Missed it by that much

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1986. Self portrait. Grapevine, Texas. Cathy MacDonald.


2010. Re-created portrait. St. Paul, MN. Aidan Zielske.


So my spatial framing abilities aren't what they used to be.

How I love filling the time during summer vacation


Cathy ZielskeMissed it by that much

23 Comments on “Missed it by that much”

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    These are beautiful and amazing photos!! So cool how much she looks like you. What kind of lighting did you use for the photos? Aidan must have loved seeing this with your picture!!

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    That is SO cool! I wish my children and I were as cool as you and your children. Maybe you should run a class at BPS – “How to be as cool as the Zielske’s”.

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    You two look amazingly alike in these two photos. What fun.

    I think you might get a kick out of this-Houston is eagerly waiting for a flower called the corpse plant (so called because of the awful smell that is emitted when the flower blooms) to bloom. It’s a fight foot tall flower and it is at the science museum here in town. The museum is now staying open 24 hours a day to ensure that everyone who wants a chance to see the flower gets the chance. Once it blooms, it only blooms for a day. Here’s a link to the webcam. Check it on when you get a chance!


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    Whoops, the previous entry should say “five foot tall” instead of “fight foot tall”. That’s what I get for posting before I’ve had my morning caffeine.

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    jo sowerby

    wow i am in awe again, i am so sad. you 2 are so similar to look at both beautiful women. aiden is amazingly photogenic even though i know she sometimes hate to sit for you. how much did you pay her this time?
    Jo xxxx

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    Before I read the captioning I thought both photos had the same subject – Aidan!
    And is it just me, or does this remind anyone else of the Robert Palmer video “Addicted To Love”?
    Very cool!
    – Lee

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    Wow – great photos. You two look so much alike. You are lucky she poses so much for you. My kids need to go to posing 101 school. But some of the pictures I get are still priceless and I love those.

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    Shana Dumblond

    It must be so fun having your daughter look so much like you and be up for recreating some old photos. My daughter looks nothing like me. Not even a little. *sigh*

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    Aidan, you are so cool – I love that you did this.
    Cathy, you are so cool – I love that you have a daughter that did this.

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    WOW! How fun is that? She looks so much like you! I am saving some of my old 1989 self portraits to do this with my kiddo in a few years!!! FUN!

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