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A shot of me at a swim meet taken in the 70s. At least my Mom thinks it's of me.

Dan and I have been talking a lot lately about fitness and health and running and muscle pain and injury and running races and moisture-wicking fabrics and hydration and bike upgrades and freestyle and flip turns.

And by "talking" I mean Dan smiles and nods, and I forget to take breaths between sentences.

When I decide to "do" something, I do it full throttle. I jump in head first, dive down to the bottom, grab every single shred of detail I can find along the way in order to fully immerse myself in the complete experience.

In 2002, it was scrapbooking. From the first time I stepped into my local Archiver's store, I quickly figured out what I needed to be a part of the club. Never mind the fact that I didn't want to be part of a physical clubโ€”the introvert in me didn't need to sit shoulder to shoulder at a crop to truly fit in. But I did need to do what I needed to do to fully immerse myself in the experience.

In 2010, it's been running. From the first workout clothes I bought at Lucy, I quickly figured out what I needed to do to become part of the club. This particular club seemed tailor made for introverts. I could do it all by myself in the privacy of my basement, and later, out in the world at large. Granted, scrapbooking was far easier on my cardiovascular system than this one, but I have nevertheless jumped in head first to immerse myself in the complete fitness experience.

Dan has always subscribed to the Groucho Marx philosophy of "I wouldn't want to be part of any club that would have me." For Dan, running is something he simply does. He doesn't want a satellite watch. He doesn't care for wicking fabrics. He doesn't read Runners' World. He doesn't refuel with sport gels. His nipples never bled when he ran his marathon in 2003. He gets one good pair of shoes, and heads out the door.

Long story short: he has no need to belong to a club. The whole "Just Do It" philosophy definitely applies to him. But more specifically, "Just do it, and shut up already."

He has said that he just doesn't want to identify as a runner. It's not who he is, it's just something he does. Something in his psyche wants nothing to do with being a part of an identifiable group.

You know, he's like that one penguin in the Far Side comic:


What about you?

Do you get soaking wet, or just dip your toes in the water? Or is it somewhere in between?

I'd love to hear how people "do" what they do.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go grab a towel and dry offโ€ฆyou know, because me? I'm soaked to the bone.

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    Tonja Trump

    It took me a long while to decide to start walking. I am one of those compulsive people who will do just about anything at the drop of a dime, but I wanted to make SURE I had my ducks in a row before starting this adventure. And well after reading your posts, here I am walking 2 miles a day. I figure if you can do it, so can I and the techie gadgets (which I love) help too! Eventually I hope to get to a running state, but I have alot of ass to lose first. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the inspiration and the suggestions! Wednesday makes the 1 month mark for me. You keep up the great work!

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    as usual, another commonality between us. I am a get soaked person as well, although I try to rein in the financial investments in these endeavors. My dates are scrapbooking 2000, running 2009..and both are still going strong although both have turned more personal and calm for me. I wonder what is next?

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    Amy Alvis

    Three yrs. ago when I started on my latest weight loss journey I decided to set a goal of walking the Mini Marathon in Indy. 8 months later I did (I’ve also done it every year since) My next goal is a sprint triathlon then maybe a full triathlon. Who knows maybe the Ironman….LOL!

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    Well, I am not an introvert, but there are certain things I’d be just as happy doing without a club. Running is one of them. I’m happy to run with people (friends, my kids, anyone with an interesting story to tell), but I enjoy it just as much on my own. I have discovered, though, that if I want to get better, I need to train in a group surrounded by runners (and a coach!) who’ll push me.

    But yes, I am like you… once I get hooked on something, I opt for the total immersion route. I live, breathe and dream about whatever it is. Scrapbooking. Tennis. I read. I shop. I’d quit my job to do whatever it is. All. The. Time. if I could…

    That’s a very cool photo of you in the pool. No wonder that swimming coach was commenting on your hip roll. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    Barb M.

    The reason that I read your blog consistently is that I can relate to YOU! I jump in with a cannonball to whatever I am doing. I have two sons and one is just like me and one is a dabbler in many things. It is fun to watch how differently they approach life.

    I am an introvert, but love to go to crops. I put my head down, dive in and get ‘er done. I am not very social while cropping. As I get older, I hate packing my stuff up for crops and I am building quite a crop cave in the basement, so I may never leave for a crop again.

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    I’m a soaked person, when I go for something I go in all the way but I’m not introvert though so I love scrapbook crops (although I don’t get a lot done because I chat too much) and I love baking which basically means I have too much stuff. With running I have a love/hate relationship, hate running in the rain and the thought makes me tired but I’m so happy when I’ve gone on a run …..

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    The older I get (I’m 38) the less I join ‘clubs’ outwardly. Having said that, I do jump into new things and immerse myself entirely. I read all that I can, buy the gear, talk about it incessantly, etc. My husband is more like your husband.

    In the world of scrapbooking, I used to be so outward with my hobby. I chatted in online forums, wrote a blog, posted my layouts and cards, etc. Now, I just scrap on my own with no thought of posting anything. I use whatever product I want old or new on my layouts. I have a more ‘just do it’ approach to crafting now. Maybe that’s because I’ve been doing it for so long.

    I think I immerse myself fully at the onset of a new hobby. Then, once I’m comfortable in it, I just do it. Or, sometimes I abandon the new hobby altogether and give the gear and books to Goodwill. : )

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    Tammy M.

    I’d have to say I’m one of those ‘obsessed’ types, but depends what it is. I tend to flit from thing to thing until something truly strikes that magic chord in me then watch out!! Scrapbooking has and still is one of those passions. Crocheting was one a few years back, had to have everything! Now I just don’t have time to sit still that long with three active boys…lol! Have a great day Cathy!

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    Nancy M

    Amy, I never paid any attention to any of this running stuff, or any other sport as I was always a cluz {that’s not speeled right} however thanks to CZ here, I have started. Anyway, my point is yesterday I volunteered at our towns triathalon – talk about inspirational! Then, yesterday afternoon my husband turns on the tv and NBC was showing stories from the Ironman – WOW! Yes it was cool to see the pros, but even more inspiring was seeing the ‘common’ people and their stories. Congrats on hitting your goals and keeping going!

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    carolyn c.

    I’m definitely a whole hog kind of gal. (Hm, that sounds wrong, doesn’t it?) I can definitely identify with you — new interests can quickly become obsessions (and some of them fade away just as quickly, much to my husband’s displeasure).

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    girl friday

    …so, when I can host you at the YMCA for a little weight lifting tutorial? you can add another action verb to your moniker; “& iron pumpin'”.

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    You could have been talking about me…when I find something, I EMBRACE it fully and read up everything about it. While I’ve run two half marathons at (40 & 46) very slowly, the past few years, my OBSeSSIONS have been tennis and scrapbooking. Running or tennis, I log about my peformance and distance, watch/read everything on the subject and get the same reaction from my husband. Even though we were sports minded when we were younger, we never considered ourselves athletes and are shocked they we can run/swim/play tennis.

    Enjoying the same ride as you (via tennis/scrapbooking)!

    Leslie (addicted to scrapbooking/tennis/former runner)

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    Ha! I am the same way. I go all out and my life revolves around the activity of the moment. Then I usually experience some sort of burn out but I always come crawling back.

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    Andi Sexton

    Obsessed… I get obsessed with whatever my passion is. Scrapbooking and stamping has been the longest running one yet! Going on 7 years now…

    I ‘was’ a suburban athlete. I miss it. I’m slowly getting back.. I used to run, bike, swim.. All those wonderful independent fun things. Right now, in my late 40’s I am ‘stretching’…

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    My thought is – “I may not be good at {insert sport, craft, etc}, but I’m sure going to look good trying!” … and with that, I spend money on things – only to have them sitting a year later because the ‘urge’ fizzled out.

    I’m signing up for a 5K 9/19. Have I mentioned I can’t yet run a mile? Ok – now that we have that clear … I’m sure it’s one of the dumbest things I’ve done, but I’m going for it – with my manager – and 2 of her sisters (who also don’t run yet).

    … I need to go shopping for something cute to wear ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    I have been running for years but until i started working out with a hard-core trainer & actually losing weight, I didn’t really love it. Now, running is starting to be fun – not as hard.

    As far as obsessed? Um, yeah. Love the shoes. (new Raspberry Asics on order!) Love the clothes. Love the camaraderie I feel at races. Love eating my exercise calories. Love working out hard & feeling muscles I didn’t know I had. Love the feeling of doing something really really hard (like half marathons).

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    I am immersed, but then I chill. My first tri was a sprint. Just running a 5k was a huge feat for me physically. So add the swim, and the bike, and I thought I was dead, but I set a goal and I achieved it. My first sprint was in a bikini ( I did not know any better!)umbros over the wet bathing suit, and my old college mountain bike with new tires. By the second mile on my bike I was so chaffed, I rode the bike bow legged. I finished that race and felt like a million bucks. After that I invested in the road bike, the clips, the Polar HRM, the speedo, even a great bag to carry all my gear, and did a few olympic distance races. Then life got busy. It is hard to find that much time to train and honestly? I got burned out. I set the goal, and I accomplished it. I go kind of hog wild, don’t find out everything about what it is that I am doing, but enough to be educated and just do it. Running by far is the cheapest of my hobbies, and I enjoy it. It also helps me stay in shape. My girlfriend and I pick a half marathon every year and do it together. It is a blast. A girls weekend to Seattle, and the Florida west coast to participate in the Rock N’ Roll series is our thing. In 2011 we are going to Rhode Island. So, while I do immerse myself, I have also learned that I need to take it down a notch because I will eventually move on to other things. I can’t wait to get back into tennis this fall as well as continue my education for a second degree in nursing which I have completely immersed my self in, as least that is more career oriented! And has a potential paycheck attached to it. Anyway, that is how I roll.

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    I get soaking wet. Jump right in at the deep end.

    I didn’t realise it at all, and I thought I was normal but my little brother said once “that’s you isn’t it – you don’t just buy a dog and throw it a ball, you buy a dog, join a club and become a dog training instructor. Anybody else would’ve just bought the dog

    I think it’s more fun if you have the “complete experience” to be honest. Why die wondering?

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    Creative Junkie

    I wish I could just dip my toes in the water but no, I get soaking wet to the point that I practically drown in my efforts to do anything. I go at Mach 10. There is no middle ground for me, it’s either 200% or it’s nothing.

    It is an exhausting way to approach life.

    I started running a few months ago. I spent an enormous amount of money on new running shoes, orthotics to go in them and one hell of sports bra that is somewhere between a tank and a medieval torture device.

    Running stores love me.

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    Melanie K

    I fall in hook line and sinker. Happened with scrapbooking and then digital scrapping and THEN mixed media art. When I find an author I like I read EVERY SINGLE BOOK (hello, Jodi Picoult – 12 books in less than 2 months). So I know what you are talking about. Oh, and I like the social connection of the INTERNET. No physical stuff required.

  21. #23

    Dang girl! I watched a show on TV about the Ironman, and I was all weepy by the end. I just thing sports in general can be pretty dang inspiring!

  22. #26

    Oh Dawn, you know it! ; )

    I think we are going to do the free 3-day trial next week. (Aidan has a play this week and our schedule will be wonky!) But, im going to get a 3 day pass and make the most of it to see if we decide to join. : )

    But i dont know, i really like that Jimmy Lee Rec Center pool. So empty in the early morning hoursโ€ฆ

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    Get the cute gear, then read No Need for Speed or Running for Mortals and pick one of their training plans. Itll really help. You can do it!

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    Cara S

    “When I decide to “do” something, I do it full throttle. I jump in head first, dive down to the bottom, grab every single shred of detail I can find along the way in order to fully immerse myself in the complete experience.” This is me, exactly! I’ve never been able to say it quite like that, but I think I definitely get soaking wet.

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    When my family got relocated to Tulsa,OK we had never even been here before, so we knew no one – my goal was to get involved. Its now 2 years later, I’m secretary of the PTO, Coordinator of a preschool Moms group, volunteer every week at our church YouthGroup, Team Mom for my son’s teams of the season, and the go-to Mom for craftiness. I’m starting a scrapbook club as well this fall with an all day crop in the September.
    I’d say, when I wanted to get involved – I got involved in it all – and I couldn’t be happier.

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    Tasia Minnaert

    I am ALL IN with just about everything I do. Unfortunately, it usually doesn’t last very long. I tend to go overboard with new things and then after a few months I totally forget about them and move on to my next obsession. Luckily after the hundreds of dollars that I’ve spent on scrapbooking, I’ve stuck with it. It’s been 2 years and I’m still cropping and loving it.

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    Beth Holmes

    OMG. You could be writing about me and my husband. First I found paper scrapbooking and had to have all the supplies, read the books, subscribe to the magazines etc.. Then I discovered digital scrapbooking and please don’t ask me how much space all my digi supplies take up. These are just 2 examples. My husband is a total non joiner — he vows never to join Facebook for example. Love your blog — keep writing and inspiring us.

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    Heather Emans

    i just do it… so i can eat good food/drink good wine and keep the weight off. step aerobics, running, weight lifting, kick, boot camp, spin, hot yoga and a recent foray into the pool with some adult swim lessons. whatever fits into my schedule. i do think it’s funny how i just ran my first half marathon and i STILL don’t consider myself a runner. oh and my just do it has to include coordinating workout wear.

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    I go in and go in big…all the way, soaked to the bone. But I have noticed something…I then kinda burn out. I started running in 1998 at age 32, and ran solid for 2 years. Then it just petered out. Picked it back up in 2006 and again it petered out. I have started again a few weeks ago and I am determined to stick with it even when it starts to feel boring again. I just ordered Run Like a Mother thanks to you and I am looking forward to that bringing some additional inspiration

  30. #37

    I’ve got bad pipes – hot then cold, warm, hot again….
    When I do start something new or am in the ‘hot’ mode then I read whatever I can to learn more about it. If we are going to go on a trip then I read everything I can about to learn about what to do there. When I start a book I read night and day until it’s done.

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    I too jump in full throttle. Back in 1998 it was scrapbooking. The past 3 years it has been cycling. Many years ago I was obsessed with Mary Tyler Moore (in the early days of VCR and we had not yet heard of old TV shows on DVD) and I tape recorded every MTM show episode(running in reruns every day on a local channel) in order on VCR tapes and then indexed them all on my Lotus spreadsheet.
    My next obsession: I start sculling lessons September 13th!!

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    Kay Gregory-Clark

    Oh Cathy, I so identify with you! Almost before I can even start something, when the bug bite first begins raising its welt, I have to read everything about it I can get my hands & eyes on. I research thoroughly. I think it comes from when I was a little girl & my aunt would take me shopping (I spent summers with her). If I thought I wanted something, we had to first look at every comparable item to make sure I was getting the one I REALLY wanted, as well as the best deal. Consumer Reports was my bible when it came to shopping as a young adult. Scrapbooking….Again, so like you. I have always been anti-clubs, but I did have to immerse myself totally, which meant reading blogs & attending a monthly crop. The latter was just so I’d have access to Creative Memories products & the fact I live a bazillion miles from any shopping area. I’d always done digi because of my graphic design background, but when you & Ali started producing templates, I had to look in every gallery for every example I could find! Soโ€ฆthat’s my process.

  33. #40

    amanda, i love the idea of picking an out of state race. hmmmm. Ive got a friend who i may have to challenge to run the Seattle Rock and Roll half. That would be so fun to do one in my home town!

  34. #41

    ha! my hubby once said that he might be interested in learning more about the Amish, for example, and he might check out a book or watch a DVD documentary. But he said: You? You BECOME Amish.

  35. #43

    Yeah, i realize ive stuck with scrapbooking since 2002. And the only thing thats changed? I do it less and use even fewer items!

  36. #44

    in this book im reading by John Bingham, he quotes some dude as saying, The difference between a jogger and a runner is a race number. You are a runner! : )

  37. #48

    When I am learning about something new that interests me I am a total immersion type girl, except I don’t join clubs. I do occasionally dabble in an online interest group, because the interaction in the groups I have been in is supposed to be altered book or stamping or whatever-related only. Personal stuff is for me-to-you private emails.

    Right now I am immersed in digital scrapbooking and getting the most from my little digital canon ELF. And telling my stories before I croak, so my children and grandchildren will be able to nod their heads and say “yup, that was Momma” or “oh, so thats why …”

  38. #49

    Whatever it is that captures my fancy, I find it falls into a few categories:
    * Huh, that’s interesting – that’s as far as it goes
    * Neat – learn about it later
    * Cool – start learning more and doing in my spare time
    * AMAZING – learning and doing become an obsession

    I really try to keep things in the Neat and Cool categories, but since I just love to learn about things, they often slip into the AMAZING category, and suddenly I find hours go by completely unnoticed as I immerse myself.

  39. #50

    I’d have to say I’m one of those totally focused, immerse myself completely types. At least until I find a happy medium. With running, I’ve got a goal of running a half marathon this year. (November) After I’m done with that, my “training” will drop off considerably. I love to run, but I’ve found that I don’t like the discipline that training for a half marathon requires. (It takes some of the joy out of the run; but at the same time it gives me a feeling of accomplishment.) I want to run for the love of running . . . not for a contest or competition. I’ve been running off and on all year, but your monthly challenges have inspired me to do more . . . push myself harder. And that’s just what I’m needing right now! Thanks for the inspiration!

  40. #51

    I am so much like you, I become insanely obsessed with whatever I I’m loving at the time. I remember in 1999/2002 I was a “Tae Boe” junkie. I had every one, and I mean every single video tape ever recorded of Tae Boe. I did an hour of it every day including Sat/Sundays and sometimes even twice a day. I was totally immersed in the fun of exercising every day. Scrapbooking was another obessession for several years (for me it started in 1997 when my daughter was born.) It continues to be an “on and off” type of quirk. I never became a known scrapbooker, or was a part of any club, but I managed to keep a blog for five years, buy insane amounts of crap, I mean, stuff and created 60+ scrabook-albums that probably no one in my family will ever have time to really read. The same when I get into an author’s book, if I love it, I must read every one of the author’s books, check out their website if they have one, and know everything there is to know about them. And work, don’t even get me started, I am the biggest work-a-holic ever. Lately I have been so immersed with work that I hardly have time for anything else.

  41. #52

    Oh Cathy, I’m soooo like you. It’s the O part of the slight OCD that I have. ๐Ÿ™‚ If I’m in it, i’m in. I research, read, and make it part of my life. I spend hours on the internet reading about it, planning it, and then finally implementing it. I’m right there with ya. And congrats on the new healthy lifestyle. I’m running/walking/biking as well, and it feels good…most of the time. If it doesn’t, I take a little break. I don’t do well with burnout. That’s when i’ll switch to something else to dive into!

  42. #53
    Terri torrez

    I’m definitely a get soaked kind of person. I started running two weeks ago for the first time in my sedentary life. I just couldn’t stop thinking about your posts – not about how you lost weight (though of course that’s awesome) but about how you felt strong and healthy. And about how you actually liked running outside. Of course I’ve read everything I can get my hands on, starting with the books you recommended. Ive visited my local running store. And i’m getting running blogs and tweets. For financial reasons I haven’t bought anything yet except shoes and socks but i’ve accumulated quite a wish list. My husband and my best friend are betting on how long it takes me to cave and buy all the clothes and accessories. I’m milking the motivation for all it’s worth but of course that doesn’t leave much time for scrapping or housework. I’m just hoping that when the obsessive phase dies down the habit will be set. Thanks again for sharing your experience.

  43. #54

    I’m a bit more like Dan. Tend to think people who are matchy-matchy don’t really ‘get it’ but I also recognize that’s just the snotty in me. ๐Ÿ™‚ Speaking of trialthlons and weepy:

  44. #55

    I have to laugh at this post because I just started running end of May/first of June this year and ran my first 1/2 marathon 2 days ago. I guess you could say I get soaking wet. I’ve loved reading about your journey with running. Mine has been similar. I have gone from being a “wish I liked running” girl to an “I LOVE running” girl. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  45. #56

    I’m definitely an “immerse in it all” person. When I get interested in something, it takes over my life-I read about it, watch videos, talk to people, whatever-I immerse myself in whatever the interest is. I think I’ve just stumbled across an obstacle for me with exercise-I’m not in an “immerse” mode. I don’t read, I don’t talk, I don’t watch. Probably because I really don’t want to exercise!

  46. #57
    michele skinner

    i’m obsessive. all the way. by the way, totally jealous that you have swim meet photos. i spent seven years of my life in chlorine, including two trips to state, and my parents don’t have a single photo. now my sister’s show choir concerts? that’s a whole other story …

  47. #58

    I think I’m a toe dipper, which puts me in the minority here. But, you know, once I’m in the water, I can stay there for a while, and swim pretty far.

  48. #63

    Megan, youre just hard core, woman! : ) And youre kicking my ass in the challenge….

    I will watch that link shortly! know what i just watched today? the 2009 Ironman broadcast. Watched it all on YouTube. Got weepy SEVERAL times.

  49. #66

    Cathy, your enthusiasm is great!
    When I started running 21! years ago it was to stay in shape and I really liked it but it was before all of the fancy clothes, iPods, gps, or heart rate monitors. Fast forward to 1997 and I joined a marathon group to see if I could do something that seemed way too much for me. Not only did I do one but I did 5 (before kids!) because I ended up meeting such a cool, inspiring, motivating group of people who have become lifelong friends. We all come from very different backgrounds but we all have running in common and now we celebrate birthdays and Christmas together and want to live in the same old folks home when we get there!
    Running can be an introvert sport but you might like having a group to share chaffing stories with!
    I would also suggest the Nike half-marathon to you, in San Francisco in October. You get a special Tiffany necklace when you finish, presented by a cute firefighter!

  50. #67
    Steph H

    I am one of those dive into the deep end people too. And I think the internet enables that part of my personality because there is SO MUCH information out there. I feel like I can make myself an expert in just about anything all while rocking the baby in the middle of the night and reading from the little screen of my Android.

    There’s one downfall to the dive right in part of me. She overdoses. And gets bored. And then starts looking for the next thing to dive into. And that…gets expensive!

  51. #68

    For sale – one glass grinder, used for working with stained glass. Not been out of the box in about 12 years.

    Does that answer your question? Jump in both feet, don’t look before jumping – just hope there’s water down there.

  52. #69

    I’m a jump in, close your eyes and hold your breath kinda gal. Saw your blog post about the Nike + kit, so I went out and bought one. And a new super cute iPod, and a running skirt, lol. Even though these legs had not seen the light of day since about 2008 ( think capri pants tan lines here). Anyhoo, 5 weeks and many miles later, I can ssy I’m a runner. Sweat dripping, pony tail swinging in the summer air. When I see guys running by I think, ha! I am so not only a suburban chauffeur, I have a Nike chip in my shoe and Lady Gaga is singing in my ear. My kids think I’m off my rocker and my husband thinks it’s awesome. I just know I feel good. So, thanks Cathy!

  53. #70

    I exercise and scrapbook exactly the same way – in my own home, all by myself, whenever I want. I am an introvert, a loner. I never go to crops and I’ve never set foot inside a gym. I scrapbook at my leisure and I work out at my leisure. My workout consists of Billy Blanks’s Boot Camp. Its 4 discs (cardio, abs, boot camp and ultimate boot camp). I follow the schedule sent to me with the discs and I work out 3 to 4 nights per week. If I don’t feel like working out, I don’t. If I feel like doing more, I do. I try to eat healthy on a regular basis. Sometimes I eat sugary things, most the time I try not to. I think everyone really has to do what works for them. This works for me.

  54. #71

    I’m a start slow kind of person and then I heat up! Started slowly with scrapbooking in 1998, eventually became a Creative Memories Consultant, after it became apparent that I was revving up to buy lots of stuff…

    Same with exercise, I’m a bit afraid to push myself. I started swimming three mornings a week with the “Master’s Team” in May, and just bought an “official” suit in July. The one I was wearing before had become an embarrassment. Luckily, it was mostly dark while I swam! LOL!

    This week, my exercise buddy and I (I love an exercise buddy, especially when I have to be somewhere at 5:45!) swam a mile in one workout. I’m psyched!

  55. #75

    I can totally relate. Right now, im joining a running group, and part of me is still apprehensive, but i want the experience of running different routes in different places. Ive already met one really nice woman there, so, maybe im coming out of my shell.

  56. #76

    At 60 my knees won’t tolerate running however gentle or slowly paced (think broken potato chips in a bag!!)…..However, walking I can do & try for 2 miles, at a brisk pace, at least 3 or 4 times a week. Who was it said something about ‘baby steps’? Those are the ones I’m taking but any exercise is better than staying sedentary & getting a ‘scrapper’s spread-out backside’!!!!

    BTW Cathy, post a few more LOs please, I need inspiration!

  57. #77
    Joni Kix

    I’m a goal oriented person, so when I started running, the first thing I did was set a goal… which was run a 5K by Thanksgiving. Then I checked out every running book from the library!!! LOL!!!

    I ran the 5K at Thanksgiving, skipped the 10k and went staight for the half-marathon the following summer at 48yrs. My current goals are to finish faster than my last race. AND Now that I’ve joined the over 50 age group, I’m finishing in the top 10%! LOL!

  58. #78
    Lori H

    I am the type that has to have all the information (I read books, magaizines, blogs etc) then I think I need all the right stuff (shoes, shorts, bra, music) I talk alot about it- I mean alot and then I tip my toe in to see how it is. I have been doing this 1 week now and it is going good(except the humidty is curbing my run) I don’t have a treadmill so need to find something that I can do indoors for days like today that doesn’t cost alot or take up space- maybe I will take out some of those DVD’s that I thought I HAD TO HAVE when I started this adventure

  59. #83

    all out girl here.
    right now it’s sewing quilts! and dreaming/drooling over the new machine i want to get, and reading, reading, reading about the goodies it has, and sighing, shopping, dreaming of all the quilt layouts i want to try. never mind the fabric!
    i was the exact same way when i started running, the entire satelite watch, the good shoes, even gooder fabric, reading the magazines, and basically jumping on anyone who would talk running. ๐Ÿ™‚
    i’m so glad i’m not the only compulsive obsessive person out there ! ๐Ÿ˜€

  60. #84

    oh ,and i forgot to share the name of my beloved future to be baby (sewing machine)
    Bernina Aurora 440. sigh. isn’t that pretty? oooh i can’t wait until i’ve saved enough. !

  61. #85
    Cindy McDannold

    I’m a get soaked person too. I like all of the bells and whistles that go along with what I’m doing. The whole 9 yards. I guess it’s because I have a short focus point and all of the extras help keep up the excitement.

  62. #86
    Cindy McDannold

    Oh, Anna…does building shelves to the ceiling to store fabric ring any bells. Be careful, fabric is addictive. Then when you totally run out of room you can scrapbook because paper is just like fabric only thinner!!! I still love to look at fabric…I just have to tell myself to walk away. Then I go buy patterned paper!

  63. #87

    This is funny. I have a craft room stocked with more rubber stamps than I could ever truly use in my lifetime. More patterned paper than a scrapbook store. Yeah, I get pretty obsessed. My problem is, when I get obsessed with physical things, I always end up injured. Running… check! Zumba… check! My body repeatedly reminds me to just go buy another stamp set and leave it alone! ๐Ÿ™‚

  64. #88
    Bonnie Lewis-Watts

    Oh, how I relate! I’ve been doing needlework for many years, scrapbooking and stamping for about 9 years, have recently gone back to some sewing and quilting from long ago, and am now getting my ducks in a row to get rid of the 1000 pounds of extra weight I’m carrying (lol). I’ve had no problem getting soaking wet in all the other stuff, but I WANT to LOVE exercising! So far, I don’t. Hopefully feeling stronger and healthier will help. I’ve passed the 1 year mark from undergoing radiation, chemotherapy and a radical hysterectomy resulting from cervical cancer, so am ready to get me into better condition. Fortunately, I don’t have to have “every colour they ever made” to exercise. Am watching your progress and am being motivated by it. I’m an extrovert (but with a select few), yet I enjoy listening to podcasts while walking as it takes my mind off my aching hips and glutes!

  65. #89

    Pass the towel sister. I get soaked in anything that I become interested in scrapbooking, WW, exercising, needlepoint, quilting, etc. Give me the gadgets, the magazines and blogs and I am a happy camper. ๐Ÿ™‚ It is just part of who I am and no need in changing it.

    As to running specifically, I haven’t followed you down that path….YET. Thanks for giving something to aspire to get soaked in.

  66. #92

    ten years ago i used to jump in the water and get soaked in it, but today i think i’m a toe dipper. back in the day i used to go the gym after school for three, four hours a day (!). now i’m back to the gym (thanks to you, cathy!), but i stay there for an hour, in the mornings, before heading to the office. it’s been only two weeks, but feeling better already!

  67. #93

    1/2 marathon was AMAZING!! It helped that most of the run was downhill through a beautiful canyon. It also helped that I ran with 2 friends. I’ve been surprised what I can do when I’m distracted. We didn’t follow a strict training regimen. Ran 5-7 miles a few times a week then pushed out a long run once a week increasing about a mile each week. We made it up to 11 miles before we ran out of weeks to train. Surprisingly, it was enough. I’m still in awe that I did it. At the first of the year I really did hate running. Crazy!!

  68. #95

    Well, I’m a soaking wet gal too, but also very thrifty and non-consumer-ish. My love is making something work as inexpensively as possible! Bare minimum “swimmer” am I (that’s not bare swimmer mind you…).

    When I was pregnant I checked out every pregnancy book at the library, skipped caffeine, alcohol, any medication… you get the picture (maybe that’s more a control freak than anything else?) & we chose home birth, minimal kids stuff (we didn’t own a crib ’til our 2nd baby arrived & she was probably 6 months before we used one…), just getting the necessities (like a bike seat!).

    As an artist, I’ve always had a hard time focusing on just one medium or subject matter – everything from ceramics to watercolor to stained glass to sculpture to scrapbooking, to photography etc. caught my attention. I’m now working mostly with just pastel and watercolor, still doing a lot of photography, but am drawn to other crafts as they appear (lately my daughter has gotten into making leather belts with pockets—guess who wants to make one for herself now?)

    Last November I finally figured out an exercise routine I could stick with – I think I mentioned it to you in previous comments – I’m the one that reads email & blogs & facebook while dancing, jumping, marching, constantly moving with my mouse in hand, the computer screen at large size so I can read while standing. It’s become an obsession to DO IT daily! I haven’t purchased any workout clothes, anything new, I just pull on my jog bra from 1988 (yes, it’s teal blue with very firm elastic amazingly,) slip on an underwire bra over that (the more support the better right?), next a tank top, my cut off levis I stole from my husband, and a pair of good Brooks shoes I bought before I started exercising. I get worried if I miss a day – and fell into a major depression Saturday when the unthinkable happened… I have stupid weak ankles, and after a nice conversation with a neighbor, I turned to go & immediately rolled my left ankle… Oh, the pain & misery!! After walking it off, then massaging it gently, I returned home & took 3 ibuprofen & started icing it. I had to skip my exercise routine that day & Sunday, but Monday started in gently walking, marching, being careful not to make it hurt & I was thrilled I was able to keep going! I don’t know if it’s just not as bad as it could have been, or if I am just more strong and healthy so things heal faster, but I’m happy to start climbing back out of my funk and get back moving again! Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to quit writing & get moving once more!! Here’s to being strong, healthy, and active!!

  69. #97

    My problem is that I want to dive into too many things, I’m always lacking time (and energy, as a cfs-patient). The good part is, I never ever get bored ๐Ÿ˜‰

  70. #98
    Wendy D

    I am so a totally wet, go all in and get to the bottom kind of girl, too. I think I tend to be a bit obsessive about things which is why I’m all or nothing. And for me, it goes in spurts. About a year ago, I was totally into working out and was walking (at least 3 miles), doing karate (have a green/black belt), kickboxing and doing pilates. Now, at this point, I should have been a stick but I wasn’t. Very frustrating. Then I became PTA president, again, total immersion and that meant that everything else went with it so I pretty much stopped working out (except the karate) and now I’m up 30 lbs. So, I want to try to pace myself. I’m not involved in PTA this year, well, just a little bit but not president. And I don’t want to go whole hog back in to the fitness thing like I did before. Just want to take it nice and easy and get back in and go from there. Just have to say you are incredibly inspiring!!!

  71. #99

    I am like Dan and my husband is like you. I always refer to the Billy Joel song “I go to extremes” when I refer to my husband. His recent thing is learning Spanish. He has rosetta stone, youtube spanish teaching videos and books upon books on learning spanish. When he calls during the day he will try to say a spanish phrase when I answer the phone. LOL Me? I like to try a little of this and a little of that and I am OK with not being into it 100%. lol

  72. #100
    Kris Van Allen

    When I think of you getting into something, I think of the conversation you shared a while back…how Dan explained it to you, using “wondering what it would be like to be Amish” as an example.

    Still cracks me up!

  73. #101
    Jane Toft

    Nice post. I love the way you recognise your own behaviour and are always happy to poke fun at yourself! I think that’s why I come back to your blog again and again. An oasis of sanity in a blogging world of hyperbole and too, too perfect families ๐Ÿ˜‰

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