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So Cole recently had a birthday and part of Cole's birthday is the tradition I'm sure many of  you share with our family and this is of the Screaming Birthday Gift Opening Shot. This year's installment is quite nice, if I do say so. (And seriously? The camera case from PhotoJoJo is SO worth screaming about. Oh for cute!)

Thanks to a well-organized iPhoto library (I make folders for each year, and inside each folder, I have the 12 months of said year), it was fun to see how far back the birthday "hero" shot goes back.

Here's last year:


The year before that:


The year before that:


And the year before that:


I know… it's not a true screaming gift opening shot. So here's this one, taken the same day, to make up for it:


And then here's another one from the same week.


I know. You're thinking it, so go ahead and say it out loud. Oh, for cute.

Digital photo libraries rock. Time to do some more backing up, while it's fresh on my mind.

Cathy ZielskeHero shots

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    Diane Herman

    I know I have read it somewhere before on your blog so sorry to ask (I cant find it)…
    Do you keep all your photos in the iPhoto?
    If not where do you move them?
    Thanks Cathy…and sorry for asking you to repeat yourself.
    (Feel like a naughty kid who didn’t listen the first time)

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    Sherry G

    Our traditional birthday shot to catch is the candle-blowing- out shot, preferably with one’s cheeks as puffed out as possible.

    That is one ca-yute kid though…

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    Dianne, yes. My SOOC shots are all in iPhoto. But, i choose a batch from each month and then i put those into another folder on my hard drive and edit them, and upload them to have prints made. That’s been my usual approach, but, since i started doing the monthly, i haven’t quite done it this way, in terms of getting prints made!

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    Oh, for kyot! Love the “through the years” concept. This means — a new layout in the making, yay! And the mommy and me shot? Now, people, that is pose to which all future mommy and me shots should be based on. Ms. Cathy? May I ask permission to download a copy of that photo to be used as a posing guide for my husband?

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    That is hilarious, I am totally geeking out. You are the first person who organizes photos like I do. I can find birthday shots in a snap because of this. I love my system, it works great for me! – oh, yeah, the photos of Cole are great! Love the photos of joy!

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    Claudia McDaniel

    Cathy, I keep my photos pretty much in the same fashion with the yearly folders and then monthly folders within with my SOOC shots. I also then make another folder of those that I need to edit and print. It’s the simplest organization I can think of and I find things pretty easily that way.

    Makes finding these gems priceless!!

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    Tiffany Rosson

    If I were guaranteed a boy as cute as Cole, I would go through the trouble of being pregnant again!

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    I struggle with iPhoto… unsure if my pics should go into Events, Photos or Albums. I have tried uploading them into a named folder, but they always seem to go into an untitled folder and then I end up deleting the one that I already named. To remedy this, I have a bunch of digital photos just hanging out on my iMac, begging to be organized, archived and backed up. I would be SO TERRIBLY SAD to lose them! Think you’d be able to do a post on iPhoto and your organizing of photos? (By the way, I also LOVE your “this day in Zielske history” concept too!) AND… that mommy/child photo of you & Cole is ADORABLE!!!

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    Kristen H.

    omg he is THE cutest boy! I have 3 little girls and seeing those pics of him makes me want to try again just so I could have a little boy maybe as cute as him! i love the screaming shots too, they’re awesome. :o)

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    What cute pics!

    I have to let you know how inspiring your whole running, swimming, and biking stories have been. I am starting on some training myself.
    Question 1 – what type of swimsuit do you have, and do you use the cap and goggles?
    Question 2 – what type of bike do you ride?


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    I have this suit that I love:


    It covers parts i dont want to have hanging out and works great for lap swimming.

    I do wear goggles (basic Speedo ones) and I dont wear a cap. You know, my hair is so short it doesnt really matter.

    My bike? Oh man… its not fancy. Its a Fuji Crosstown, but mine is about 5 years old. This is the closest i could find:


    hope this helps!

    Im planning to possibly upgrade to a better bike this year, before fall hits. Not sure yet though if i have the funds! LOL!

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    super cutness happening right there!
    i too file my digi pics in the same manner. love it!
    i save all my files onto an external hard drive. i have nightmares that this may too crash on me. but i refuse the entire cd process; too much time and who wants the collosal stack of cd’s?
    so what do you think; just go get the extra external hardrive for back up or what?

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    May I ask? I just switched to a Mac and Miss Tara said that you were her daily go-to-gal for the change, and this is exactly what I’m trying to get it to do.
    How do you get your edited pictures to save in iphoto?
    And do you make folders or use their albums for the yearly/monthly? (I can’t seem to make folders in there or if I can, I can’t find them when I go to get them.)

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    If you want to save them IN iPhoto, I think you just set your preferences in iPhoto to open (Edit Photo : in application, then choose PS)… i think thats what you would do.

    And then yes, i make album folders under File New Album. And you can also make Smart Albums that group by month/date. : )

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