, I am curious about how you came to choose Asher for Cole’s middle name? It is our surname and I think it is cool!

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    Thanks! Its a biblical name that I have always really liked. I really wanted it for his first name, actually. I wanted to call him Ash.

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