Me: the Abridged Version. Are you in?

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In a few weeks the 2010 version of Me: the Abridged Version workshop will kick off over at Big Picture Scrapbooking.

Many of you have signed up for the first time. Many of you have signed up for the second time. Many of you might be sitting on the fence and thinking, "Why would I make an album all about me?"

Why not make an album all about you?

I'm presently working on my third volume of this album. This year, I'm doing it all digitally and I'm going to have it bound into a book at (In this year's workshop, in addition to the 8.5 x 11 fully layered digital templates, I'm also offering and 8 x 10 digital set so people can also make their final albums into bound books at

It's amazing to me how much changes, and how much stays the same. The things I'm writing about that have changed? fitness, health, weight, etc. The things that have stayed the same? My love of vampires, Crowded House and a generalized tendency to be a bit OCD about things.

And the thing with this project is this: it's not like you're just writing about yourself, but rather, you're writing about things and places and people who reflect back at you many different parts of your life. I write about my kids, my husband, my favorite things and places. In other words, not every entry in my album begins with, "I."

I thought I'd share one sample page from my album. As I mentioned, I'm doing a fully digital version of the project, but the base project of this class is to make a hybrid project, with real cardstock, patterned paper and so forth. I'll teach you how to use layered digital templates to write your journaling entries and to make custom letter blocks for each page of your album. You still get to cut and paste and glue to your heart's content!

This is a sample from the letter "G": (click on the layout to see if larger in a new window.)


I am using the Haley paper pack by Katie Pertiet for all of my digital patterned paper!

This isn't deep writing people, but what it is, is a simple reflection of part of my life today. Here and now. Every page of the album looks similar. Just the stories I'm sharing and the photos are changing.

You realize pretty quickly in this class that it's actually not about the photos at all. And for me, good story telling doesn't rely solely on photos anyway. It's the context—the words you attach that bring them truly to life.

I will provide the inspiration through a narrated slide show/video presentation in the first week, along with 2 weeks of email prompts to get you writing. You'll be surprised how much you have to say about even the smallest and most random things in your life.

Another key piece of inspiration is the book that inspired the class, "Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life."

I'm no Amy Krouse Rosenthal, but her approach and her random entries inspire me to try to tell better stories.

I've been re-reading the book to get in the spirit of the class and wanted to share one of Amy's entries, under the letter "B," just to show you how beautifully random an entry can be, and how it reflects so much more about who we are in this day and age.



How you been?

How's work?

How was your week?
Good. Busy.

You name the question, "Busy" is the answer. Yes, yes. I know we are all terribly busy doing terribly important things. But I think more often than not, "Busy" is simply the most acceptable knee-jerk response.

Certainly there are more interesting, more original, and more accurate ways to answer the question how are you? How about: I'm hungry for a waffle; I'm envious of my best friend; I'm annoyed by everything that's broken in my house; I'm itchy.

Yet busy stands as the easiest way of summarizing all that you do and all that you are. I am busy is the short way of saying—suggesting—my time is filled, my phone does not stop ringing, and you (therefore) should think well of me.

Have people always been this busy? Did cavemen think they were busy, too? This week is crazy—I've got about ten caves to draw on. Can I meet you by the fire next week? I have a hunch that there is a direct correlation between the advent of coffee chains and the increase in busy-ness. Look at us. We're all pros now at hailing a cab/pushing a grocery cart/operating a fork lift with a to-go cup in hand. We're skittering around like hyperactive gerbils, high not just on caffeine but on caffeine's luscious by-product, productivity. Ah, the joy of doing, accomplishing, crossing off.

As kids, our stock answer to most every question was nothing. What did you do at school today? Nothing. What's new? Nothing. Then, somewhere on the way to adulthood, we each took a 180-degree turns. We cashed in our nothing for busy.

I'm starting to think like that, like youth, the word nothing is wasted on the young. Maybe we should try reintroducing it into our grown-up vernacular. Nothing. I say it a few times and I can feel myself becoming more quiet, decaffeinated. Nothing. Now I'm picturing emptiness, a white blanket, a couple ducks gliding on a still pond. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. How did we get so far from it?

See also: Coffee, Stopping for; Crossing Guard; Nothing

(posted with permission from Miss Amy Krouse Rosenthal. Thanks Amy, you rockin' wordsmith, you.)


I just think she's a genius.

Just wanted to share a bit of inspiration. Are any of my album entries that good or that thought provoking? Hard to objectively say. Are the stories and things I'm writing about meaningful to me? Absolutely.

Class starts on September 16th. If you have any questions about it, please leave me a comment today and I'll be sure to answer. To learn more about the workshop, click here.

Here's to telling your own random stories.

Cathy ZielskeMe: the Abridged Version. Are you in?

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    I’m in, I’m so in – I’m dizzily excited about this project 🙂 I have my album, my papers, my tag book, my Encyclopaedia (UK edition!) and a box to keep it all in for ease of access during class. Just waiting for the cardstock for the pages to be delivered and I’m all set! Can’t wait…. Excited!!

    M = Maturity, lack of (see also Childish excitement, Advancing age, Calm down…)

  2. #2

    Can’t wait for class to start! Are there any pre-class things that you suggest doing? (*I like to prepare . . . lol.)

  3. #5
    Nancy M

    I’m on the fence… it looks so cool and I love your style and LOVED your “Design Your Life” class earlier this year… but I never finished it. So…

  4. #6

    I’m in (again)! This album was my very favorite scrapbook project and I am so glad to have completed it. I love going through the pages and seeing all that is important, amusing, relevant about me in a particular period of my life. If anyone is on the fence, do jump on board. It will be quite a bit of work to put the album together. The end product will something you are incredibly proud of and grateful to have accomplished.

  5. #7
    Jennifer L

    I just wanted to let you know I took your class at BPS the first time and loved it. I love my album, and I wanted to thank you for helping me create such a meaningful album!

  6. #8
    Kristy S

    I’m IN! I am so excited to try my hand at this album and I am planing to go all Digi for the first time too. Thanks for all your inspiration…your classes are awesome!

  7. #9
    Jacky S

    Am so looking forward to this class…it’s something completely different for me…as I usually avoid scrapbooking anything about myself…so a bit scary!! Am loving Amy’s book as well.

  8. #10

    Cathy, wasn’t there an alumni(a) rate before? Is there now? I really loved the album I made, in fact I think it was the first one I actually completed!

  9. #12

    I’ve been working in my tag book, thinking of words and jotting them down. I’ve ordered an album and white cardstock, should be here in time. I’ve been a digi girl for awhile but I’m looking forward to printing, cutting, pasting and sliding pages into page protectors. Can’t wait for class to start!

  10. #15

    I’m really excited! I missed last years sign up by a day so I’m just too excited that you are doing it again!!! Got a blank album ready to go and I plan to build it year on year.

  11. #17
    Kim K

    Want to be in. Still haven’t learned elements. Will it be easy for me to figure out elements and join in the fun? (I’ve been on scrappin’ hold for about two years. I’ve gone digi in my head—just haven’t jumped in to learn it yet. So many untold stories are waiting!)

  12. #19

    I get that! No worries. I will tell you this is my favorite album project ive ever done, mostly because it is such a slice of life right here and now. Love that!

  13. #26

    Kyla, other than brainstorming words using your tag book, and if you can, read that book, Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life for inspiration and entertainment, youre good!
    : )

  14. #27

    This class and the book seem so interesting to me. However, I just don’t know if I am clever enough to come up with such good entries 🙂 I don’t want a boring book.

  15. #28

    Kim, the PSE stuff in this class is beginner level. I show you through videos and handouts how to type up journaling for the album, how to change fonts, colors of fonts etc. Then I also show you how to make custom letter blocks using PSE, where you can change the color of your blocks to match your album papers etc. I think most students who have taken the class would attest, it is beginner level.

    Plus, we have a message board during class called Digital Dilemmas where you can post questions and I have found my savvy digital students are very helpful!

    Plus, im around monday through friday 9 to 5 ish to answer student questions via email!

    We can get you through it!
    : )

  16. #31

    ha! yes, there will be letters for which you have WAY too many ideas, and others that leave you scratching your head. All part of the process.

  17. #32

    Do I come back as an alum or not? I loved this class, SO MUCH, but have an insane next 3 months. Still on the fence.

  18. #34
    Amanda M.

    I AM SO EXCITED for this class. I have my tag book, my album, my papers picked out! I am moving sometime around October 1 (waiting for the renovation to be done!) but I don’t care – this class and album is going to be little escape from packing/moving hell. And, if I don’t finish during the 4 weeks, I will have my new scraproom in my new house to finish it in after! DYL taught me how to scrap.

  19. #35

    yay! I plan to offer this class every year too. Just a good one to go back and revisit, for me personally. I love making new volumes of this album!

  20. #36

    well you certainly can if you like! Of course, you have all the info from the last time you took the class too, so… you could always do another version for yourself without spending the money on this years class! Alums get to take it for half price. : )

  21. #40

    I know thats actually a pretty common concern of a lot of women in general: Im not a good writer; my entries will be boring.

    Part of my video presentation has some ideas to get you over that hump.

    I truly, truly believe this: any time people take time to really look at the details of their lives—the whos, whats, wheres, whys—they find more things than theyd previously imagined to write about.

    You do not have to be a great writer to tell your story, and I dont believe any life is so boring that it cant be written about.

    Its not about being clever. Its about telling small and very specific stories in your life. : )

  22. #41

    What a wonderful idea this album is! I’m not able to take part in your class, but do you mind if I borrow the idea and use it with my students? I teach teenagers (in Finland) and I’m sure this kind of project would help them to “find” or to define themselves better in the turmoils of those difficult years.

  23. #42
    Vicki A

    I took this class at CKU in Chicago (5 years ago?) and loved it!! It’s so much fun looking back at that album and finding the things that changed and stayed the same. I’m going to sign up, but do this from my 9 year old son’s perspective. I have already put a list together and think it will turn out very interesting! 🙂

  24. #43
    Leslie B

    Currently working with my own one-three to finish her album. She’s all over it. For example, her ‘L’ page has an entry on ‘Like.’ (because everything is “like this” or “she’s all like…”) I am sure she’ll look back at it in a few years and roll her eyes, but the point is that it captures her as she is now.

    Quick question…any recommendations on digital papers? I want to go the fully digi route this time.

    Can’t wait!

  25. #44

    I’m so in this class!!! Still trying to decide to do it digital or hybrid…How much will the book from Blurb cost?

  26. #45
    Julie E

    This is a plug for the class. I enrolled last year and made one album for me, and one for my hubby. I’ll just toot my own horn and say that they’re both pretty awesome and my husband thinks I give great gifts! My friends who have seen mine are surprised that I have ‘so much time on my hands’ to do such a thing about myself. It was not time-consuming. I loved the process and I would absolutely recommend it.

  27. #47

    Hey Vicki! : )

    I think thats a very cool idea. I am really trying to encourage Aidan to do this class this year! I am thinking she would love to have a record of her 14th year!

  28. #48

    i think it costs around $24-30, depending on if you go hard cover or soft cover. : )

    I hope to have my album writing done before class starts! then i will have my sample album to share in a video with you guys, and of course, in a PDF handout!

  29. #49

    I love Katie Pertiet papers and Michelle Martin papers over at Designer Digitals. So many to choose from!

    I also noticed that SEI offers almost all of their papers in digital now, and I used SEI for my last year album in paper!

    BasicGrey also has digital papers, but… i dont think their checkout is a secure site, or thats what Ive heard!

  30. #52

    Hi I took the class – it was fun. I am going to try to get my 14 year old daughters to do an album. I am feeling super sentimental with school starting. All 3 of my kids will be in High School this year(I swear I just gradutated not that long ago!) I think my girls would really get a kick out of looking back at the album after graduation. Also what is the song that you have playing on the video for the class? love it!

  31. #53

    I signed up yesterday and looking forward to it…writing has always been my lest fav when scrapbooking…so may need some TLc?

  32. #54
    Marina D-K

    Just signed up last night! So excited I stayed up til 3am reading everything and digging through my stash for the necessary materials. I’m heading to the library today to pick up the book. This will be my first class with CZ, I think you have such a unique and strong perspective, can’t wait to learn more about your techniques =)

  33. #55

    The song is Wake Up by The Arcade Fire. So good. So good.

    I want my 1-4 to do this too! Im going to push her to pick out some digital papers and get going on it!

  34. #56

    Well give it to you! : )

    Just breathe in and relax! Writing does not have to be like pulling teeth! be sure to watch the kick off video in Week 1. The class is fast paced, but… you have forever access to the materials. So you dont have to race through the content!
    : )

  35. #58

    I’m in! I just wish the forums were open already because I need some motivation for writing in my tag book!
    Also, I’m doing it digitally so how many different papers do we need to choose? Should they all be patterns or some cardstock ones too?

  36. #59

    Sara, You should choose up to 5 patterns, and then have your base background cardstock, and also a color to use for your journaling area (im using a white cardstock, but cream, light grey etc would be great!)

    if you can, see if you can get your hands on the book. It really is a fun read and gets the ideas flowing. For now, just start brainstorming using your tag book on things you might want to cover. The week 1 video presentation will give you a boost for ideas.

    Remember, the class is fast paced, but you have forever access to the materials! : )

  37. #61

    I took the class last time you offered it, and I’m taking it again. Not because I have the time, because Lord knows I don’t. I’m taking the class because I am so crayzee busy that it forces me to make the time to record all the business of life and kids and work and family. Years from now, I don’t just want to reflect back on my life and think, oh those years were so busy — I want to know and remember why they were so busy. What was I doing? What were we going through, thinking about, influenced by as a family? My kids are quite young, the oldest is only ten, and they absolutely LOVE my first album — want to read it over and over again. I encourage others to take this class, I promise that you will never regret the time you make for doing this! Cathy is a fabulous instructor, and the community of the other classmates, and the stories that they share is so meaningful, fun, and inspirational!

  38. #62
    Roshni Patel

    Cathy… This is my first time taking your class but I am super excited to make the Hybrid Album. My question is about the pictures… You say we need 52 pictures cropped to 3×3.. are those pictures in relation to our words we wrote down or just random pictures? I am a planner and want to make sure I am ready to go (and to ensure I finish the album) 🙂

    Thanks for your help! Can’t wait for class to start.

  39. #63
    Nicole Czarnecki

    I’m in! I did it the first time and LOVE my album. Everyone who sees it loves it too. Wouldn’t miss this opportunity to do it again. This time I’ll try digital like you. Can’t wait to do another class with you!

  40. #64

    I’m definitely in! Loved it last time, love my finished album, can’t wait to get going again – this time digitally. See you all in class.

  41. #65

    Thanks! I’m having difficulty finding the book in Canada – for anyone else in the same situation, I have just found it as an e-book through which you can read on your computer, e-book, or iphone app!

  42. #67

    Deb, thats not part of the official workshop! But, its basically saving each page as a JPEG, uploading to blurb. And building a book. Its just like the same process at Shutterfly. Very self guided and simple to use!

  43. #69

    they are in relation to your words! Yes! They dont have to be exact, but they should help to illustrate two of your entries. (Of course, some people write more entries on a page, and dont have more photos, make sense?)

    : )

  44. #70

    I had so much fun last year in your class making my album “All About Me”. It has become one of my favorite albums. My husband and family and friends have enjoyed reading it too, so much that this year I decided to make the album again but this time it will be entitled “All About Him”. This one will be about my husband and he has agreed to help me with it, with the categories and some of the writing. I am looking forward to the class again with anticipation. Your instructions were fantastic but I must say the forums were also a support as I refered back to them over and over again for questions and answers that I was having. This has been one of my favorite albums and classes (right up there with LOM).

  45. #71
    Jennifer from Canada

    Hi Cathy,
    I would like to take the class but can only do digital scrapping right now. I was excited to see on your blog today that you will be doing the album digitally. Will you offer the templates or just sketches where we will create our own templates? And about how many patterned paper styles should we have?

    Thanks so much!!!
    Jen 🙂

  46. #72

    I am so excited about your class starting. I signed up over a month ago I think, and am very excited about taking the plunge. I even picked up PSE, because the idea of doing a digital book in and getting it printed at blurb is awesome – I had just downloaded blubs software to do a book on my trip to Ireland (inspired by your New Zealand album featured in Simple). I’ve already started making a few digital pages using your templates, and I can’t tell you how GREAT your video tutorials on vimeo are. I am trying to capture as many ideas in my tag book as I can, because I’m going to attempt to do 2 volumes, one digital and one hybrid. Possibly over-ambitious, but this is my first ever scrapbooking class (online, or otherwise) so I’ll dream big.

    I am also nearly done reading the Encyclopedia of An Ordinary Life – it’s the perfect book, because I can read just a few entries when I am short on time – I’ve enjoyed sharing some of the humorous passages with my boyfriend as well.

  47. #74

    The templates will be provided for you every step of the way! Both in 8.5 x 11 or 8 x 10, for those who would like to do a bound book at I would say 4-5 patterned paper styles, or even 3 to 4. Its just to alternate paper from spread to spread, but then use the same background cardstock color, and journaling area color. : )

  48. #76
    Jennifer from Canada

    You ROCK!!! Just the answer I was looking for and so speedy. Am heading over right now to sign up for the class then on to Designer Digitals to purchase a yummy new Michelle Martin paper pack…I am thinking Janine maybe. CAnnot wait for Sept 16th!!!
    Jen 🙂

  49. #77

    “Dr. Urology, baby makin’ vein severed” Seriously Cathy you are TOO funny! I think you are just as a creative wordsmith as Amy. I’m sure your kids just love that visual. Oh, I may just have to steal that phrase, except that I don’t usually write things down like that. I should include that fact that we are now officially just a family of four also.

    I’m taking this class again and want to try this digi thing. I think it would make a beautiful book.

  50. #78

    Just a few questions.

    1} What digi paper pack is the solid blue paper from?

    2} What digi paper pack is the solid white paper from?

    3} Will the 8×10 digi template be formatted for blurb in order to not lose the pictures in the gutter of the book? i just don’t know enough about book services to take templates and reformat them in order to keep them pretty.

    4} Where do I access the alumni code for the course?

    Thanks, Cathy.

  51. #79
    Marion W

    Have been on the fence about this for awhile, but I have a question. If you do this entirely digitally (8 1/2 x 11), do you need to buy any of the supplies other than some kind of binder or album? I am pretty sure the answer is no, but just wanted to verify. I just finished an album that I printed myself on Epson Presentation Paper and it came out great – dried almost immediately and colors were very vivid.

  52. #80

    I didn’t finish the first time I took MeTAV (I’m a terrible procrastinator) and now my scrapbook room is packed up, sitting in the garage because my basement flooded. For months I couldn’t bring myself to scrapbook at all. And now that I can’t? I want to. What’s up with that?

    Anyway, MeTAV is a great class, as all your BPS classes are. I’m going to do it again, using digital this time. And I WILL finish!

  53. #81

    I’m in, I signed up early. I have Amy’s book half read (and I’m enjoying it)! I’m working on words for the flip chart. I searched my stash over the weekend to find I did not have an 8 1/2 x 11 3-ring binder like I thought I had, so I make a stop at HL for binder & some of the basic 8 1/2 x 11 supplies (I normally scrap 12×12 – but have made the commitment to follow your recommendation to stick with 8 1/2 x 11) – I’m excited and a little scared – while I love the journaling end of the scrapping – it all to often isn’t about me (just my take on events) – Thanks for offering the class again!

  54. #82

    I’ve only gone digital in my head, I have no idea when I will find the time to do this, and I’ve never taken a scrapbooking class of any variety ever, but I’m taking this class. Here’s why. My dad passed away last October. We were very close, and it’s been very hard for me. He was a teacher at a very cool charter school, and he kept a blog with his students. He covered a range of topics, everything from the most exciting moments in his life to why he hated toe nail polish. At his funeral, his students presented me with a bound copy of all of his blog entries. I read it and it’s like I can hear his voice in my head. I’m all teary-eyed now, but the point is that I want to leave something like that for my kids. I have lots of scrapbooks that tell them how I feel about them, but I want them to know what I think about TV and books and their dad and vanilla ice cream with fresh peaches. The thing is that I’ve been struggling with where to begin. Anyway, this is a long way of saying that your blog post this morning was like a flashing sign for me: start here. So, I will. Thanks for that.

  55. #83

    The paper pack is:

    The white paper is from Just Linens No. 1:

    The photos are on the edges of the book, and on the 8 x 10 templates, i made the gutters on the INSIDE a bit wider, so the text doesnt get lost. Hoping it works out really well! : )

    I will send you the alum code!

  56. #84

    Nope, you dont. Except for an album and page protectors to save your digital pages in! Or, however you would like to display them. : )

  57. #88

    This is choking me up.

    Im so sorry for your loss, Erin. It reminds me of my friend and neighbor, Mary, who died of melanoma almost three years ago. She kept a blog during her illness, not to have it become a cancer log, but just to write about her life. When she died, I gathered her blog entries and compiled them into a book for her family. I know how much her words mean to them.

    I dont like to pull the melodramatic card, but I believe that a story told in a persons own voice, regardless of how big or small the story, is a gift. To oneself, as well as to others.

    When women say they dont have interesting stories to write about, or that theyre lives are boring, I want to grab them by the shoulders and say, You are here! This is life. You get one single shot at it.

    And I want to tell them there is no one like them on the planet. No one. You know what Im saying. : )

    Erin, just begin. You will be amazed at how things can flow once you start.

    : )

  58. #89

    I’ve signed up 😉 But since I knew a tagbook was a no-do for me as I am not good with the scissors. So instead I took a tiny notebook and dedicated a page for each letter and have it in my purse. An I put down ideas whenever I find anything new.

  59. #90
    Elana & Roland Geyrozaga

    I loved this project when I did it last year, and you’ve peaked my interest in the digital version on it, and being able to turn it into a Blurb book. I know there’s an alumnae code somewhere – any chance I can get it from you and sign up again?

  60. #91
    Amy in MN

    Cathy – I’m in! I signed up a month ago and was completely inspired. I’ve shopped for the supplies and spent a weekend camping where I read Amy’s book and jotted down notes by the fire. Too fun – I’m very excited for this project! Thanks for being so inspiring in so many ways.

  61. #95

    Megan, i think one of your online friends also linked to your album! I LOVE it. so bright and fun. I looked at this the other day because someone posted that this album made them want to take the class!

  62. #96

    Just signed up! Bit terrified – can’t get the hang of digi, freaks me out. Will be doing it old school! Bought a kit from Creating Keepsakes about ‘ME’ several years ago – put the kit together and it looks lovely, but I’ve written absolutely nothing in it! Hoping for inspiration and looking forward to it. Enjoying the book too, thanks for recommending it.

  63. #97

    No worries on digital. It just wont work for a lot of scrapbookers. Thats why ive got a little bit of everything for the class! : )

    see you there!

  64. #98

    Wish I was taking it again but alas my life is just about the same as last year–and I had a hard enough time coming up with the words then!! But I did finish the album and I do love it!

  65. #99

    Yes I’m enrolled; I’m on “P” in Amy’s book. But I haven’t filled my little idea book. There is nothing on “u” or “x”. Since this will be your third book, I’m wondering how you tie the ideas together. Do you look back as well as what’s current. Do we have to have a lot of photos of ourselves? I’m really looking forward to taking another class with you!!!

  66. #100
    Jen M

    I took the plunge and signed up!! September is extremely busy but I’ve decided busy is not an excuse to not create such an important album! I am ashamed to admit I’ve been scrapbooking for over 6 years and don’t have a “ME” album. So THANK YOU Cathy, for providing this opportunity! One question: if I don’t complete things “on time”, is there a chance to do them later? Unfortunately “procrastination” is my middle name 🙁 (But I promise I’ll do my best to avoid this!!)

  67. #101
    Jill W

    Question: At the moment my life isn’t exactly uplifting. I don’t necessarily want to record the moments right now but I would like the distraction of scrapbooking! Could this be done as a reflection on my childhood, possibly, maybe?? What do you think?

  68. #102

    I’m looking forward to this! I am settling in with the handouts and the little tag/idea book this evening. I think that is a wonderful idea with the blub book and I’m going to pick up on that idea and do that too! Thank you – can’t wait!

  69. #103
    Beth in WI

    I took this class last year and LOVED it. Unfortunately, I am like Jaana and havent finished it. Thinking about signing up and switching what I’ve started (A-M) and going all digi.

    Hey Cathy, just wanted you to know that I actually finished 50 miles in August!! I almost cant even believe it. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  70. #105

    Yes! You have forever access to the materials. Most people probably cant finish perfectly in 4 weeks if they have other things going on in their lives, like most of us do! : )

    Glad to have you. You can put procrastination under P. : )

  71. #106

    Yes. Absolutely. If you set up your parameters to be such, you can write to that subject theme, and find photos. You can also do this album for someone else in your life, as well!

  72. #108

    Want to know a secret? I got into scrapbooking because my dad gave me a book one Christmas after my oldest daughter was born. The name of the book? Clean and Simple Scrapbooking. I see your melodrama and raise you some superstitious juju.

    No seriously, it wasn’t until my dad died that I finally made the connection. It isn’t like the Library of Congress is dying to get their hands on his blog entries, but to me they’re valuable beyond measure because they are his words. I will have that very personal connection to who he was forever.

    So I do know what you’re saying. Here in Minnesota (and maybe other places, but I’ve only lived here), we’re not supposed to think we’re special, but I’m my daughters’ mom. My story IS special to them.

    And now I’m signed up. It feels good to start. And I promise no more weepiness. 🙂

  73. #110

    I’m an alum. I would love the blurb templates any chance of offering just that template for alums to purchase?

  74. #112

    I just notices this at the bottom of the BPS blurb.

    “NOTE: Cathy is also providing A4 sized elements for overseas scrapbookers.”

    So does this mean I could do the WHOLE ALBUM in A4?

    OK so I have always thought this would be fun but it is too hard to get all those supplies in 8.5×11.

    So if A4 is an option, the wheels in my brain are starting to go into overdrive and now I have a question:

    How long is each ‘class’ available for? I couldn’t quite figure this out from the FAQ at BPS.
    With two kids under 6, a part time job, a husband, being on the other side of the world, and all that goes with, I’m worried I may not make it to all the ‘classes.’ But if I have a reasonable window each week, to get to class, well, I think I might be in! I have the book already.

  75. #113

    Yes, you simply have to follow slightly different measurements, and there are downloadable, printable pieces that will go for building your A4 sized pages. I think it worked out pretty good the last time!

    The class is permanently available to you.

    Once you sign up, you have permanent access to all the materials. Time is not an issue!
    : )

  76. #116

    Cathy, it says you need PSE8, would 7 work just as well? I would really love to do this, it would be my first time, and l’m thinking if l take the leap then so too are my 12yr old son and 14yr old Daughter. Maybe just maybe l could talk my husband into it, how cool would that be! Oh l’m getting excited just thinking about it all. I really hope PSE7 will be OK.

  77. #117

    Yes, absolutely! You can have as far back as PSE 3 i believe. Most of the basic commands are the same! : )

    : )

    see you in class!

  78. #118

    I am so excited about taking the class…and it’s so fun to read all the comments here from people who get as excited about I do!! I know my husband thinks I am nuts! Loved you, Cathy, in DYL and can’t wait to go through this class with you as well. 🙂

  79. #119

    I am registered and ready to go! I have actually done this class before and loved the end product. This time, I’m actually going to make the book about my dear husband so my kids will have a completed book for both of us! The funnest part (so far) is that my dh is actually getting into it! I’m doing all the labor but he’s providing all the journaling.

  80. #120

    Thanks Cathy, l have signed up and am looking forward to it. I already know what C is going to be for…..Crowded House (we’re Aussies) and how my husband has the whole family singing their new album. I know you’re a CH fan too, which is your favourite song so far from the new album, if you can pick only one.

  81. #121

    I love AKR…. And I LOVE that busy-ness blurb… Busy is a four letter word to me. If you tell me how busy you are, I stop listening. WE ARE ALL leading busy lives. Busy doesn’t define you – what you are doing it what you are!

    Thanks for reminding me of Amy’s brilliance 🙂

  82. #122
    Stacey aka sleepyhead

    So excited to get started with this class! Finished Amy’s book and went back and read it a second time (not the usual for me). She is just so funny. I’ve started filling up my tag book and am itching to get started. Loved reading all the posts and think I may encourage my 8yoDD to do it with me. Won’t that be awesome to look back a few years from now?!!!

  83. #123

    you know I am seeing them TONIGHT! ahhhhhhhhhh! NEILLLLLLLL!

    But im not loving the new album yet. Shhhhh…. i am not a fair weather fan, I promise.

  84. #124

    I bet you’ll change your mind after tonight! They were coming to Dallas, but unfortunatley we were in Australia at that time 🙁

  85. #127
    Claire aka tonysfrenchgirl

    I’ve been signed up for weeks and am excited to get going on this project (first-timer). Already ordered the book from my local library and got it read. I’ve been carrying the tag book around in my purse to jot down ideas as they come (I laminated the front and back pages as they were beginning to show some wear). My mother-in-law gave me my birthday giftbag early and I was so jazzed to find a kit with 5 matching patterned papers and a package of coordinating cardstock. And she didn’t know anything about this class! I’m waiting for the binder you featured to become available again as it’s been sold out for a while. I tried finding something similar at our LSS, but nobody seems to carry 8 1/2 x 11 binders up here in outstate MN (aka northern tundra).

  86. #128

    Hey Claire, did you check I know they carry the same binders I use, the American Crafts, and usually, for a decent price. : ) Glad you are jazzed!

  87. #129

    I am completely excited about this class, Cathy! I don’t have many layouts about me and only me. Usually, I am more interested in taking pictures of my children, husband and fur-babies. For me to sit down and write about me, well, I am not all that comfortable with it. BUT, I do know that Sophie and Nathan will appreciate it when I am gone and they need to hear “Mum’s voice”. So, I understand that it is important, but I will be stepping out of my proverbial box with not only talking about myself, but also working in an 8.5×11 format too. Thanks in advance for making me stretch! I look forward to it!

  88. #132

    how on earth could you cut off your beautiful skinny arm in ‘gang of four’?! I’d have cut the kid to the right off to show off that fab arm! I’m envious….

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