Clean and simple.

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You probably have gathered by now that I have a fondness for pink and lime/chartreuse green.

The two colors graced the cover of my first book:


They show up in my wardrobe:


And they've been know to show up from time to time on the odd scrapbook page:


And now, thanks to, they show up on my gym bag:


Oh for cute!



And it looks even better when I wear my pink jacket:


All you do is go to and check out the NikeID stuff. You can build your own duffel bag, just like that.

I won't lie, it wasn't cheap. I think it ended up costing around 80 bucks. But the way I look at it, every time I load up my gear to head off to the pool on my cross-training days, lets be honest: I look ADORABLE.

Or at least my bag does.

How can you really put a price on that?

Cathy ZielskeClean and simple.

28 Comments on “Clean and simple.”

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    Too cute!
    Thanks for the info on the suit and bike yesterday.
    Love the swimsuit.

    I will be registering for the Me class at BPS as an alumni and will give it another go in digital. Should be fun.


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    Adorable indeed – and did I also spot some orange in there which would compliment a certain famed orange sweatshirt too? ; )

  3. #6

    …I also worked out the other day that your business is called See Zee Designs, not See Zed designs as I had been pronouncing it (in my head). Much funkier!

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    Pool? Cross training? Did I miss something? Are you doing more than the running? Just wondering, as I am finding your fitness thing very inspiring, in fact I just bought a pair of running shoes! And any day now I may even put them on and go running. Well done and thank you for being so inspirational.

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    Sara-Jane Bunting

    oooh I like!! I got married in pink and lime, completely beaded, shoe-string straps with a hot pink organza wrap, True story. I LOVE that colour combination.

  6. #19

    Look at YOU!!! OMG… I am a blog follower not a close personal friend but let me say… You.Look.Amazing!!! I am impressed and yes, inspired too 🙂

  7. #20

    Is that your “new” pink jacket “uniform” you spoke about in DYL. I don’t believe you unveiled it there, but it looks terrific on it.

    Hot pink and lime green are some of my very favorite colors also. They are great combination.

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    Ooh I didn’t realise you could do that. I love the colours you picked for your bag. I can feel a birthday wish coming over me 😉 Jaqui x

  9. #26

    You and your bag are adorable and you are just tooooo funny… love the rationale for the $80 🙂

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