I may never wear compression shorts again

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Okay, running skirts? HELLO! Adorable. A. Dor. A. Ble.

I bought this skirt at Lucy the other day, and work-shopped it on this morning's run. Aside from getting my first ever side stitch after Mile 2 (what's up with that?) I felt light, free and girly. More or less.

I've had several blog readers wonder if I have links to all of the posts I've done on this whole health and fitness thing, and the answer is 'yes!' Simply click here and you'll have access to all posts under the tag of "mybestlife.com" where I've covered all of my Tales from the Scales and other health (and whining about health) related content.

You'll even find my fabulous Oprah cover parody. That might make looking back worth it alone.


Have a great weekend, and be sure to check back next Monday for some seriously fun giveaway goodness.

Cathy ZielskeI may never wear compression shorts again

108 Comments on “I may never wear compression shorts again”

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    Leslie @ {Tiny Wings}

    You are toooooo cute!! Glad you found a running skirt! I love mine, too . . . even if no one has seen me in it since I just can’t quite convince myself to run outside yet! LOL. Maybe this weekend . . .

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    Lookin’ good, Cathy! I think the trick is photographing ones self. . . .

    Did you see the post @ write. click. scrapbook. today? She used the gimme 5 template from DYL. good post on albums.

    Have a great weekend.

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    adorable is right! how cute are you?! LOVE the running skirt πŸ™‚
    So about the stitch in your side….I get one every. single. time. I run. What IS up with that? It makes going past 3 miles for me uncomfortable. Until it goes away. I usually have to take a walking break and take deep breaths. How did you deal with your stitch? Do you know what causes them? I do not.
    Have a good weekend!

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    I love running skirts too! I have two from Lululemon that I reach for over and over. They also have the cutest running shorts ever! My favourite pair right now is orange, purple and aqua plaid. When you look cute it’s more fun to go running! πŸ™‚

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    Sharon in California

    Cathy, I am beyond words to express how impressive this is. You are such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your journey. Mine has come. I have been dibbling and dabbling in eating better, etc. but its the moving that is slow to come. So I begin!! Congratulations to you and I hope you are as proud of yourself as I am inspired.

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    You look terrific so glad your sharing it with us. I agree with everyone above your looking good!!! Was just thinking the other day about you and what kind of new fun summetime clothes you are buying to go with your new body size!! Thanks for the easy link to find your past posts. Have a great weekend.

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    Sharon in California

    Cathy, I am beyond words to express how impressive this is. You are such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your journey. Mine has come. I have been dibbling and dabbling in eating better, etc. but its the moving that is slow to come. So I begin!! Congratulations to you and I hope you are as proud of yourself as I am inspired.

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    You look terrific so glad your sharing it with us. I agree with everyone above your looking good!!! Was just thinking the other day about you and what kind of new fun summetime clothes you are buying to go with your new body size!! Thanks for the easy link to find your past posts. Have a great weekend.

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    Nicole Czarnecki

    Love your skirt! I heard from my running buddies if you breathe a little deeper when you run you’ll help prevent the side stitches. Happens to runners all the time I hear. (Man, you’re making me want to get back to running. I am your “before” picture – yet again. 180 and puffy. Boo.)

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    Susan Rodriguez (bucket)

    My marathon team is obsessed with running skirts! Have you checked out runningskirts.com? They come in great colors and styles. And the ones with capri pants are the best ever. I have a few pairs. LOL.

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    Mama, you do look good.

    I call compression shorts ‘sausage pants’ and no, Mr/Ms runner, biker you do not look good in them. You look like you have been stuffed into sausage casings no matter how healthy you may be getting.

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    i recently was reading about this on the Run Like a Mother facebook page. A lot of people said to walk it out a bit, breath slower, slow your pace down. I just kind of plowed through it, but it bummed me out because thats never happened. It is really quite hot and humid, so maybe i was a bit tense while running? hard to say!

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    Hey Nicole, i have been back and forth a few times now myself. You can do it when youre ready, you know? Not every day is a ready kind of day!

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    I know. Totally, but… they DO minimize the old thigh rub thing. Gotta respect that. ha!

    Now i think i’ll need more of these skirts!

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    I have a dozen or so Nike running shorts in great colors but my 2 running skirts are my favorites!! Now I’m off to check our a link from a previous commenter.

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    Holy ****! You make me LOL! Love the Oprah parody cover, been “working” on doing my fitness pages from the beginning of the year and trying to round up random pictures to illustrate the journey. Will take a “purposeful” shot at the beginning of August. One cool thing… I hadn’t done my measurements at the beginning, but did them in June and even though I haven’t lost but a lb. this month, I lost 4 inches. Swimming three days a week has been awesome for my body. Thanks so much for the continued inspiration. I love it!

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    lynne moore

    Wow, Cathy. You are looking awesome. Wating for that whole ready thing to hit my husband. He needs it to regain some strengh and health. He won’t be ready for a while because he’s already skinny. Me? I’ll have to stick with the comments from the kids in Tae Kwon Do class that say , “my mom thinks your pretty awesome to be able to do that kick…” I think it’s a compliment. Anyway, it motivates me.

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    The side stitch was probably from holding your breath waiting for all those whistles. πŸ˜‰ Side stitches happen (for me) when I get out of sync when I am breathing…it changes between a 3-2 pattern and a 2-2 or 3-3…depending on what I am doing that day. (hills, sprints, etc.) …and all I have to say about compression shorts is ew. Never could do them. I love skirts first, but also have the Nike running shorts…They just look so sporty. πŸ™‚

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    I must say . . . you are looking FABULOUS girl! I’ve never been a skirt girl (and compression pants are just WEIRD. It’s a self conciousness/phobia of tight clothing thing . . .), but these look really cute! I may have to try these out myself! Right now I’m running in little boy’s elastic waistband gym shorts . . . lol. They hit me just above the knee, so they cover all those “not so sexy” parts of my thighs. If I can manage to get rid of that little bit of muffin top I’m still carting around from child #2, I may just reward myself with some fabulous (and sexy) running gear. πŸ˜‰

    Keep up the fabulous work! Love how you’re documenting your fitness journey!

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    Okay, I am by no means a pro…but I have a friend who worked with trainer for a marathon, and she had it drilled into her head to breathe in long and deep, something like count to six, or six strides. After awhile it was natural for her, but she said he drove her crazy at first with the counting. She used to get stitches all the time.

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    Lisa Dickinson

    oh yeeeeeeah baby! between the skirt and the pink newtons, you are one hot running mama! I always figure if I’m gonna go sweat like a racehorse, I may as well look feminine!

    P.S. The Target C9 running skirts are fab (and cheap!) I’ve stocked up in quite a few colors πŸ™‚

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    You look fantabulous! Hot running chick! I’ve gotten so use to wearing shorts just above my knee that anything shorter, even for running, makes me feel nekkid! The skirt looks so cute! I lost the confidence to wear mini’s though. How do I get it back? πŸ˜‰

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    I love these… I have a bunch of them for tennis, but I’ve been known to wear them while running or teaching aerobics too. Even though my legs are not as long and slim as yours (totally envious here!), I do love the girly girl feeling I get when I wear them. My favourite one is pink and orange. πŸ™‚

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    You know, my whole thing is i dont like to be overdressed because i get so dang HOT while im out there on a humid day. I realize my ghastly white gambs with the nice bits of cellulite may also not quite be viewer ready! LOL. But heres the thing: who can judge that? I mean, im out there doing it. Confidence is mine just for that. Yours too! Show those gambs!

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    Melinda Wilson

    Cathy, YOU MAKE MY DAY EVERYDAY!!! I love reading your blog and I truly love your new magazine cover – lol! I am currently recovering from surgery from last week SO I CAN RUN WITHOUT DIAPERS so thanks for posting these great post. It is keeping me motivated during this time because I really have missed my daily two mile walk (no walking or anything for at least 2 weeks). I started all this back in January, lost 20 lbs, been able to decrease one of my HBP and lowered my borderline diabetic numbers!!!!
    Thanks so much for all your posts!

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    Pam K

    Cathy, you look so stinking awesome! Thanks for the motivation! Also, I know this is gonna sound weird, but I can’t figure out your bathroon. Two mirrors? The fan on the floor? Sorry, I’m nosey.

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    Renee Mattei Myers

    I was going to ask if u discovered running skirts! I have been wearing them for a few years(before you could find them in target…). And love love them ! I got several at running skits.com that are my favorites. ( including the Cinderella blue one with the rhinestone tiara on it I wore in the Disney princess half marathon). Re stitch in side…I usually get them if I try to run too soon after eating

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    Sarah G. (dugarner)

    I have been doing classes at my gym pretty regularly this summer and am desperate for some fun workout clothes. My calves are nice, and my knees are okay, but about three inches above my knees, OOH, no one needs to see that! This is a great idea, I only wish it were longer! You have inspired me to start complying with my mandated nutrition plan, and I’ve stepped up my exercise. I want to be 30 pounds lighter by Thanksgiving.

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    Running skirts…who knew?!?? I just started “training” for a 5K in October (thank you Cathy & Couch to 5K), but couldn’t bring myself to run outside in compression shorts or those teeny running shorts. Thanks for the heads up…you just made my day πŸ™‚

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    Believe me, it wouldnt make sense if i explained it. Although, the fan on the floor blows the cool air from the bathroom ac vent into my office, which has HORRIBLE air flow. Old houses are weird.

  31. #49

    I love this! and love that you are sharing your journey with us. Now I’m not being a stalker or anything, but I printed out a few of posts that show your amazing transformation to put on my clip board! You are really rockin’ and inspiring others as you go! Congrats!

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    Carol Zeitz

    So between you, Cathy, and Couch25K, and all my friends posting the Nike+ info, I’m starting my plan. I’ve never been a runner and will probably pick up the book you mentioned Run Like a Mother or whatever it is. But also… do you share your ITunes running playlist? I’m going to be so slow, I probably can’t run to yours, but would love to hear what people are listing to while they run.

  33. #51
    Christa Paustenbaugh

    I have 3 running skirts and LOVE THEM!! I poo pooed them at first when my running group was all the rave about them, but after running in one, it was awesome. That’s all I wear to races now and even have a hot pink one so my husband and kiddos can find me in the crowd!

  34. #52

    A stitch is a spasm of the diaphragm, the muscle which helps you breathe. Slow down, put your hands over your head and it will go away! Some people find they get more stitches when they do not hydrate sufficiently. When you run in hot weather, your body can lose up to 2 L/hr through perspiration. The maximum amount of fluid that your gut can absorb is 1.5 L/hr, so even when you drink lots, your body cannot absorb the same amount that you lose, leading to dehydration.

    Keep running, just run smart in hot weather

  35. #53

    Woo hoo!

    Here is my current fave mix:

    The Long Way Around Dixie Chicks
    Long, Long Way from Home Foreigner
    My Name Is Prince Prince
    Starlight Muse
    Hands In The Air Girl Talk
    Fergalicious Fergie
    I Gotta Feeling Black Eyed Peas
    Tidal Wave Owl City
    Safety Dance (Glee Cast Version) Glee Cast
    Wanna Be Startin Somethin (Single Version) Michael Jackson
    Root Down The Beastie Boys
    Everlong Foo Fighters
    X-Static Process Madonna
    Any Way You Want It / Lovin Touchin Squeezin (Glee Cast Version) Glee Cast
    Some Fantastic Barenaked Ladies
    Over The Rainbow (Glee Cast Version) Glee Cast

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    Looking awesome Cathy. You have collar bones:)
    Ive told you before i love your inspirational journey and you have so motivated me.
    Im back onto tracking my food and exercise in my food diary…must make a better one:)
    I hit the gym for 45 mins yay! Bit sore today though…cant wait to get back to my runs…i love the shape of my legs when they start to tone up:)

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    Hi there. I have been so inspired by this blog. I can particularly identify with the “discovering one’s inner athlete” idea.

    I suffered from an exercise limiting heart condition most of my adult life so when it went away (thanks, really, to a transplant) I had to start over and I wanted to do things really differently. I get teary when I read those posts. So inspiring.

    I tried the mybestlifedotcom link and it only takes me through to May 2010. Am I missing how to get the older posts?

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    Susie Leggett

    Cathy, you are looking fabulous. Your story has been such an inspiraton. But I must ask about that camera strap. Is it the crumpler industry disgrace? I’ve been thinking about purchasing one for a while now. Let me know what you think of it. You go girl.

  39. #58

    Sarah, at the very bottom of the page, there will be a small set of arrows. If you click them, they will take you to the previous group of pages, and so on and so on! Let me know if this doesnt make sense!

  40. #59

    I bought a couple of running skirts at Target recently, and boy do I feel feminine when I wear them. I also think they’re more flattering (on me) than my running shorts. Looking good, Cathy!

  41. #60

    YES! I LOVE this strap. it is the best strap, by far, ive ever had. Its cushy and comfy and sturdy. Buy one. You will not be disappointed!

  42. #62

    From the crazy lady who “recognized your shoes from your blog” earlier today… what I really wanted to say upon seeing you was “Great job on the weight loss and exercise stuff; yea you!!” The skirt is also very cute.

  43. #64

    Cathy – you look a.w.e.s.o.m.e! I just ordered and received that SAME skirt. Way to go on your journey to better health…and love your tales from the scale series. You are so inspiring. Ever think of putting together a digital album set similar to the school set but for birthdays? I like to put together a simple 2-page spread for birthdays – a look back at each year.

  44. #65
    Jayne Groenewold

    Cathy, you look extremely hot! The plunger peeking out from behind you – not so much. Sorry, the eternal smart ass in me couldn’t resist that one. Also I have germ issues with plungers so I keep mine in the garage wrapped up in bags (to protect the garage floor). You should re-think the location – seriously. Keep up the great work!

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    Adorable skirt! Adorable you! You have been my inspiration to begin running. I started a couple of weeks ago with the Couch to 5K program, and I finished the end of Week 2 today with a swollen, sore achilles tendon. It’s been bothering me all week, but I pushed through it. Probably a dumb move, but this is the ONLY time in my life that I have enjoyed running. So sad. Maybe a bit of shopping for new running gear will ease the pain. I’ll have to check out Lucy. Thanks for unknowingly being the “wind beneath my wings.” πŸ™‚

  46. #67

    oh, dont push it too hard! you may need to back off a bit. : ) I dont want you to later say, OH Cathy, THANKS for all the injuries! : )

    Good luck!

  47. #69

    seeing the 365 ways to love Neil Finn on your Z cover reminds me to let you know….Crowded House is on Jimmy Fallon next week. I believe it is Wed.

  48. #72

    Yes, I’ll back off a bit. I won’t hold you accountable. I have family genetics to thank for this. Many a ruptured achilles tendon in the mix. I thought it was just a problem with the men in the family, but alas, apparently not. I guess it’s time for some cross training. Yikes, that may mean I have to put on my bathing suit and hit the pool.

    Also, thanks for the playlist. Safety Dance by Glee Cast? Awesome! Must have missed that episode. Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It” is one of my faves right now. Silly, I know.

  49. #74

    Cathy – You just look so great in that skirt. While visiting your town this week I did go out on 5 mile walks with my sister. It was great because we do not have hills in Savannah. It was so nice and cool here compared to GA. Love it, seriously. We had fun here. Movies at Rosedale, Pizza at Punches and Chanticlear, visiting the Science Museum – Dead Sea Scrolls and the Arabia movie were worth the educational experience and the St. John’s Bible is amazing. Mall of America – too many stores and makeovers at Nordstroms and of course the Archivers/ Dick Blick experience. We even had a special tour with my niece at General Mills HQ. Very cool. Cannot wait to come back.
    Maybe next time my sister will take me to Como Park to walk… your neck of the woods.

  50. #75

    Sounds like you hit some fun spots! : ) I used to work at the Science Museum before Cole was born as a graphic designer. I actually quit WHEN he was born, because I didnt even make enough money to justify two kids (Aidan was 3 at the time) in day care. Still, i LOVE the Science Museum. Best job I ever had.

  51. #77

    Well, thats what i noticed yesterday. I normally feel NONE of it, and i did feel the thighs rubbing. Im picking up some Body Glide, to see how that works.

  52. #78

    That would be a fun job. I would go down the piano stairs every day. HAHA. You should go see this exhibit. It is good to have a memory of a great job. Mine was from 85-90. Well we are going walking at Como this morning before I fly out so I can check that off the list too.

  53. #79

    Awesome running skirt Cathy. I haven’t read all the comments, so not sure if you already know this, but stitches while running are caused by shallow breathing. I used to get them all of the time, but since I have started focusing on breathing deeply while running, they are gone. There are some great articles if you do a Google search. HTH.

  54. #80

    Thanks, Suzanne. I did read that. My breathing is usually pretty good. I also think i might have been dehydrated. Todays run? No problems!

  55. #81

    Very cute skirt Cathy. Do you have any TJ Maxx or Marshalls near you? I work at home office for TJX Corp (parent company of Marshalls, TJMaxx, Homegoods, AJ Wright and the European & Canadian chains as well)so they are my favorite stores of course. But the reason I ask you if you are near them is that I have seen running skirts in their activewear dept and you’d probably get 3 or 4 for the same price as buying 1 from the running stores. Just a thought.

  56. #83

    There are also bicycling skorts. Check out teamestrogen.com for different ones. They come in all lengths because I believe that bike shorts are as ugly and unflattering as running shorts.

  57. #84
    Tracy Blanton

    I love LUCY! They have the greatest clothes and good salespeople to help. I feel like if I’m working my butt off, I deserve some great clothes that look (and feel) great πŸ™‚
    Oh, and get on their mailing list–they always send great coupons out…

  58. #88

    Way to go, Cathy! I am so inspired by you. I too, was on a weight loss journey but I’ve taken a detour for the moment. I was in a weight loss class at my local gym and I successfully lost 22 pounds. However, the class ended and I got tired of counting calories, wanting to eat normally, et cetera. But I feel a bit lost. I still have 20-30 pounds to lose. Your have inspired me to get off my derriere and get moving again! I’m preparing my iPod tonight and I’ll be at it in the morning! Thank you!

  59. #89

    its so hard. i know what its like to want to stop counting everything that goes into your mouth. Believe me. Having a harder time with it in the past few weeks. : )

    I just know i feel better when i take care of myself, so i keep reminding me of that!

  60. #90

    A good trick is to lift the arm on the side that aches up over your head to stretch your side out while you run and breathe deeply. Yes, you will look like a total dork while doing this, but people who know won’t think so. And no, this is not some sort of elaborate “welcome to running” hazing prank. I swear.

  61. #94

    Oh good – I was checking to see if someone posted about the Target one. Mine only had black … but love it for walking (not running … yet).

  62. #96

    oh my, skinny minny! You are looking fab! And you always make me laugh out loud. Thank you for this blog, Cathy. Really.

  63. #97
    Carm Hernandez

    You have really inspired me to run again (you have always inspired me to scrapbook!). I joined a running club, signed up for an event to motivate me to train, bought an ipod and the running accessory…then realized I don’t own a nike shoe. But you don’t either? Where do you put the sensor?

  64. #99

    Good for you. That is a lot of work, and you did it. I am inspired by your philosophy, and I need to make more time for me. Thanks.

  65. #100
    Britiney @ Consider the Lilies

    I was looking to see if you’d addressed this or if it was an issue with your skirt. My girlfriend got a running skirt and it has shorts under. She said they ride up and then her thighs rub. That would drive me NUTS. Does your new cute skirt (WITH THE RUFFLE!) do this? If not, I may just have to give it a try. I also saw someone referred you to a place where they have capri length with a skirt over. I may have to go check those out. Thanks!

  66. #101

    Awesome shorts. It almost makes me want to run… almost.

    About the stitch-in-the-side — while I am hardly a runner and this may have nothing to do with it for you – my nurse mother-in-law says that they (at least sometimes?) come from too much carbon dioxide build up – and that if you attend to your breathing, particularly blowing out more forcefully and taking deeper breaths in, when you get one that it will dissipate more quickly. Like I said, I’m no expert, but I will say that I often get stitches in my side, and that the breathing thing does seem to really work for me. (Which probably means I should work on breathing more properly all around.) Anyway, an idea.

  67. #102

    i am nowhere near where you are with the whole fitness thing, but you have motivated me into getting off my rear and putting it into gear. your fb postings keep me inspired. thank you and great job. (starting week 3 of the whole fitness thing)

  68. #103
    sharon l

    I never thought a before/after layout would be so interesting. Boy, was I wrong. I am battling chocolate! I think I will do a journey album of my progress.
    Thank you for the inspiration!

    Sharon L

  69. #104
    Sandy BW

    Cathy – Thank you for all the time and insight you provide through your work. I use your ideas as inspiration to help my reading students at school. Your fun bits really help them understand what a personal narrative is. Your work has touched more people than you would ever know. Congratulations on your well deserved award.

  70. #106
    Renee Mattei Myers

    A little tip on the whole chafing thing…get yourself a stick of body glide. Dicks usually has it and it looks like a stick of deodorant. Put it on wherever you tend to chafe. Legs, arms etc ( for me I really need it along the bottom edge of my sports bra for the really long runs). Seriously after a few uses you will wonder how u ever ran without it!!

  71. #107
    Renee Mattei Myers

    And they make this other stuff called “udder cream”. But that’s for a whole different issue…..lol

  72. #108

    That shirt IS adorable! I’m losing weight right now but haven’t gotten to the running phase yet but I’m a great walker! I love the Before & After…too funny. Congratulations on reaching your goal! I have 75 more lbs. to go but am not giving up. I want to run a half marathon with my daughter in law next year. Thanks for the inspiration…maybe I will be able to fit into a running skirt one day!

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