The Monthly for June 2010

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With June now but a fond, summery, wedding-filled memory, I sat down at my computer on Saturday to tackle my Monthly pages.

Total number of photos taken last month? 444. Do I have room in my life for 444 photos? Hell to the no! (Sorry, I've always wanted to work that phrase into conversation. Not really working for me? Okay, duly noted, moving on…)

Still, I had lots to choose from as I started to fill in my layered template pages. Without further adieu, here are my June pages.


They include Cole and Dan's first trip to the new Twins stadium, a Chester visit, and Cole's first time at sleep-away camp.


They also include spring rolls, reminders that I need to not shop at Lucy so much, and Aidan's new "Modeling My Cardigan Collections" photo project.



And of course, lots of wedding photos.


I will be uploading all of these pages to this week, along with a handful of other digital scrapbook pages I've made that I've yet to print. I've decided that printing these pages at home is just too pricey from an ink replacement standpoint.

That said, I did print my smaller photos at home this time. I figured that three 5 x 7s wouldn't suck down too much ink. Another new thing I did was once I determined which pocket the photos and cards would go into, I adhered the two photos in each pocket together with a small dab of adhesive so they didn't separate in the pocket. It makes for a cleaner pocket look.


And with that, June is documented.


Digital Templates: The Monthly and The Monthly Hybrid for 8.5 x 11

Digital Papers: Annino Solids Paper Pack (yellow cardstock), Annino Paper Pack, Siri Solids Paper Pack all by Michelle Martin, Classic Cardstock: Hoops (Katie Pertiet) (white cardstock background)

Album: American Crafts 8.5 x 11 in brown courdory

Page Protectors: We R Memory Keepers divided and regular 8.5 x 11


WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE MONTHLY SETS?  I've created a new blog page that highlights each digital set, who it's for, and what's inside. Click here to learn more.

Cathy ZielskeThe Monthly for June 2010

25 Comments on “The Monthly for June 2010”

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    Awesome pages! I do the photo gluing thing too with small pockets. Are you going to hybridize the digital pages somehow or use as is?

  2. #3

    I love the photos you chose for June. This really is cool how you capture so much in a month and it looks so easy.

  3. #4

    love your pages, cathy!
    do you think it is too weird to start my “the monthly” project in july?
    and… any news about the recipes digital goodies?
    =^ . ^=

  4. #5

    your photography skills are fantastic and then they layouts are so contemporary and clean just as if you planned it that way all along! Love it and thanks for sharing =)

  5. #7

    I started mine in April… i don’t think it’s weird at all!

    Still no good progress on the recipe thang! sorry. In my head, though…

  6. #8
    Amber B

    Can’t believe you already have June documented on July 5th! That’s great! Here I thought I was doing good being done with April! πŸ™‚

  7. #10

    Love this idea! (Especially since I’m a Project 365 dropout) So for each month you have 1 full 8.5 x 11 and 1 pocket 8.5 x 11? Just trying to figure out how many I need to order. πŸ™‚

  8. #11

    Gorgeous. Love the sound of Aidan’s Modelling My Cardigans Collection. Thought for a moment she was modelling yours, not hers! Is she going to blog it on here? Seems a while since either of your two ‘guested’ on here. They were very popular posters, I seem to remember!

  9. #12

    Thanks cathy for your layout monthly examples, I really look forward to seeing them at the end of each month. I truely love this project.

    I was also wondering are you going to design baby layouts. I brought the add on words for the baby brushes and I have used them on the portrait school layouts, later when she gets to school age I will continue with the school templates. Thanks

  10. #15
    Tonya NC

    Glad you included a picture of the shoes you bought for the wedding.

    Love this style of documenting…

  11. #16

    i will be the first person to buy your templates designed for baby layouts ie first steps etc also could you design a time capsule template for the day when your baby was born,eg the cost of petrol, or who was the prime minister the year the baby was born etc….. sorry for demanding so much from you. i am just hopeless creating layouts. your templates just makes my life so easy. please consider a time capsule templates. thank so much. just hoping you would design them

  12. #18
    Kristen Macke

    Is it safe to assume that one would need about 35-45 photos of each month to work with if you’re using the monthly cover page, 4 templates for each month, two of the 9-slot pocket pages, and then the monthly summary page?

  13. #19

    I would say yes. I always have a ridiculous number of shots to choose from, but when i think back to before digital, i would never shoot that many.

    It’s a really nice manageable amount!

  14. #20

    I actually went back to the start of the year with mine. The photo part is easy and I have lots of notes about what we do. The photos also jogged my memory about what we were up to. Didn’t take me long either – love these templates! (Oh, and I didn’t bother with the page protectors and small journal cards, that would have taken too long – I just did a couple of photo collage pages then the back journal page for each month – better than nothing is my scrapbooking motto!

  15. #21

    my question was answered–how many pages did you end up with for june? (4 digi pages, 1 digi monthly summary page, and 2 pocket pages) but what order do you put them in for your album? i need to just start already, since i’ve bought the kits–and then it would probably all become clear… oh, that and the school albums which i also have kits for… !

  16. #22

    I purchased your monthly templates and I am loving them so far. I do have one basic question though…how do I make a photo fit into the large spot at the bottom of one of the templates? I used Command + G to clip it onto the template, but it was too small to fill the entire space. Can you tell me how to fix that?
    Thanks so much, Brandi

  17. #23

    Did you cut the journaling card in the top picture the morning after the wedding…? πŸ™‚

    Seriously though, your ‘monthly’ is a so much easier concept to manage than ‘the weekly’ or ‘the daily’ (Neither of which I ever contemplated due to the sheer commitment it would require).

    Not seen it yet, but I am sure someone will come out with ‘an hourly’ next year consisting of a special volume of 12 binders with each page having room for 8 journaling cards plus 32 images aimed at 2 pictures per hour allowing for 8 hours of sleep. As added bonus you receive for free the feeling of guilt when you have a lie-in on a Saturday morning and have to take 3 pictures the first 3 hours that day to make up for the missed photo opportunities whilst you were catching up on your sleep!

    Let’s face it, how many struggle maintaining the momentum of taking a picture every single day (even some of the scrapbooking gurus have!), let alone, trying to find the right words in having to to document perhaps the not-so-noteworthy days; the days one perhaps does not want to remember – but feel compelled to do as one has started. But a temporary lack of inspiration sees a picture of a washing machine, the kids in the rear view mirror (but this time from the passenger seat), a cook book whose recipes have never been used yet or a desert spoon with funky reflections at f/2.8 will now remind us of those not-so-memorable days indirectly forever!

    Whilst every week and every day (and next year every hour!) may well be special, ‘the monthly’ allows you to look for the memorable things throughout the month and spend a little time at the end to put it all together, rather than planning and documenting on the hoof just to stay on top of things.

    Really like the concept Cathy! Thanks

  18. #24

    In Photoshop: Edit > Free Transform
    In PS Elements: Image > Transform > Free Taansform

    Keyboard shortcut – PC: Mac:

    Keep the key pressed (to size it proportionately) and drag a corner of the image to the appropriate size . You can then reposition the image or again (with shift pressed) drag a corner once more if the initial resize was not enough. If you don’t like it or want to staert again, just hit the escape key. Otherwise when done, double click on the image to apply or ‘click the tick’ (PSE: bottom right of image or in PS: top bar)

    Cathy has a number of videos on vimeo. This method is shown in some of them including this one from 07:40 onwards:


  19. #25

    Well, my keyboard shortcuts did not come through because I used the bracket keys…

    here goes again:

    PS: Control + T
    Mac: Command + T

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