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The year? 2005. The goal of the photo? To make the angle look as weird as possible, because apparently, that's what I was into at the time. What are those blurry things coming out of her chest? An extra set of tiny, vestigial hands? Remember my post about diving in too deep? Well, this was one of many photos that when I look at it, I remember how I was obsessed with getting the perfect shallow depth of field shot for my next scrapbook page.

Ah yes…f3.5 was good to me in 2005.

Lest we not forget about Cole that day:


And lest we not forget about this charmer:


This has been another installment of This Day in Zielske History.

Happy hump day.

Cathy ZielskeThis Day in Zielske History

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    I love the photos – and wonder if there is an easy button for finding pictures on a certain day of the year – or just scrolling through thousands of pictures & finding one on the right day.

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